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Chapter 478: Understanding Swords

As the young Elder was looking at the huge eye in the black vortex, the other Elders from the other factions had also sensed the change in atmosphere.

As they looked at the G.o.d Burial Abyss one by one, all of them seemed to turn into floating spirits, as they lost their ability to react.

The indescribable scene was shocking. The huge eye that was tens of thousands of miles wide spanned the entire G.o.d Burial Abyss. It had appeared out of the blue and it did not cause anything strange, but it was this weird feeling that made them feel strange.

On the seabed, the place that the Elders from the various factions were standing in seemed to turn into a graveyard.

They stood there like haphazardly arranged tombstones.

They felt their bodies’ Yuan Qi stagnate as they were locked on to by that eye that was as black as the endless starry night. Their souls were also frozen. They could not even move a single muscles!

What sort of eye was it? It was cold, vast and it seemed to be an eye of the Heavens that belittled every living thing in the world.

As the people looked at it, they felt their tinyness come out of the bottom of their hearts. They were one of the strongest figures in the Tian Yuan world and they were able to do formidable tasks, but now, against this mysterious and terrifying existence, they felt like they were no different to ants.

The eye remained for about thirty seconds before it slowly disappeared.

The faces of all the Elders present were as pale as a sheet. They felt as if they had died once after being stared at by the gigantic eye for thirty seconds.

The terrifying eye seemed to see through their souls.

What was that thing?”

They had hardly recovered from the shock. When they faced the gigantic eye, they really felt that they were helpless against it. It seemed like if the eye wished, it could have killed all of them.

“It should have been an illusion, or it might be a projection of an eye. It can’t be a real eye. If there was such a big eye, how big would its body be? It could probably be as big as the Tian Yuan world!”

The Tian Yuan world was immensely vast. It was unbelievable for a living thing to be the size of the Tian Yuan world.

If it was just a projection of an eye, they could still fathom it.

But even if it was a projection, the terrifying existence hidden in the G.o.d Burial Abyss still made many of the Elders from the various factions shudder with fear.

After all these years, nothing was heard from anyone who entered the G.o.d Burial Abyss. They had all disappeared. It could even be the case that they were killed by that eye!

For such a terrifying existence which was hiding not far from them, it made them extremely afraid. If that sort of existence came out, would they all die here?

Besides, the black vortex’s tearing force was growing stronger. This made the Elders worry even more that if the G.o.d Burial Abyss had an unexpected event, they would no doubt be greatly endangered.

At this moment, on a cliff in the second level of the G.o.d Advent Tower, Yi Yun was sitting cross-legged. In front of him, there was a crystalline relic floating in midair. This relic was the one Yi Yun had obtained in the first trial after killing the ancient desolate beast.

There was a total of two ancient relics. Yi Yun had kept both of them and now, as he was cultivating in the G.o.d Advent Tower, it was perfect for him to use the ancient relics.

Yi Yun’s spiritual energy interfaced with the Purple Crystal as he absorbed the pure Yuan Qi inside the relic constantly.

Now, Yi Yun’s body was a pure Yang body. After undergoing repeated Marrow Cleansings, and with the transformation of the pure Yang Qi, Yi Yun really felt that he was slowly being reborn. His body was already extremely compatible with energy.

The energies in these ancient relics spread throughout Yi Yun’s body without any resistance. It gathered in his Dantian and acc.u.mulated together.

The Dantian laid the foundation of the Yuan foundation realm, while the Dao Seed was planted on the Yuan Foundation. Yi Yun’s Yuan foundation realm had improved again.

Feeling the Yuan Qi in his body being abundant, to the point of flooding, it was like it would gush out at any moment. Yi Yun slammed his hand and the disk array immediately floated up. The battle scenes of the black lanced warrior and the azure-clothed swordsman appeared once again.

Over the months, if he only cultivated, Yi Yun would find it difficult to defeat the azure-clothed youth. He needed to gain more insight from that sword attack,

Sou! The azure beam flashed as it appeared again. The broken sword that was placed across Yi Yun’s lap also immediately emitted a dull buzz. The sword trembled as it used Yi Yun’s Yuan Qi to surge.

With the ancient relic’s energy support, Yi Yun did not blink once. Previously, he could last for an hour, but now, Yi Yun did not even know how long he had been watching it.

The scenes from the disk array with the azure-clothed swordsman using the sword attack filled his eyes. In his mind, the terrifying sword scar at the Pure Yang Sword Palace once again appeared as it slowly merged with the azure-clothed swordsman’s sword attack.

Yi Yun involuntarily grabbed the broken sword and began brandishing it. However, this time, he could not brandish it properly. It was extremely difficult, as if something was preventing him from brandishing it.

This was because his insight into the sword intent was not deep enough, and his understanding of the sword Dao was not complete.

These things formed a membrane causing the brandishing of the sword to be at best, have a inkling of that sword attack. However, it still failed to come close to the essence.

“Hahahaha!” The azure-clothed swordsman laughed recklessly as the voice was emitted from the images.

Seeing the azure-clothed swordsman laugh, Yi Yun recalled the words left behind on the Seven Kills Stone Pillar at the Pure Yang Sword Palace by its owner. Those seven “Kill” words were startling!

"Established Seven Kills Stone Pillar, announcing my will! Awaiting the future, collapse of Heavenly Dao, the non-existence of the universe, me as the world, control over life and death, destroying the cycle of reincarnation, obtaining the souls of everything, casting my sword, spilling my immortal blood, obliterating evil demons! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill! Kill!"

Yi Yun remembered the words engraved on the stone pillar at the Pure Yang Sword Palace clearly.

Every word and their strokes contained a concept to it. Yi Yun’s memory of them was still fresh.

Yi Yun replayed the scenes in his mind repeatedly. It was as if he had gained some enlightenment from it.

One of the Dao of the sword, following one’s heart, following one’s character!

It was different from the Dao of the saber. It was lacking in killing and the momentum of advancing courageously, and it had more of one’s original character and heart.

The sword attack from the Pure Yang Sword Palace’s owner and the azure-clothed swordsman came from their hearts.

The azure-clothed swordsman was unconventional and unrestrained, while the killing intent engraved on the Seven Kills Stone Pillar by the Pure Yang Sword Palace’s owner contained infinite hate to the point of destroying all of existence.

All of these were the original intents in the hearts of the azure-clothed swordsman and the Pure Yang Sword Palace’s owner!

Their killing intent and their insight of the martial path and even their characters were embedded in the sword attack. It could be said that the sword attack contained their lives as well as their understanding of martial arts.

Yi Yun placed the broken sword on his lap and he began to recall his own life in his mind.

Having just transported into the Cloud Wilderness, he began cultivating after discovering the Purple Crystal. He met Lin Xintong at night. He had outstanding performance at the Divine Kingdom’s selection, and he saw Jiang Xiaorou being taken away as well as him being imprisoned&h.e.l.lip;

There were all sorts of experiences having come to this world as they appeared in Yi Yun’s eyes. There was joy and sadness, as well as the insights he had gained from learning martial arts.

This process carried on for an unknown length of time when Yi Yun’s eyes suddenly flashed as he leapt up and slashed with the broken sword in his hand!

This sword attack was accompanied by him crying out loud. It was as if it was released along with all his thoughts in his mind, as he ruthlessly slashed forward!

At that instance, there was brilliance!


A terrifying sword beam appeared above the lands as if a G.o.d’s sword had split the land apart!

The rocks and mud crumbled for this strike’s aura was indomitable. The sword beam was blinding and it extended into the horizons, leaving behind an astonishing huge sword scar!

This sword mark was like a deep ravine, permanently scarring the land.

At that instant, Yi Yun felt that the membrane that had accompanied the strike had been torn apart!

Yi Yun looked at the huge sword scar in front of his eyes as they twinkled with excitement.

“I’ve succeeded!”

He had finally been able to reproduce some of the profound charm behind this sword attack. Just this strike alone was enough for him to stand his ground in the Tian Yuan world!

Yi Yun took a deep breath as he looked at the entrance to the G.o.d Advent Tower.

Leaping up, the rock beneath Yi Yun’s feet collapsed as he leapt ten thousand feet onto the entrance of the second level of the G.o.d Advent Tower. Again, he proceeded forward on the staircase leading to the third level of the G.o.d Advent Tower.

As he strode forward, his heart was burning with fighting spirit.

After covering a third of the staircase, the azure-clothed youth appeared once again to block his path.

He stood upright with a sword in hand on a high spot on the staircase, looking down on Yi Yun.

“You came again?” The azure-clothed youth said lightly.

The corners of Yi Yun’s lips suffused a smile as he calmly said, “Make your move!”


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