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Chapter 432: Desolate Beast Cage

With winter coming, it began to snow in the Jade Spirit Mountains.

The array in Jade Spirit Mountains did not insulate the land from snowflakes, so the entire magnificent mountain range was covered in snow.

The snow-clad Jade Spirit Mountains had another form of beauty.

Looking from high in the sky, one could see an endless white snowy expanse. It was like a huge divine pillar made of those white peaks piercing the blue sky.

With these peaks stretching together, it looked like an ancient snake dragon that twisted amongst the clouds.

And above the mountain peak, there was a spirit spring that never froze all year round. It seemed like a misty jade that scattered over the mountains into countless numbers of pearls, disappearing when they entered the clouds.

With the Great Empress mystic realm about to open, the first thing Yi Yun encountered after coming out of reclusive training was the snowfall. Seeing this beautiful scene, it felt like he was in a paradise. It was like a poem or a piece of art.

Yi Yun had already received the Matriarch’s voice transmission that all the juniors of Lin family, who were entering the Great Empress mystic realm, were to gather at Cloud Protruding peak.

Cloud Protruding peak was one of the 18 main peaks of the Lin family. It was usually the place for the younger generation of the Lin family to cultivate and grow.

Usually, juniors would cultivate at Cloud Protruding peak, and many of them would end up living on the Cloud Protruding peak for the convenience of cultivating.

Upon reaching Cloud Protruding peak, Yi Yun immediately felt the vitality in the peak. Ignoring everything else, there were dozens of martial art grounds on Cloud Protruding peak.

On these martial art grounds, there were young elites sparring with each other. Sword and saber beams flashed as Yuan Qi flared.

The snow ended up being blown away by the energy surges, causing several parts of the martial art grounds to be void in snow. It looked like pictures of flowers.

Yi Yun went straight to the main hall of Cloud Protruding peak. This main hall was where they were to gather.

A distance away from the main hall, Yi Yun suddenly heard the ferocious roar of a beast!

This sound caused one’s eardrums to tingle. With a thought, he followed the sound and came to a back area of the Cloud Protruding peak’s main hall.

Upon seeing the scene, Yi Yun felt slightly apprehensive.

On the square in the back area, there was a huge metal cage.

The metal cage was a hundred meters long and about three storeys high. The bars of the metal cage were about the thickness of a person’s wrist. On these iron pillar-like bars, there were complex runes engraved on them. It was apparently a type of array.

Inside the cage, there was a seven to eight meters long, ferocious-looking desolate beast. It looked like a hideous saber-toothed tiger.

Yi Yun did not know the rank of this desolate beast, but just from the aura it gave off, it was definitely an extremely strong desolate beast.

And at this moment, there was a person fighting the desolate beast inside the cage.

Yi Yun happened to know this person. He was Lin Yu.

Lin Yu was holding a b.l.o.o.d.y four-foot long sword. His hair was disheveled and his clothes were torn. There were even several wounds on his body.

“Ding Ding Ding!”

The sword clashed with the desolate beast’s fangs as Lin Yu moved and dodged around in the metal cage. He was looking for the desolate beast’s weakness and he was constantly leaving wounds on the desolate beast.

With Lin Yu’s constant provocation, the desolate beast was extremely enraged.


After its neck was stabbed by Lin Yu, the saber-toothed tiger charged at Lin Yu desperately. Just as its shiny fang about to stab Lin Yu’s neck, Lin Yu suddenly crouched down and stabbed with his sword. The sword Qi roared!


The blade pierced the saber-toothed tiger’s soft belly as blood splattered. Lin Yu’s sword had nearly pierced straight through the saber-toothed tiger!

Following that, Lin Yu’s body flipped as he kicked his foot upwards, hitting the saber-toothed tiger on its jaw from below.

The saber-toothed tiger let out a wail as its body flipped backwards, crashing heavily to the ground.

Its body was twitching. After being severely wounded, it had apparently no strength left to fight.

Taking advantage of this opportunity, the Lin family administrator in charge of Cloud Protruding peak immediately opened the cage. They restrained the saber-toothed tiger and carried it away.

This desolate beast was reared by the Lin family. It was specially used to train the young.

It was not easy to capture desolate beasts so typically, they would try their best to prevent killing them when fighting them. They would heal them their wounds and use them again.

Fighting a ravaging desolate beast in the cage was itself an extremely dangerous form of training. Most of the time, the one severely wounded was not the desolate beast, but the Lin family disciple.

Even with the Lin family’s administrators protecting them on the side, sometimes, a young disciple might succ.u.mb to the desolate beast during training. It was something that happened occasionally.

“Brother Yu is so good!”

“Brother Yu managed to defeat a Mystic Lin Tiger in the time it takes for half a stick of incense to burn. It was done in such a relaxed fashion!”

There were quite a lot of juniors surrounding the cage. These people were apparently Lin Yu’s lackeys. Seeing Lin Yu exhibit his prowess, they immediately surrounded him to flatter him.

“It’s just a young Mystic Lin Tiger, so defeating it is nothing to be proud of. The danger in this Great Empress mystic realm exceeds this. My strength is insufficient.”

Lin Yu inattentively wiped the tiger blood off his blade. He ignored his lackeys, as his eyes drifted to a few youths present. These youths were also cultivators to be sent out to partic.i.p.ate in this Great Empress mystic realm.

These people were his companions, and also his rivals!

Lin Yu knew very well that in terms of absolute power, he was far inferior to them. Their cultivation level was, after all, higher than his. However, if their cultivation level was fixed and just from comparing talent alone, he believed his ability exceeded these people.

For this Great Empress mystic realm, he had worked hard. He was planning to achieve much to prove himself.

As he was thinking, the hand that was holding on to the cloth that wiped the blood turned stiff. Both his hands subconsciously moved downwards. The straight blade was now being bent by him.

He had seen a person amongst the crowd, Yi Yun.

Lin Yu narrowed his eyes as he could not prevent his eyes from having a hint of fighting spirit and provocation. He exchanged gazes with Yi Yun.

Beside Lin Yu, the youths who looked like lackeys were still excited. Just as they were about to say something, they saw the expression of their “Big Bro” change. They realized something was amiss and they also looked at Yi Yun.

“Eh? Who is that kid?”

These lackeys were a bit stunned. They did not know why their big brother was suddenly paying attention to this person.

Many of the Lin family disciples present had only seen Yi Yun’s masked appearance. Few of them had actually seen Yi Yun’s actual appearance.

“Yi Yun! He’s Yi Yun!”

Someone said in the crowd. Immediately, the Lin family’s younger generation were all slightly stunned.

They had long heard of Yi Yun’s name, and today, they had finally seen him in person.

“So he is Yi Yun. This is the person who had meritorious contributions at the Relic Trial, and being appreciated by the Matriarch.”

“That’s right. I heard Yi Yun comes from a place called the Tai Ah Kingdom in the Savage East. For him to reach such a position in the Lin family is indeed not easy. However, this is also because of luck.”

To the Tian Yuan world warriors, the remote lands in the East were collectively referred to as “Savage East”. The Savage East had several countries, and the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom was one of them.

Few Tian Yuan world’s warriors paid attention to the countries in the Savage East. Be it the Yun Long Divine Kingdom or the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, they all felt that those countries were just a blob on the map. As for what the names and specialities of these countries were, they had no idea, nor did they bother to find out.

Some people present knew the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom only because of Yi Yun. However, the term “Divine Kingdom” was subconsciously changed by them to “Kingdom”. In their opinion, the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom was not worthy of the word “Divine”.

“Yi Yun, we meet again!” Lin Yu suddenly spoke. As he walked towards Yi Yun, he slowly wiped the blood off his blade. The scarlet beast blood drops reflected the sunlight as they dropped onto the white snow, making it look more shocking. To Yi Yun, this was a form of demonstrating Lin Yu’s strength.

“I heard that after you obtained a spot to enter the Great Empress mystic realm, you went into reclusive training immediately in one go?” Lin Yu stopped 30 feet away from Yi Yun. Accompanying him were a few Lin family disciples who had obtained spots to enter the Great Empress mystic realm.

Yi Yun looked at the people present. Other than Lin Xintong, he did not know many of the top martial arts geniuses of the Lin family.

Actually, Yi Yun did not wish to have any contact with these people. However, these people were team mates that would be entering the Great Empress mystic realm with him. Yi Yun also did not want to appear rude and unruly, which would cause their relationship to turn bitter.

“Yes&h.e.l.lip; I was lucky to gain some insight, so I was in reclusive training until now.”

“Jade Forest peak’s third grade cultivation land, Heavenly Yang Hall. This is a cultivation ground typically used by the family’s Elders, and yet, you went into reclusive training for nearly half a year&h.e.l.lip; ”

Lin Yu did not carry on his sentence. However, people could tell that he was hinting how the cultivation ground was wasted in Yi Yun’s hands. After all, Yi Yun’s cultivation level could hardly put the Heavenly Yang Hall’s effects to full use. It was a waste of a heavenly treasure.

“At our age, going into reclusive training for a month or two is the limit. Any longer is of no use. Power is gained from actual fighting, not something you gain from just sitting there.”

“Only through battles that let you risk your life would your progress be at its fastest. Don’t tell me that you think that going to the Great Empress mystic realm is just playing house? That place can cause people to die if you are just a little careless! None of the Lin family disciples that were chosen to the enter the mystic realm dared to slack. They were all fighting for their lives in countless number of times throughout this period.”

Lin Yu said proudly. His tone had an air to it that came naturally. It was a killing air and fighting spirit that he had gained over prolonged fighting with desolate beasts.

With this air infused into his speech, it made his words sound resounding and appealing.

His words also gained the acknowledgment of many of the young elites!

These Lin family elites advocated strength, and advocated battles that saw blood. This was what a warrior was. It was the expected living situation of young warriors.

As for people who went into reclusive training for prolonged periods of time, they were usually middle-aged people who had mostly expended their potential. It was also something liked by old people who could no longer make a breakthrough in their cultivation levels.

Yi Yun only smiled after hearing Lin Yu’s words. He did not retort.

Fighting was naturally the best method to increase one’s strength. However, with the Purple Crystal and the Great Empress relic’s pure Yang energy combined together, it would allow him to be reborn once. The benefits gained from them was far from something fighting could compare with.

In the five months of reclusive training, Yi Yun’s increase in his cultivation level was not considered much. The greatest benefit was his pure Yang body’s formation. About 90% of the Great Empress relic’s energy had been used by Yi Yun to reconstruct his body. As for the breakthrough in cultivation level, that was something that would naturally follow.


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