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Chapter 49: I want one item

Yi Yun could no longer wait. He poured the sauces he had prepared earlier and tore off a pheasant leg and bit down.
The skin was crisp and the flesh juicy. The meat was tender, and oil oozed out with each bite. His mouth was full of fragrance.

It had to be said that the fat elder’s unknown pheasant was absolutely delicious. It was no wonder that even after roasting it to such a pathetic state, he was still able to enjoy it.

Besides, the meat included a stream of pure energy. As it entered Yi Yun’s stomach, this energy spread throughout Yi Yun’s body, giving him a sense of warmth that was indescribably comfortable.

The old man’s wine was also extremely special. After baking in salt, the alcoholic taste had not evaporated. It had seeped into the pheasants flesh, giving it an intoxicating aroma.

The wine contained even purer energy, refreshing Yi Yun’s entire body till his pores opened.

Lin Xintong looked curiously at Yi Yun. Just from the smell and appearance, it was easy to guess that it tasted great.

This kid was at most twelve and he has such skills?

“Sister Fairy, do you want some?” Yi Yun’s words were extremely sweet. He knew that the girl’s stature was extraordinary. The old man had treated her as the apple of his eyes, so although Yi Yun didn’t know her name, there was no harm calling her Sister Fairy.

“Eh&h.e.l.lip;” Lin Xintong hesitated, but seeing Yi Yun tear off an untouched drumstick for her, she was unsure what to do.

After hesitating a moment, she accepted it and took a small bite.

It was indeed delicious!

In comparison, this would make her master’s “Black Charred Pheasant” unappetizing.

The girl took out a handkerchief, wiped her mouth and thanked him with a smile.

She had never tried such a way of cooking and the taste was very unique.

Although Lin Xintong lead an austere life, and was not obsessed with food, but having been out in the wilderness for training, and having been eating the bitter “Black Charred Pheasant” daily, she had reached her limit.

Although the girl appreciated it, she did not exaggerate in her praise. But the fat elder was different. He was a greedy glutton. Despite him reaching the state where he could avoid grain many years back, he had never succ.u.mbed to it. He made sure to have four meals a day, breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper.

Usually, he would be supplied with food and drink at home; it tasted good, and was sufficient to satiate his taste buds. But now with him out with his disciple, it was tough on him. He was already sick of eating ash barbecue continuously.

His greed had led to him salivating, but he could not lower his status to ask from Yi Yun. As Yi Yun did not seem to have any intention at giving him some of the pheasant, the fat elder was unhappy. This kid was such an ingrate, did he forget who gave him the pheasant and wine?

“I didn’t expect that you could cook. I have tasted all the world’s delicacies, so I am definitely an authority when it comes to taste! Come on, kid, I’ll appraise you, and see how good is your culinary skills. I’ll give you pointers if there’s any room for improvement.” As he said that, a greasy fat hand stained with soot stretched before him. He had not even wiped his hands from eating the roasted pheasant!

Yi Yun wanted to avoid by instinct, but for some reason, although the fat hand’s speed wasn’t fast, he was unable to evade it. In the end, a small portion of the pheasant was teared off. Two cream of the crop wings were gone!

d.a.m.n it!

Yi Yun cursed in his heart. But at this time, the fat elder had already bit down, as he looked sardonically at Yi Yun, which read, “You think you could avoid my moves with your little abilities?”

As he bit down, the grease exploded and fragrance filled his mouth. The fat elder’s eyes lit up!

The meat was of course delicious, but the most important thing was the taste of alcohol.

In fact, the old man had eaten lots of delicious delicacies, but this was the first time seeing such an approach.

Having the alcohol absorbed into the meat, it made it even tastier!

He was not only a glutton, but also an alcoholic. It had never crossed his mind that alcohol could be used in this way. Alcohol and pheasant, two distinct and delicious tastes when combined could be so unbelievable!

In contrast, the roasted pheasant he previously made was only fit for dogs!

Although the old man had already finished a pheasant previously, and the unknown pheasant was extremely large in size, but having learned the Elephant Swallowing Technique, Yi Yun knew that the meat was extremely resistant to digestion. A normal person could survive on a drumstick for days without going hungry.

Having eaten one and a half, the old man had no indications of being full.

Although he looked refined eating the pheasant, the old man’s speed was surprisingly fast. He finished half a pheasant in about a minute, leaving only a pile of bones.

The bones, even the delicate rib bones were eaten clean, putting a dog to shame.

The old man was not bothered about Yi Yun’s surprised gaze, and calmly wiped the oil off his mouth saying, “The taste is pa.s.sable. If you improve further, you will catch up to my roasted pheasant.”

Yi Yun nearly choked upon hearing the old man’s brazen claims. What sort of person was he? It felt like his stature was extraordinary, but why was he so shameful?

The old man pretended not to notice Yi Yun’s despising glare and looked at the salt baked pheasant in Yi Yun’s hands saying, “Why aren’t you eating, are you full?”

“No!” Yi Yun was shocked, he quickly shook his head and attacked the salt baked-pheasant in his hands.

What a joke. If he was slower by a second, or even in a blink of an eye, the pheasant in his hands could have turned to a pile of bones.

Besides being tasty, the meat was great nourishment for the body. Yi Yun felt his originally empty body fill up with energy in a short while. It made his blood begin to stir, and made him grow stronger.

Could this pheasant be a descendent of some ancient bird desolate beast?

Yi Yun came to an acceptance that with rich people eating this kind of foods daily, their strength was bound to increase at rapid paces.

He was initially feeling joyous from completing his Tempered Body, but he had already calmed down.

His starting point was considered low. Even if he made a meteoric rise in a small tribe, but in a big tribe, it would have been nothing spectacular. He still had a long road ahead.

“Hey, from what I see, you have some culinary skills, and it can be considered fate that we got to know each other&h.e.l.lip;” Saying that, the fat elder touched his ring.

This was the second time Yi Yun heard these words, and was already immune to it. He calmly wiped his mouth, waiting for the fat elder to take something out.

“Hehe, Kid, take this to buy some sweets,” said the fat elder as he took out two golden ingots from his ring. It looked like it weighed half a pound.

This was the first time Yi Yun was seeing golden ingots. Back on Earth, he had only seen gold plates displayed in the gla.s.s cases of banks, but they were not this big.

Yi Yun could not help taking another glance.

“Come, I still have over a twenty chickens. You can cook it, and I’ll give you these two gold ingots. Then, you can buy lots of sweets,” said the old man happily. Although he did not admit verbally, he knew that his culinary skills were nothing compared to Yi Yun. Yi Yun’s salt-baked pheasant, especially combined with the alcohol and the meat fragrance had made the fat elder’s mouth water.

Upon hearing this, Yi Yun curled his mouth. In the Cloud Wilderness, gold ingots were only pleasant to the eye, but they were of no use.

On Earth, these two large gold pieces would have been enough to buy a lifetime’s worth of food. But in this world, food was very expensive, especially in the Cloud Wilderness. Even with gold ingots, one might not be able to buy anything. If he were to use gold to exchange with Lian Chengyu for food, it would be throwing himself to the wolves.

“I don’t want gold,” said Yi Yun who was unmoved. This old man had initially given him bronze coins, and now he gave gold. It was clear he was treating Yi Yun as some kid who got lucky, and not someone who practiced martial arts. “Sir, don’t you know that the outcome would be disastrous if a kid carries gold into the streets?”

“Eh?” choked the fat elder. Thoughts such as even if Yi Yun couldn’t use it, he could have given it to his parents floated into the elder’s mind.

Lin Xintong who was by the fat elder’s side looked at Yi Yun with surprise. The principle of an innocent man gets into trouble because of his wealth was simple, but as a twelve year old child, he was not only unmoved by the gold, but he said it as a matter of fact. It was pretty impressive.

“Then what do you want?” said the fat elder as he kept the gold.

“I only want one item from you Sir,” Yi Yun said it slowly and calmly as he looked the fat elder in the eye.

The fat elder said with interest, “Say it.”

“Little me can tell that Sir is some extraordinary person. You must be someone of a high standing and exceptional status, with&h.e.l.lip;”

“Alright, cut the flattery.” The fat elder looked at Yi Yun with a despicable look. This kid sure was odd.

“Oh&h.e.l.lip;I’m not sucking up to you, I’m just expressing my admiration towards you. You can have all that and admired by many, including me, because&h.e.l.lip;Sir you have the strength!”

“In this wilderness, those with strength will be honored by others!”

“So little me will make a request with great courage for one item, that is–strength!”

Yi Yun said those words with confidence. Although he had said it slowly, it entered straight into the ears, giving the fat elder a shock.

Lin Xintong blinked her pair of beautiful eyes and looked at Yi Yun with surprise. What Yi Yun had said was very simple, but when her master had asked him what he wanted, he had said those words to express his desire of becoming strong. This was unlike how kids speak without thought.

These words were unlike that of a child.


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