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Chapter 451: Tell Me What This Is

The youth that fell off the bridge had long disappeared into the storm. No one knew what his fate was. Would he be transported out of the Great Empress mystic realm? Or would he just die like that?

The younger the person was, the more they feared death. A youth retreated cowardly. He said with a pale face, “Forget it, I’ll just cross the bridge steadily. At least, I will be able to see what’s inside the G.o.d Advent Tower&h.e.l.lip; ”

With one person taking the lead, more people began retreating. They could ensure their safety if they stayed behind and not attack the beasts. As such, the pressure would be borne by Gongsun Hong and company.

Many young elites believed that there would be even more opportunities in the G.o.d Advent Tower. The Empyrean Marks obtained from the storm were of little value. Not only could they get only a few, they were also difficult to obtain.

Lin Yu was one of the people who retreated.

Lin Yu was at least self-aware. He did not dare compete with Gongsun Hong, for he would be courting death if he went in front.

Returning back to his original position, he noticed that Yi Yun was still slowly walking behind everyone else. From the beginning to the end, Yi Yun had not gone to the front.

The killing was intense at the front, but he looked like he was not involved with it. There was a pleasant and relaxed look on his face.

This made Lin Yu’s mouth twitch hard. This kid! Others were breaking their necks fighting, but here he was, appearing like he was sight-seeing.

Lin Yu thought that he could show his strength this time and overshadow Yi Yun, but he ended up with a figurative black eye. Not only did he obtain anything, he had ridiculed himself. This made Lin Yu so mad that his intestines began to twist.

Why was he so unlucky!?

Yi Yun was not overtly concerned with Lin Yu’s thoughts. He may look relaxed, but he was constantly observing his environment. In the storm, Yi Yun had his energy vision which allowed him to look even farther.

At this moment, in front of the group, there was only a few people left. They included Gongsun Hong, Lin Xiaodie, etc.

Even the Beast Control Sect’s youth, who carried a bag on his back, had retreated. He was confident in his strength, but he had suffered too many injuries in the first trial.

In the Great Empress mystic realm, the people who pa.s.sed any trial would be healed by the Great Empress mystic realm’s energy. However, the healing effects were limited. Only a small portion of the injuries would be healed, so having too many injuries would leave them with no choice.

“It’s also good that that bunch of trash have retreated.”

Panther Lady licked her nails and hissed. As such, she could have more opportunities to kill desolate beasts, obtaining the Empyrean Mark.

“With them retreating, how many can you get?” Gongsun Hong said lightly. Panther Lady was shocked and she was left speechless.

“I am not proving my strength by walking out in front, I’m doing it for the real benefits. However, these rewards are too little.”

Gongsun Hong said this and carried on with his sword out. Amongst the whole group, Gongsun Hong had killed the most number of desolate beasts.

But even so, the Empyrean Mark on Gongsun Hong’s arm was only about 70% formed. After killing so many desolate beasts and consuming so much Yuan Qi, he had gathered less than one Empyrean Mark. It was too little!

“Low-grade desolate beasts give a really small reward.”

Gongsun Hong squinted his eyes and looked at the blurry figures of the desolate beasts in the storm. The desolate beasts he killed were mostly the metallic wolves with wings. Those low-grade desolate beasts were easy to kill, but the amount they contributed to forming the Empyrean Mark was pathetic.

“If this carries on, I’ll probably only form two complete Empyrean Marks when I reach the G.o.d Advent Tower. It’s meaningless. If I can kill a high-grade desolate beast, for example, the huge eagle that attacked the youth from before&h.e.l.lip; ”

Gongsun Hong was not satisfied with the turtle-speed pace of acc.u.mulation. He wanted to take a risk. The huge eagle desolate beast was extremely strong. If he could kill one, he could probably obtain a few Empyrean Marks as a reward.

But&h.e.l.lip; could he kill such an existence?

Gongsun Hong did not have any confidence. The difficulty of the Great Empress mystic realm was too high. In front of the ancient Great Empress, many of the peerless geniuses of the Tian Yuan world were considered ordinary people.

Gongsun Hong did not know if the huge eagle had any weaknesses. Even if it had one, he did not know where it was. He did not expect himself to be as lucky as Yi Yun.

“Luck! Hmph!”

Gongsun Hong turned around and glanced at Yi Yun. His eyes flashed cold. The Great Empress mystic realm was too unfair! Yi Yun was so timid, and yet, he had obtained 36 Empyrean Marks as a reward. However, after Gongsun Hong had desperately killed so many, he had only obtained about one and a half Empyrean Marks.

It was a heaven and earth difference. This did not make any sense!

As Gongsun Hong was thinking, he heard a dull growl in the storm. He was surprised and focused his gaze in the direction of the growl. In the storm, there was a fuzzy shadow.

The shadow slowly drew closer allowing Gongsun Hong to see it clearly. It was about 70-80 feet high and it looked like a huge tiger. Its body was covered with countless numbers of lightning bolts.

Its fangs were as long as lances and its claws were extremely sharp. They reflected cold beams.

“Oh? It’s the ancient desolate beast we encountered in the first trial!”

Gongsun Hong’s eyes lit up. This desolate beast was identical to the ancient desolate beast Yi Yun killed from before. It was only slightly smaller in size.

It was apparent that there were many desolate beasts of every type in the Great Empress mystic realm. They were distributed at different points.

There was no doubt that this ancient desolate beast’s strength was many times stronger than the metallic wolves. They were not on the same level at all.

If the ancient desolate beast was killed, there would definitely be an amazing reward. It could perhaps compare with what Yi Yun had received!

Upon thinking this, Gongsun Hong felt his heart palpitate. The most important thing was that he already knew where the weakness of the ancient desolate beast was. It was&h.e.l.lip; its mouth!

“Oh? It’s the desolate beast guardian from the first trial!”

On the bridge, some of the young elites also discovered the huge tiger and shouted out.

However, they were far behind Gongsun Hong, and they had discovered the desolate beast later than Gongsun Hong. When they noticed it, Gongsun Hong had already exploded his Yuan Qi, in preparation to make attack it.

“Finally, I can obtain a large reward. The Heavens are really helping me!”

Gongsun Hong gave a long laugh. After being repressed for so long, he had finally had a reversal in luck. The desolate beast guardian in front of him was already in the bag!

Since he knew where the ancient desolate beast’s weakness was, he had nothing to be afraid of. Even Yi Yun could kill it in one strike, let alone him?


His long sword stabbed out, cutting through the storm, emitting a jarring sharp shriek.

Behind Gongsun Hong, many people had already seen what was happening. They were extremely jealous, especially the elites like Panther Lady. They were all confident that they could instantly kill the ancient desolate beast. But due to the great distance and their slow reaction, it was already too late for them to vie for it with Gongsun Hong.

“He got it!”

Panther Lady said indignantly, but at this moment, Gongsun Hong’s sword had already stabbed his sword towards the ancient desolate beast!

The ancient desolate beast was angered by Gongsun Hong. It roared as it opened its mouth to bite Gongsun Hong.

“I was waiting for this opportunity!” Gongsun Hong was overjoyed. He had purposely attacked the ancient desolate beast’s head so the ancient desolate beast would open its mouth to bite him. By doing so, its weakness would be exposed!

Gongsun Hong screamed loudly and a bright red light appeared on his sword. As a genius of the Li Fire Sect, he was most proficient in the fire elemental laws.

Piercing Inferno!

Although he was confident, Gongsun Hong did not hold back. He used a killer move that he seldom used.

Gongsun Hong’s Yuan Qi was gathered on the tip of his sword. The sword Qi and the flames roared, forming a thin inferno sword beam about the thickness of a pinky finger. This was the appearance of highly condensed fire elemental Yuan Qi.

This straight sword Qi flew directly into the ancient desolate beast’s mouth.


Gongsun Hong’s face lit up. His inferno sword Qi had successfully entered the ancient desolate beast’s mouth!


An immense explosion rang out, as flames stirred in the storm. A sea of flames emerged in front Gongsun Hong.

For such a thin sword Qi to produce such a earth-shattering scene when it exploded made the surrounding people secretly horrified. Gongsun Hong’s offensive power was too strong!

This terrifying inferno attack was not something any one of them could resist.

“He managed to kill an ancient desolate beast! The award he receives will probably be the same amount as Yi Yun’s!”

“Such a pity. If I was walking in front at that moment, it would have been great. But even if I was walking in front, I would not have been able to vie with Gongsun Hong.”

Such thoughts flashed across the people’s minds. However, before they could say anything, their expressions were suddenly frozen.

They looked disbelievingly at the inferno storm in front of them. The storm had been pushed aside by a certain energy, while a claw surrounded by lightning bolts swiped down!

The speed of the claw was too fast. As it was concealed by the inferno storm, it had suddenly appeared, causing people to fail to react in time.


Seeing the huge claw attacking him, Gongsun Hong’s expression greatly changed!

The ancient desolate beast that he thought he had killed had launched a deadly attack at him without any warning. It was as if the sword attack from before had not managed to hurt it at all!

How could this be possible!?


Gongsun Hong let out a cry as he retreated as fast as he could. At the same time, he used his Sweeping Figure Sword Steps!

However, he had used his movement technique only after he saw the ancient desolate beast attack, so he had already lost the upper hand.


A blade like claw swiped across Gongsun Hong’s chest. The Yuan Qi force wind set off by the claw tore through Gongsun Hong’s protective Yuan Qi like paper.

Following that, the wind force broke through Gongsun Hong’s flesh without any impedance. His chest was lacerated and seven or eight ribs were broken. Even his right lung had been cut open. Blood sprayed out like water. The powerful blow had sent his body flying backwards.

Why&h.e.l.lip; !?

Gongsun Hong’s face was pale. His face was full of disbelief.

Both he and Yi Yun had attacked the ancient desolate beast’s mouth.

Yi Yun had killed the desolate beast, but he ended up with this outcome?

Can anyone tell me why?

Gongsun Hong’s mouth was covered in blood. He was screaming in his heart. And not far from Gongsun Hong, people were stunned seeing this scene. Their mouths gaped, and did not close for a long time.

What&h.e.l.lip; the h.e.l.l&h.e.l.lip; happened?


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