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Chapter 436: Encircled by a Pack of Wolves

“This aura&h.e.l.lip;”

When he was enveloped by this aura, Yi Yun felt that behind the entrance to the Great Empress mystic realm, there was an extremely mysterious sealed world. It was as if he would be able to see the origins of the Great Dao if he entered that world and he would have all the secrets of the universe easily in his grasp.

Not only Yi Yun, the other young elites also had a similar feeling. The only difference was that their perception of the energy was not as keen as Yi Yun’s. The feeling was not that clear. They only had the feeling that they could enter the Great Empress mystic realm, and they had the desire to explore the secrets.

The entrance grew bigger and bigger. It was big enough for ten people to enter at one time. With the combined efforts of the Elders from the various large factions, it was not difficult to open the spatial channel.

“Go in! Once you enter the Great Empress mystic realm, all you young people will be sent into the testing grounds directly. While us older ones will enter the treasure seeking grounds.”

Elder Huowen said as a ball of energy wrapped around his palm. As he pushed his palm forward, a Lin family junior was directly sent through the entrance of the mystic realm.

In the process of flying into the mystic realm, this Lin family junior went on high alert as he held his breath.

However, no one from the other factions attacked him at all. Every faction had juniors, no one wanted to end up in a life and death struggle.

One after another, youths from the various factions were sent into the mystic realm.

Yi Yun stood behind Elder Tianzhu. He could feel Shen Tu Nantian’s gaze trained on him like a sharp knife.

Other than Shen Tu Nantian, there was another insidious-looking youth. His skin was sallow and he looked sickly. However, his eyes were sharp and vicious.

Yi Yun recognized this person. His name was Shen Tu Ya, one of the more talented young elites in the Shen Tu family clan. His position in the family was probably second only to Shen Tu Nantian. Back when the Shen Tu family clan came to the Lin family to negotiate, Yi Yun had seen Shen Tu Ya. Yi Yun had remembered his eyes deeply.

When it was Yi Yun’s turn, Matriarch Lin hesitated and transmitted her voice to him, “Yi Yun, are you sure you want to go in?”

Matriarch Lin had previously sent people from the Lin family’s Family Rules Hall to check on the reason behind the Yi Yun and Shen Tu Nantian’s feud. They had also checked his life slightly, and she received some undetailed reports. Matriarch Lin only knew that Yi Yun had made quite an exceptional performance in one of the training grounds of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom. However, even so, it did not indicate much. To the Tian Yuan world, the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom was nothing worth mentioning. Hence, having some achievements there was not very persuasive.

Besides, Yi Yun was now facing Shen Tu Nantian and company, who were the top elites of the Tian Yuan world. They were also much older than Yi Yun, so the danger that he would face upon entering the Great Empress mystic realm was easily imaginable.

“Yi Yun, actually, this training experience was for you to broaden your horizons. However, if it is too risky, you need to consider if it is worth it. Even if you do not enter the Great Empress mystic realm, with your achievements in the Desolate Heaven technique, it is enough to have a promising future and become a leading person in the Tian Yuan world.”

The Matriarch was in a dilemma. She was even feeling some regrets having let Yi Yun enter the Great Empress mystic realm.

Yi Yun said, “Thank you for the Matriarch’s concern, this junior indeed wants to enter the Great Empress mystic realm to take a look.”

“Then&h.e.l.lip; alright. I know you have a basic foundation in martial arts and you are one of the best in the younger generation of the Tai Ah Kingdom. However, the Tian Yuan world is different. Those elites are much stronger than you imagine! I do not have high hopes that you will obtain the Great Empress heritage, nor do I wish for you to find the method to join up Xintong’s terminated meridians. As long as you come back alive, that will be the greatest reward.”

The Matriarch exhorted again. Yi Yun himself was the Lin family’s wealth. His mutated eyes was an ability that the Matriarch had never even heard of. This ability might even be pa.s.sed down to the next generation!

As the Matriarch spoke, she nodded to the two Elders, Huowen and Tianzhu.

The two Grand Elders from the Lin family had freed themselves. To prevent Yi Yun from receiving a sneak attack from the Shen Tu family clan, the two of them personally sent Yi Yun through the mystic realm’s entrance.

But even so, the moment Yi Yun entered the mystic realm entrance, he felt his body being scanned by a few pair of eyes. This feeling of being examined made Yi Yun’s heart turn cold. Although he was not worried about people detecting the presence of the Purple Crystal, he found it extremely disgusting to be scanned like that.

That bunch of old fools!

Just as more than half of his body had entered the mystic realm, Yi Yun turned back to glance at those people. He saw a few hostile-looking eyes and Shen Tu Nantian’s hideous face as well.

“He has gone in. I really do not know who gave him that confidence, but&h.e.l.lip; that’s to my liking!” A cruel smile suffused on Shen Tu Nantian’s lips. He subconsciously grabbed the air with his hand as if he was squeezing Yi Yun to death.

“Gongsun Hong, Yi Yun is just slightly younger than you. In the initial entry to the Great Empress mystic realm, he will be grouped with you. I’ll leave the future matters to you.”

As Shen Tu Nantian spoke, a youth in a flaming long robe standing not far from him lightly nodded. He casually said, “Small matter.”

Yi Yun only felt his vision suddenly change. Following that, he appeared above a vast and empty land.

This land had on it nothing at all. It was so empty that it made people feel weak. It was monotonously white and it extended all the way to the limits of one’s vision.

Swish! Swish!

With a few light sounds, there were more people who were transported inside. Yi Yun circulated his Yuan Qi as he became more vigilant.

Other than Yi Yun, there were more than ten people who had been transported to this place.

With a glance, he immediately discovered that people from the Shen Tu family clan were amongst those people.

As for people from the Lin family, Yi Yun also noticed a few. One of them was a young girl dressed in flowery clothes. She was pet.i.te and beautiful. Seeing Yi Yun look over, the young girl smiled.

Her name was Lin Xiaodie, one of the initial six who were given a place to enter the Great Empress mystic realm.

Beside Lin Xiaodie was another effeminate-looking youth. His name was Lin Fengyue. He was Lin Xiaodie’s brother.

As for the third person, he was Lin Yu.

When Lin Yu saw Yi Yun, a tinge of disgust flashed in his eyes.

“I am so unlucky to be with this rascal.”

Lin Yu did not feel good. Although he wanted to flaunt his abilities in front of Yi Yun to let this b.u.mpkin know what an elite of the Tian Yuan world was like, Lin Yu knew that Yi Yun was a person marked by the Shen Tu family clan. In this training experience, an unknown number of people wanted to deal with Yi Yun. Being with Yi Yun would definitely result in him being implicated.

“This jinx. I need to be careful being grouped with him. None of those people are pushovers.”

Lin Yu scanned his surroundings.

On the initial entry to the Great Empress mystic realm, people would be divided into groups, and the rules to a group depended on two points. One was age, and the other was the time period of entry.

Those who entered in the same time period and were of similar age would be grouped together.

Hence, the four youngest juniors of the Lin family were grouped together. It was inevitable.

The Lin family disciples naturally gathered together. They maintained a clear distance from the Shen Tu family clan and the other factions.

“Haha, to be grouped with the person who smacked Young master Nantian’s face is my pleasure!” A youth who carried a large bag on his back looked at Yi Yun as he said with a sarcastic tone.

In fact, the moment after Yi Yun went through the Great Empress mystic realm’s entrance, a group of people immediately squeezed into the Great Empress mystic realm. These people were around Yi Yun’s age, so they were intending to be grouped together with Yi Yun!

As for why, it was because the Shen Tu family clan had established extremely tempting rewards for the person who obtained Yi Yun’s head.

In the eyes of these people, Yi Yun was like a piece of succulent meat. Everyone wanted to have a bite on him.

“Shen Tu Nantian sure is useless, for any n.o.body to trample on him. Ze Ze!”

A black-haired young girl dressed in black said in a cute yet seductive manner. Her words were full of ridicule for Shen Tu Nantian. Clearly, these people were gathered together due to common interests, but they were not friendly with the Shen Tu family clan.

Yi Yun glanced at that girl. She was pet.i.te and her back had a subtle bend. She gave the feeling she was bending her back all the time. Her fingernails were pure black. They were pointed and sharp, and the cold feeling they gave off made people feel like her fingernails were covered in poison.

When she saw Yi Yun looking over, she laughed as she subconsciously licked her lips. This feeling was as if she wanted to devour Yi Yun.

“F**k, What are these people?” Lin Yu cursed in his heart. These people were clearly no ordinary people. Many of them were here for Yi Yun.


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