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Chapter 437: Ancient Desolate Beast

“Panther Lady, do not speak so ill of Shen Tu Nantian. He just failed at a miserably easy task. This Yi Yun kid is very crafty! We need to watch out for him.”

Some of the people present came from factions that had good ties with the Shen Tu family clan, so one of them spoke up for Shen Tu Nantian. The person referred to as Panther Lady was the pet.i.te, black-haired girl with black clothes and black finger nails.

The Panther Lady stopped talking. She did not have a good impression of the Shen Tu family clan, but since they had signed a soul contract beforehand and the fact that there was a disciple of the Shen Tu family clan present, it was not right to put down Shen Tu Nantian.

And this Shen Tu family clan disciple looked to be about 16-17 in age. He was very low-key as he stood behind a youth dressed in a flaming, long robe.

This youth’s name was Gongsun Hong, he came from the Li Fire Sect.

Even the Panther Lady, and the youth with a bag behind him from before, showed reverence for Gongsun Hong. He had obtained first place in the last Li Fire Sect’s tournament for inner sect disciples.

The Li Fire rankings were held every three years, and only for those below the age of 18. Only the Li Fire Sect disciples who had yet to reach a mature age could partic.i.p.ate in it. And Gongsun Hong proved his fearsomeness by being able to get first place in the Li Fire rankings

One had to know that in the Tian Yuan world, a sect’s cohesive power was lacking to that of a family clan. However, when it came to strength, they usually far exceeded large family clans. After all, a family clan could only choose from their own family’s descendants, and would inevitably be limited in this way. A sect, however, did not have such considerations.

Many of the people from the different factions present began to talk. They did not care about Yi Yun, nor did they hide their intention of killing Yi Yun.

The only thing was that, now, in the Great Empress mystic realm, every person was protected by a law. Whoever attacked first would immediately have his energy temporarily removed by the law.

However, this protection was only bestowed to cultivators who were qualified to be the Great Empress’ successor. Once they lost that qualification, they would no longer receive any protection, and the Great Empress mystic realm would obviously not spare any energy to protect those who were useless.

They were waiting, waiting for the trial to begin. Only those with sufficient talent could go all the way. Those who lacked the ability would be eliminated.

To many of the people present, being eliminated just meant the end of their trial. For Yi Yun however, being eliminated meant falling into a wolves’ den. His fate if that were to happen was imaginable.

And at this moment, with a “shua” sound, the vast white ground twisted in front of everyone. A roaring large river appeared out of nowhere above the land. And above the river was a huge bridge of light.

This bridge of light was more than twenty meters wide and about 200-300 meters long.

On the bridge of light, a shadow appeared out of nowhere, turning from a blur to clearness.

When people took a more detailed look, their hearts quaked. There was a desolate beast on the bridge!

This desolate beast was about two stories tall and looked like a humongous tiger. It’s body was not covered in tiger stripes, instead there were countless number of lightning bolts.

It had long fangs that resembled lances and claws that resembled swords. It looked extremely ferocious and gave off a strong sense of oppression!

“This is&h.e.l.lip;”

Many of the youths present were shocked. What was this?

This desolate beast looked too real! It did not look any different from a real desolate beast. It had flesh and blood, and its pair of amber eyes also revealed a shockingly cold flash.

However, people knew that the Great Empress mystic realm had existed for a very long time, no desolate beast could be sealed within it and still survive for so long.

The desolate beast in front of them might look real, but it was in fact an energy projection!

A desolate beast made out of energy could perfectly simulate the feeling of a real desolate beast. This method was surprising, but what was most surprising wasn’t this, it was that this scene was not recorded amongst the experience depicted in the Shen Tu family clan’s jade scroll.

The records in the jade scroll indicated that they would first pa.s.s through a wilderness and experience killing along the way. It had not mentioned the bridge of light or this ferocious desolate beast.

Due to the soul contract, Shen Tu Nantian could not have given a jade scroll with false information. Hence, it was most likely that the Great Empress mystic realm would have a different trial with every entry&h.e.l.lip;

This way, people who came later could not use the experiences gained from people who came before to target the trial. This would maximize the guarantee that the successor chosen by the mystic realm was genuine.

Upon realizing this, people felt awed. This Great Empress mystic realm was way too scary. How did the ancient Great Empress manage to make the mystic realm trials be different every time?

Now however was not the time to marvel about this. Without a doubt, other than indicating the entrance to the Great Empress mystic realm, the Shen Tu family clan’s mystic realm jade scroll did not have much referential value.

They had to rely on their own resourcefulness!

“With the trial’s content changing, then all that we will face is unknown.”

The youth with a bag behind him, not only did he not feel worried, his face even flashed with excitement.


The Panther Lady was also yearning to try. She subconsciously scratched with her palms as a black claw flashed.

At this moment, a voice sounded in everyone’s ears. This voice was calm and soothing but did not have any human emotions, resulting in it sounding metallic. “Everyone has one chance. Withstanding for a period it takes for a joss stick to burn will allow for pa.s.sage through the bridge of light, and entrance into the next level of the mystic realm.”

“I see, so we need to withstand for the time it takes for a joss stick to burn under this desolate beast’s claws!”

“I like this trial!” The Panther Lady looked excited.

Not only the Panther Lady was excited, on the Lin family’s side, Lin Yu was also very excited. The first trial was to fight with desolate beasts.

And this was what he was good at.

In the last six months before entering the Great Empress mystic realm, he had undergone devil-like training. He spent all of his time in battle, either battling with young elites, or having a life and death fight with desolate beasts.

“This is a good omen. I will shine in this trial!”

Lin Yu clenched his fists tightly. An ambitious glimmer appeared in his eyes subconsciously.

Lin Yu was not at the level of a top elite in the Lin family, or else he would not have nearly lost his place in entering the Great Empress mystic realm.

As for Yi Yun, Lin Yu was not concerned about Yi Yun getting killed by others in the mystic realm. He was only concerned that Yi Yun who have too many strong enemies, that it would also implicate him.

To not mince his words, as long as he was fine, then Lin Yu would only gloat if Yi Yun was killed by the people from the other family clans.

Yi Yun had nearly robbed him of his place, and had also received the favor of the Matriarch, allowing him to use any of the top resources. For this, Lin Yu was already extremely jealous, so for him, Yi Yun was better off dead!

And at this moment, Lin Xiaodie began to laugh with glee, “To experience this ancient mystic realm personally is a very rare experience. Not recording this would be a pity.”

Lin Xiaodie was dressed in colorful clothes. She was pet.i.te and cute. Like her name (Little b.u.t.terfly), she was like a b.u.t.terfly that shuttled through the flowers.

Maybe it was because she was about Yi Yun’s age, her character was like that of a child that couldn’t grow up. She did as she said and ignored all the factions that were eyeing their Lin family. She took out a visual array disk from her interspatial ring and placed it not far from the bridge of light. She was planning to record the scene of every junior’s trial on the bridge of light.

“Ha! Junior sister Xiaodie, doing that is quite interesting!”

Seeing the visual disk array, Lin Yu was also quite excited. He thought that his own performance would not be seen by the elders of the Lin family. Now however, with the visual disk array, they could watch it in the future and see his splendid and brave performance!

Lin Yu was hesitating whether or not he should immediately go on up, but at this moment, the indifferent voice of the Great Empress mystic realm sounded again, “The first cultivator to step on the bridge of light will have the difficulty reduced by 20%!”

The moment these words were heard, a pudgy youth immediately jumped onto the bridge of light. The first person who went on up would not know the abilities of that desolate beast, so it was a big disadvantage. However, if the difficulty was reduced by 20%, then this disadvantage would become an advantage.

“This kid!” Including Lin Yu, many people cursed silently. This fatty was too crafty, for first place to be robbed by him just like that.

“Haha! Everyone, I will scout the path for you all!”

The pudgy youth said with a laugh. He was very pleased that he had grabbed first place.

Of course, even though he was pleased, he had no intentions of overestimating himself. In front of the desolate beast, the pudgy youth became extremely alert.

He knew clearly that the ancient Great Empress was an existence that stood so high above that she could not be reached. Any typical genius would not catch her eye.

The difficulty of the Great Empress mystic realm she created to select her successor was easily imaginable!

The desolate beast in front of him was of some unknown, ancient species. Its strength was extremely fearsome. Although these people were top geniuses, there would be a sizable number of them who would be eliminated in this first a.s.sessment!

Previously, the cold voice said that just withstanding for the time it took for a joss stick to burn on the bridge of light would be sufficient to pa.s.s.

Hence, the pudgy youth had no intention of attacking the desolate beast. As long as he could hold on, that would be sufficient!

Simply withstanding would naturally be much easier than defeating this desolate beast!


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