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Chapter 454: Magical Weapon

After killing the ancient desolate beast, Yi Yun saw a bright point of light, shining from within the scattering rain of light.

It was another ancient relic!

Only some of the strong desolate beasts in the Great Empress mystic realm had such an ancient relic within their body’s energy core. It contained huge amounts of energy.

Yi Yun’s body flashed and his body pierced through the sky, catching the ancient relic in hand.

He naturally would not miss such a benefit.


People were shocked when they saw Yi Yun pick something up while withstanding the storm.

“Is it a treasure?”

People were alarmed. Did a treasure drop from the ancient desolate beast? They had not noticed that before.

“What is the matter?”

The item disappeared with Yi Yun wiping his ring without any exaggeration. This made many of them curious.

The treasures within the Great Empress mystic realm was naturally not a small amount. And they only realized it now..

“This ancient desolate beast dropped a treasure after it died. Then there must have been a treasure inside the desolate beast from before. Yi Yun must have taken that one away as well.”

People recalled the scene when the first ancient desolate beast was killed, Yi Yun had flown out, hundreds of feet away. Back then, they did not know what Yi Yun was doing.

Now, they learned that Yi Yun had already obtained two treasures.

Many of them were jealous, but also helpless, upon realizing this.

Although they coveted the treasures, no one dared to reveal this in front of Yi Yun. They were in no way able to handle such a fearsome person who managed to consecutively kill two ancient desolate beast, despite the methods he had used.

The way people looked at Yi Yun now contained some fear.

At this moment, a divine beam of light pierced through the storm from high up in the sky, illuminating Yi Yun’s body.

This divine beam condensed onto Yi Yun’s arm, forming into a purple tattoo. It was a Empyrean Mark!

“Empyrean Mark, he got another one!”

Seeing the tattoo appear on Yi Yun’s arm, it was unknown what many of them were feeling.

However, this time, only one Empyrean Mark condensed on Yi Yun’s arm. If there were another 36 marks, then the blow to the many young elites present would probably cause them to give up on this Great Empress mystic realm trial.

“Just one Empyrean Mark. It looks like the Great Empress mystic realm is very strict with its settings. If not, just finding a weakness of an ancient desolate beast, and then killing sufficient numbers of ancient desolate beasts would result in a large number of Empyrean Marks. If that happened, then the trial would lose its meaning.”

Yi Yun guessed. The Great Empress mystic realm tested various aspects of cultivators.

Finding the weakness of an enemy was just a test of a cultivator’s insight and judgment, so there could not be too many rewards.

Now, Yi Yun had 37 Empyrean Marks. His existence in the group had immediately become extraordinary.

When people looked at Yi Yun, their expressions were quite ugly. Just four hours ago, these people were in discussions of how to kill Yi Yun to receive the rewards, but now, they were all praying that they would not to fall in Yi Yun’s hands.

“This sick&h.e.l.lip;” The youth with the bag from the Beast Control Sect gritted his teeth and transmitted his voice to Panther Lady, “Didn’t they say that he was a Desolate Heaven Master apprentice, and came from the Backwater East? Why is he so powerful?”

The Beast Control Sect youth realized that he was not only weaker than Yi Yun, even the opportunities he could obtained inside here were incomparable to Yi Yun’s. And in the end&h.e.l.lip; for Yi Yun, martial arts was just a secondary focus. In the Desolate Heaven technique, Yi Yun was a peerless talent too.

It was really an exasperating comparison.

Panther Lady shook her head. She did not want to pay attention to Yi Yun. The more she did, the greater a setback she felt.

“Gongsun Hong, that sc.u.m. Don’t let him fall into my hands!”

Panther Lady swore. She had transferred her hate onto Gongsun Hong. Just now, when Gongsun Hong led the ancient desolate beast to attack Yi Yun, Yi Yun had cut his flaming rope. As a result, Gongsun Hong had changed directions, implicating her.

If not for Lin Xiaodie being implicated as well, Yi Yun would definitely not have made his move so quickly. Then, she would have been in real danger.

Looking around, Gongsun Hong had seemingly disappeared into thin air. Ever since he hid with his illusion technique, he no longer had any plans to appear again. In fact, Gongsun Hong no longer had the face to show himself.

After failing so horribly with the ancient desolate beast, he had only managed to escape the crisis by using a mystic technique and the despicable means of diverting the danger. In the end, the formidable desolate beast had been easily killed by Yi Yun.

With Gongsun Hong’s pride, how could he accept that?

“Little brother Yi Yun, thanks!”

As the group began to make their way forward, Lin Xiaodie said while grinned at Yi Yun.

Yi Yun halted in his steps and glanced at Lin Xiaodie. He then lightly said, “Even if I did not make a move, you should have been able to avoid the ancient desolate beast’s pursuit, right?”

“Indeed I could, but it would have been troublesome.” Lin Xiaodie flung her long hair and smiled, “It would also have forced me to use some mystic techniques. Then it would no longer have been worth it.”

After the encounter with the ancient desolate beast, people lacked interest in killing the desolate beasts in order to obtain Empyrean Marks.

They had went all out to kill desolate beasts, yet all they had killed were low-grade desolate beasts. On the other hand, Yi Yun had killed a super desolate beast with a single arrow. The gap between them was frustrating.

The stormy winds continued to howl. People focused on handling the desolate beasts in the storm. Under normal circ.u.mstances, they would dodge when possible. If they could not dodge, they would kill it.

As such, the group walked for two hours.

The storm became weaker. People raised their heads. Not far ahead, there was the expansive G.o.d Advent Tower. It was like a black pillar that towered over the horizon. Its wide base seemed to cover the entire horizon.

In the middle of a world of ruins, filled with storms, stood such an enormous divine tower. This scene made people distraught.

And at this moment, people could see that the surroundings of the G.o.d Advent Tower were covered in faint threads. These threads went out in all directions, disappearing into the vast storms.

People drew their breaths upon seeing this scene.

They realized that the countless threads were actually bridges!

And the bridges they had used to approach the tower were just a small number out of the numerous bridges.

Maybe, every bridge was attached to another spatial entrance. And maybe every spatial entrance had a corresponding trial.

Upon thinking of this, people marveled at the vastness of the Great Empress mystic realm.

In the presence of this ancient Great Empress, who had left a name for herself through the ages, they were indeed tiny.

“This G.o.d Advent Tower might be a magical weapon that the ancient Great Empress used when she was still alive.”

Lin Fengyue suddenly said when he looked at the G.o.d Advent Tower. People were stunned upon hearing this.

A Magical weapon?

This humongous divine tower was the ancient Great Empress’ magical weapon?

This sounded unbelievable, but it was highly possible after some careful thought!


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