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Chapter 439: Impossible to Defeat

“Ze Ze, so pathetic. Aren’t you courting death by coming to the Great Empress mystic realm without any ability!?” The youth, who carried a big bag behind him, said sarcastically while looking at the fatty’s terrible state.

The fatty’s tragedy made some of the young elites present lose some confidence, but the majority of them remained oblivious.

As the genius elites of the Tian Yuan world’s various large factions, they were very confident in their strength. The tragedy that was the fatty in front of them came from a second-rate family clan which they did not take seriously.

“This really is getting more and more interesting. It is even more b.l.o.o.d.y than how it was described in the Shen Tu family clan’s jade scroll.”

The Panther Lady licked her fingernails and was tempted to give it an attempt.

“Hur!” The youth with the bag laughed, but did not carry on speaking. He subconsciously gave Gongsun Hong a glance. Gongsun Hong was nonchalantly standing with his hands by his back. His expression was indifferent, as if whatever had happened had nothing to do with him.

“The second cultivator to step on the bridge of light will have the difficulty reduced by 10%.”

The indifferent voice of the Great Empress mystic realm sounded again. People began to look at each other. This time, no one was in a hurry to vie to be the first.

Previously when the fatty jumped onto the bridge of light, he had been at quite a disadvantage for not knowing the rules and the desolate beast’s strength. For example, he had naively thought that by going around the desolate beast, he could rush pa.s.s the bridge of light, but in the end he was stopped by the array’s laws.

Also, the desolate beast had also suddenly opened its third eyes, which made them have some suspicions that once it opened its third eye, the desolate beast’s strength would greatly increase.

Lin Yu was watching by the side as he gritted his teeth, yearning to be next. However, at this moment, the youth with a bag on his back had already stepped onto the bridge of light.

“Hehe, let me try!”

Many of the youths present looked at the youth. His strength was apparently very high. If he could not pa.s.s, then many of them might have to give up.

Once the youth with the bag landed on the bridge on one foot, the ancient desolate beast roared and charged forward.

The youth leaped and, in the air, the bag behind him opened up, suddenly a group of shadows came surging over.

“Oh? Crows?”

It was quite a surprise that there was a bunch of crows sealed inside the youth’s bag. These crows were each about the size of an eagle. Their eyes were blood-red and their beaks were sharp as blades. They charged at the ancient desolate beast without regard for their lives!

“This is the Beast Control Sect’s mystic technique. These crows have been tempered by the mystic technique. They have lost their mind, and are like zombies. They can be sealed inside a spirit beast bag. This rascal Chu Cai is one of the leading figures amongst the Beast Control Sect’s juniors. The spirit beast bag he has is also amongst the best top-grade items. It probably might be able to seal hundreds of thousands of zombie crows!”

Said a girl who understood the Beast Control Sect well.

“Hundreds of thousands?” When people heard this, they were alarmed. How much effort was needed to refine hundreds of thousands of crows?

“The Beast Control Sect&h.e.l.lip;” Yi Yun faltered slightly. The Lin family was powerful, but in the Tian Yuan world, they only held a spirit mountain range for themselves. The Jade Spirit Mountains may be a treasured ground, but compared to the vast Tian Yuan world, its area was very small.

Similarly, the Shen Tu family clan was in the same situation.

In the Tian Yuan world, there were still many other family clans and sects. They were hidden deep in the depths of the Tian Yuan world. They were very powerful and had deep heritage.

Now, the Shen Tu family clan had only chosen a dozen or so factions to bring into the Great Empress mystic realm to mess with things. The previous Li Fire Sect and the current Beast Control Sect made Yi Yun feel the powerful strength of these sects.

Yi Yun had never come into contact with the established sects in the Tian Yuan world.

As Yi Yun was thinking, Chu Cai had already released more than a thousand crows. These crows formed a dense wall and nearly covered the entire bridge of light.

Every attack of the ancient desolate beast was blocked by hundreds of crows.


At this moment, Chu Cai attacked. He took out a half moon saber from his interspatial ring. Crouching down, he charged like a cheetah at the ancient desolate beast.

“What? He is actually attacking the ancient desolate beast!?”

When people saw this, they were greatly alarmed. As a land of trials for the ancient Great Empress to choose her successor, the Great Empress mystic realm had extremely high difficulty. Now, for the first round of trials, many people felt that their strength was not even enough to dodge the ancient desolate beast, yet Chu Cai actually tried to sneakily attack the ancient desolate beast!

He was too arrogant!

In this split second, people did not have time to think carefully, for at this moment, Chu Cai had already rushed under the ancient desolate beast’s body!

A typical desolate beast’s back and limbs were extremely hard, like divine metal. However, its soft abdomen was where its weakness was!

The ancient desolate beast in front of them may be a construct of energy, but it did not look any different from a real desolate beast. It was almost like a living creature.

Its weakness was also likely the same as an ordinary desolate beast. After all, the ancient Great Empress was using array techniques to replicate the real world. Only then could she choose the successor she wanted in the most realistic environment.

Chu Cai had such a calculated thought before he sneakily attacked the ancient desolate beast. He had used the crows as protection and his wondrous movement technique to come under the ancient desolate beast’s belly.


Slashing with his saber, beams from the blade wantonly shot out. This was the Beast Control Sect’s Nine Yin Heavenly Thunder Saber. It was as fast as lightning. Its extreme speed was in itself an extremely powerful attack.


Chu Cai’s saber slashed directly at the ancient desolate beast’s belly.

However, not only did Chu Cai not rejoice, his expression greatly changed. The contact he felt from the saber made him alarmed. His saber had at most scratched the surface of the ancient desolate beast’s skin. It did not even manage to slash into the flesh!


Chu Cai was greatly shocked. He rapidly retreated, but the ancient desolate beast’s sharp claws had already swiped downwards!

Chu Cai exerted all his strength as he used his curved saber to block off the claw attack. His palm tore open and his arm was injured. And at this moment, a beam shot out from the ancient desolate beast’s third eye!

This beam was like a sharp sword. A few hundred crows were turned to ashes when the beam hit them. The beam was in no way weakened as it pierced through Chu Cai’s shoulder.


Blood splattered as Chu Cai’s face turned pale. He fell onto the bridge!

“Chu Cai has also been defeated!?”

People felt the terror. Isn’t this level too difficult!?

However&h.e.l.lip; unlike what others thought, Chu Cai rolled on the ground after falling, but he still managed to stand up once again. He gritted his teeth as he pressed onto his penetrated shoulder. People could clearly see that in the inside of his shoulder, there were leech-like worms crawling around.

These worms were grown on Chu Cai’s flesh. It made the scalps of people tingle.

“This is!?”

People were shocked. These worms looked disgusting, and their effects were also unknown. Yet, Chu Cai had actually reared them on his own flesh.

“This is one of the mystic worms of the Beast Control Sect. Rearing them in the body allows pain relief and the repairing of wounds. Although Chu Cai’s arm has been penetrated, his combat strength should not greatly decrease!”

The person who spoke was Gongsun Hong. This was the genius youth of the Li Fire Sect. He had almost never opened his mouth ever since he entered the mystic realm. He gave off the feeling of an enigma.

Gongsun Hong was right. Chu Cai’s combat strength was mostly with his crows. If Chu Cai had not used his saber to attack the ancient desolate beast, and only dodged, his combat strength would definitely not have decreased much.

And in fact, in this situation, even if Chu Cai had another life to spare, he would still not dare to attack the ancient desolate beast again.

The desolate beast was invulnerable. There was no weakness to speak of!

“An ancient desolate beast constructed from energy is different from a real one&h.e.l.lip; Its belly is hard as divine metal. It is impossible to defeat it&h.e.l.lip;”

A youth said in the crowd, however Gongsun Hong shook his head, “That is not the case. The desolate beast formed from the Great Empress mystic realm’s energy is too strong. So even its weakness is no longer a weakness. If it was a primordial true spirit, even if you knew its weakness was in its belly or eyes, so what? Even a few Empyrean experts might not be able to kill it with their combined efforts!”

Gongsun Hong’s voice was indifferent. In his opinion, Chu Cai was too naive in attempting to defeat the ancient desolate beast. How could it be possible?

Gongsun Hong’s words awed many people. Indeed, for this Great Empress mystic realm, they had to put away their confidence and explore it with fearful respect.

This was because, to the ancient Great Empress, the so-called geniuses amongst them were actually weaklings.

To stand out in the mystic realm trial and be an indomitable force was not much different from ascending to the Heavens.

As people had this in mind, Chu Cai had released several thousands of crows on the bridge of light. He sacrificed these crows regardless of their cost. He allowed the ancient desolate beast to wantonly tear through the crow barrage, and only through this method did he delay the ancient desolate beast’s footsteps.

Chu Cai endured the wounds on his body and dodged the attacks that managed to get past the crows.

As such, he managed to withstand the time it took for a joss stick to burn with great difficulty.

Chu Cai became the first person to pa.s.s the first round of the trials!


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