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Chapter 462: Virtual Figure

At this moment, Lin Xintong had nearly turned into a beautiful lifeless ice sculpture. Below her body, there was a patch of green gas that was being affected by the Yin frost Qi. It turned into crystalline ice, and it was shattering from the cold.

With the last bit of her strength, she slowly moved her hands that no longer had any feeling with great difficulty. Her slender fingertips were covered in crystals as she gently picked an ice flower up.

Such a ordinary but beautiful nameless flower had been implicated by her, resulting in certain death&h.e.l.lip;

A teardrop fell from the corner of her eyes and it quickly froze into a ice crystal. Then it fell onto the gra.s.s.

Sound became even more distant as the scene in front of her seemed to blur.

She knew that she was reaching the end of her life&h.e.l.lip;

At the moment of near death, countless numbers of scenes flashed past in her mind before finally stopping on the youth’s determined and slightly childlike face.

Thinking back on her 500-year-old life, she had spent all her life working hard to extend it, but all she got was failure&h.e.l.lip;

Maybe, the events of her holding his hand to travel the world were the most beautiful memories in her entire life.

However, with the most beautiful memories from a dream, that was probably a type of tragedy.

But what could she do?

Beauty was usually not something one needed to explore if it was reality or an illusion.

Thus, if she explored it deeply, many of the beautiful events would end up bursting like a bubble.

She laughed. Maybe, at the last moment of her life, that smile would be frozen for eternity&h.e.l.lip;

In the haze, she heard a sound in her ears. She tried hard to open her eyes, but her surroundings were a blur. However, far into the distance, under a huge green tree, there was a white figure.

Sunlight pierced through the leaves as it scattered downwards, landing on the gra.s.s like gold fragments, while the gra.s.s was dotted with leaf shadows&h.e.l.lip;

The figure looked like a woman. She was strolling in the woods, like she was walking along the river of time. Although she did not seem far away from Lin Xintong, they actually belonged in different s.p.a.ce-time dimensions.

She looked at her, but no matter how wide she opened her eyes, the person’s face was a blur. Only her tall and excellent figure left an exceptionally clear image on Lin Xintong’s retina.

“You are&h.e.l.lip; ”

Seeing that person, her heart that had been frozen began beating once again. Her blood began flowing once again.

She had a feeling that she had a blood connection to that figure, as if she knew her from a previous life.

Could she be&h.e.l.lip; the ancient Great Empress?

This thought flashed past Lin Xintong’s mind. It was a strange idea, but she did not know why she was so sure about it.

But at this moment, the elegant figure slowly walked towards her. She gradually walked all the way till she was right in front of Lin Xintong&h.e.l.lip;

The figure stretched out her hand. Her fingers were light to the touch as she tapped lightly on Lin Xintong’s forehead.

“Obsession is the path to dreams, but it is also the source of pain.”

“Maybe you can inherit my will to carry on down that path, completing the mission I did not&h.e.l.lip; ”

The cold voice rang in Lin Xintong’s mind. Was this the ancient Great Empress’s voice transmission?

Following that, with a shattering sound, the sound of crystal shattering, the ice crystals on Lin Xintong’s body completely shattered. The world she was immersed in also began falling apart. The forest, gra.s.s, ice flowers slowly disappeared&h.e.l.lip;

Lin Xintong suddenly felt her body jolt as she woke up.

This jolt was a feeling she often experienced as a child. Back then, she had yet to begin practicing martial arts. As she was born in the Lin family, and was experiencing the pressure from having naturally terminated meridians, she never could sleep well. She would often fall into sleep and then jolt awake.

Was she having nightmares again?

Lin Xintong opened her eyes as her vision gradually become clear. The first thing she saw was the gray sky of the Great Empress mystic realm.

She reached out and touched the ground beneath her body. It was cold but rough black stone. It had a faint feeling of blood Qi, and it was very real to the touch.

Many people crowded around her. They were looking at her with amazement and shock.

Some of these people were familiar to Lin Xintong. She recalled&h.e.l.lip; that they were the cultivators who had entered the Great Empress mystic realm with her.

This is the Great Empress mystic realm trial&h.e.l.lip;

Lin Xintong remembered once again. She searched the crowd and finally found the youth in azure clothes not far away.

His nose bridge was high, and the corners of his mouth curved upwards. His dark but slightly unkempt hair covered a portion of his eyes, but it could not hide his bright eyes.

His eyes were too clear. In the clearness, there was a faint tinge of slyness.

It was the pair of eyes she was familiar with. It was very familiar in her dreams.

He was smiling at her, and it was from genuine delight.

“You finally came out. Do you know how long you were in there?” The youth transmitted with Yuan Qi as it sounded in Lin Xintong’s ears.

Of course Lin Xintong did not know, but she did not shake her head. She was looking at the youth in front of her seriously. She was not at all concerned with the answer to the youth’s question.

What she was concerned with was whether this world was real. This was because every time she woke up, the world would be extremely real, but in the end, it was all a dream.

This time&h.e.l.lip; it can’t be a dream again, right?

“It has been four hours.”

Yi Yun said. Other than Lin Xintong, Shen Tu Nantian had spent the longest amount of time at one hour. The next three hours were spent waiting for Lin Xintong, but no matter how long they waited, she did not come out until now. This was the reason why everyone was shocked when they saw Lin Xintong appear.

However, what may seem like an extremely long period of time sounded incredibly short to Lin Xintong.

Just 4 hours?

In the dream, she probably had experienced more than 20 million years&h.e.l.lip;

Lin Xintong stood up and glanced back. The door of light had already closed. As for the metallic pillar that was filled with crystalline relics, it was still sparkling.

At this moment, people looked at Lin Xintong with a strange light. They did not know how many Empyrean Marks she would obtain after spending such a long time in the trial.

Was it time to inform them of their individual results?

As this thought appeared in people’s minds, the pillar sent a blinding flash out suddenly. A golden light dome shot out of the pillar as it spread out rapidly, coming straight at everyone.

“Peng Peng Peng!”

There were continuous explosive sounds as many cultivators were sent flying by the light dome.

However, nothing happened to many cultivators when they were hit by the light dome. They felt like a wind had blown across them. The force had made them retreat a few steps, as the golden light dome carried on moving across.

“What’s the matter!? It hurts!”

A small number of the cultivators on the black stoned square were sent flying as they slammed to the ground. Their bodies hurt greatly. The feeling of the light dome hitting their bodies felt no different from being hit by a desolate beast.

When they got up, they saw that the light dome was enclosing the rest of the cultivators like a huge bowl. And the others had been isolated outside the light dome.

Seeing this scene, they were dumbfounded.

They quickly realized that they had been eliminated&h.e.l.lip;

Only the people in the light dome had pa.s.sed the trial.

Looking around, many of them were the first to be ejected by the door of light. It seemed like those who lasted longer in the door of light had a higher chance of pa.s.sing.

But this was not right, because in the light dome, there was a thin, black figure. He was not very tall and he looked extremely normal. He looked like a mud monkey.

“It’s that dark-skinned kid!”

“He pa.s.sed too?”

Many people felt speechless. The swarthy youth was the second person to be ejected by the door of light, but why did he pa.s.s? What was the reason?

Many people were unhappy. The swarthy youth seemed to feel the indignant feelings that these people had as he turned his head around and gave them a silly smile.

With him smiling, it made the rejected cultivators even angrier.

He could pa.s.s the trial with his bearing, for crying out loud!

A silly fellow like him was actually stronger than them?

People found it unacceptable.

Amongst the people who had been eliminated was Lin Yu.

Being isolated outside the light dome, Lin Yu was feeling depressed. He sat on the black stoned square as he looked dully at the lucky ones inside the light dome. He was not concerned about the dark-skinned youth, but he was concerned another youth in the light dome, Yi Yun.

“He pa.s.sed&h.e.l.lip;”

Lin Yu did not know what he was feeling momentarily. He was returning to his family clan as a failure, so his frustration was understandable.


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