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Chapter 416: The Relic’s Secret

“Ao woo!”

With the black gas suddenly entering its body, the Red-eyed Wolf’s body twitched, before it began convulsing violently.

The moment the black gas entered its body, the Red-eyed Wolf felt a biting chill that irritated it.

At this moment, the Thousand Hand Granny and Shen Tu Nantian were completely stunned. Besides knowing that the Great Empress relic possessed a flaw, the ancient recipe they had obtained also described the flaw in detail.

However, even the Thousand Hand Granny did not know that there was a black gas hidden in the relic.

What was it?

“The kid has really found the defect?” Shen Tu Nantian coldly stared at the Red-eyed Wolf with his bloodshot eyes.


The Thousand Hand Granny suddenly burst out hysterically as her old facial features contorted. Her thin, arched body began to tremble, “The black gas he found is still of dubious origin. Victory has not been determined!”

At this moment, everyone present was watching the Red-eyed Wolf.

This weak desolate beast, that had the strength equivalent to an ordinary Purple Blood realm warrior, suddenly turned frightened due to the combination of it being stared at by so many strong figures and the frost Qi that had just entered its body. Its body began to shiver.

About ten seconds later, the Red-eyed Wolf’s body suddenly quivered as it let out a scream.

Its fur began to grow longer at a perceptible rate. The Red-eyed Wolf began to struggle violently as its wails sounded more painful than the previous wails.

Its eyes were turning redder and redder, they went from pale red to deep blood-red!

“Ao woo!”

The Red-eyed Wolf’s muscles began to crackle with explosive sounds as it crazily smashed its head on the ground and its fur grew longer and longer.

It was restricted by seals and it had no way of breaking the seals with its strength. However, now with its muscle’s expanding, the seals on its body were being destroyed one after another.


Matriarch Lin immediately stood up. The Red-eyed Wolf was not a powerful desolate beast, but it was not necessarily the case when the black gas entering it.

The Matriarch’s mental energy locked onto the Red-eyed Wolf, and with a flick of her finger, a few energy beams shot out, enclosing the Red-eyed Wolf in a Yuan Qi cage!

The Red-eyed Wolf seemed to go mad as it desperately slammed into the cage, causing its head to bleed!

And people could see a chilling look of hate and evil in the Red-eyed Wolf’s eyes!

“What’s the matter!?”

The Matriarch asked angrily. She greatly cherished Lin Xintong, and now with the relic having a problem, she was furious!

“What&h.e.l.lip; What’s strange about this!?” The Thousand Hand Granny immediately calmed down and snorted, “The Great Empress relic’s medicinal efficiency is extremely strong, so how can a Red-eyed Wolf withstand just a tiny bit of it? It would not be odd if the Red-eyed Wolf dies? There’s nothing you can tell from that!”

Just as the Thousand Hand Granny finished speaking, the mutated Red-eyed Wolf let out a blood-curling howl.

Its fur had grown to two feet long and its abdominal hair was already touching the ground. It began to convulse crazily and one could visibly see its muscles shrinking rapidly till they formed a lump.

Following that, its fur began to shed as its eye sockets sank.

Its eyes were no longer scarlet red they had turned dim, as if it had gone blind.

“It is aging!”

An Elder from the Lin family said in horror.

The Red-eyed Wolf was rapidly aging to the naked eye.

A Red-eyed Wolf could live for hundreds of years, but it seemed like hundreds of years were compressed into a few seconds.

Soon, the Red-eyed Wolf had lost all of its vitality as it slumped to the ground. All of its fur had shed, leaving behind a dried out piece of skin. However, this was not the end.

It was like the wolf skin had been buried for hundreds of years as it slowly rotted away. And what was left of the Red-eyed Wolf was just a pile of nearly-weathered bones.

“This is&h.e.l.lip; ”

Seeing the Red-eyed Wolf’s final outcome, the Matriarch’s pupils constricted as her face paled.

It was terrifyingly toxic!

If Xintong had eaten it, what would have happened to her?

Not only the Matriarch, even Yi Yun was stunned. Although he could tell that the black energy was a form of evil energy, he had not expected the Red-eyed Wolf to die like that when the black energy entered its body.

“Im&h.e.l.lip; Impossible!”

The Thousand Hand Granny’s face paled as well. It was like the paper dolls that were burned for the dead. It was the type that had been torn apart too!

Beside her, Shen Tu Nantian’s face was even more contorted. His temples were bulging and his brain was buzzing like a thousand drums were being beaten beside his ears.

This was not what was described in the ancient recipe!

If eating it would reduce one to a pile of bones, how could they have given it to Lin Xintong?

This was the territory of the Lin family, Did they not want to live any longer!?

According to what the ancient recipe said, once the twelve relics were eaten by a woman with naturally terminated Yin meridians, she would be cured, giving her peerless talent, and her cultivation would rapidly advance.

However, the relic had a very strong side effect. It would harm the woman’s lifespan.

Although women with naturally terminated Yin meridians would be healed, their bodies would be poisoned. Their life essence would be eroded by the poison, and it would limit her lifespan to 2000 years.

2000 years was enough for the Shen Tu family clan!

Shen Tu Nantian would marry Lin Xintong, and obtain her primordial Yin, which would greatly benefit him, allowing his cultivation to rapidly improve. Furthermore, with Lin Xintong’s help, Shen Tu Nantian would be able to cultivate the “Great Empress Heart Sutra”. 2000 years was enough for Shen Tu Nantian to master the “Great Empress Heart Sutra”.

In addition, with the Lin family’s help, the Shen Tu family clan would be able to ride out the crisis, allowing the Shen Tu Patriarch to completely heal.

Finally, with Lin Xintong dying 2000 years later, it would also end the possibility of her becoming a peerless Great Empress.

Once a woman with naturally terminated Yin meridians was healed and she became a Great Empress, she would become an existence that could lord over the entire Tian Yuan world. No one would be her match!

Although Shen Tu Nantian would also become a Great Emperor, his strength would be too weak compared to Lin Xintong.

The Shen Tu family clan was afraid that Lin Xintong might have nefarious thoughts, causing the Lin family to swallow the Shen Tu family clan. This was something that the Shen Tu family clan did not wish to see.

By letting Lin Xintong die 2000 years later, Shen Tu Nantian would then become the number one person in the Tian Yuan world!

Hence, this move by the Shen Tu family clan achieved many things with one stroke.

However, now with the appearance of Yi Yun, this fabulous move was completely destroyed. With this sudden turn of events, it was something the Thousand Hand Granny and Shen Tu Nantian had never expected!

They simultaneously felt a biting cold!

This chill came from Matriarch Lin! It was her killing intent!

The Thousand Hand Granny was feeling the chills all over as she felt her neck was being squeezed tightly, preventing her from breathing.


At this moment, there was an explosion!

Not far from the Thousand Hand Granny, the Great Empress relic had exploded!


People were all surprised. The Great Empress relic’s explosion was no trifling matter!

Seeing the strong shockwave sweeping over, the long-browed elder, who was closest to the relic, and other Elders from various family clans made a move to block the surging energy.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

The strong energetic impact caused a few of the Elders, who were shielding the blast, to waver. A few of their expressions slightly changed as it was clearly taxing on them.

The Great Empress relic’s explosion was extremely strong. Furthermore, most of the explosive energy had surged up into the sky, leaving a tiny amount to surge to the sides. If not, they would have spat blood out from the blast.

After nearly 30 seconds, the shockwave dissipated. A few Elders wiped the cold sweat from their foreheads as they felt a lingering fear.

Why did the Great Empress relic explode?

People were confused, but the Thousand Hand Granny and Shen Tu Nantian knew the reason.

The Great Empress relic’s flaw could not be removed!

When the Shen Tu family clan obtained the Great Empress relic’s ancient recipe, this information was written in the ancient recipe by an ancient Desolate Heaven Master who was a contemporary of the Great Empress.

This ancient Desolate Heaven Master was a peerless genius. As he fell for the Great Empress, he wished to join the Great Empress’ naturally terminated Yin meridians up.

He had gone through tremendous efforts just to write out the ancient recipe that could join up the Great Empress’s terminated meridians.

However, after he completed the recipe, the refined relic had an evil energy that could not be removed.

The ancient Desolate Heaven Master had tried various methods hoping to extract the evil energy; however, once the evil energy was extracted, the energy structure in the relic would collapse, and it would result in an explosion!

Hence, the Great Empress relic was an utter failure in itself!

In the end, even the peerless ancient Desolate Heaven Master had to give up.

Although she knew this, the Thousand Hand Granny would never dare to admit it.

She suddenly turn crazy.

Due to her emotional upheaval, her body’s Yuan Qi surged wantonly. The hairpin on her head dropped off as spa.r.s.e gray hair dropped down like a patch of wild gra.s.s.

She suddenly looked at Yi Yun with eyes full of bloodl.u.s.t!

“Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you destroyed my Shen Tu family clan’s Great Empress relic and had prepared poison before hand. You planted this on the Shen Tu family clan! I’ll take your life!”

The Thousand Hand Granny suddenly imposed herself as she charged towards Yi Yun!

She stretched her skinny claws out which transformed into a huge, black hand shadow that travelled towards Yi Yun’s neck.

Yi Yun’s was shocked as he quickly retreated. Of course, he could not evade the Thousand Hand Granny’s attack, but at this moment, how could Matriarch Lin, Su Jie and company sit on the sidelines?

The both of them and a few Elders from the Lin family made their moves!


With gorgeous rainbow beams flashing, the combined strengths of a few people devastated the Thousand Hand Granny’s black claws easily.

Following that, the rainbow beams did not diminish as they slammed heavily on the Thousand Hand Granny’s chest.


The Thousand Hand Granny’s thin body suddenly halted as she spat out a mouthful of black blood, before she flew backwards. Like a dead dog, she slammed heavily into a furnace used by the Lin family to suppress the mountain peak’s Yuan Qi.


The large furnace shook vigorously as it emitted a metallic roar. The back of the Thousand Hand Granny’s head was covered in blood. She slid down slowly like a piece of dough.

“Little&h.e.l.lip; Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, I&h.e.l.lip; I will grind you to dust!”

The Thousand Hand Granny shouted fiercely, but the moment she opened her mouth, she spat out another mouthful of black blood.


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