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Chapter 484: Fusang Desolate Valley

After he finished reading the first few core techniques of the “Ten Thousand Beast Totem”, what was most important for Yi Yun was that he learned the method to evolving his Golden Crow Totem.

With the Purple Crystal Origins, it was not a distant objective.

The Purple Crystal activated and according to the description in the “Ten Thousand Beast Totem”, Yi Yun extracted the Power of Desolates from the metal-winged eagle. Soon, a fist-sized beast mark appeared. It was a lively-looking little beast and its body emitted rich pure Yang energy as it quickly flew into Yi Yun’s Dantian.

The metal-winged eagle did not have any obvious nomological elemental properties. Its Yuan Qi was not as effective as pure Yang Yuan Qi to Yi Yun, but the effects were not that different.

Feeling his “Ten Thousand Beast Totem” improve a tiny bit and his pure Yang body and Aspect Totem also obtaining a tiny bit of nourishment, a look of satisfaction appeared on Yi Yun’s face.

The complete version of the “Ten Thousand Beast Totem” was not limited to one Totem form. One could cultivate to the point of several Totems. The “Ten Thousand Beast Totem” recorded that to cultivate this mystic technique, one had to kill ten thousand primordial species so as to condense an Aspect Totem.

The “Ten Thousand” in here was just a fake number. It wasn’t really ten thousand. As to how many were needed, it depended on the situation.

If one killed a primordial true spirit, it was equivalent to more than ten or sometimes, tens of primordial species.

And primordial true spirits were not the highest ranked desolate beasts. There were desolate beasts that were stronger than primordial true spirits, but that was a realm that Yi Yun could not even imagine.

In fact, even if a warrior who cultivated the “Ten Thousand Beast Totem” had the ability to kill primordial true spirits, he might not be able to condense a beast mark. Being able to kill so many desolate beasts, but being unable to condense their beast marks was considered being useless.

Of course, Yi Yun did not need to consider such a situation. All he needed to do was to kill a sufficient number of powerful desolate beasts. As for condensing the beast mark, he had the Purple Crystal.

“I wonder what power would result when I fully master the ‘Ten Thousand Beast Totem’, and I wonder how many Aspect Totems I can condense&h.e.l.lip; ”

Whether the “Ten Thousand Beast Totem” was cultivated properly was mainly based on the number of Aspect Totems.

According to the jade scroll, cultivating three or four Aspect Totems was considered excellent, while five to six Aspect Totems was a result of a proud child of heaven. Seven to eight Aspect Totems would be the results of a peerless Great Emperor.

As for having even greater numbers the higher one went, the jade scroll did not indicate it. It only said that the “Ten Thousand Beast Totem” had unlimited potential.

The problem was that this technique was difficult to learn and difficult to master, but it was a Totem mystic technique with broad prospects.

After absorbing the metal-winged eagle’s beast mark, Yi Yun proceeded around the desolate lands at a fast pace. He held the Tai Cang Bow, and he tried his best to find pure Yang desolate beasts and absorbed their beast marks.

With the Purple Crystal, Yi Yun was fast and accurate at finding desolate beasts.

Desolate beasts were extremely inclined to attack. Once they discovered Yi Yun, they would move to kill him. This world’s desolate beast species were very different to the desolate beast species in the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom. Using his energy vision, Yi Yun roughly estimated the strength of the desolate beast, so as to prevent himself from tripping up.

After covering quite a distance in the desolate lands, a magnificent and primitive mountain appeared in front of Yi Yun. This large mountain had thick foliage and it was luxuriantly green. Every tree was extremely large and they pierced through the clouds. The circ.u.mference of the each trunk was probably the combined arm span of tens of people.

Just watching the mountain from outside, Yi Yun could feel the extremely pure Yuan Qi fluctuations inside. There was probably a very strong existence hiding inside.

Yi Yun did not know how powerful the desolate beasts that were in the second level of the G.o.d Advent Tower were. Since it was just the second level, it should not have any sure-death dangers, right?

These days, Yi Yun slowly noticed that the second level of the G.o.d Advent Tower was not endless. It had a boundary, and this mountain in front of him seemed to be the center of the second level’s world.

After a slight dilemma, Yi Yun leaped up and flew into the large mountain.

After going over the mountain’s peak, Yi Yun entered a valley.

This valley seemed to be a huge crack in the ground. Under the crack, hot air rose. Yi Yun looked down and he could faintly see the churning lava.

What was strange was that the lava was not dark red in color, but it was close to a shimmering white. It looked like molten silver.

“Oh? This valley&h.e.l.lip; ” Yi Yun was surprised. He could feel that the lava was not ordinary. What it emitted was not fire-elemental Yuan Qi, it was extremely thick and rich pure Yang Yuan Qi.

It felt like the lava had flowed down from the Sun!

Yi Yun knew that the Sun itself was liquid in nature. Its core was extremely hot, and if that was the case, it would be too shocking.

“I cultivate in the pure Yang laws, and I meet a pure Yang Yuan Qi lava river. This is too much to be a coincidence.”

Yi Yun guessed that it was precisely because he cultivated in pure Yang laws that he encountered an extremely rich pure Yang energy place in the second level of the G.o.d Advent Tower.

The Great Empress mystic realm was comprehensive. The scenes encountered were different and depended on the person. There were countless amounts of opportunities. The point was whether one could discover it.

Yi Yun shuttled through the valley as he activated the Purple Crystal to freely absorb the pure Yang energy. At the same time, he searched for desolate beasts to kill. Most of the desolate beasts here were pure Yang desolate beasts, so it suited Yi Yun well.

At this moment, Yi Yun suddenly heard a sharp bird cry in the air.

With a flash of his body, he appeared below a large tree as he looked up.

He was taken aback with this look.

In the clouds, a group of flying desolate beasts were flapping their hundred foot long wings that were made of muscle. As they moved downwards, just the wind stirred up by them would prevent anyone from standing properly. The visual impact was extremely terrifying.

When these desolate beasts charged downwards, they circled around a mountain peak as if they were eager for action.

“What’s the matter?” Yi Yun leaned his body close to the tree and he controlled his breathing so that he could not be discovered by those desolate beasts.

He could feel that the desolate beasts were extraordinarily powerful.

He carefully stretched his neck out and looked at the spot the desolate beasts were circling.

That was the tallest mountain peak of the mountain. The source of the Yang energy lava came from this mountain peak. At the top of the mountain peak, there were a lot of rugged ancient trees. These ancient trees were extremely large and tall. They seemed to be in symbiotic relations as their tree branches were intertwined, but they had very few leaves. The tree bark was red like fire and each of them looked like the legendary Fusang divine tree.

Sunrise from Tang Valley, Roaming across the World

Ten Suns from Fusang, Who Masters Pure Yang!

When Yi Yun was cultivating the “Tai Ah Sacred Technique”, there was such a general principle.

Legends said that the Fusang tree grew where the Sun rose.

It was unknown in how many tens of thousands of years that people had not stepped foot on this mountain.

Upon thinking about this, Yi Yun looked at the flying desolate beasts in the air again. He suddenly discovered that the desolate beasts actually looked like Golden Crows!

The only difference was that they did not have the feathers of Golden Crows, and they looked more ferocious.

Realizing this, Yi Yun suddenly had a thought. This place&h.e.l.lip;

Yi Yun seemed to figure out something as he opened his energy vision and everything around him entered his eyes.

Faintly, Yi Yun felt that in the depths of the mountain peak, there was a tremendous energy fluctuation. The pure Yang energy that came out in waves seemed to come from that energy source.

Could it be&h.e.l.lip; a treasure!?

Yi Yun held his breath.

Yes! The first level of the G.o.d Advent Tower had image disk arrays! The third level had cultivation technique manuals!

Then what did the second level of the G.o.d Advent Tower have?

Originally, Yi Yun thought that the second level of the G.o.d Advent Tower was just a training ground. By finding any cultivation manuals or image disk arrays in the third or first level, one could come to the second level of the G.o.d Advent Tower to cultivate.

One could fight the desolate beasts here to train oneself and increase one’s strength.

He had never thought that the second level of the G.o.d Advent Tower contained such a huge opportunity. And to find it, it was a test of one’s observational skills and fated luck!

“I see&h.e.l.lip; If not for finding the ‘Ten Thousand Beast Totem’ which required me to return to the second level for training, I might have missed out on this opportunity!”

At this moment, Yi Yun was reflecting on the layout of the ancient Great Empress’ realm. Typical cultivators would be in a race against time when they entered the G.o.d Advent Tower. They wanted to increase their own strength in the shortest possible time. Who would think of searching the entire second level of the G.o.d Advent Tower while cultivating, especially when this world was so vast.

Besides, even if they searched, they might not find anything.

This not only depended on a cultivator’s searching ability and judgment, it also depended on fated luck! And these two points were key in undergoing dangers in a mystic realm.


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