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Chapter 488: A Gamble

Yi Yun was observing the giant turtle.

Since the ancient G.o.d Advent Tower had left a treasure behind in the G.o.d Advent Tower’s second level, there must have been a way to take it away. And it was probably not limited to a single method.

He just needed to find one of the methods. Now, he was searching for such an opportunity.

As time pa.s.sed, some small birds and small beasts who were unaware of the situation treated the huge desolate beast like a real mountain mound. They perched and rested on it. However, this huge desolate beast did not move one bit. It was as if it was a real mountain.

About two hours later, a huge desolate beast that resembled an elephant appeared from the woods from another mountain peak.

This desolate beast’s strength was clearly stronger than the desolate beasts Yi Yun had encountered in the mountain range.

When the elephant-like desolate beast appeared, it was quickly attracted by that unknown “herbal plant”.

It hesitated for a while before slowly approaching the mountain. It was not fast and it was on high alert while walking over. It constantly probed the possible dangers around it. Yi Yun could see that this desolate beast had intelligence. It knew there was no such thing as having free things fall into one’s lap. Suddenly seeing a herbal plant with extremely rich energy was in itself a very strange affair.

About a few hundred meters from that “herbal plant”, the elephant-like desolate beast suddenly noticed something and stopped.

Following that, it carried on proceeding as it could not withstand the lure of the herbal plant.

When it was at a distance of about tens of meters away from the “herbal plant”, the elephant-like desolate beast suddenly charged and stretched out its long trunk to grab the herbal plant. It looked like it was trying to grab the herbal plant with the fastest speed possible and then return to a safe spot before it would slowly enjoy it.

However, this only sealed its fate. The moment its long trunk touched the herbal plant, a black crack that looked like a cave on the mound suddenly opened up. A warm breath poured out of the black crack.

It was the huge turtle desolate beast’s mouth. Its teeth were like long humongous lances and it was a startling sight!

Inside the huge mouth, there was a blood-red tongue. Although it was a tongue, its tip had grown a strange snake head.


The large, thick tongue moved extremely fast. When it shot out, it was like a dazzling red beam as it immediately wrapped around the elephant and pulled it straight into the deepest parts of the black crack.

The elephant-like desolate beast let out a short scream before turning silent.



Yi Yun heard a hair-raising sound of shattering bones. The huge turtle desolate beast’s body gently moved a bit as it ate the elephant-like desolate beast whole!


Yi Yun finally understood why there were not many desolate beasts in this mountain range, and why there were so few strong ones. Probably most of the desolate beasts had already entered the huge turtle desolate beast’s stomach.

How much could a large desolate beast the size of a small mountain eat? A large elephant was probably not even enough for a meal&h.e.l.lip;

“If it were me, I wouldn’t even be enough to fill the crevices of its teeth.”

Yi Yun was slightly scared after the event. Ten of himself would just be a tiny dish for such a terrifying desolate beast. Once he was wrapped by the red tongue, he was doomed.

Seeing this huge turtle desolate beast made Yi Yun recall the Long Gui true spirit the Shepherd Boy rode on when he attacked the Tai Ah Divine City.

However, when the Long Gui true spirit stood up, it was even taller than the Tai Ah Divine City which stood on a foundation at a height of a hundred thousand feet. It was bigger than the huge turtle desolate beast in front by him by more than a hundred times. That was a terrifying existence that could destroy the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, it was far above what this huge turtle desolate beast could compare with.

The Long Gui true spirit was no doubt terrifying, but&h.e.l.lip;previously when Yi Yun was imprisoned by Shen Tu Nantian, he knew that the Long Gui true spirit had a huge weakness. It was&h.e.l.lip;slow!

Shen Tu Nantian had imprisoned him for ten days as he was sure that the Long Gui true spirit could not rush to the Chu Prefecture City in such a short period of time. Without the Long Gui true spirit, the Shepherd Boy was nothing to be feared.

Regarding the Long Gui true spirit, Shen Tu Nantian was indeed right. Unfortunately, he had underestimated the Shepherd Boy’s strength.


Yi Yun took a deep breath. For a desolate beast of such an immense size and with a heavy turtle sh.e.l.l on its back, it was reasonable for it to be slow.

However, the huge turtle desolate beast had a red tongue which moved as fast as lightning, so he had to be careful.

Yi Yun had just learned the “Golden Crow Sun Shift”, and with it, Yi Yun had the means to survive in front of the huge turtle’s mouth.

Maybe&h.e.l.lip;he could succeed!

Yi Yun’s breathing slowly sped up. He had a crazy plan which he could not help but think of gambling on!

He dared to make such a gamble not only because of “Golden Crow Sun Shift”, but because Yi Yun believed that the Great Empress mystic realm did not give impossible missions.

There was always a chance that he needed to grab on to.

After figuring this out, Yi Yun stood up. He did a crazy action. At a distance of more than five miles from the huge turtle desolate beast, he strung his Tai Cang Bow and pulled the bow open. The cold Wind Chasing Arrow was aimed at the huge turtle desolate beast’s mouth, which was the black crack on the mountain mound.

With death on the line, Yi Yun’s blood flow sped up, but his mind was abnormally calm. Success or failure depended on this!


Yi Yun released his hand and the bowstring hummed, while the Wind Chasing Arrow shot forward!

The arrow pierced through the air, it was like a divine beam. With Yi Yun’s pure Yang energy, it entered the huge turtle desolate beast’s mouth.


The energy exploded in the huge turtle’s throat. The huge turtle’s ma.s.sive body shook violently as soil and plants started to trickle down.


The huge turtle desolate beast let out a furious roar. It had been angered by Yi Yun’s arrow entering its throat!

It had lain in the deep ends of the second level of the G.o.d Advent Tower for tens of thousands of years. It was the absolute lord of the land and it had never suffered before!

It raised its huge head and its gray-colored eyes opened as they locked onto Yi Yun!

A puny human had caused it pain and injured it. It had shot an arrow into its soft throat.

Without a second of folly, Yi Yun stored his Tai Cang Bow away and ran off!

This was a race with Death. He used all his strength, conjured his Aspect Totem and used the “Golden Crow Sun Shift” movement technique. It was like he had transformed into a flying Golden Crow and shot through the sky!


The huge turtle roared. How could it permit a puny human who injured it to escape? It finally moved its four huge limbs that had laid dormant for hundreds of years and it began to chase after Yi Yun!

“Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!”

The huge turtle began to run. The ground quaked as its four limbs alternated in movement. With every step it took, it would leave behind a huge footprint that looked like a dried up lake.

Large swaths of forest were toppled. Trees were smashed and dust sprung up!

Yi Yun ran with all he got. Following behind him was a huge turtle the size of a small mountain. The dust cloud that was stirred up looked like a long dragon. This scene was quite a magnificent sight!


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