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Chapter 429: Fixing the Spots

The Great Empress mystic realm was not only a great opportunity, it also concerned the fate of Lin Xintong.

The current situation of the Shen Tu family clan exploring the Great Empress mystic realm, was that the elder generation was not able to explore the deepest parts of the mystic realm, while the younger generation did not manage to enter the mystic realm’s core.

Under these circ.u.mstances, the Lin family was unsure of what else could be in the Great Empress mystic realm.

And the method to cure Lin Xintong of her terminated meridians may seem very promising, but it would be extremely difficult to obtain.

The Lin family conceded that their strength was not much stronger than the Shen Tu family clan. The Lin family would also face the same difficulty exploring the places that the Shen Tu family clan was unable to explore.

Hence, the people who were to be chosen had to be very carefully selected by the Lin family.

Sending everyone out was not realistic. The Lin family had three Grand Elders. The strongest one of them had to remain in the family to hold the ground, so as to prevent the Shen Tu family clan from taking advantage of this opportunity to destroy the Lin family’s territory.

With the Shen Tu Patriarch’s strength, he would just need two hours to crack open the Lin family’s mountain protective array. He could then lead the Shen Tu family clan elites and annihilate the Lin family.

For a large family clan like the Lin family, they would not let the Grand Elders that held the ground leave under normal circ.u.mstances as it was too dangerous.

As such, the Lin family only had two Grand Elders for this expedition. The two of them could jointly escort the younger generation into the mystic realm without a problem.

According to the records in Shen Tu Nantian’s jade scroll, the Great Empress mystic realm was fraught with dangers.

The channels that the younger generation faced were gentler. Typically, there would not be too many injuries or deaths. In contrast, the older generation would face dangers that could kill at any moment.

They might not even obtain a single opportunity there and end up dying.

“I want to go in.”

In the Lin family’s internal meeting, Su Jie was the first to speak.

This Great Empress mystic realm had been searched over once by the Shen Tu family clan, so all the easily obtainable opportunities were already gone. So it was not necessarily a good thing for the older generation to enter it.

Su Jie was worried over Lin Xintong’s naturally terminated meridians, which was why he personally wanted to explore the mystic realm.

Matriarch Lin nodded, “Elder Su, there is no rush to decide the spots for the older generation. Now, we need to look at the spots for the younger generation. They are the most important ones.”

Compared to the older generation, the younger generation entering the Great Empress mystic realm was definitely a great a.s.signment.

The dangers they would face would be much lower compared to that of the elders. Even if they couldn’t find any opportunities, it would still be a valuable chance to train.

By broadening their horizons by seeing the arrays and heritage left behind from ancient times, they could gain a lot and break through bottlenecks.

The Matriarch spoke, “The entrance to the Great Empress mystic realm is in a spatial crack near the G.o.d Burial Abyss’ whirlpool. If we want to enter, we will need to choose a period when the whirlpool’s tidal power is at its weakest. If not, even our family’s Grand Elders will find it difficult to withstand the G.o.d Burial Abyss’ terrifying suction power and be able to bring our juniors in or open the door to the mystic realm.”

“It is very difficult to determine when it will happen. It might be in a few months, and it might even be one or two years from now.”

“For this, we will need to make a lot of preparations.”

“And the spots to enter the mystic realm are currently fixed at ten.”

“These ten people must be the elites of our Lin family’s younger generation. Your mission is extremely critical! As the greatest opportunities within the Great Empress mystic realm will be in the areas that you will be exploring.”

As Matriarch Lin spoke, she looked at the juniors sitting behind the many Elders.

This family meeting also had juniors partic.i.p.ating.

And those juniors that were qualified to sit here were only about twenty odd in numbers. They were the proud children of Heaven amongst the Lin family’s younger generation. Usually, they would enjoy the best resources of the Lin family.

Now, the ten people would clearly be chosen amongst them.

These juniors all turned nervous.

Amongst the twenty odd people, other than Lin Xintong, the differences between them were not too great. Those who were hovering around the pa.s.sing mark held their breaths as they waited for the choice that would determine their fate.

Who amongst these juniors did not wish to see the heritage left behind by the ancient Great Empress? Maybe they would even be selected through great luck?

Even if they were not chosen, just getting some benefit would be quite something. The chances of the older generation gaining some opportunity to make a breakthrough were low, but it was different for the younger generation. They were still young, so they had plenty of opportunities and ambition.

“For this matter, I think we can determine six people immediately&h.e.l.lip;” A black-robed, middle-aged man beside the Matriarch said slowly, “Lin Xintong, Lin Qingyun, Lin Lang, Lin Xiaodie, Lin Fengyue and Li Daoxuan.”

The names the middle-aged man named were indisputable elites in the Lin family’s younger generation.

Amongst them, Li Daoxuan was a disciple who did not share the same family name. His father’s surname was Li and he had married a woman from the Lin family. As his father’s strength was extraordinary, the Lin family would not let Li Daoxuan change his surname to Lin. For him to be considered one of the best six geniuses in the Lin family’s younger generation despite his different surname, it was obvious how strong Li Daoxuan was.

Yi Yun’s gaze swept the six people. Other than Lin Xintong, he did not know any of them, nor had he ever seen them before.

In the few months Yi Yun was in the Lin family, the elites he had seen were only the geniuses in the Desolate Heaven technique.

Desolate Heaven technique apprentices who would mainly focus on the Desolate Heaven techniques. Their achievements in martial arts would no doubt be affected by that focus. They could not compare to the geniuses who specialized in martial arts like Lin Qingyun or Lin Lang.

Since the Great Empress mystic realm was to choose an heir to the ancient Great Empress’ heritage, it was natural to look at one’s martial art accomplishments. It was useless just being good at the Desolate Heaven technique.

In fact, although the Shen Tu family clan had obtained a lot of ancient Desolate Heaven technique recipes in the Great Empress mystic realm, these were not left behind by the ancient Great Empress, they were left behind by a ancient Desolate Heaven Master who admired the Great Empress.

The ancient Great Empress undoubtedly focused on martial arts, and she was a woman who had gone to the extreme on the martial path.

“I have no objections.” The Matriarch said lightly. These six people were indeed outstanding.

The middle-aged man added on, “There are still four more places. Everyone can try nominating. Firstly, we need to see their talent. Secondly, we need to see their cultivation level. The higher the cultivation level, the more pressure they can handle, making it easier to bring them into the Great Empress mystic realm. It will also alleviate some pressure for the family’s Elders.”

“Just now, amongst the six people that has been decided, Xiaodie and Yuefeng are relatively younger. Bringing them along will require quite a lot of energy. We can only choose one more person whose cultivation level is below the late-stages of the Yuan foundation realm. There cannot be any more.”

The middle-aged man had seen the Shen Tu family clan’s jade scroll, and had a.s.sessed the situation of the G.o.d Burial Abyss.

In his opinion, two of the Lin family’s Grand Elders could each bring an older junior and a junior whose cultivation level was below the late-stages of the Yuan foundation realm.

Other than that, there was also Matriarch Lin. She had the ability to bring one junior whose cultivation level was below the late-stages of the Yuan foundation realm. In total, there were three people.

This was the maximum they could do in order to ensure safety.

“Matriarch, what do you think? Who will you choose?” The middle-aged man asked.

The moment he said that, all the juniors present, who were below the late-stages of the Yuan foundation realm, immediately looked nervous as they held their breaths.

Those older disciples still had hope. As 16-17 year olds, they only had one spot. Everyone wished they would be the one selected.

16-17 years old was the crucial age for a warrior’s growth. To enter the ancient mystic realm at this time for training experience would give a lot of benefits. Who could know when the tidal flows of the G.o.d Burial Abyss would lessen in strength.

At this moment, Lin Xintong’s grandaunt, with a smile, said “In my opinion, the spot for someone below the late-stages of the Yuan foundation realm would be suitable for Yu’er.”

“Yu’er’s strength can be said to be at the top amongst the juniors in the late-stages of the Yuan foundation realm. I think that no one will have any objections to this, right?”

As Lin Fenggu said this, her gaze swept across the Elders present with a smile.

These Elders did not make known their positions. As a result, Lin Fenggu felt very pleased. Subconsciously, Lin Fenggu glanced at Yi Yun.

Although Lin Fenggu disliked Yi Yun, she had to admit that Yi Yun’s talent in the Desolate Heaven technique was extraordinary. To compare her nephews’ Desolate Heaven technique to Yi Yun would be a terrible sight.

Thankfully, this Great Empress mystic realm was not dependent on one’s Desolate Heaven technique talent. What was considered was one’s martial arts talent. This was a weakness of Desolate Heaven technique apprentices.

Lin Yu was one of Lin Fenggu’s grandnephews. Lin Fenggu was very pleased with him so she naturally wanted her own progeny to obtain this opportunity.

Upon hearing Lin Fenggu’s words, those juniors who were nervous and highly antic.i.p.ant of the outcome felt their heart skip a beat. Lin Fenggu had a certain position in the family, and with Lin Yu’s exceptional abilities, these juniors felt that they had no hope.

They were inferior, be it strength or background, so how were they to compete?

And amongst these juniors, a blue-shirted youth looked straight ahead. He did not look around as his expression was very calm. Sitting at his spot, the corners of his mouth could not help but suffuse a smile.

He was Lin Yu.

Seeing Lin Fenggu advocating him, he was naturally happy.

“Matriarch, what do you think? This matter should be fixed, right? If Yu’er is not suitable, then no one else is suitable. Yu’er&h.e.l.lip;”

Lin Fenggu signaled Lin Yu, indicating for him to quickly stand up to accept it and give his thanks.

Lin Yu suppressed the excitement in his heart as he calmly stood up. Clasping his hands, he tried to calm his voice, “Matriarch&h.e.l.lip;”

Just as he opened his mouth, Matriarch Lin said lightly, “I already have someone in mind for this spot.”

The Matriarch’s words were like a sudden bolt from the clear skies. Lin Yu, who was smiling, suddenly froze. His expression was frozen onto his face.

Lin Fenggu’s smile also stagnated as her expression turned ugly. After dazing for a while, she said, “Who does the Matriarch have in mind? If it is another good talent, I naturally have nothing more to say.”

At this moment, Matriarch Lin turned towards Yi Yun, “Yi Yun, although the Great Empress mystic realm is a inheritance land for martial arts, I find your foundation very solid. You must have been having a secondary focus in martial arts while concentrating on the Desolate Heaven technique. Do you want to go in and take a look?”

The Matriarch’s tone was friendly. Standing beside the Matriarch, Lin Fenggu’s facial muscles twitched. Her face seemed to turn livid.

She had stood up to say something that had been rejected by the Matriarch. And in a blink of an eye, the Matriarch had used such a negotiative tone to ask if Yi Yun wished to enter.

This feeling was like she had been smacked twice in the face in public. She was dumbfounded!

Yi Yun, it was Yi Yun again!

The Matriarch actually chose Yi Yun to go to a martial arts mystic realm, something that had nothing to do with the Desolate Heaven technique!


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