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Chapter 441: Sweeping Figure Sword Steps


Lin Yu fell to the ground as if he had been reflected away by the array.

He pa.s.sed!

Lin Yu let out a sigh of relief. He immediately felt weak all over.

He trembled as he took out a desolate bone relic from his interspatial ring and put it into his mouth. He then avoided where Panther Lady and Chu Cai was and went aside, quickly grabbing the opportunity to regulate his breathing.

After using the Sky Blood Yuan Qi, Lin Yu would feel weak for a period of time. However, he was the third person to pa.s.s, and there were still other geniuses who had to pa.s.s the bridge. He could take this opportunity to meditate and recover. After all, with the Shen Tu family clan and the Lin family at odds, he had to be careful despite the Great Empress mystic realm’s protection.

Lin Yu closed his eyes. He appeared calm on the surface, but he could not suppress the excitement in his heart. He knew that his performance had been recorded by the visual disk array. In the future when the Matriarch saw it, she would naturally know the difference between him and Yi Yun.

Upon thinking of this, Lin Yu looked across the bridge and gave Yi Yun a glance. A sneer suffused on his lips. He really did not know what this rascal’s outcome would be. There was no question that Yi Yun would die, the question was, how would he die.

However, all of this did not matter. After he pa.s.sed the bridge of light, Lin Yu no longer cared about Yi Yun. There was no meaning in comparing a dead person to a person with a promising future like himself.

“This Lin family kid sure has some abilities.”

The other cultivators gave Lin Yu a few more looks.

Seeing Lin Yu pa.s.s, Lin Fengyue, who had been silent all this time, lifted his eyelids and said, “I will be next.”

Lin Fengyue, was an influential person amongst the younger generation of the Lin family. Be it his strength or prestige, they were much stronger than Lin Yu.

Back when Lin Yu nearly failed to get a spot for the expedition to the mystic realm, there was no controversy regarding Lin Fengyue’s spot.

Lin Fengyue’s performance was not disappointing. After being slightly wounded, he also pa.s.sed the bridge of light. Only when the ancient desolate beast opened its third eye did he received some abrasions because he could not completely dodge two attacks.

This result made the people present secretly horrified. The Lin family was indeed one of the top family clans of the Tian Yuan world. This Lin Fengyue, who was a man of few words, was clearly much stronger than the Beast Controlling Sect’s Chu Cai!

After Lin Fengyue, several geniuses from various large factions also took their turns. However, there were geniuses from second-rate families and sects that decided to give up after weighing their decisions. They did not want to end up in a tragic state like the fatty from the Xu family who went first.

“It looks like we will not be able to pa.s.s, so let’s not bring contempt upon ourselves. However&h.e.l.lip; even if we cannot pa.s.s, just the reward from killing that kid can be split amongst us.” A few geniuses from the small sects who had given up and walked aside discussed as they stared with greedy eyes at Yi Yun.

For them to enter the Great Empress mystic realm after so much difficulty, they were unwilling to take the fact that they were not be able to pa.s.s the first trial lying down. Just thinking of killing Yi Yun and obtaining a reward was a form of conciliation.

However, Yi Yun still appeared to be unaware of these people’s unkindly gazes. He was still staring at the ancient desolate beast on the bridge of light. No one knew what he was thinking.

As the geniuses that went up increased, there were quite a few people who barely pa.s.sed with some injuries consecutively, but a larger number of them had given up or failed.

The fewer injuries one had, the more attention they received.

These geniuses were all compet.i.tors in this Great Empress mystic realm. Besides, amongst these geniuses, there was a unspoken compet.i.tion. The first trial was also an opportunity for them to observe their opponent’s strength.

At this moment, Lin Xiaodie suddenly flew onto the bridge like a b.u.t.terfly. Her elegant posture and agile movement techniques immediately lit up the eyes of many.

That Panther Lady had, for the most part, recovered by now. She raised her hand and stared at Lin Xiaodie while licking her fingernails. Young girls around the same age tended to compare themselves with each other.

“Yi Yun, take care of yourself.”

Lin Xiaodie’s Yuan Qi voice transmission suddenly entered Yi Yun’s ear, and at this moment, Lin Xiaodie had already begun her battle with the ancient desolate beast.

Yi Yun was stunned and gave a chuckle. Indeed, his situation didn’t look too good&h.e.l.lip;

Lin Xiaodie was even younger than Lin Fengyue, but against the ancient desolate beast, she was calm and without fear. No matter how the ancient desolate beast attacked, she would be like a b.u.t.terfly fluttering though the wind amongst the flowers.

However, even so, as her Yuan Qi was greatly consumed, as well as the desolate beast’s attacks becoming gradually stronger, her calf was scratched by the desolate beast’s energy beam attack just as the time was almost up. A trace of blood began to flow down her pale skin.

The ancient desolate beast’s every attack had a terrifying Yuan Qi fluctuation. Even if one could dodge the attack itself, one could not dodge the Yuan Qi fluctuation. This was also the reason why most of the geniuses received abrasions and not serious injuries.

With her calf injured, Lin Xiaodie’s movements were slightly restricted, resulting in her receiving slight injuries in a row, putting her into a miserable state.

She managed to endure through the time it took for a joss stick to finish burning with great difficulty. When Lin Xiaodie landed on the other side of the bridge, her face expressed some feeling of unwillingness. Although she had pa.s.sed, she was not satisfied with her own performance.

“This ancient desolate beast sure is terrifying. Up to now, no one has been able to dodge its attacks as well as the Yuan Qi fluctuations.”

People were amazed. The first trial of the mystic realm left behind by the Great Empress was already so hard.

At this moment, Gongsun Hong slowly kept the jade piece on his azure flaming long robe, as he stepped forward on the bridge of light.

“Oh!? Gongsun Hong is making his move!”

“I wonder how Gongsun Hong will do.”

Gongsun Hong’s movements made everyone’s eyes land on him.

As the number one person amongst the Li Fire Sect’s younger generation, Gongsun Hong received considerable attention from the Tian Yuan world’s other family clans and sects.

The power of the Li Fire Sect was much greater than several large family clans.

While these geniuses were discussing, Gongsun Hong had already reached before the bridge of light.

As the distance between the ancient desolate beast and him decreased, the immense pressure exuded by the desolate beast came surging over. In front of an ancient desolate beast, a person was like a mouse in front of a fierce tiger.

Facing the gigantic ancient beast, Gongsun Hong’s eyes were steadfast and his breathing calm. Suddenly, a sword appeared in his hand. It seemed to appear out of nowhere. Many of them did not see the movement of him unsheathing his sword.

“Oh!? He is using a sword? With his sword unsheathed, could Gongsun Hong be planning to fight the ancient desolate beast?”

Everyone stared on with disbelieving eyes. Previously, the person who said the ancient desolate beast had no weakness was Gongsun Hong himself, but now, he unsheathed his sword against the ancient desolate beast?

Although Gongsun Hong was very strong, none of them felt that Gongsun Hong was able to defeat this ancient desolate beast.


The ancient desolate beast roared and charged at Gongsun Hong, while Gongsun Hong’s figure suddenly disappeared from its original spot!

The next moment, in the sky above the ancient desolate beast, azure figures appeared out of nowhere. These figures were all that of Gongsun Hong. They moved very quickly, dazzling everyone.

“36 figures!”

Many people said with surprise. These figures were not just simple after-images. Those without enough ability would think all these Gongsun Hong were one and the same. There was no way to tell which was real.

“‘Sweeping Figure Sword Steps’! A movement when a person is one with the sword. Every step is like a flying sword Qi! These figures are formed from sword Qi. They have the same Yuan Qi that Gongsun Hong’s main body has. Not only can it be used to confuse the enemy, it could also really launch attacks!”

“When a person’s ‘Sweeping Figure Sword Steps’ reaches perfection, one can form 108 sword Qi avatars. He can even use these avatars to set up a battle formation. Enemies would feel despair the moment they see it! There would be all sorts of restrictions with fighting, and they would have flawless coordination! Now, Gongsun Hong’s ‘Sweeping Figure Sword Steps’ has reached 36 figures. That is already in the small success realm, it is very impressive! This amount of talent is well deserved for the number one person of the Li Fire Sect’s inner disciple tournament.”

The other geniuses were all amazed. No wonder Gongsun Hong could remain so calm. He indeed had the ability.

“‘Sweeping Figure Sword Steps’ huh&h.e.l.lip;”

Yi Yun rubbed his chin and focused his eyes. The Tian Yuan world’s sects and family clans’ cultivation techniques all had their unique features. It really was an eye-opener.

Despite the ancient desolate beast being astonishingly powerful, most of its attacks only hit Gongsun Hong’s avatars.

Even though his sword Qi avatars were destroyed, it did not affect Gongsun Hong himself.

When the time it took for a joss stick to burn was up, there was no longer any figures of Gongsun Hong, only Gongsun Hong himself, standing safely on the other side of the bridge.

His clothes were still straight, and his hair was not messy at all. He had pa.s.sed perfectly!


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