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Chapter 415: Extracting a Black Gas

The seals that Shen Tu Nantian, the Thousand Hand Granny and the long-browed elder formed landed in Yi Yun’s hands.

Yi Yun opened his energy vision up and in the energy vision, the Great Empress relic remained bright. The little black snake was like a scar that made the perfect Great Empress relic exude a dangerous and evil aura.

Yi Yun injected his mental energy into the Purple Crystal, and using the Purple Crystal’s powers, he carefully isolated the evil aura.

Before making the bet, Yi Yun had attempted and proven that the Purple Crystal was effective on the Great Empress relic.

When the Purple Crystal’s powers came into contact with the evil aura, Yi Yun felt a jolt. It was like a frost Qi had moved along his meridians, spreading across his entire body, making him feel cold to the bone.


The little black snake constantly hissed as it was being surrounded by the Purple Crystal’s powers. It struggled with all its might, trying to break out of the shackles enforced by the Purple Crystal.

This stunned Yi Yun. This black Qi could already instinctively struggle. This meant that a Spirit would soon evolve from it!

An intelligent Spirit could evolve from some elixirs and relics after a long time when a large number of invaluable high grade materials were used. At the instant a warrior swallowed it, it would fly out.

Seeing that the Great Empress relic had almost formed a Spirit after having been recently refined, it was quite formidable.

If the Great Empress relic were to possess a Spirit, especially with that little black snake having intellect, Yi Yun would no longer be able to separate it from the relic using the Purple Crystal.

This was because the Purple Crystal could only affect lifeless energies without an owner.

Yi Yun looked at the three Mystic Crystal Hand seals in his hand and without hesitation, he sent the three seals onto the little black snake’s body.


When the seals pressed down on the snake’s body, they caused its struggles to greatly weaken.

“If this relic was kept in the Everlasting Purple Gold relic box for another one or two months, the black Qi would probably be able to absorb Heaven Earth Yuan Qi, becoming even harder to control. When that happens, my Purple Crystal would be helpless against it.”

“Previously, Shen Tu Nantian said that even with the Great Empress relic sealed in the Everlasting Purple Gold relic box, it would slowly lose its medicinal properties, completely disappearing after a year. It looks like he was just fabricating it just to force the Lin family into deciding on the marriage alliance early.”

These thoughts flashed in Yi Yun’s head as he looked at Shen Tu Nantian with a smile.

“Young master Nantian, it’s time for the second seal.”

Shen Tu Nantian’s face sunk as he snorted. He endured the pain in his soul as he began to condense the second Mystic Crystal Hand seal.

At this moment, many people were looking at Shen Tu Nantian, including the upper echelons of the Lin family and Lin Xintong.

How could Shen Tu Nantian, who treasured his reputation greatly, allow himself to be made a fool of in front so many people?

However, to act as a fatty, one had to endure the pain of the beating required to obtain a swollen face. Shen Tu Nantian was already beginning to regret it. Why did he have to hide his injuries and forcefully pretend to be indifferent about it?

The second seal, the third seal, the fourth seal&h.e.l.lip; all the way to the twentieth seal.

Shen Tu Nantian managed to complete them barely.

However, upon reaching the twentieth seal, Shen Tu Nantian began to feel the strain. The veins on his forehead bulged. As his mental energy were being overdrafted, his eyes turned red. He no longer looked anything like the carefree gentleman he usually acted like.

And of all things, Lin Xintong was still looking at him. Shen Tu Nantian was insistent on not appearing weak in front of his future woman.

What Shen Tu Nantian was persisting on was the thought of being able to kill Yi Yun as he wished once Yi Yun failed.

However, there was no doubt that Shen Tu Nantian felt that every second in the one hour period was like a year!

At this moment, Yi Yun had already used the Mystic Crystal Hand seals to completely restrain the little black snake. After all, to extract the black snake, it was not using the Mystic Crystal Hand but the power of the Purple Crystal.

If he wished, he could easily extract the little black snake anytime.

However, seeing Shen Tu Nantian in that state, Yi Yun felt that if he did not drag this to the last moment, he would certainly let down the hard work Shen Tu Nantian had put in thus far.

“Young master Nantian, you seem to be suffering? Is your soul hurting? Actually, you have only completed less than half of the Mystic Crystal Hand seals. There is still another 60 odd more left. Actually for things like pain, you will slowly get used to it as the pain goes on.”

When the fortieth seal was condensed, Yi Yun looked at Shen Tu Nantian as he said with “concern”.

Shen Tu Nantian’s face turned gloomy as he endured the throbbing pain in his soul. He gritted his teeth, “You better mind yourself. You only have 30 minutes left to live.”

At this moment, there was a hourgla.s.s erected by the side of the venue. Grain by grain, the sand flowed down silently from top to bottom, just like the flow of life.

After another fifteen minutes, 80 Mystic Crystal Hand seals had been formed.

Shen Tu Nantian’s expression was ferocious as his forehead was covered with sweat. His facial features were all twisted together.

At this moment, he could no longer pretend anymore. Even a seven year old could see that Shen Tu Nantian was a spent force.

The seals that Shen Tu Nantain formed now were no longer perfect.

Although he had lost all of his face, Shen Tu Nantian continued to try his best to keep going on. After all, him helping Yi Yun to search for the flaw in the Great Empress relic was written in the soul contract. Shen Tu Nantian was worried that something would go wrong with the soul contract.

“Tian’er, endure a little more. Just a little while longer.”

At this moment, the Thousand Hand Granny’s Yuan Qi transmission rang in Shen Tu Nantian’s ears.

Shen Tu Nantian nodded his head with effort as he took a Soul Nurturing pill out of his interspatial ring and swallowed it. Following that, his face flushed with an unnatural red color.

Originally, the injury to his soul was recovering, but after today’s ordeal, he would probably take another few more months to recover.

He really hated Yi Yun!

The amount of sand in the hourgla.s.s had depleted, there was only a tiny bit left.

Nearby, Su Jie, Matriarch Lin and Lin Xintong were all worrying for Yi Yun.

There was only about five minutes left! However, there was no obvious development with the Great Empress relic.

Lin Xintong clasped her hands together and she intercrossed her fingers. Lin Xintong, who was always as nonchalant as the wind, could no longer remain calm.


Lin Xintong transmitted her voice to Su Jie, but Su Jie only shook his head, “I cannot see anything either. Maybe only the kid’s mutated eyes can see such things.”

To the people present, Yi Yun’s mutated eyes were mysterious and incomprehensible. They were completely unaware of what the mutated eyes could see, nor did they know their effects.

No one had guessed the existence of the Purple Crystal as it exceeded their knowledge of the world.

In fact, there were already members of the older generation from the Shen Tu family clan who had used their Heaven’s Eyes to completely scan Yi Yun; however, they did not detect anything unusual. As a result, they could only accept the fact that Yi Yun had mutated eyes.

240 seconds, 210 seconds, 180 seconds&h.e.l.lip;

Time pa.s.sed as seconds changed to minutes, leaving only a small handful of sand left in the hourgla.s.s.

Realizing that there was not much time left, Lin Xintong and company had their hearts in their mouths. As for Shen Tu Nantian, although he was suffering from extreme pain, a grin of pleasure suffused on his mouth.

For a small fry to cause him to feel so much hate, other than Yun Yantian in front of him, the only other person to do that was Yi Yun from a few months ago.

Yi Yun had already been maimed by him. As for this kid, he would brutally kill him using the most horrific methods!

Another 90 seconds!

Shen Tu Nantian’s eyes were bloodshot as he looked at Yi Yun before looking at Lin Xintong.

As his soul was on the brink of tearing apart, Shen Tu Nantian was nearly going insane. He no longer concealed the way he looked at Lin Xintong as it became that of coveting desire!

In fact, compared to killing Yi Yun, obtaining Lin Xintong was a greater motivation that allowed Shen Tu Nantian to persist on. The pleasure obtained from this was better than killing Yi Yun by a thousand times or more!

Lin Xintong’s expression remained still as water as she kept silent.

Seeing that there were less than 60 seconds left and the 100 Mystic Crystal Hand seals completed, the Lin family held their breaths. One could have heard a pin drop.

As for the Shen Tu family clan and company, they expressed pleased smiles.

Especially Shen Tu Nantian and the Thousand Hand Granny, who did not hide their ferociousness and pleasure.

“Kid, I’ll see how you shall die!”

The Thousand Hand Granny cackled like an old witch. For Shen Tu Nantian and Lin Xintong’s marriage, she had endured it for two years. Now she had endured this little b.a.s.t.a.r.d peeing and s***ting on her head. She had had enough of it!

Once Shen Tu Nantian married Lin Xintong and cultivated the “Great Empress Heart Sutra”, he would eventually become a top Great Emperor.

Then, the Shen Tu family clan would not only be able to ride out the crisis, they would also become the family clan that would rule over the Tian Yuan world.

30 seconds!

One could count the number of sand particles left in the hourgla.s.s with their naked eyes.

The Thousand Hand Granny and Shen Tu Nantian watched the hourgla.s.s closely. Once the final moment pa.s.sed, they would obtain everything they wanted!

And at this moment, something out of the ordinary happened

The Great Empress relic under Yi Yun’s hands suddenly shook. The bright light emitted by the relic dimmed and a black gas flew out of the relic into Yi Yun’s hands.

This black gas looked hideous and evil. Even with the numerous Mystic Crystal Hand seals restricting it, it still struggled violently. It was like an evil black worm that gave people the chills!

Yi Yun used the Purple Crystal to extract the black gas hidden in the Great Empress at the final moment. People could only stare widely as the sudden appearance of the black gas was completely unexpected.

“What’s that?”

Other than the Elders from the Lin family, even the Elders from the Song family and the Shen Tu family clan were shocked. The black gas in Yi Yun’s hand made them feel uneasy.

That was extracted from the Great Empress relic? Why did it seem to have a life of its own? If one ate the Great Empress relic, wouldn’t that black gas be hiding in their body?

People did not have time to figure out what the black gas was as Yi Yun flicked his finger, shooting the black gas into the Fire-eyed Wolf beside him!

This Fire-eyed Wolf was the desolate beast that Yi Yun had selected for the experiment!


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