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Chapter 463: Failed to meet the mark

No one bothered about the failures. The people in the light dome had already successfully pa.s.sed the second trial, but they were not satisfied. To many amongst them, they did not want a simple pa.s.s, they wanted to see their end result.

The Great Empress mystic realm would have an results evaluation after every trial.

Pa.s.sing the trial was just the minimum requirement. If a person barely pa.s.sed from beginning to end, he was destined not to obtain the Great Empress’ heritage, nor would he be able to enter the Great Empress vault.

“I wonder what my result will be&h.e.l.lip;”

Shen Tu Nantian looked at the crystal pillar. It was most likely that the second trial’s results would be displayed on the pillar in front of them.

Shen Tu Nantian was counting on the second trial’s results to turn things around!

For the first trial, Shen Tu Nantian was actually quite satisfied with his performance, but compared to Yi Yun, his results were a joke.

“The second trial, end of the preliminary test!”

At this moment, the cold voice echoed in the square. People were stunned. What? Preliminary test?

The mental demons trial was just a preliminary test? Then, there was another test? What would the next test be?

The Great Empress mystic realm seemed to have expected their questions as the voice carried on, “The second trial, the topic of the main test, cultivation!”


The partic.i.p.ants were confused, and at this moment, information was sent into the heads of every cultivator. They finally understood the entire process of the second trial.

Actually, the second trial had just begun!

The preliminary test was a test on mental demons. It was to a.s.sess how the cultivators could handle their mental demons. For a warrior who wanted to climb to the peak of martial arts, it was naturally important for them to be able to withstand their mental demons.

But for a future peerless Great Emperor, mental demons were not the most important.

To become a Great Emperor, two things were essential, talent and fated luck.

Fated luck was hard to test. As for talent, it was the speed of cultivation to a large extent.

Under a normalized situation, letting every cultivator in the Great Empress mystic realm use the various resources in the mystic realm to cultivate and then compare whose strength had increased the most!

This was the real second trial!

As for the mental demons test from before, other than testing the cultivator’s handling of their mental demons, there was another point, and that was for the Great Empress mystic realm to record everyone’s present strength level.

After the cultivators entered the door of light, they had faced real illusion formations which could test everyone’s strength.

Even Lin Xintong had experienced battles in the illusion formations in her dreams.

“So it’s a test of cultivation speed!”

“There’s still such a test&h.e.l.lip; Then, it will last a very long time, right?”

People never expected the Great Empress mystic realm to set up such a test which was surprising.

“Cultivation speed&h.e.l.lip; that is my talent. I have never feared competing in talent.”

Shen Tu Nantian chuckled as he was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with confidence. Gongsun Hong, Panther Lady and several other geniuses also had absolute confidence in their talent.

They began cultivating at an early age, and they had advanced rapidly. Their peers could never catch up with them.

At this moment, the cold voice echoed again, “Your cultivation site will be the G.o.d Advent Tower! Now, each of you will be given a talent strength rating!”

“Now, on the crystal pillar, use your blood to write your name!”

As the voice spoke, the crystal pillar suddenly flashed as the numerous crystals on the pillar began to shine from top to bottom.

Seeing the crystal pillar, a majestic youth laughed loudly, “Writing my name and get a strength ranking. Hahaha! I like that!”

He was already eager to try it.

Talent strength rating? Yi Yun rubbed his chin. He had undergone a similar test during the Jin Long Wei selection. It was done by considering the combination of one’s strength and age. With the same strength, the younger person would have a higher rating.

Of course, this time the standards were completely different the Jin Long Wei selections.

The Great Empress’s standards were naturally much higher.

And at this moment, the crystal pillar’s sparkling lights slowly dimmed down. The rays eventually formed b.l.o.o.d.y characters on the crystal pillar.

These words were written in a complex but unsophisticated manner. It was the most ancient font in the Tian Yuan world. However, the young elites present knew how to read ancient books, so they could recognize it.

The words went from bottom upwards. They were:

“Knight”! “Grandmaster”! “Soul”! “Sage”! “Shura”! “Canonized G.o.d”!

There were a total of six words. People could vaguely understand that these were the t.i.tles of the talent ratings the ancient Great Empress used!

Clearly, the higher the t.i.tles, the higher the talent.

People looked at the top t.i.tles of “Shura” and “Canonized G.o.d” with fiery eyes.

The ancient Great Empress’s t.i.tles did not have “Emperor” in it, so no one knew what the standard was. Even if there was an “Emperor” t.i.tle, the “Emperor” used by the Great Empress was probably different from the current standard of Great Emperor, so there was no value as a reference.

To know one’s strength, one had to write one’s name down.

“I wonder what my rating would be?”

Shen Tu Nantian looked at the t.i.tles right at the top as his eyes exuded ambition and desire. Of course he wanted to obtain “Shura”, as for “Canonized G.o.d”, he too knew that it was very difficult to obtain.

What sort of figure was the ancient Great Empress? The standards she imposed were extremely elusive.

Maybe, just getting a “Sage” would be very impressive.

And at this moment, there was a person who eagerly rushed to the crystal pillar. This person was the majestic youth who had laughed loudly just now.

“Everyone, I, from the family of Song will go first! Haha!”

The majestic youth cupped his hands at his surroundings and laughed loudly as he used a dagger to cut his palm. Then, he waved his hand and he was in no way stingy with his blood as he wrote his name on the crystal pillar with his b.l.o.o.d.y palm. Every word was the size of an alms bowl. It was written very majestically!

If this was not a crystal pillar pa.s.sed down from ancient times and it was made of ordinary metal, the metal would probably be pierced through with the strength he was writing his words with!

After he wrote down his name, the crystal pillar flashed. The flow of light gathered behind the youth’s name, as if it was forming a word.

However&h.e.l.lip; no matter how the light shined, the flow of light could not form a shape. After a while, this flow of light seemed to lose its inhibitions and then, it dissipated. Finally, there was nothing left behind the majestic youth’s name.


The majestic youth was stunned momentarily. He had not managed to react in time to how high his rating was.

But at this moment, the Great Empress mystic realm’s cold voice echoed, “Strength grade: None! Talent rating: Failed to meet the mark!”


The Great Empress mystic realm’s voice seemed to be like a bolt of lightning striking the majestic youth’s body. His body went stiff for he was completely dumbfounded.

Failed to meet the mark!?


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