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Chapter 421: Taking advantage of their perilous state

“Who the h.e.l.l are you!?”

Shen Tu Nantian was beginning to feel suspicious about Yi Yun’s ident.i.ty. It was no longer a surprise that Yun Yantian had a grudge against him.

Shen Tu Nantian did not believe a fifteen year old child would have any close connections with him. Maybe Yun Yantian’s family had been killed by him.

Unfortunately, as Shen Tu Nantian was ruthless, he had killed a lot of people. Hence, he had grudges with many people, so he could not immediately figure out who Yi Yun was.

Yi Yun ignored Shen Tu Nantian’s words. With a stroke of his chin, he leaned over and grabbed Shen Tu Nantian’s hand.

“What are you doing!?”

Shen Tu Nantian was powerless at this moment, and he was like a flickering flame. How could he resist Yi Yun? He only felt pain in his fingers as Yi Yun took his interspatial ring off.


Shen Tu Nantian’s interspatial ring contained a large portion of his wealth!

As the heir to the Shen Tu family clan, Shen Tu Nantian naturally had tremendous wealth.

Back then, when Yi Yun was captured by Shen Tu Nantian, Shen Tu Nantian did not even take a look at Yi Yun’s interspatial ring as Yi Yun was too poor compared to him.

But now, with the tables turned, it was completely different. Shen Tu Nantian’s interspatial ring was very attractive to Yi Yun.

He could not waste whatever good things there were in the ring.

In for a penny, in for a pound, Yi Yun also took the Thousand Hand Granny’s interspatial ring.

The two rings were extremely high in quality. Their interior s.p.a.ces were more than ten times larger than what Yi Yun was wearing.

And the ring Yi Yun was wearing was given to him by Lin Xintong along with the Soul Nurturing pill. If Yi Yun wore that ring back in the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, the difference would be even greater.

“Nice ring!”

Yi Yun praised with glee. At this moment, Shen Tu Nantian and the Thousand Hand Granny were so angry that their lungs were to about to explode. However, they could do nothing.

When the Lin family locked them up, they would not take advantage of their perilous state and steal their interspatial ring.

In the Tian Yuan world, powerful families had to care for their face, so they did not do such things. However, this so-called powerful family vibe clearly did not exist in Yi Yun’s eyes.

Shen Tu Nantian and the Thousand Hand Granny had a mental connection with their respective rings. If anyone touched their interspatial rings, they would feel it. If the other person’s mental powers were not as strong as theirs, they would not be able to open the interspatial ring.

Of course, it was completely different for the current Shen Tu Nantian.

Shen Tu Nantian’s mental state was terrible. He could not even complete a single seal of the Mystic Crystal Hand properly.

Yi Yun sank his mental energy into Shen Tu Nantian’s interspatial ring in a no-holds-barred manner. He ruthlessly wiped the spiritual connection!


Shen Tu Nantian let out a scream. He clutched his head and painfully fell to the ground.

At the moment Yi Yun wiped the mental connection, Shen Tu Nantain felt as if a chunk of his brain had suddenly been sliced off. It was so painful that it made him break out into cold sweat.

Boundless hatred rose up within Shen Tu Nantian’s heart. He had never felt so much hate in his life!

His body was seriously injured, his cultivation level was suppressed, and he was locked in a dungeon. A top-grade woman that was about to be his was gone. He was then brutally beaten by an ant-like person who later stole his interspatial ring and wiped away his mental mark!

At this moment, Yi Yun was casually rummaging through Shen Tu Nantian’s interspatial ring. When Shen Tu Nantian looked at his ring being rummaged through, this humiliation made him feel like his eyes were bursting!

Yi Yun quickly finished sweeping through Shen Tu Nantian’s interspatial ring. He made a few discoveries.

First was a pile of jade scrolls. Inside them were all sorts of cultivation techniques and heritage. Some of the heritage was extremely valuable in the Shen Tu family clan. It required a sufficient number of family contribution points to exchange for them.

There were about 4-5 of those heritage scrolls.

There was also an ancient jade scroll that had complex runes engraved on it. With a simple search, he confirmed that it was the ancient Desolate Heaven technique heritage!

Without a doubt, this jade scroll was taken out of the Great Empress mystic realm by the Shen Tu family clan!

Other than the jade scroll, Yi Yun also found a large bunch of elixirs. Inside all these exquisite elixir bottles were soul nurturing and wound healing medicines that were top grade.

Besides these elixir bottles, there were three big chests.

These chests were made of a special metal. There were even seals on the exterior of each of them.

Yi Yun took the chests out and used the Sonic Deathblade to open the lock. With a kick, he opened the lid. Immediately, a pure and powerful Heaven Earth Yuan Qi surged out, filling the entire dungeon!

Within the chests were neatly arranged desolate bone relics!

These desolate bone relics were extremely pure in quality and they were uniform. Although they weren’t that precious, they were after all three huge chests worth.

In the warrior’s world, a uniform quality of desolate bone relics were often used as common currency to purchase all sorts of items.

These three chests were not used by Shen Tu Nantian for cultivation. Instead, it was his wealth. He could use it to splurge when he was out in the city.

Yi Yun did not stand on ceremony as he kept the three large chests of relics.

Finally, it was&h.e.l.lip; weapons.

Shen Tu Nantian was a sword user. Yi Yun took an azure sword out. It was Shen Tu Nantian’s companion sword!

Seeing his companion sword in Yi Yun’s hands, Shen Tu Nantian’s eyes turned red. This was the item that was worth the most in his interspatial ring. It was given to him by the Shen Tu Patriarch when he came of age.

A gift from the Shen Tu Patriarch would be obviously valuable!

“Fine sword!”

Yi Yun pulled the azure long sword out. As he brandished it, Shen Tu Nantian’s body trembled as he clenched his fists. His fingernails sank deep into his palms.

His beloved sword was now nonchalantly being held in Yi Yun’s hands. This feeling was like his most beloved woman that was dedicated to him was now being blasphemed by Yi Yun.

“Yun Yantian, you deserve a horrible death!”

Shen Tu Nantian sent a nasty curse out, but at this moment, he felt some pain in his soul. It was like a 10,000 pound sledge hammer had slammed on it. His face went pale like a sheet of paper.

Taking advantage of Shen Tu Nantian’s weak mental state, Yi Yun ruthlessly wiped his mental connection with the azure sword.

Yi Yun did not stand on ceremony as he kept Shen Tu Nantian’s sword.

He was just in need of a sword. Previously, in the Tai Ah Divine City, the Tai Ah Divine City Elders had promised to give Yi Yun a sword and saber set.

However, as the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom was attacked by a desolate beast horde, the matter of giving him the weapon set was put on hold. As for the sword and saber sets that Yi Yun had, other than the mysterious rusted sword, the rest were extremely common.

Unfortunately, despite finding so many treasures in the ring, Yi Yun did not find any records regarding the Great Empress mystic realm. This was reasonable as the Great Empress mystic realm’s secret was not a cultivation technique manual. It could not be encoded in a jade scroll. It was meaningless to let Shen Tu Nantian carry it around with him.

After rummaging through Shen Tu Nantian’s ring, Yi Yun decided to rummage through the Thousand Hand Granny’s ring.

However, despite having her cultivation level restricted, the Thousand Hand Granny’s mental energies were still fine. Her soul was not damaged.

Yi Yun attempted once, but he was unable to wipe the Thousand Hand Granny’s mental connection. He actually felt a spiritual backlash, causing a dull pain in his soul.

Yi Yun clenched his eyebrows and turned to look at the Thousand Hand Granny. She looked hatefully at Yi Yun and sneered, “Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, do you think you are able to wipe my mental connection? Dream on!”

Before she finished her words, Yi Yun had already raised his feet as he kicked the Thousand Hand Granny’s face with all his strength.


With an explosive sound, Yi Yun’s kick had slammed the disheveled Thousand Hand Granny’s head into the dungeon’s stone walls.


The Thousand Hand Granny screamed as the chains binding her body began to clink and clank!

Yi Yun had no mercy as he kept sending out his right foot. Every attack targeted the Thousand Hand Granny’s face. Without any cultivation and any Yuan Qi protecting her body, the Thousand Hand Granny was just an ordinary granny. How could she withstand Yi Yun’s stamping on her?

The Thousand Hand Granny was trampled by Yi Yun till she was dazed, and at this moment, the Thousand Hand Granny felt a terrible pain in her head. At the moment when her thoughts were in a state of confusion, her mental connection mark on her interspatial ring had been ruthlessly wiped by Yi Yun!

Yi Yun held the Thousand Hand Granny’s interspatial ring and shook his head, “Why do you make things so hard? You are already locked in here and your cultivation has been suppressed. Why are you trying to withhold a ring?”

Yi Yun rummaged through the Thousand Hand Granny’s interspatial ring, completely ignoring her ferocious eyes.

There was even more good stuff in the Thousand Hand Granny’s interspatial ring!

There were five large chests of desolate bone relics in it!

There were plenty of cultivation technique manuals, weapons and medicines. Their grades were even higher than those in Shen Tu Nantian’s ring.

And Yi Yun found a saber in the Thousand Hand Granny’s ring as he wished.

This saber was not used by the Thousand Hand Granny as it was just part of a collection of hers. The saber was blood red in color. There was a life-like ghost head engraved on the saber handle, which made it look extremely evil.

On the saber blade, the words “Blood Red Lotus” were inscribed.

Red Lotus saber!

Yi Yun casually brandished the saber and the blood-colored beams looked like a blood-infused storm was surging over.

This saber had clearly drunk a lot of fresh blood as it had killed countless times!

Just the killing Qi gathered on the saber was enough to make it as a murderous weapon.

“Fine saber!”

Yi Yun was very satisfied.

This saber was just a collection of the Thousand Hand Granny, so it did not have any mental marks left behind by the Thousand Hand Granny. Yi Yun very happily imprinted his mental mark on the saber.

“Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, I swear I will grind your bones to dust!”

The Thousand Hand Granny shouted hoa.r.s.ely. She was so angry that her entire body was trembling. The chains were also clinkering around.

Yi Yun ignored the old hag and carried on rummaging through the ring. He opened every elixir bottle and gave a sniff. Suddenly, the corners of his lips formed a little arc. He had found it. She really had it!

Yi Yun opened a blue jade bottle. As he gently overturned the bottle, a full-bodied ice-blue pill that emitted a biting chill rolled out.

It could be said that this pill was something unforgettable for Yi Yun. This was because he had been force-fed one before.

Its name was the ‘Seven Noxious Divine Yin Pill’!


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