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Chapter 473: A Sword Attack Previously Seen Before

In the opulent grand hall, the dark-skinned youth was like a ghost, watching everybody.

Around him, light rays were slightly distorting, causing his body to be completely hidden.

The dark-skinned youth’s original evaluation was “failed to meet the mark”, but no one knew how he obtained the recognition of the Great Empress mystic realm in such a short period of time.

The swarthy youth’s gaze swept past the two “Grandmaster”-t.i.tled gray-robed youths. Then he looked at Lin Xintong, and finally, his eyes landed on Yi Yun for a long period of time.

When he stared at others, there was no reaction from them, but when he focused on Yi Yun with a foolish smile appearing on his lips, Yi Yun suddenly looked in his direction.

“What’s wrong?” When Lin Xintong saw Yi Yun turn his head, she asked curiously.

Inside the grand hall, other than the coiling dragon pillars and the altar, there was nothing else. Could Yi Yun have noticed something?

Yi Yun glanced at a corner not far away. It was completely empty, with nothing there.

Yi Yun frowned slightly. He was very sensitive to energy, and there was clearly an invisible energy source in what was otherwise an empty spot.

There’s a person?

Yi Yun had such a thought, but soon, he turned his head back. He did not carry on looking. He did not know who the person was. Since he was standing there without Shen Tu Nantian’s detection, it meant that person’s strength was no doubt far above Yi Yun’s.

For a figure like this who intended to hide, no one knew what motives he had. Regardless, Yi Yun would not carry on looking at him, or he would be discovered by the other party.

“He noticed?”

The swarthy youth was somewhat surprised by Yi Yun. He did not know if Yi Yun’s cursory glance was just coincidence. He did not think that with a cultivation of a junior like Yi Yun would be able to discover his presence.

At this moment, Shen Tu Nantian and company had begun selecting disk arrays.

Many disk arrays were being triggered, giving rise to a wide variety of scenes.

Not every disk array doc.u.mented an expert’s battle with desolate beasts. Some of the disk arrays contained the mysteries of the laws, or training sessions of ancient Great Emperors and battle scenes.

These ancient Great Emperors were extremely powerful, but they were much weaker than the black-armored warrior from before.

This was most obvious from the fact that when the various cultivators watched the disk arrays, the pressure they felt was not as strong as the first one.

The pressure was smaller and the laws were not as profound. They could barely gain any insight into something.

This made many overjoyed.

And at this moment, the Great Empress mystic realm’s emotionless voice echoed, “Everyone of you are given an hour to choose two disk arrays. After they are chosen, the altar will be sealed off by arrays.”

“Oh? Only two can be chosen?”

The cultivators were slightly stunned. Many of them felt a sense of pity being unable to return with all the treasures after entering a treasure land.

And only two could be chosen. How should they choose?

There were many disk arrays, so there was no need to be afraid of the ones they wanted to be s.n.a.t.c.hed away. However, one hour was a very short amount of time.

This choice was extremely important. Not only did it have to matter with the opportunities they obtained, it also affected the results of this trial. If they did not choose well, their expedition in the Great Empress mystic realm would came to an end.

People like Gongsun Hong and Shen Tu Nantian were extremely cautious and hesitant.

After Shen Tu Nantian saw the black-armored warrior’s disk array images once, he watched it again. In the vast Untraversable Sea, the terrifying pressure that came from the appearance of the huge roc and the black-armored warrior was something Shen Tu Nantian had trouble enduring. Even if he could barely endure a few seconds of it, he could not understand a thing from the mystery of the black-armored warrior’s attack. The difference was too great.

This disk array&h.e.l.lip;

Shen Tu Nantian was not willing to let the black-armored warrior’s disk array go, because the disk array was extremely valuable. However, it was too difficult. If he recklessly chose it, not only would he not understand a thing, he would waste a choice.

After repeatedly weighing the benefits, Shen Tu Nantian finally gave up on the disk array.

Many people had similar thoughts to Shen Tu Nantian. The disk arrays on the altar were all of an extremely high realm. If they spent too much time and effort on something, they might end up with nothing.

And if they chose a weaker disk array, and manage to gain some insight from it, it would also be very useful for them.

The successive trials, the perverse difficulty and bizarreness of the Great Empress mystic realm had already made many of these people take a step back.

They were no longer greedy, and they only wished to obtain something.

Only that was real.

At this moment, Yi Yun and Lin Xintong were also selecting their disk arrays.

Yi Yun watched the scene of the black-armored warrior fighting with the huge roc repeatedly. That striking lance attack was indeed full of murderous Qi.

Ultimately, Yi Yun also chose to give up on that disk array.

Seeing Yi Yun being aware of the overwhelming odds against him, Shen Tu Nantian chuckled, “Why? You were rated as a ‘Grandmaster’ by the Great Empress mystic realm, yet you don’t dare to chose that disk array?”

Shen Tu Nantian teased.

Yi Yun coldly glanced at Shen Tu Nantian. At this moment, Lin Xintong whispered to Yi Yun, “Shen Tu Nantian is provoking you! Ignore him.”

“It’s nothing,” Yi Yun shook his head, “This disk array is good, but it is not suitable for me.”

The black-armored warrior used a lance in the disk array, while Yi Yun’s choice of weapons were sabers and swords. Naturally, he would not choose it.

Yi Yun triggered the disk arrays on the altar one by one. The various images made Yi Yun shake his head.

Only when he triggered a certain disk array did he see the vast Untraversable Sea once again.

Above the Untraversable Sea, the black-armored warrior who was riding the black nightmare war horse, appeared once again.

He held a long lance in his hands and the war horse was galloping through the sky with flames paving its route. He seemed to be breaking through the void, as if he would enter another world.

Seeing the black-armored warrior, Yi Yun quivered as he held his breath.

And at this moment, another figure appeared above the sea. He slowly appeared while riding the waves.

This person was dressed in azure clothes. He held a gourd in one hand, and a five-foot long azure sword in his other.


Seeing the black-armored warrior, the person in azure roared with laughter. His laughter caused the water waves to turn chaotic as he did so in an unrestrained manner.

The black-armored warrior stopped, he got off his war horse and looked at the azure-clothed person.

Following that, without a word, ‘Sou’!

The azure-clothed person attacked him. His long sword whistled and an azure flash that flashed across the sky flew towards the black-armored warrior!

“That sword move!”

Seeing this sword slash out, Yi Yun unwittingly took a step back. A flash appeared in his head.

This sword technique was&h.e.l.lip; something he had seen before!

The sword beam cut through the world.

All the cultivators present could feel the hair on their bodies stand up. A strong sense of danger to their lives was felt.

At the moment the sword slashed out, they felt like their bodies were restricted. Their breathing and heartbeats stagnated. It felt like the sword attack was like an electric shock!

Yi Yun’s response was different from the others. He was inexplicably shocked. Everything in front of his eyes had disappeared, leaving only an azure flash of lightning that had become the only thing in the world.

The sword beam seemed to have broken through the confines of s.p.a.ce and time, coming from the nothingness of the ancient era.

Pure Yang Sword Palace!

What had appeared in Yi Yun’s mind was the sword attack that had separated a world itself outside the Pure Yang Sword Palace. It looked similar to this attack!

Only&h.e.l.lip; the sword attack at the Pure Yang Sword Palace was even more terrifying. It was even more immense, as if it was the supreme law of the Universe&h.e.l.lip;

When Yi Yun realized this, he felt a tiny tremble from the interspatial ring on his finger.

A mysterious but ancient sharp feeling spread a coldness from Yi Yun’s finger into his bloodstream.

Yi Yun knew that this was Sword Intent!

And this Sword Intent was coming from the broken sword in his interspatial ring!

When Yi Yun entered the Pure Yang Sword Palace, he had obtained the rusty broken sword, and he suspected that it was left behind by the owner of the Pure Yang Sword Palace.

Yi Yun believed that other than him, no one had previously opened the Pure Yang Sword Palace. Then&h.e.l.lip; why did the azure-clothed person’s sword attack contain a trace of the Pure Yang Sword Palace’s owner’s attack’s charm?

It couldn’t be that the azure-clothed person was the Pure Yang Sword Palace’s owner’s disciple, right!?

Yi Yun shook his head. It was impossible. The Pure Yang Sword Palace’s owner was not from the Tian Yuan world. He came from another world, and the realm of his existence was too high, so how could he have taken in a disciple from the Tian Yuan world?

How did this azure-clothed swordsman know the sword attack of the Pure Yang Sword Palace’s owner then!?

Who was this azure-clothed swordsman? Historically, in an era around the time of the ancient Great Empress, Yi Yun could not remember any records of this azure-dressed swordsman.


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