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Chapter 452: Withdrawing Fuel from a Boiling Cauldron

People never expected that Gongsun Hong would be heavily injured by the ancient desolate beast’s claw attack. They thought that Gongsun Hong would receive plenty of rewards after easily killing the ancient desolate beast.

Panther Lady, who was jealous of Gongsun Hong for striking first, had now turned pale. She did not know what to do.

She was glad that she had not attacked, because her outcome would probably be worse than Gongsun Hong’s.

Realizing this, many of them subconsciously glanced over at Yi Yun. At this moment, Yi Yun was dawdling right at the back of the group. He was a hundred feet behind Lin Yu and company, who were already lining at the back. He did not look like he was in the Great Empress mystic realm to compete for opportunities, but rather here to mess around.

However, even so, Yi Yun began to appear mysterious in the eyes of many of them. They originally believed that Yi Yun managed to kill the ancient desolate beast out of luck, but now, with Gongsun Hong attempting the same thing with disastrous effects, people were shocked. They did not know what sort of method Yi Yun had used to kill the ancient desolate beast.

“Senior brother Hong!”

Seeing that Gongsun Hong was about to fall off the bridge and into the vast storm, a youth dressed in a flaming robe took out a rope-like magical item from his interspatial ring. He wanted to throw the magical item at Gongsun Hong to save him.

However, at this moment, the ancient desolate beast roared and carried on charging straight at Gongsun Hong!

It extended its sharp claws and, with purple lightning bolts surrounding it, grabbed at Gongsun Hong’s head!

Its move made the flaming robe youth’s face turn white. He did not dare make a rescue. He was not sure if he too would end up incurring the wrath of the ancient desolate beast by trying to save Gongsun Hong. If he was attacked as well, then he would only end up dying with Gongsun Hong.

Gongsun Hong was just a fellow disciple. How could Gongsun Hong’s life be more important than his?


The lightning flashed and the serpent-like, purple bolts seemed to stick close to Gongsun Hong’s face. The ancient desolate beast was overwhelming. Its immense pressure caused people to retreat.

Amongst the people retreating was Yi Yun. Although he was already at a sufficient distance, his retreating speed was much faster than anyone else.

This made many of them speechless. What the heck was this kid doing here?

Actually, when Yi Yun retreated, his hand was already pressing on his interspatial ring. His mental energies had locked onto the Tai Cang Bow.

He could attack at any time, but&h.e.l.lip; didn’t the fun just begin? How could Yi Yun save a person like Gongsun Hong who was thinking of taking his life?

It was already not bad that he did not kick Gongsun Hong while he was down.

Of course, this was also because of the rules of the Great Empress mystic realm, which prevented Yi Yun from attacking Gongsun Hong. If that wasn’t the case, and if Yi Yun wanted to be evil, he did not even know his bottom line.

Having suffered a heavy blow, Gongsun Hong’s eyes flashed fiercely. He bit his tongue and spat out a mouthful of blood essence. As his blood essence burned, a strange fog appeared on Gongsun Hong’s face. It looked a bit sinister!


Gongsun Hong shouted as his bones began to emit crackling sounds. His chest, which was heavily injured, was slowly beginning to heal due to a strange energy,

Accompanying that was the squirming of Gongsun Hong’s muscles. The veins on his forehead also began to bulge out one by one!

“Oh? He still has something up his sleeve?”

Yi Yun was shocked. He thought that Gongsun Hong would definitely be eliminated, he never expected that, even when Gongsun Hong was at the end of the rope, he could still use such a mystic technique to temporarily restore his battle power.

People from many of the large sects had mystic techniques as an insurance. These mystic techniques were mostly demonic cultivation techniques, so they caused significant damage to one’s body. However, who would care about that in a life-threatening situation?


Gongsun Hong reached out with his hand as a thick flame whip was thrown out from the middle of his palm, wrapping tightly onto a bridge.

The flame whip became taut like a rope. From the fact that Gongsun Hong was already able to control flames well enough to condense them physical items, it clearly showed how deep his insight into the fire elemental laws was.

The power of the fire elemental laws abruptly stopped Gongsun Hong’s body from falling further down.

And at this moment, the ancient desolate beast lunged forward. Gongsun Hong’s pupils constricted, burning his life energy and using a mystic technique, he grit his teeth and used the Sweeping Figure Sword Steps.

“Whew Whew Whew Whew!”

More than ten Gongsun Hong sword Qi avatars appeared. These sword Qi avatars were torn apart by the ancient desolate beast with a claw attack, causing a burst of Yuan Qi.

However, at this moment, Gongsun Hong pulled on the flame rope, causing it to rapidly shorten. Gongsun Hong’s body shot up like an arrow. As he resisted the terrifying storm around him, he flew towards a bridge!

The target area he flew towards was the far end of the group. It was close to where Yi Yun was!

This direction included Yi Yun, Lin Yu and four other cultivators. Other than Yi Yun, they were all relatively weak.


Lin Yu cursed vulgarities. Clearly, Gongsun Hong was thinking of diverting the danger!

At this moment, a saber had already appeared in Yi Yun’s hand. This saber was completely red in color. There was a life-like ghost head engraved onto the saber’s handle which looked extremely evil.

This was the treasured saber Yi Yun had obtained when he robbed the Thousand Hand Granny, Blood Red Lotus!

Yi Yun’s handled matters quickly. Aiming at Gongsun Hong’s flame rope, he cleaved down with his saber without any hesitation.

Momentarily, a faint blood light flashed and murderous intent surged. This was the blood Qi the Blood Red Lotus had naturally. It would emerge automatically even without Yi Yun stimulating it.

At this moment, Yi Yun was worried about the Great Empress mystic realm’s rules. However, if he was just cutting Gongsun Hong’s rope, but not attacking Gongsun Hong’s actual body, this should probably not be a violation of the no-killing rules, right?


Gongsun Hong’s eyes turned blood red. He looked at Yi Yun full of murderous intent.

Although Gongsun Hong’s body was still flying upwards due to inertia, he still needed to withstand the terrifying storm under the bridge. Once Yi Yun severed the rope, he would have nowhere to act his force on, which would result in his body dropping backwards again!

However, why would Yi Yun care about Gongsun Hong? He slashed cleanly with his saber.

Get lost!


The flame rope broke with a snapping sound!

The long rope was like a broken bowstring. With the sound breaking boom, it rebounded back at Gongsun Hong!

Gongsun Hong’s eyes seemed to be exploding. The flame whip was originally sent by him, so of course it could not hurt him. With a wave of a hand, he absorbed the flame energy, but at the same time, his body was pulled by the storm. His speed reduced and he dropped downwards once again!

And at this moment, the ancient desolate beast had already realized that it had been fooled by the sword Qi avatars. It chased after Gongsun Hong with even greater rage.

Gongsun Hong was facing imminent danger, and with Yi Yun withdrawing fuel from a boiling cauldron, he no longer had any methods left but to bite his own tongue and burn a mouthful of blood essence once again.

He forcefully gathered Yuan Qi and forced out the mystic technique for a second time. He had already hurt his core vitality, but he could not care less.

“Whew Whew Whew Whew!”

Four flaming whips were shot out by Gongsun Hong. They locked onto a bridge. But this time, Gongsun Hong avoided the bridge Yi Yun was on. However, he still chose a direction where there were people lining at the back.


Gongsun Hong rapidly shot up and flew towards a bridge.

Yi Yun was slightly stunned. Gongsun Hong had suddenly shot out so many flame whips, so it was impossible to cut all of them.

In a split second, Gongsun Hong had landed on the bridge!

He gave Yi Yun a murderous glance. And with his body moving, a light beam covered his body, and the next moment, he had completely disappeared.


They were all suddenly stunned. Gongsun Hong suddenly disappeared into thin air. Was this invisibility?

Illusion techniques?

Yi Yun knew. Gongsun Hong may have disappeared, but in his energy vision, Yi Yun could still see Gongsun Hong clearly.

This illusion technique was not related to fire-elemental laws. Gongsun Hong had several hidden techniques. As a top under-18 disciple in the Li Fire Sect, Gongsun Hong was indeed very powerful. Even in such a situation, he could still survive!


A deafening roar sounded. The ancient desolate beast followed Gongsun Hong and leaped onto the bridge!

Its huge body could fill 12 of the bridges placed side by side, so the huge impact caused the bridge to violently shake, causing the elites present to not be able to stand steadily.

Their expressions changed. In the first trial, they had not received any interference, yet it was still extremely dangerous to face the ancient desolate beast.

Now however, in the terrifying storm, with their strength restricted, they had no way of escaping when facing this ancient desolate beast!


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