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Chapter 491: Yet another Dangerous Move

“These beads are&h.e.l.lip;”

In his energy vision, Yi Yun could see that the source of the pure Yang energy fluctuations in the cave came from these beads.

There was a total of twelve beads, and each one was crystal-clear and red in color. They looked like the most flawless blood spirit stones.

“Could it be&h.e.l.lip; that these beads are the red lotus’ lotus seeds?”

Yi Yun recalled the scene from before. The three-legged strange bird had picked the red lotus’ lotus seeds and then soaked them in large amounts of heart’s blood, taken from the desolate beasts. It then brought the lotus seeds back into the cave.

Now, Yi Yun had found these beads, and the quality of the pure Yang energy they contained was far greater than the lotus seed he saw before. This confirmed Yi Yun’s guess.

Now, according to the situation, it was likely that the three-legged strange bird had used the heart’s blood from the desolate beasts and soaked the lotus seeds in it. Many of the desolate beasts killed by the strange birds were pure Yang-elemental in nature, so the blood in their hearts contained the right essence.

Although they were all pure Yang beasts in nature, the desolate beasts were all of different species, had different properties and understood different laws. In contrast, the red lotus’ lotus seeds could perfectly absorb these energies and merge them into themselves.

This made the pure Yang energy, contained within the lotus seeds, become even purer and more balanced.

“To think that this strange bird has such intelligence&h.e.l.lip;”

Yi Yun was a bit surprised. He knew that humans would soak lotus seeds in wine. By doing so for a few years, it had the effect of invigorating one’s Yang energy after consumption. He never expected for the three-legged strange bird to soak the lotus seeds in blood. As for the blood coming from the hearts of desolate beasts, it was of course much better than wine. It was more suitable for a red lotus that yearned for blood.

Seeing these lotus seeds, it was unknown for how many years they had been soaked in it. It was also unknown how many desolate beasts had been sacrificed for this absorption during this period.

The three-legged strange bird had indeed put in a lot of effort.

Yi Yun guessed that the strange bird had stored the lotus seeds here and planned to use them later to help it complete its evolution. Many desolate beasts could evolve their bloodline during their maturation process.

This leader bird had already evolved to the stage of having three legs, and from many years of breathing in the essence of this world, and absorbing pure Yang energy, to eventually swallowing these pure Yang lotus seeds, it could grow feathers and look increasingly similar to the ancient Golden Crow.

“Strange Bird Bro, you sure worked hard. I really benefited from you this time. Thanks.” Yi Yun silently muttered and then moved quickly. In a blink of an eye, all the pure Yang relics in the turtle sh.e.l.l had been sent into his interspatial ring.

The world had such rules. The strange birds hunted numerous desolate beasts, and collected the blood from their hearts to nourish the blood lotus seed.

As for Yi Yun, he stole the blood lotus seeds, making the strange birds do all of that for naught.

The billions of living things in this world were fighting to grow and become stronger. During this process, there was no distinguishment of good and bad, only between strong and weak.

Survival of the fittest was the law of this world.

After keeping the lotus seeds, he closed the turtle sh.e.l.l and quickly left the cave, He paused for a moment at the mouth of the cave. Only when he knew that no desolate beasts noticed him did he cling to the rock wall and disappear in an instant.

Yi Yun circled to the back of the mountain cliff once again. This was a visual blind spot for all the desolate beasts present.

He jumped down from the mountain cliff and the wind blew in his ears as he landed without startling the dust beneath his feet.

Not far away, the strange birds and the large turtle’s battle had become increasingly b.l.o.o.d.y. The large turtle’s tongue had already been lacerated by the strange birds’ sharp claws.

The large turtle no longer dared to easily spit out its tongue, or its tongue could be severed by the strange birds along with its root.

At this moment, the large turtle was in a much more pathetic state than when Yi Yun first saw it. Its body was ridden with wounds and the plants and mud on the turtle’s sh.e.l.l had all been destroyed.

Its neck, head and legs were covered in wounds, burn marks and claw marks. They were nearly uncountable.

However, the strange birds paid a terrible price for this. At least a third of the strange birds had been bitten to death by the large turtle. Some of the strange birds’ corpses had been dissolved by venom, while some were pulled into the large turtle’s mouth for it to chew on to replenish its stamina.

Now, the large turtle’s mouth was filled with blood. It was flowing down like a red waterfall!

This blood was a combination of the large turtle’s and the strange birds. The Fusang woods had already been dyed red by blood. Mud was mixed with flesh and blood, turning the area into a blood-red marsh!

With the battle reaching such a stage, it was a shocking sight!

The strange birds and the large turtle were the lords of the second level of the G.o.d Advent Tower. There was probably going to be a victor determined today, which would then decide who was the absolute dominator of the second level!

At this moment, Yi Yun’s main objective was accomplished. He could already leave, but he was not planning on leaving.

Not far away, there was a constant production of strange bird corpses. They were good stuff.

Although the rule to condensing an Aspect Totem was that one needed to kill a desolate beast with one’s own hands to condense a beast mark, just using the strange bird corpses as materials to refine into pure Yang relics was also a very good choice.

Yi Yun was tempted for a while before finally abandoning this thought. The reason was that if he wanted the strange bird corpses, he needed to approach the battle ground. The flock of strange birds had very sharp eyesight. If he were to steal the corpses, it was likely that he would be discovered.

It was not worth it.

Hence, Yi Yun turned his gaze towards the lava lake. Inside the lava lake, the red lotus was blooming splendidly as it tasted blood. Instead of alarming the red lotus due to the killing between the desolate beasts, the blood rain and b.l.o.o.d.y wind was in fact the best nourishment it liked.

Yi Yun slightly sighed. His current position was about a few thousand feet away from the red lotus. The position of the red lotus in the lava lake was different from the strange birds’ nest. There was nothing to conceal him. Be it charging forward or picking the red lotus, both of them required time. To do it in broad daylight made it very likely for him to be discovered by the strange birds.

If that happened, the outcome would be disastrous. The three-legged strange bird could even give up on the large turtle and charge at him, disregarding everything.

And with its speed, Yi Yun did not have confidence in escaping.

It was a tough problem for him to safely pluck the red lotus.

With some hesitation, several ideas flashed past Yi Yun’s mind, but they were all rejected one after another. Finally, he decided to gamble on one!

Yi Yun did not rush directly at the red lotus for that was courting death. He used the mountain cliff’s blind spot to conceal himself as he ran down the mountain.

Yi Yun used his movement technique and in less than a minute reached his destination.

In front of Yi Yun was a deep valley. At the bottom of the valley was flowing lava!

This lava valley was connected to the lava lake above the mountain.

After some hesitation, he jumped off from the top of the valley!

He followed the inclined cliff and jumped around a few times before clinging onto a boulder. He was just above the surface of the lava flow. Here, the lava was just a few meters away from Yi Yun. The bright white lava was silently flowing. The rolling heat wave felt like a flame that was roasting Yi Yun’s face. The heat was smothering!

“I cultivate pure Yang laws and can control pure Yang energy. With the Purple Crystal protecting my body, I should be able to dive into the lava!”

Yi Yun muttered to himself as he released his hand from the boulder and jumped towards the lava lake!


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