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Chapter 449: G.o.d Advent Tower

“More than thirty!?”

The Thousand Hand Granny yelled, nearly biting her own tongue.

People looked at each other, feeling a bit dazed. The Empyrean Marks were especially precious. It would be impressive for a person to obtain two-three marks.

Amongst the different factions, their juniors had also obtained Empyrean Marks, but they had less than a handful. Yet this d.a.m.n fatty said that Yi Yun received more than thirty marks, did he think Empyrean Marks were freely sold on the streets!?

Especially those who had entered the mystic realm but were eliminated, failing the first round. When the fatty said that Yi Yun obtained Empyrean Marks as easy as picking them up, how could they accept it?

“Little fat b.a.s.t.a.r.d, what nonsense are you spouting!?”

“d.a.m.n fatty, have you woken up!?”

Many family clans’ younger generation were indignant as they scolded him.

The scolding from these people came from all directions. The little fatty was initially a bit taken aback after being questioned by so many people, but then he got angry. He did not mind people calling him “little fatty”, but he hated people calling him “little, fat b.a.s.t.a.r.d” or “d.a.m.n fatty”.

Little fatty felt angry and immediately shouted his curses, “You bunch of trash, do you think others are like you just because you can’t do it? Yi Yun obtained more than thirty Empyrean Marks, I saw it with my own eyes!”

The little fatty was willing to jump out because he knew that those who had been eliminated in the first round were all weak trash. He was not afraid to offend them, as not one of them were stronger than the others.

Those who were scolded by the little fatty who had lost his arm, immediately were like cats who had their tails stepped on when they heard him call them trash. They had already felt a blow to their self-esteem after being the first to be eliminated, so they were extremely furious.

Just as the argument was about to begin, a person beside the little fatty, another large faction elite who had been eliminated with him stood forward.

A girl said, “It was 36. I counted very carefully. There was no mistake.”

The girl said and sighed, as if she was sighing over the difference between her and Yi Yun.

Following that, a few youths also confirmed it. There were in total eight youths, all from different family clans and factions. Now, with all of them giving the affirmation, these elites could not have collectively counted wrongly. Besides, there was no meaning for them to gang up to play a joke on the ma.s.ses.

As such, Yi Yun had really obtained 36 Empyrean Marks!

Upon realizing this, everyone fell into a daze. All of them looked like they had seen a ghost, especially the people from the Shen Tu family clan. Their faces were the ugliest.

Is that possible?

The Thousand Hand Granny’s face was distorted. Her spa.r.s.e white hair stood up, and with her stiff skinny body she looked like a tombstone with overgrown gra.s.s sticking out.

She had previously patted herself on the back when she found out that Shen Tu Nantian had obtained five Empyrean Marks, and she was also overjoyed over the chance to see the terrible state of Yi Yun’s corpse. However, in a blink of an eye, reality had given her a heavy blow. Her old face had been smacked to pieces. Yi Yun was not dead, and his results had trumped everyone. What was originally not a bad result from Shen Tu Nantian, was not even in the singles digit of Yi Yun’s number!

Her intestines were all twisted together as she grit her yellow teeth, “Impossible! There must be a reason! This kid can’t have such talent. He must have used a loophole!”

The Thousand Hand Granny was very sure. Even the people from the Lin family were amazed by this, not to mention the Elders from the Shen Tu family clan.

Shen Tu Nantian represented the standard of a top genius in the Tian Yuan world, so if Yi Yun’s talent was similar to his, they might have become shocked, but could still accept it. However, it seemed impossible that Yi Yun could leave such a huge gap between them&h.e.l.lip;

“Junior. Tell me. How did Yi Yun pa.s.s the first trial?” The person who spoke was the Shen Tu family’s Grand Elder Shen Tu Jue. He was like a skeleton draped with a layer of skin and his face was gloomy. No one could tell what he was thinking.

Shen Tu Jue’s words contained his will and seemed to have some magical power to it. It made the youth who heard his voice answer him obediently, “Senior, the matter was like this. The first trial we encountered was to pa.s.s a bridge guarded by an ancient desolate beast. The others only dodged the ancient desolate beast’s attacks, but Yi Yun found the ancient desolate beast’s weakness and killed it in one hit&h.e.l.lip;”

“He found its weakness?” People were stunned. ” Yi Yun alone found the weakness?”

The person who spoke was an internal Elder of the Li Fire Sect. He stared at the youth who spoke, for he felt discomfort in his heart. He knew that the number one person of the last three years in his sect, Gongsun Hong was grouped together with Yi Yun. His trial was of similar difficulty as Yi Yun’s.

However, Yi Yun managed to find its weakness, yet Gongsun Hong did not?

“Yes, Young master Hong said that Yi Yun’s luck was good. It was by luck.” The youth said truthfully.

By luck?

As it was not seen with their own eyes, it was hard for them to tell if it was really by luck. However, it was true that Yi Yun was extraordinary. After all, this mystic realm was created by the ancient Great Empress, so it could not have such big flaws.

“So that is how it is.” The Thousand Hand Granny’s expression turned sinister as she spoke hatefully, “That little b.a.s.t.a.r.d’s eyes can see through energy. He must have used it to find the ancient desolate beast’s weakness!”

The fact that Yi Yun had energy eyes was not something many of people present knew. So when she said this, people were astonished.

“This little b.a.s.t.a.r.d is best at being sneaky. To think that he really managed to find a loophole. However, that would be all. The Great Empress mystic realm will not have loopholes for him to exploit all the way.”

After all the failures had been transported out of the Great Empress mystic realm, a huge pillar of light fell from the boundless sky in front of Yi Yun, Gongsun Hong and company.

This pillar of light was like a divine sword. It had split the endless white plains into two!

People were alarmed. They saw the white endless plains slowly separating from each other as if a large stage curtain was being pulled apart. And behind the curtain, was another completely different world.

Seeing this world, be it Yi Yun, Gongsun hong, Lin Xiaodie or Lin Yu&h.e.l.lip; All of the young elites were stunned.

This world looked like a ruin, it was immense, and above the land were countless numbers of wreckages. There were broken buildings, bones of dead desolate beasts. There were also fragments of magical weapons and armor.

All the wreckage was swept up by an unknown force, gathering into a terrifying storm. And in the core of the debris storm, there was a faint black tower that pierced towards the sky. It was a great distance away from where Yi Yun and company stood.

This tall tower looked like a divine pillar that held the heavens up. It was vast, ancient and exuded a infinitely powerful aura.

And the place where Yi Yun and company stood was thousands of meters up in the sky. They stood in a gap that seemed to be like a tiny window high up in the sky. Through this tiny window, they could see the vast and mysterious world.

And what made their heart palpitate, was the twelve one-foot-wide bridges right in front of the tiny window. They stretched out into the sky, to the limits of one’s vision, disappearing inside the vast debris storm.

These bridges had no support. They were like rainbows stretching across the sky! Far into the distance, where the fierce storm was brewing, the bridges were also shaking due to the storm, as if they would break at any time.

Seeing this scene, people were amazed. The visual impact of this scene was too great.

Gongsun Hong’s expression was dignified as he said solemnly, “I guess that this leads all the way to the faraway tower.”

Gongsun Hong’s words made everyone look at each other. The bridges were too narrow. And they were suspended amidst that strange storm. It could not be seen well nor could their perception probe it.

As for the tall tower in in the horizon, it was too far away. As such, these bridges were probably much longer than they imagined.

At this moment, the cold voice of the Great Empress mystic realm sounded out in everyone’s ears, “Step onto the bridge to reach the G.o.d Advent Tower and open the second level’s trial!”

“G.o.d Advent Tower? That black tower’s name is the G.o.d Advent Tower?”

Gongsun Hong squinted his eyes and looked at the black tower in the horizon.

G.o.d Advent! A tower where G.o.ds appeared!

What would the tower have inside of it to have such a name?

Although pa.s.sing the bridge was not the second trial, but seeing the horrifying storm in the distance, it was probably not going to be an easy task.

If they slipped off the bridge, something horrible might even happen.

As for using their own strength, or magical items to help them fly, it seemed impossible. All the elites present could faintly feel a powerful force field in this mysterious world. It was a force that was distorting s.p.a.ce itself!


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