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Chapter 485: Red Lotus

After hesitating for a while, Yi Yun moved while keeping his body close to the ground. With the trees and the vegetation on the ground acting as concealment, he quickly approached the tall mountain.

Riches were where danger laid. He naturally wanted to take a look at what the opportunity in the second level of the G.o.d Advent Tower was.

Every level of the G.o.d Advent Tower was meticulously designed by the ancient Great Empress. Every cultivator who entered it would face a world that corresponded to themselves. They were left to wander in it, but as to what depth they could reach, it all depended on themselves.

This test could be said to be a test of every cultivator’s potential and ability to grow, pushed to the limits.

“Xiao— Xiao—”

At this moment, there were more and more flying desolate beasts gathering in the sky. These desolate beasts flew over from all directions and gathered around the mountain’s peak.

The air flow caused by the flapping of their wings was like a tiny tornado. The sound it emitted caused pain in Yi Yun’s ears.

The closer Yi Yun got, the more careful he became. His entire presence, including his breathing, had been repressed.

The desolate beasts in the sky looked special. They had mouths like sharp sabers and these mouths were filled with sharp teeths, their eyes were also blood-red.They were shocking to behold.

This tall mountain was probably the place where they rested.

This made Yi Yun feel odd. The valley that flowed with pure Yang lava, containing fiery Fusang trees, and the strange birds in the air, really gave one the feeling of the Tang Valley, Fusang and the Golden Crow.

As Yi Yun was pondering upon this, a strange bird in the air suddenly let out a ear-piercing cry as it opened its sharp beak and charged downwards!

Yi Yun’s pupils constricted and, subconsciously, he dodged behind a large tree. The strange bird’s goal was clearly not Yi Yun. When it charged into the woods, the tall trees seemed to be hit by a tornado as they began to vigorously shake. Many tree branches broke as the trees split in two.

In just a few seconds, the strange bird’s figure appeared once again.

Pu! Pu!

It flapped its wings to return back to the crowd of birds. And in its claws was a huge python. This python was about 20-30 meters long. Its body was blood-red in color and its body emitted a thick fire-elemental Yuan Qi, but now, it had been torn in two by the strange bird.

The snake’s blood splattered as the strange bird carried the heavy python’s corpse as it flew towards the tall mountain’s peak.

It was not only that single strange bird, several strange birds in the air had also caught their prey. Their claws were as thick as the arm span of an adult. Two of these claws could easily capture an elephant.

After they caught their prey, they did not eat them, instead they brought their prey back to their lair.

Were these strange birds preparing for a celebratory feast?

Yi Yun suddenly had such a thought. Without any hesitation, he followed them to the highest mountain’s peak. Finally, Yi Yun saw that all the strange birds had landed on one of the cliffs of the mountain peak.

The lava valley that meandered began from that cliff and flowed straight down. It felt like this cliff was the source of the lava in the valley.

The closer Yi Yun got to the cliff, the more he felt the rich pure Yang Yuan Qi. The temperature here was as high as a furnace.

After leaping across some rocks that were burned red from the flames, Yi Yun saw a white-colored lake.

This lake did not contain water, it contained burning hot lava.

This lava did not bubble and was instead very calm. However, this calmness made him become filled with apprehension. It was hard to believe how high the temperature of the lava was.

Above the lava lake was a protruding piece of rock. This rock was extremely magical. It was soaked in the pure Yang lava, yet, it did not melt at all.

There was a total of over twenty rocks that formed a circle. In the middle of these rocks, Yi Yun saw a red lotus in the hot lava!

This red lotus had about seven to eight thin tubers. They reached out from the lava and had four to five round leaves that looked like large umbrellas. In the middle of these leaves, Yi Yun saw a red lotus flower and a seedpod. In the seedpod were some crystalline objects, the lotus seed.

“What is that?”

Yi Yun held his breath. For a red lotus to take root and grow in hot lava, that had a temperature that was hard to estimate, it grew by absorbing pure Yang energy.

Without a doubt, this was a treasure.

The treasure Yi Yun previously sensed using his Purple Crystal’s energy vision was this red lotus growing in the lava.

“It has already produced lotus seeds. The lotus seed is the fruit of the red lotus, so it might be that the red lotus is already ripe for picking&h.e.l.lip;”

Such a treasure growing in pure Yang lava was by no doubt a huge opportunity for Yi Yun. Once he ate it, his cultivation level should increase by leaps and bounds, and it could even result in his pure Yang body reaching a harmonious perfection.

However, the problem was, how was he going to obtain it?

Yi Yun frowned slightly. Around the lava lake, there were no objects that could conceal him. If he were to rush out to pick the lotus seed, he would definitely alarm those strange birds.

Yi Yun had never seen these birds before, but from his energy vision, Yi Yun could clearly tell that they were powerful. It was unlikely that he would be able to handle one, what’s more a group of them!

Besides, they were adept at flying and they were very fast. Yi Yun might not be able to escape fast enough.

Yi Yun looked up and saw four to five of the strange birds perched on the cliff in a high spot. Their eyes were as sharp as eagles as their gazes were locked onto the vicinity of the lava lake.

Very clearly, these strange birds were guards, and they were specifically in charge of being on watch.

With alert strange birds present, it was impossible to for Yi Yun to take advantage of the strange birds’ resting or hunting to pluck the lotus seed.

“These strange birds sure are careful.”

Yi Yun knew that, during the growth of treasures, the treasures were usually accompanied by terrifying desolate beasts who guarded them closely. When these desolate beasts discovered the treasure, they would take it for their own. When the treasure matured, they would enjoy it.

The more precious the treasure, the stronger the desolate beasts guarding it would be. Weak desolate beasts could never be capable at protecting it.

The feeling of not being able to obtain the treasure in front of him was an excruciating feeling.

Yi Yun hid behind a rock as he observed and waited.

He saw that, not far from the lava lake, there were a bunch of strange birds gathering together.

They had piled up the prey that they previously captured together and were now surrounding the prey in a circle.

They extended their 20-30 meter wide wings and prostrated themselves. Their wings overlapped each other, as if they were undergoing some form of ritual.

And at this moment, there was a sharp cry. Yi Yun looked over at the source of the noise and saw a huge cave in the hundred meter tall cliff. There were a bunch of protruded rocks around the cave, and rocks were covered in various desolate beast bones.

A bird’s nest?

Yi Yun knew that birds of prey, like eagles, liked to create their nests on cliffs. It seems like these strange birds have a similar behavior, but their nest was just too big. The entrance to the cave alone was about 20-30 meters wide.

At this moment, a strange bird flew out from the cave. Yi Yun felt his heart sink as he saw this strange bird!


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