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Chapter 413: I agree

As no one could see Yi Yun’s smile, no one knew what he was thinking.

Shen Tu Nantian narrowed his eyes. He never expected that Yi Yun would need the Thousand Hand Granny’s and his help in probing the Great Empress relic. What was this kid scheming?

“Granny, what do you think is the underlying meaning is?” Shen Tu Nantian sent a Yuan Qi transmission to the Thousand Hand Granny.

The Thousand Hand Granny sneered and transmitted back, “This little b.a.s.t.a.r.d is just deliberately courting death. I don’t believe that a Yuan foundation realm junior like him is able to do anything when even an empyrean-level Desolate Heaven Master can’t resolve or even detect the relic’s flaw!”

“Also, we will not let this kid destroy the relic. This will make it even more difficult to discover the relic’s flaw!”

The Thousand Hand Granny stood up while saying this. She walked to the middle of the square. She was a head shorter than Yi Yun, but her aura suppressed the entire venue.

“Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, I want to see what game you want to play!”

“Oh!? Are you agreeing to it?” Yi Yun retorted.

“What a joke! Why would I not agree? However, do you think that a junior like you can slander my Shen Tu family clan’s honor? Since you are maligning my Shen Tu family clan today, you will need to pay the price! If I were to let you off, wouldn’t my Shen Tu family clan be the laughing stock of the world!?”

“I will give you an hour. If you cannot prove that the Great Empress relic is problematic, then you will need to hand your life over to me for my disposal!”

The Thousand Hand Granny said with a grin. She could tell that the Lin family’s Matriarch intended to protect Yi Yun. She was not serious when she had previously threatened not to heal Lin Xintong’s natural Yin Meridians and killing Yi Yun.

Immediately, everyone looked at Yi Yun. This had suddenly become a bet with his life at stake!

Once Yi Yun agreed to it, the Matriarch could no longer protect him.

If Yi Yun were to lose, who knew what sort of inhumane torture he would suffer before his death!?

“Yi Yun&h.e.l.lip; !”

Lin Xintong’s concerned voice rang in Yi Yun’s ear. She had never expected things to develop to such a point. Yi Yun had stood up for her, but now, even Yi Yun’s life was at stake as well!

Lin Xintong had wished to see Yi Yun make an attempt. Any tiny bit of hope was after all, good. However, once lives were at stake, it was no longer the same. It was too difficult for Yi Yun to prove that a desolate bone relic of this grade was problematic. She was afraid that he did not have much confidence.

“Don’t take the risk! This has nothing to do with you!”

Lin Xintong wanted Yi Yun to rein in the horse at the edge of the precipice. Yi Yun’s expression had slightly turned serious. He had to carefully consider it with his life on the line.

Seeing that Yi Yun was afraid, Shen Tu Nantian was naturally pleased. “Granny, that was great! Let’s see how this naive kid can jump up and down with his life at stake.”

“Hmph! He just has a vague feeling. It’s impossible for him to find the flaw. If he dares agree to it, it will be something that I greatly welcome!”

The atmosphere in the square froze. Yi Yun stood silently in the middle. No one could tell what his expression was under that cold, silver mask.

Irrevocably committed? Why did you act as such knowing that this would be the outcome? Since you are now in the limelight, it is time to pay the price.

The Shen Tu family clan’s Elders all felt their frustration vent. This ignorant junior really made their blood boil.

“Yun!” Shen Tu Nantian looked mockingly at Yi Yun, “If you kneel down and kowtow to us to confess your wrongdoings, my Shen Tu family clan will not pursue this matter!”

Shen Tu Nantian was feeling very comfortable at this moment. He had been suppressing the pangs of fire for the past few days.

Yi Yun looked back at Shen Tu Nantian and sneered. How could he not have confidence in the Purple Crystal? However, as it concerned his life, even if he was 90% confident, he would need to give it even greater thought.

“If&h.e.l.lip; I can prove the problem with the relic? If I were to fail, I will pay the price of my life. Then if I were to succeed, what price will you pay? How about your life!?”

Yi Yun took a step forward and looked straight back at Shen Tu Nantian!

Shen Tu Nantian’s heart sank and he subconsciously took a step back. Yi Yun was willing to bet lives with him!?

He did not have the courage to bet his life with Yi Yun. His mouth twitched as he was temporarily stumped. He was suppressed by Yi Yun’s stance momentarily.

However, Shen Tu Nantian calmed down quickly and retorted, “Do you think an ant-like figure like you can bet lives with me!? Who do you think you are!?”

“That idiot. Does he think his life is equivalent to Young master Nantian’s!? That is an insult to Young master Nantian!”

A Shen Tu family clan Elder echoed.

“Hahaha!” Yi Yun roared with laughter, “If you were not guilty-conscious, why does it matter if you bet your life?”

Yi Yun could only mock Shen Tu Nantian. He knew that it was impossible to get rid of Shen Tu Nantian with a bet.

“Since you are afraid to die, that is fine. I’ll change the stakes! If I win, I want the Shen Tu family clan to hand the ancient Desolate Heaven technique heritage and the Great Empress recipe over to me. You will then have to tell me where in the mystic realm the Great Empress recipe and the ancient Desolate Heaven technique heritage was found, as well as everything you had encountered while exploring the mystic realm!”

Yi Yun finally mentioned his real goal.

This is what he really wanted to know.

“Yi Yun, you&h.e.l.lip;”

Upon hearing Yi Yun’s proposed bet, Lin Xintong’s heart thumped. Her beautiful eyes looked at Yi Yun with complexity.

She knew that Yi Yun was doing this for her.

She did not know what problems there were in the Great Empress relic that the Shen Tu family clan refined. However, she had a faint feeling that this relic was likely effective on her, or the Shen Tu family clan would not have taken it out for her to trial it.

If the Lin family went personally to explore the area of the mystic realm where the Shen Tu family clan had gone, the outcomes of them obtaining the ancient recipe and finding the way to really heal her naturally terminated meridians would be completely different.

“Kid, you are dreaming!”

The Thousand Hand Granny’s old face twitched. Yi Yun was really demanding a lot to actually know the location of the mystic realm and the experience gained from risking the lives of many Shen Tu family clan experts!

Even if she did not believe that Yi Yun could prove the flaw in the Great Empress relic, she could not agree to it.

And at this moment, the Lin family’s Matriarch stood up. Her amiable smile had long disappeared, and her gaze was now fierce.

“Thousand Hand Granny! I am not doubting the Shen Tu family clan, however&h.e.l.lip; if the Great Empress relic really has a problem, then the intentions of the Shen Tu family clan letting Xintong eat this relic is questionable!”

“Your Shen Tu family clan would not let little friend Yun easily off after he has slandered you. If my Lin family can prove that someone has malicious thoughts against us, then we would not let it go so easily. Thousand Hand Granny! If there is really such an outcome, my Lin family expects an answer from the Shen Tu family clan. Or else, my Lin family isn’t a place where you can come and go as you please!”

By saying this, the Matriarch words already had a threatening tone.

The Lin family was a top family clan in the Tian Yuan world. As the head of the Lin family’s internal affairs, the Matriarch was not some nice old lady. She had her strong side.

Seeing the Matriarch put her foot down, the Thousand Hand Granny’s heart sank. There was no doubt that if the Great Empress relic was proved to be problematic, the Lin family was willing to lose all decorum.

If the Lin family really were to fight against the Shen Tu family clan, both sides would end up with grave losses. Even if the Lin family were to win, it would be a pyrrhic victory. Another large family clan might take advantage of the situation and benefit from the tussle.

As for whether they will end up at war, the Thousand Hand Granny did not know. However, if their group did not give a reasonable answer, Matriarch Lin would not let them leave easily.

Upon thinking this, the Thousand Hand Granny knew that she had to agree to Yi Yun’s huge bet, if not, Matriarch Lin would be the first to disagree.

However, so what if she agreed!? Could a kid like him really think he would succeed?

“It is ironic for Matriarch Lin to suspect my Shen Tu family clan. My Shen Tu family clan had incurred a great price just to refine the Great Empress relic, but we only ended up being suspected!”

The Thousand Hand Granny shook her head and looked at the Lin family with disappointment.

The allies of the Shen Tu family clan felt emphatic hearing this. They felt the Matriarch Lin’s words were chilling!

“Since Matriarch Lin has said this, this old man can’t sit idly. I will also help to prove this so-called “flaw” in the Great Empress relic!”

The Song family’s long-browed top guest elder, who had previously stood up for the Shen Tu family clan, walked to the middle of the square.

Yi Yun nodded as if indifferent about it. It was irrelevant having one more helping hand.

“Words are useless. Let’s sign a soul contract!”

Yi Yun said, he knew that there were soul contracts that were binding amongst warriors. As long as both sides were willing to sign it, it would have to be fulfilled or they would suffer punishment.

With the Lin family’s heritage, it would not be difficult to produce a soul contract that could bind the Thousand Hand Granny.

The Thousand Hand Granny’s face twitched slightly and she looked coldly at Yi Yun, “Just to my liking! Take the contract out! However, a cheap life of a little b.a.s.t.a.r.d like you is not worthy of the information of the mystic realm. I want to add on a point, that is if the Great Empress relic is proven to be alright, the Lin family has no reason to delay this marriage. I have had enough from this dragging on for so long!”

When the Thousand Hand Granny said this, she looked at Lin Xintong!

For this marriage alliance, the most important factor was Lin Xintong’s att.i.tude towards it. If Lin Xintong was adamant against it, they were helpless as the Lin family would not dare to force Lin Xintong.

Lin Xintong frowned slightly. The way that things had developed had long gone out of control.

The Thousand Hand Granny sneered and waited for Lin Xintong to make a decision. She disliked Lin Xintong, who was a woman who did not know what was good for her.

“I&h.e.l.lip; ” Lin Xintong stood up and gently closed her eyes as her long eyelashes trembled slightly. After about the time it took ten breaths, Lin Xintong opened her eyes and gave Yi Yun a deep glance.

Through Yi Yun’s mask, their eyes met. Yi Yun did not speak a word nor did he pa.s.s any message with his eyes. He respected Lin Xintong’s choice as it was a matter regarding her own marital affairs.

“I agree!”

The two clear words resounded in the venue.

Yi Yun had stood up because of her and had even risked his life. How could her betting her own dignity and innocence compare to that?

Since Yi Yun believed in himself, Lin Xintong also chose to believe in Yi Yun.


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