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Chapter 490: Entering with the Opportunity Arising

At this moment, in the lava lake at the center of the second level of the G.o.d Advent Tower, the flock of strange birds had just finished another round of hunting.

They piled the prey they had caught together. Tens of strange birds overlapped their wings and formed a circle. Once again, they began their odd ritual.

And at this moment, their leader appeared.

It flew down from its “throne” on the cliff and circled in the air a few times before retracting its wings and landing in the middle of the flock of strange birds as it enjoyed the worship of its lackeys.

It did not stand on ceremony as it extracted the dead preys’ heart’s blood, filling up a bone cup. Just as it was about to pick up the bone cup to fly back to its nest, it suddenly felt something amiss.

The sticky hearts’ blood in the bone cup gently rippled forming wave after wave of concentric circles. The ground&h.e.l.lip; was slightly trembling!

What was happening?

The three-legged strange bird was a bit dull. With its intelligence, it could not understand why the ground was trembling immediately. It turned its head slightly and looked far into the distance.

What it saw made it completely dumbfounded. It saw a ma.s.sive large turtle failing its limbs as the turtle charged at itself!

While this large turtle was running, it constantly brandished its long red tongue which disarrayed the ground.

The entire ground was filled with dust and flames. There was no way to tell what was happening in the dust cloud.

In fact, Yi Yun, who was hidden inside the dust cloud had already used the Purple Crystal to conceal all his energy. The strange three-legged bird may have extremely sharp eyes, but its perception was much weaker, so how could it discover Yi Yun’s presence?

Desolate beasts, especially strong ones, were extremely territorial.

The three-legged strange bird had long treated the mountain range around the lava lake as its territory. It did not allow other strong desolate beasts to entering it.

“Xiao— Xiao—Xiao—”

Tens of strange birds let out a ear-piercing wail. They gathered together, spread out their wings and opened their blade like mouths. Using this method, they tried to warn the large turtle desolate beast to stay away.

However, the large turtle desolate beast had already been provoked by Yi Yun again and again, and it was already in a frenzy state. So why would it care about the strange birds’ warning?

Even when it was calm, with its pride, it would have never spare a thought for these strange birds.

Seeing the large turtle desolate beast approaching them, the strange birds were angered as they all charged up into the sky to face their enemy.

They believed that the large turtle desolate beast was targeting their red lotus!

The red lotus in the middle of the lava lake was their treasure. No matter what desolate beast wanted to rob them of their red lotus, they would kill them all!

The large turtle desolate beast moved closer and large swaths of Fusang trees were toppled by the large turtle!

Pieces of wood flew into the sky like rolling waves. The large turtle desolate beast was about to reach their lava lake!

The strange birds could no longer tolerate it any further. Having entrenched here in the lava lake for so many years, there were other desolate beasts who wanted to steal their treasure. The large turtle in front of them was also given the same cla.s.sification.

The leading three-legged strange bird let out a scream! This was its attack signal!

Tens of strange birds charged at the large turtle!

Although the strange birds were large in size, they were still small compared to the large turtle. Besides, the large turtle was covered in heavy armor, so it was in no way afraid of the attacks from the sharp claws.

“Dang! Dang! Dang!”

The strange birds’ metallic claws and wings swiped at the large turtle as they emitted a metallic sound, but the large turtle was in no way injured.

However&h.e.l.lip; for a prideful existence like it to be provoked by an ant-like human and suddenly, having a flock of sparrows coming out of nowhere, the brewing volcano within the large turtle finally erupted!

In a frenzy state, how could the large turtle consider if the strange birds were enemies or allies of Yi Yun? As long as something blocked its path, it would kill them all, not leaving a single one of them alive!


The large turtle roared as it shot out its blood-red tongue as fast as lightning!

“Phuah! Phuah!”

Two strange birds were consecutively bitten by the snake head on the tip of the thick tongue.

The snake head on the tip of the tongue had an alarming bite. Furthermore, it had dreadful venom that caused the strange birds that were bitten by it to immediately rot, turning into a pool of blood!

At this moment, Yi Yun had long hidden in a corner. He saw this scene with his own eyes and he felt fear.

The red python on the large turtle’s mouth had such dreadful venom? If he had touched a bit of it, he would probably already been reduced into a pile of white bones&h.e.l.lip;

A living creature that was a combination of a turtle and snake reminded Yi Yun of the Black Turtle. The divine beast, Black Turtle had a dragon’s head and a turtle’s body, with a snake coiled on its back. Although the large turtle in front of him was definitely weaker than the Black Turtle, it gave off a strange feeling with the snake in its mouth.

Seeing two strange birds die, the three-legged strange bird let out a clear cry. This cry echoed into a far distance and immediately, the trees in the surrounding woods began to shake. One after another, strange birds rose up from the woods!

These strange birds spread out their wings and flew in unison as they blocked out the Sun. They were like a ma.s.s of dark clouds.

With the shadows of the strange birds projected downwards, the sky seemed to dim a bit. Yi Yun’s rough count was that there was at least a hundred strange birds flying in the air!

Out of the more than hundred strange birds, a portion of them were larger in size than the typical strange bird. Their beaks were even longer and there were about a dozen of them. Clearly, their strength was greater than the normal strange birds, and they were only second to the leading three-legged strange bird.

Yi Yun was secretly amazed while watching on the side. With more than a hundred, it was no wonder this flock of strange birds could occupy the central area of the second level of the G.o.d Advent Tower and managed to monopolize the red lotus.

This amount of strength was something any other desolate beast species could not compare with in the second level.

With a huge enemy before them, the strange birds went out in full strength, but even so the strange birds’ sharp claws and metallic wings were unable to break through the large turtle’s defenses.

The large turtle roared and he spat out his blood-red tongue like a venomous sword. One after another, strange birds were pierced through by the tongue! As the strange birds were torn apart, their corpses fell to the ground as blood dyed the sky!

A lone strange bird could be easily killed by the large turtle in an instant. However, the number of strange birds was too great, especially with a terrifying existence like the three-legged strange bird present.

When the large turtle spat out its tongue to pierce a strange bird, the three-legged strange bird took this opportunity and shot out like a bolt of lightning!


It brandished its three metallic claws and grabbed at the large turtle’s tongue!

Using its momentum, the three-legged strange bird’s attack was frightening. It managed to slice a small piece of the large turtle’s tongue off!

Blood spurted out as the large turtle felt pain. It let out a painful wail.

And at this moment, the three-legged strange bird cried sharply and opened its beak to spit a fiery ball of light at the large turtle.

The three-legged strange bird was after all a pure Yang-elemental desolate beast, so it condensed its pure Yang energy to use a long distance attack!

With the three-legged strange bird taking the lead, the dozen or so larger strange birds also opened their beaks and launched a ball of light as an attack!

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Large number of light blobs smashed onto the large turtle, causing an intense explosion.

Instantaneously, the mountains trembled as soil and rock collapsed. Large swaths of Fusang trees were annihilated!

The battle had reached its most intense stage. With the three-legged strange bird’s lead, the flock of strange birds launched their counter attack at the large turtle!

Yi Yun had no intentions of marveling such an intense battle. It was the perfect time for Yi Yun to make his move at this stage!

He eyed the cliff. At this moment, the sentries on the cliff were no longer present. At the moment the battle began, the three-legged strange bird’s sharp cry was a signal for the strange birds to put on a ma.s.sive offensive.

Yi Yun had exhausted his abilities to draw a ferocious creature to another just for this moment!

He used the Purple Crystal to conceal his presence and charged towards the mountain cliff&h.e.l.lip;

Yi Yun’s first choice was not the red lotus in the lava lake, but the strange bird’s nest at the top of the mountain cliff.

He knew that after the strange bird gathered the lotus seeds and the blood from the desolate beasts’ hearts, it had brought it all back into its nest.

Yi Yun wanted to know what the flock of strange birds were up to in that nest.

Maybe there were even extra lotus seeds left inside the nest.

To prevent being discovered, Yi Yun clinged tightly against the rocks as he proceeded quickly. Very quickly, he arrived below the cliff. When he looked up at the strange birds’ nest, it was about a hundred feet high.

Yi Yun could easily reach that height with a jump, but to remain hidden, Yi Yun chose to climb the rock wall on the back of the cliff. Like an agile lizard, he moved extremely fast up the cliff.

Soon,Yi Yun reached a position level with the strange birds’ nest. Only then did he flip himself from the back of the cliff to the front.


Using the time to blink an eye, Yi Yun entered the birds’ nest. The black shadow that disappeared the next moment was not discovered by any desolate beast.

Yi Yun unsheathed his sword. Although it was unlikely that there were any strange birds left in the cave, it was always wise to be careful. Yi Yun had long activated his energy vision. Everything in here could be seen by him.

Outside the cave, there were still the intense battling sounds from two desolate beast lords. Yi Yun turned a deaf ear towards it. His speed was extremely fast as he reached the deepest ends of the cave in a few strides.

The strange birds’ nest was about a hundred foot deep. Along the way, Yi Yun saw several bones of desolate beasts. Many of the bones were in pieces after being chewed on. Bone powder was scattered on the ground while there were signs of blood splattered on the rocks.

This was practically a slaughter house.

At this moment, Yi Yun felt an unparalleled intense energy fluctuation in the Purple Crystal’s vision.

The source of the fluctuation came from the deepest end of the cave.

Here, in the darkness, Yi Yun saw a large turtle sh.e.l.l. This turtle sh.e.l.l’s diameter was about two meters across and it was overturned on the ground. A large portion of the turtle’s sh.e.l.l had been sliced away, leaving the carapace, which was perfect for a huge bowl.

More than half of the turtle’s sh.e.l.l was covered by desolate beast hide. Beside the turtle sh.e.l.l, there were some bone cups made from the bones of desolate beasts.

There were remnants of fresh blood on the bone cups. It was the blood from desolate beasts’ hearts.

Yi Yun realized that the three-legged strange bird must have collected the hearts’ blood and stored it in the turtle sh.e.l.l.

Yi Yun pulled the desolate beasts’ hide away, and what he saw was a strange scene.

He thought that the turtle sh.e.l.l was filled with fresh blood, but the scene of smell of blood smashing into his olfactory nerves did not happen. Instead, Yi Yun smelt a fragrance.

He looked down and he saw that at the bottom of the turtle sh.e.l.l, there was a scattered pile of red gla.s.s beads. They were crystalline like precious stones&h.e.l.lip;


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