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Chapter 456: Swarthy Youth

Even after experiencing the first trial of the Great Empress mystic realm and undergoing the long bridge and fierce storm, Lin Xintong’s clothes were still as white as snow. She still looked composed and calm.

And not far behind Lin Xintong was another youth. This youth was not very tall. As Lin Xintong was quite tall amongst women, this meant that the youth was shorter than Lin Xintong by just a bit.

The youth wore a plain grey gown. His skin was dark and his hair messy. He looked like a humble farmer.

After stepping onto the square, the swarthy youth smiled with an amiable look.

“Oh? There are only two people?”

Seeing that there was no one else behind Lin Xintong and the swarthy youth, they were surprised. According to their experience, every individual group would have 10-20 cultivators. After some people were eliminated, there would be at least half left, but now, in Lin Xintong’s group, there were only two people who reached the G.o.d Advent Tower?

“Hehe, we met a group of ancient desolate beasts that went crazy, so it was quite tragic. I only barely sc.r.a.ped through.”

The swarthy youth could read what was on everyone’s mind as he explained while scratching his head.

When people heard that, they were secretly horrified. Met a group of ancient desolate beast that went crazy?

The Great Empress mystic realm’s trials adjusted their difficulty according to the cultivators’ age. The desolate beasts that Lin Xintong met were clearly even more fearsome than the three eyed desolate beast. What sort of scene was a group of these terrifying existences going crazy like?

However, Lin Xintong and the swarthy youth had pa.s.sed the calamity safely.

Lin Xintong was understandable as she had absolute talent. It was no surprise for her to clear the level, but who was the swarthy youth?

People began to focus on the youth. His gray gown was dirty and it was torn in certain parts, seemingly due to it being ripped open by desolate beasts. His face and arms had blood marks. His hair was also messy like an abandoned bird’s nest. His miserable appearance was on the other side of the scale to the white as snow Lin Xintong.

“This guy must have barely pa.s.sed the bridge.”

“He must have had good luck&h.e.l.lip; ”

Some people secretly whispered.

They found it hard to believe that a person that looked so ordinary, who would not be able to be distinguished when in a crowd, was stronger than them.

People did not wish to focus too much on the youth, so they turned towards Lin Xintong.

As a young lady with natural Yin meridians, Lin Xintong did not receive much attention in the Tian Yuan world. Despite her high talent, she only had a lifespan of 500 years. She was destined not to have a great impact in the future.

There were some large family clans that wished to enter a marriage alliance with the Lin Family clan through Lin Xintong. And they also only wanted Lin Xintong to be their family’s most talented junior’s cultivation intercourse partner.

As a girl with natural Yin meridians, even if her cultivation level was not very high, obtaining her virginity was also a good opportunity. In their eyes, that was the biggest value of Lin Xintong.

However, Matriarch Lin’s love for Lin Xintong had prevented their intentions from materialising.

However, when the marriage alliance between the Shen Tu family clan and the Lin family failed, and set off a major storm, Lin Xintong began to receive more and more attention from the large factions.

With the appearance of the Great Empress mystic realm, it was not entirely impossible for Lin Xintong to join up her naturally terminated meridians.

Even if the chances were slim, once Lin Xintong joined up her terminated meridians, she would became a hot figure in the Tian Yuan world. She could even result in a change of the order of affairs in the Tian Yuan world.

This was a great opportunity for the Lin family, and it was at the same time, likely to cause disaster.

For a peerless Great Empress to appear, they needed a significant amount of fate. Even if Lin Xintong joined up her naturally terminated meridians, it was actually hard to tell if the Lin family had sufficient heritage to allow Lin Xintong to mature!

If the Lin family lacked such fate, it could be destroyed as a result of Lin Xintong. It was like how the beautiful tusks of elephants resulted in their slaughtering.

The period before Lin Xintong fully matured was the most dangerous period for the Lin family. The Lin family would require a strong ally and partner to rely on.

Hence, many factions were tempted. If they could replace the Shen Tu family clan and ally with the Lin family, there would be several benefits.

“Yi Yun, you also arrived.”

As all the youths were focused on Lin Xintong, Lin Xintong looked at Yi Yun who was at the corner of the square. Her faint smile seemed to show her being happy for Yi Yun who managed to reach the square.

The smiling Lin Xintong looked like a blossoming flower in the sun.

Lin Xintong’s personality was naturally indifferent. She seldom spoke or smiled. Many people felt jealous of her unique att.i.tude towards Yi Yun.

To them, Yi Yun was too lucky. He had obtained 37 Empyrean Marks in the Great Empress mystic realm, and he had also received the favor of Lin Xintong.

What allowed this b.u.mpkin from the Backwater East to receive all this luck!?

Seeing Lin Xintong and Yi Yun’s interaction, Shen Tu Nantian squinted his eyes. He felt anger rise up, nearly exploding his lungs and heart.

In the Great Empress mystic realm, he couldn’t do anything to Yi Yun due to the mystic realm’s rules.

He hated this rule to the extreme at this moment. If he could freely use his powers, he could brutally kill Yi Yun and then ravage Lin Xintong without thought.

The anger from the relic trial had formed a mental demon. If he did not kill Yi Yun and f**k Lin Xintong, it was impossible for him to vent his anger.

Taking a deep breath, Shen Tu Nantian forced himself to not think about the traumatic experience. He hid the coveting of Lin Xintong and the hate for Yi Yun. He pretended to not know them. Instead, the swarthy youth had attracted his attention.

“Who are you? Which faction do you come from?”

There was nearly about thirty people gathered in the square. They pretty much spanned across all the factions that came to the Great Empress mystic realm.

Shen Tu Nantian was curious about the swarthy youth’s ident.i.ty. He had noticed the other factions’ young elites’ reaction to the youth. They were surprised and amazed to see the swarthy youth. Clearly, they did not know him.

That was to say, this swarthy youth did not belong to any faction.

This situation was extremely odd.


The swarthy youth only gave a gruff smile. He ignored Shen Tu Nantian as if he did not hear him.

This made Shen Tu Nantian’s face sink. This kid had ignored him.

“Are you deaf?”

Ever since he suffered a major blow at the Lin family’s relic trial, Shen Tu Nantian had been oversensitive. He was p.r.o.ne to anger. In the Shen Tu family’s residence, he had repeatedly punished his servants severely just for tiny mistakes.

Now, the swarthy youth had once again provoked Shen Tu Nantian’s anger.

However, the swarthy youth completely ignored Shen Tu Nantian. He had a silly smile on his face, revealing his pearly white teeth. He gave people the impression of a silly person who was delirious.

However, how could a delirious person reach this point?


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