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Chapter 435: The Opening of the Great Empress Mystic Realm

The order to leave the airship came. Yi Yun and another Lin family junior stood together as Elder Tianzhu brought the two of them to the entrance to the Great Empress mystic realm.

With a wave of Elder Tianzhu’s hand, Yi Yun felt that he was being surrounded by a powerful energy. This energy made him feel a tinge of numbness as countless lightning sparks faintly flashed.

This was the power of lightning.

Elder Tianzhu practiced the law of lightning. Lightning was also known as the power of Heaven’s punishment. It was rumored that it could kill heinous evil-doers, it was also why Elder Tianzhu (Wrath of Heaven) got his t.i.tle.

When Yi Yun was brought out of the airship, he first hand experienced the terrifying suction power of the seawater close to the G.o.d Burial Abyss. Even with Elder Tianzhu’s energy residing on Yi Yun, he still felt as if his muscles were about to tear.

Yi Yun looked down at the deep depths of the sea, and&h.e.l.lip; saw a scene that he would remember for the rest of his life.

In front of him, deep down in the sea, there was a humongous black hole. The black hole swallowed the horizon of the seabed, and extended as far as one could see.

In the core of the black hole, there was a dark divine beam surging into the sky. It was like a spear of the G.o.ds that shot out. It pierced through the Untraversable Sea, straight into the gigantic and heavy continental land above the Untraversable Sea.

That continental land ma.s.s was the Tian Yuan world.

It gave the impression that this mysterious and terrifying black light was the thing holding the immeasurable weight of the Tian Yuan world. It was the supporting pillar of the Tian Yuan world!

Below the black light, the black hole was not a flat abyssal surface. It was a slightly rounded surface. It was as if there was a huge black Sun buried in the bottom of the sea, and was just revealing the tip of the iceberg.

The terrifying whirlpool crazily rotated around the black ball. Endless amounts of seawater was swallowed by it.

What was even stranger was that this rotation did not produce the slightest bit of sound. It was creepily silent! It gave off the feeling that, even if there were sounds to it, the sounds had also been swallowed by the G.o.d Burial Abyss!

This was an eternal whirlpool that had existed since ancient times. Only when Yi Yun got close to it did he feel its terror. Even a Great Emperor would be humbled in front of it.

“We are actually still very far from G.o.d Burial Abyss. As to how far from it we are, we don’t know. We might be 500 miles away, or maybe 5000 miles&h.e.l.lip; Due to the tremendous suction force of the G.o.d Burial Abyss, spatial dimensions have been warped, so distance is no longer a well-defined quant.i.ty. Even I would not dare to approach it too closely. Once you come near the G.o.d Burial Abyss, not only will there be a terrifying suction force, just the distorted spatial dimensions would make it difficult for me to find my way back&h.e.l.lip;”

As Elder Tianzhu spoke, he flew towards G.o.d Burial Abyss while bringing Yi Yun and the Lin family junior along. The tremendous tearing force from the seawater was largely dissipated by Elder Tianzhu. The purple Yuan Qi around his body condensed into a thunderbolt sword, so all the seawater wsas separated wherever it pa.s.sed.

Warriors could reach the stage of avoiding grain. They could interface with Heaven Earth Yuan Qi, allowing them to breathe underwater. They could absorb the Yuan Qi in the sea, providing them with energy.

However, the immense pressure in the deep depths of the sea was not something any typical warrior could endure. Especially at a depth of hundreds of thousands of feet, their bodies would feel like they were carrying a mountain at all times.

“Oh? That is&h.e.l.lip;?”

When they approached the entrance to the G.o.d Burial Abyss, Yi Yun saw that many people had gathered there. They were obviously not from the Lin family.


Yi Yun’s gaze turned cold as his expression turned heavy.

The appearance of compet.i.tors did not exceed his expectations. This also meant that this expedition into the Great Empress mystic realm would become even more difficult!

When the entire Lin family had gathered together, those people from the other factions also looked towards the Lin family. Due to the existence of the G.o.d Burial Abyss, the seabed was not completely pitch black. With the eyes of warriors, they could clearly see each other in this environment.


Upon seeing so many factions, the Lin family disciples immediately began to panic. This exceeded the expectations of several people. They had originally thought that the Lin family would be able to explore the mystic realm alone. They did not expect this scene.

And from the looks of it, these factions were eyeing them, which made the danger imaginable.

“Shen Tu family clan!”

Lin Xintong’s grandaunt had followed the Lin family team to the Great Empress mystic realm entrance. Upon seeing the Shen Tu family clan emblem, this old woman’s expression changed.

Their Lin family had completely offended the Shen Tu family clan, so under this situation to face the Shen Tu family clan and so many unknown factions, it was like mortals meeting a pack of wolves in the night. It was extremely terrible.

“What are you panicking for!” Elder Huowen snorted as he said unhappily, “It is just the Shen Tu family clan and a few family clans that they have contacted to form a temporary alliance. They are just a pack of wolves formed from a temporary interest. Do you think that they will be so united? In this environment, they would not make a move. They are just looking at us!”

Now, close to the G.o.d Burial Abyss, the pressure was immense. One could accidentally succ.u.mb to the whirlpool and be sucked into the G.o.d Burial Abyss. Even if they were the Grand Elders of various large factions, they would also die.

Under these circ.u.mstances, if the Grand Elder-grade figures began fighting, it would not be much different from committing suicide.

Besides, once they fought, they would not be able to care for their family’s juniors. Once those juniors entered an unprotected state, they would be crushed to dust after lasting, at most, a few seconds.

No faction would be willing to pay such a big price to make a move on the Lin family.

Of course, it would be different when they were inside the mystic realm.

Just from their expressions, one could tell. For example&h.e.l.lip; Yi Yun had already seen Shen Tu Nantian!

In the midst of the large group of factions, Shen Tu Nantian was in the most central position. Shen Tu Nantian was under the protection of a Shen Tu family clan Elder. He was grinning ferociously at Yi Yun.

After these six months of time, Shen Tu Nantian no longer had his mild-mannered appearance. His facial features had not changed, but he now emitted a hideously evil air.

This feeling was as if a sanctimonious and orthodox man of the martial path had one day tore off his disguise, and began to cultivate some overwhelming demonic powers. His entire person had become insane and extremely dangerous.

“Yi Yun!” Shen Tu Nantian looked towards Yi Yun with a cruel smile, “172 days! 172 days have pa.s.sed since I left the Lin family! In these 172 days, I have been constantly remembering the pain and endless humiliation you brought me!”

“I will return it 10,000 times, no, 100,000 times worse to you! You must not fall into my hands for I will not cripple you of your martial arts. That would let you die too early, then it would not be fun. I will only restrict your cultivation level, and then use molten iron to encase you. Then I will use all sort of top grade drugs to extend your life. I have already thought of 10,000 methods to torture you. It will be enough to torture you for 10,000 years.”

“Also Lin Xintong, that b*tch. I will conquer and ruthlessly **** her in front of you. I will let both of you know what it’s like to lead a living death!”

Shen Tu Nantian’s voice was transmitted into the ears of Yi Yun and Lin Xintong simultaneously.

Yi Yun was expressionless as he looked towards Lin Xintong. She was only gently pressing on the hilt of her sword.

The venomous snake, Shen Tu Nantian was following them into the Great Empress mystic realm. It would be an immense threat.

Regardless of how Yi Yun had tortured Shen Tu Nantian half a year ago, having implanted a mental demon in his heart, and the hidden injury left in his soul, at the current moment he was still far from Shen Tu Nantian’s match.

Shen Tu Nantian was already thirty years old. His cultivation level was even higher than Lin Xintong’s, what more Yi Yun’s!

“Yi Yun, this Shen Tu Nantian seems to have undergone some sort of change in the past six months. He might have cultivated some sort of evil cultivation technique. We need to be careful!”

Lin Xintong transmitted her voice. With how things had progressed, she had to enter the Great Empress mystic realm. Despite all the dangers they would face, she would not back down.

Ever since she reached a sensible age, she had looked forward to this day, for her to really have a chance at challenging her own destiny.

Now, with the opportunity right in front of her eyes, she would definitely grab it, even at the cost of her life!

“All of you can see the danger. Now, if anyone wants to back out at the last minute, it is not too late!”

Elder Huowen’s back faced the people from the Lin family as he said with a deadpan expression.

Many of the Lin family disciples looked at each other in the eyes. They shook their heads. Their eyes either looked firm, or scared, but&h.e.l.lip; no one backed out.

As a large family clan’s disciples, they could not bear the disgrace of backing out at the last moment.

“Very good! I do not care if you are regretting it deep down in your hearts, but since you have chosen to stay behind and face the threats in the mystic realm, and the desolate beast-like opponents, then you will have to do your best to be more ruthless than others so you can stay alive!”

“Many places in the mystic realm will bestow protection upon you, so you do not need to fear being killed by enemies. This is our Lin family’s opportunity. Success or failure all depends on this gamble!”

Elder Huowen’s words sounded resoundingly.

“Now, opening the mystic realm!”

As Elder Huowen spoke, he formed a stance. His Yuan Qi began to surge. This clothes that were soaked by the sea water also began to swell up.

Originally, the mystic realm could only be opened with the combined efforts of Elder Huowen, Elder Tianzhu and Matriarch Lin.

However, now, only Elder Huowen made a move. Elder Tianzhu and Matriarch Lin stayed behind to hold the ground.

It was naturally not enough with only Elder Huowen’s strength alone. In one of the other factions, an Elder sneered, “Quite careful!”

They knew that the Lin family only sent one Grand Elder to open the mystic realm as they were wary of them. If no one from their side partic.i.p.ated, then this Great Empress mystic realm would naturally not open.

“Let me do it!”

From the Li Fire Sect, an elder made his move.

The other factions also sent out an Elder.

The person sent out by the Shen Tu family clan was an insidious-looking man. He did not look very old. He was also the leader of the Shen Tu family clan delegation. As for the Shen Tu Patriarch, he stayed behind to hold the ground for the Shen Tu family clan.

The Great Empress mystic realm was hidden in a spatial fissure in the deep depths of the G.o.d Burial Abyss. Many of the Grand Elders from the various factions present were well-versed in spatial laws. They had sufficient power to tear open the s.p.a.ce.

A total of ten beams shot out from all directions. They struck a point in the sea. That point seemed to melt away under blazing hot temperatures as a spatial cavern slowly emerged in front of everyone.

When the cavern opened, Yi Yun, who was standing behind Elder Tianzhu, felt a profound and mysterious desolate bone aura surge out from the cavern&h.e.l.lip;


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