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Chapter 438: Indifference

On the bridge of light, the flames of fighting spirit burned in the pudgy youth’s eyes, in contrast with the ancient desolate beast’s amber eyes.

There were so many benefits at this trial!

Ignoring the opportunities in the mystic realm, just seeing the ancient mystic realm would broaden his horizons, and also greatly benefit his growth.

Taking 10,000 steps back, even if he was quickly eliminated, that would be alright too. This was because he was grouped together with that unlucky Yi Yun.

Once he was eliminated, he would no longer be afraid of receiving any punishment from attacking Yi Yun with the mystic realm’s protective energy on him gone. He could then kill the destined to be eliminated Yi Yun and receive the reward from the Shen Tu family clan.

It was a generous amount, and for the pudgy youth who came from the Xu family, which was in no way comparable to the Shen Tu family clan, the reward offered by Shen Tu Nantian was very tempting for him.

Thinking of this, the pudgy youth glanced at Yi Yun using the corner of his eyes. Greed and intimidation flashed in his eyes.

Upon noticing the youth’s glance, Yi Yun frowned. It was really quite a headache. It seems that other than the Lin family disciples, who could not receive the reward from Shen Tu Nantian, everyone else had him in their thoughts.

Indeed, as a Desolate Heaven Master apprentice, and with him being so young, he was like a piece of succulent meat placed in front of them. Who wouldn’t want to take a bite?


At this moment, the desolate beast roared and its claw swiped down on the pudgy youth!

Although it was a simple attack, the beast claw appeared as a blurry afterimage.

Fast! Too fast!

The pudgy youth was not distracted. He immediately locked onto every action of the desolate beast. Seeing the desolate beast charge forward, his fat body bounced up like a rubber ball!


The pudgy youth charged towards the side. The feeling he gave others was that he did not experience any acceleration. His speed had instantaneously reached its maximum. It violated the order that people knew.

“It is the Xu’s family heritage movement technique, ‘Nine Clouds Rope’.

Someone said in the crowd.

The Xu family was not one of the top family clans, but “Nine Clouds Rope” was one of the best movement techniques in the Tian Yuan world. Those who mastered this movement technique could fly even at the Yuan foundation realm. They could use this movement technique and fly into the clouds. It was like they had an invisible rope that allowed them to climb. That was how Nine Clouds Rope got its name.

With the Nine Clouds Rope, the pudgy youth might not look fine with his body, but his speed was extremely fast. He shot around on the bridge of light, consecutively dodging 7-8 of the desolate beast’s attacks before finally moving around the desolate beast and charging towards the opposite side of the bridge!

He crossed the river and reached the other side!

The pudgy youth’s eyes beamed. This first round of evaluation was too suited for him. His combat strength may be weaker, but he was extremely confident in his movement technique.

He felt that victory was at hand!

However, just as he was about to cross the bridge, he felt a powerful resistance that greatly reduced his speed!


The pudgy youth was secretly alarmed. The other side of the bridge had a hidden unknown. It seemed like it was impossible to cross the bridge without withstanding for the time it took a joss stick to burn.

Feeling the wind behind him, the pudgy youth knew that the ancient desolate beast’s attack was reaching him. Without taking a look, the pudgy youth abruptly reversed his body’s momentum and flew in an opposite direction.

Changing directions in midair was a technique of the large success stage of Minute Subtlety.

The Minute Subtlety movement technique had more to do with one’s control over one’s body. There were no laws contained within. It was an exquisite skill in low martial ranks, but in the higher martial ranks, where laws were important, it was nothing much.

In the Tian Yuan world, the Minute Subtlety movement technique was nothing to boast about.

However, just as the pudgy youth reversed directions midair, the ancient desolate beast behind him suddenly let out a roar. A crack appeared on its forehead. Black beams shot out from the crack. It was like the ancient desolate beast’s third eye!

Oh? This is!?

People did not have the time to react. They only saw a energy beam shoot out. The desolate beast managed to chase up to the pudgy youth with an inconceivable speed and attacked with its claw!


With a loud ring, the pudgy youth screamed. He was like a rubber ball that had been hit. As he was sent flying by the desolate beast, people could hear the clear sound of breaking bones.

The pudgy youth slammed heavily to the ground. His entire right arm had been cut off by the desolate beast!

His arm had been cut off, but not only that, the ribs and sternum on his right side had completely shattered. Blood flowed out like water!

“Ah&h.e.l.lip; Ah&h.e.l.lip;” The pudgy youth moaned in pain. His fat face was now completely pale. The fat on his face was constantly trembling.

“Pain&h.e.l.lip; Pain&h.e.l.lip;”

He was after all a 16 year old child. Even a warrior who had experienced several tribulations would feel the visual impact of seeing his arms chopped off. The white bone with some bone marrow in it was not something any typical youth could handle.

That was his own hand.

Seeing the pudgy youth in this state, people were secretly in awe. This Great Empress mystic realm was an extremely cruel trial. This was not a place where opportunities were free for picking. Just being careless could cause death!

For example, if the ancient desolate beast’s claws had hit the pudgy youth’s head and not his right arm, he would already be dead!

“He&h.e.l.lip; Help me&h.e.l.lip;” The pudgy youth whined. However, he was met with indifference from the people surrounding him.

Arriving in the Great Empress mystic realm, they were all compet.i.tors. Besides, amongst these large family clans, they all had tense relations. In fact, they would usually have some bouts of friction. If they were not worried about others gaining from the battles amongst themselves, a few of their family clans would have already fought to compete for resources.

In this scenario, with opportunities everywhere in the Great Empress mystic realm, it was extremely normal for these juniors to fight and kill each other.

Most of the time, it was already not bad to not hit one when one was down.

The Xu family was a small family clan. Only three juniors had come in. As they were of different ages, they did not come in together. The pudgy youth did not have any companions.

According to the Great Empress mystic realm’s rules, once a person was eliminated, he had to wait until the end of the trial before he could leave the mystic realm.

During this period, he would not have any protection. He could only wait. However, with such severe injuries, the pain he had to endure for at least an hour could be imagined.

“Ze Ze, so pitiful.”

Lin Xiaodie was still recording with her visual disk array. Although she said that, she had no inkling of pity in her. She did some good and kicked the fatty’s broken arm to him.

As for Yi Yun, he was coldly watching everything. He knew very clearly that if he failed, his outcome would be even more miserable than the fatty’s. He did not even have the chance to wait, for he might have his body torn apart immediately! And that fatty might even be one of the culprits.

The fatty trembled as he picked up his broken arm and swallowed a pill. He was experiencing extreme pain and horror. He did not know if he could join up his broken arm after the trial ended about two hours later.


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