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Chapter 430: The Matriarch’s Decisiveness

At this moment, Lin Fenggu was feeling pangs of anger burning in her heart. If it was a Desolate Heaven technique mystic realm, she would not have anything to say about the Matriarch choosing Yi Yun.

However, this was a martial mystic realm, so on the basis of reason, the spot should have been given to Lin Yu.


Lin Fenggu gritted her teeth; however, the Matriarch’s was expressionless. She did not care about Fenggu as she had obviously already decided this matter.

Lin Fenggu could only put her hopes on Yi Yun.

To her, Yi Yun was a Desolate Heaven Master, so it would be meaningless for him to search for martial arts inheritances.

“Yi Yun, think over the matter. The Great Empress mystic realm is useless to you. Even martial arts geniuses might not obtain any benefits by entering there, what more you.”

“Besides, the mystic realm is fraught with danger. You should just stay in the family and train your Desolate Heaven technique, then your future accomplishments will be inconceivable. If you were to risk it by going to the Great Empress mystic realm, and meet some unfortunate circ.u.mstances, then it might be too late to be sorry!”

“If you do not go, I can pa.s.s you some Desolate Heaven technique manuals. I can also prepare Desolate Heaven technique disk arrays for you.”

Lin Fenggu had used a Yuan Qi transmission to speak to Yi Yun. Yi Yun smiled, Desolate Heaven technique manuals? Giving him Desolate Heaven technique disk arrays?

For an old woman like Lin Fenggu, her items might not even make Yi Yun covet them. Besides, even if she really did have good items, it was unlikely that she would give them to him.

Yi Yun knew that if he were to reject the offer at this family meeting, Lin Fenggu would probably just use some low-grade items to brush him off, treating him as some b.u.mpkin.

Yi Yun slowly stood up and bowed at the Matriarch, “This junior thanks the Matriarch for her care and concern. This junior is indeed interested in the Great Empress mystic realm and hopes to explore it.”

Yi Yun’s words were slow and gently, but when they entered the ears of Lin Yu and Lin Fenggu, it made their expressions turn extremely ugly.

“Alright.” The Matriarch gave him a benevolent smile, “Then that spot will be reserved for Yi Yun. This opportunity in the Great Empress mystic realm is originally all thanks to Yi Yun, so it is reasonable to leave one spot for him.”

The Matriarch was in charge of the internal affairs of the Lin family, so her words were final. She was not negotiating with the other Elders in the family, but informing them.

Immediately, the Elders present had all sorts of different expressions.

Many of them had a more suitable person in mind for the spot. Everyone wanted to advocate their direct descendants, but with Yi Yun taking one of the spots, it undoubtedly left one spot less for the rest.

Everyone knew that Yi Yun had made a great meritorious service for the family at the Relic Trial, so giving him one of the spots as an award was reasonable.

The point was that these people felt that it was a waste to give the spot to Yi Yun.

“Matriarch!” Lin Fenggu could not resist, “I know that Yi Yun managed to prevent a disaster for our Lin family at the Relic Trial, but I will not agree that the opportunity of entering the Great Empress mystic realm is thanks to Yi Yun!”

“The Lin family was the one who captured Shen Tu Nantian and the Thousand Hand Granny. The people who negotiated with the Shen Tu family clan was also our Lin family! Even if Yi Yun managed to see through Shen Tu Nantian’s malicious schemes as a junior, what could he have done with his strength? If not for our Lin family’s strength, he would already have been killed by the Shen Tu family clan!”

“Only with power do you have the capital to be unyielding. It is our Lin family obtaining the location of the Great Empress mystic realm at the cost of offending the Shen Tu family clan. This has nothing to do with Yi Yun!”

Lin Fenggu’s words were agitated, but the reasoning within them were agreed upon by the other Elders of the Lin family.

However, the Matriarch’s expression turned cold upon hearing this. She only looked at Lin Fenggu with a cold stare.

Those Elders who were familiar with the Matriarch’s personality knew that by giving off that gaze, it meant that she was extremely displeased with Lin Fenggu!

Lin Fenggu’s voice cut off, no longer daring to make a sound.

Against the Matriarch, a figure who had helmed the Lin family for so many years, she was extremely afraid.

“If the Lin family only has people like you, treating enemies as family, backstabbing talented people, and only trying to swallow any interests you see into your own pockets, then the Lin family would probably not be that far off from destruction.”

“Impotence, jealousy, greed, selfishness, unable to distinguish between right and wrong, short-sighted. What use is there for the family to keep a person like you?”

When the Matriarch said this, it was like having a sharp knife stabbing into Lin Fenggu’s heart.

Lin Fenggu was stunned, as her ears buzzed. She felt like all the blood in her body had surged to her face. She had been completely refuted by the Lin family’s decision maker in the Lin family’s Elders meeting.

As for what the Matriarch said, “What use is there for the family to keep a person like you?”

Lin Fenggu’s old face flushed and this blood-red color spread to her neck. She stood there without speaking a word.

Behind Lin Fenggu, Lin Yu was also standing stiffly at his seat. From the moment he stood up, he had not even finish speaking a sentence, but left hanging there. It was extremely embarra.s.sing.

Hearing the Matriarch decide on the matter, he felt like his entire self had been emptied.

He felt that the gaze from the surrounding juniors had changed from envy and jealousy to sympathy.

After all, Yi Yun had the Matriarch backing him. He may have strong backing, but it was not stronger than Yi Yun’s.

“I&h.e.l.lip; I cannot accept it!” Lin Yu clenched his fists tightly as his body began to lightly tremble. He did not dare to shout this out and had only transmitted his voice to Lin Fenggu, “I want to fight Yi Yun. In terms of martial ability, what is he!? I can completely destroy him without a weapon!”

Lin Yu’s Yuan Qi transmission was full of irreconciliation. However, Lin Fenggu only shook her head, “So what if you can win against him? Do you think the Matriarch does not know that your martial ability far exceeds that of Yi Yun’s? However, she will not let you go, as this is a reward for Yi Yun.”

With Lin Fenggu saying this, Lin Yu felt like a deflated ball. Yes, even if he did defeat Yi Yun in a showdown, so what? So what if he had mercilessly beat down Yi Yun?

It was even to the point that the Matriarch would not even grant his request to have a martial showdown. In the Matriarch’s eyes, Yi Yun’s value was not something he could compete with.

“This matter is already decided. Do not think of replacing Yi Yun, however&h.e.l.lip; you can take advantage of the period where the G.o.d Burial Abyss’s demon-like tidal strength has not weakened, and work hard cultivating. If you reach the peak of the Yuan foundation realm, then you would not need to compete with Yi Yun for a spot. There are still a few spots left, so maybe you can obtain one of those.”

Lin Fenggu’s transmission meant that they had to take up second best. It was not impossible to obtain a spot for those who were at the peak-Yuan foundation realm and above.

“Peak of the Yuan foundation realm&h.e.l.lip;”

Lin Yu’s eyebrows ticked. If the G.o.d Burial Abyss could be opened half a year later, then he could indeed breakthrough to the peak of the Yuan foundation realm before it happened.

Even if it was shorter, he could still break through, but it would be inevitable that he would have progressed too fast in his cultivation level. His foundation would be affected by that.

To geniuses, rashly breaking through was not a good thing.

“I understand&h.e.l.lip;”

Lin Yu endured this grievance and sat back at his seat.

At this meeting, there were eight spots that were temporarily decided upon amongst the ten spots. There were still two spots to be discussed in the future.

With the Matriarch’s backing, Yi Yun had easily obtained one of the valuable spots. For this, it was inevitable that the Lin family’s upper echelons and juniors would criticize this matter in secret.

Many people believed that a family compet.i.tion should have been held to decide who was to obtain the remaining spots. That was the most fair way.

However, even with a family compet.i.tion, it was hard to tell whose talent was better due to the differences in age.

Some people who had good relationships with Lin Yu felt some injustice for Lin Yu. They felt that a genius like Lin Yu had been repressed by the family, while Yi Yun, of average strength, had obtained this advantage because of his backing. It was too unfair.

For this matter, it was easy to cause people to feel a sense of resentment.

However, because of this, Lin Fenggu no longer added fuel to the flames. After being harshly reprimanded by the Matriarch, Lin Fenggu toned herself down. She knew that if she were to discuss this matter secretly, then it would be equivalent to speaking ill of the Matriarch. She no longer dared to do anything that could make the Matriarch unhappy, for if this reached the Matriarch’s ear, the consequences would be disastrous.

“Time will tell.” While people were discussing this matter, Lin Fenggu said with certainty. Her expression was confident, “It is alright even if Yu’er did not manage to obtain the spot for those in the late stages of the Yuan foundation realm and below. As long as Yu’er makes a breakthrough, he can still obtain one of the two remaining spots.”

“Fire is the test of true gold. Once he enters the Great Empress mystic realm, Yu’er will prove his worth. When that happens, Yu’er will use his results to shut those who were laughing at him. He will also let those without abilities know what a genius is, and what strength is!”

The “those without abilities” mentioned by Lin Fenggu naturally pointed to Yi Yun. She just did not dare making it clear.

As for these discussions, Yi Yun was indifferent. Ever since the meeting ended, Yi Yun had gone into a reclusive chamber for training.

There was at most two to three years for the opening of the Great Empress mystic realm, and the shortest time was a few months. No one knew when the G.o.d Burial Abyss’ demon-like tidal strength would reach its nadir.

Yi Yun was planning to use this time to properly digest the pure Yang energy inside the Purple Crystal.

At the Relic Trial, Yi Yun had completely swallowed all of the pure Yang energy essence that exploded out of the Great Empress relic. Now, the energy was stored in the Purple Crystal, so it was time to turn it into his strength.

He knew that his strength would make a leap in a short amount of time!

Not only Yi Yun, the other juniors who had been selected to enter the Great Empress mystic realm wasted no time at cultivating. As for the two remaining spots, they became something many of the juniors of the Lin family worked hard towards.

People knew that this Great Empress mystic realm was of great importance. If one obtained a great opportunity within it by luck, then it would be like a carp leaping through the dragon’s gate. Their future achievements would be limitless!

This was an ancient peerless Great Empress’ heritage. In comparison, many large family clans in the Tian Yuan world were simply not on that level.

Besides, if one could obtain an ancient recipe that could heal Lin Xintong, then they would obtain unimaginable honor and benefits. There might even be that slight chance of winning Lin Xintong’s heart.

In the Lin family, as long as they were separated by three generations of blood relatives, they could marry each other. Many of them had no genetic relationship with Lin Xintong.

With all the possible benefits, people were all red-eyed.

“I will make the Matriarch regret this!” Under the bright moon, a youth dressed in blue clothes stood on a cliff. He inserted the sword in his hand into the rock as he his eyes shimmered with non acceptance. He was Lin Yu.

The tides will change, those who despised me, Lin Yu, I will use my results to smack you in your faces!”


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