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Chapter 411: The conflict during the medicine trial

With Yi Yun standing up, the entire venue turned oddly quiet. Everyone looked at Yi Yun with a startled look.

They were dumbfounded. In this situation, if anyone was to stand up to say something, it would have been Su Jie or the Lin family’s Matriarch, or someone from the upper echelons of the Shen Tu family clan.

What was the meaning behind Yi Yun standing up? With his status, what sort of qualifications did he have to speak?

“You?” Shen Tu Nantian looked at Yi Yun and sneered, “What’s your name? Who are you in the Lin family? How old are you? What’s your cultivation level? Do you know what the situation is? Do you know what the status of all these Elders and seniors are? With so many seniors not speaking, is it even your turn to speak!?”

Although Shen Tu Nantian wished he could kill Yi Yun, he had to maintain his gentlemanly image in front of the upper echelons of the Lin family and other large family clans. He could not scold without culture.

However, even so, his words were full of sarcasm and disdain. His three questions were all pointing at Yi Yun’s weakness. Firstly, he was a junior. Secondly, he was lacking in strength. Thirdly, he was an outsider and had no relations with the Lin family. To suddenly speak out at this moment showed how lacking in etiquette he was.

“I am Yun Yantian, the Lin family’s guest elder, Su Jie’s disciple. I’m 15 years old, cultivation at the early stages of the Yuan foundation realm&h.e.l.lip;”

No one expected that against Shen Tu Nantian’s obvious sarcasm, Yi Yun managed to answer his questions calmly, as if he could not tell the sarcasm in the words.

This behavior no doubt enraged Shen Tu Nantian. Probably everyone from the Shen Tu family clan was enraged, even the Lin family were puzzled over Yi Yun’s behavior.

“Elder Su, this&h.e.l.lip;” The Lin family’s Matriarch looked towards Su Jie and was confused. She had a good impression of Yi Yun. Her impression of this youth was that he knew when to advance and retreat, and had a sense of etiquette. She did not understand why Yi Yun would suddenly stand up.

Su Jie was equally confused. This cheap disciple of his had never not let him worry.

“Enough!” At this moment, on the Shen Tu family clan’s side, an old voice erupted. There was a strong energy shockwave contained within this voice, causing many people’s ears to tremble!


An angry looking Thousand Hand Granny smashed downwards on where she was sitting and the seat’s arm was shattered into wood pulp!

The Thousand Hand Granny bent her body and slowly stood up. With her cloudy eyes, she stared angrily at Yi Yun, like an old vulture eyeing a prey.

During the Shen Tu family clan’s negotiations with the Lin family, she had been angered greatly and was already fed up.

Especially half a month ago, her most beloved grandson, Shen Tu Nantian had suffered a backlash on his soul. Even after using soul nurturing medicine that cost a fortune, they had not managed to completely heal his soul. He was still nursing his health and his cultivation speed was significantly affected.

She had blamed this on the Lin family. If not for the Lin family doubting their Shen Tu family clan’s Desolate Heaven technique heritage, and doubted Shen Tu Nantian, would they have needed to hold the Desolate Heaven technique tea session? Would they have needed to let Shen Tu Nantian demonstrate such dangerous techniques at the tea session? And this kid who did not know the immensity of heaven and earth had not only messed up the tea session, he had now messed up such an important moment.

“Where did this little b.a.s.t.a.r.d come from? Does he even know his manners!? If this were the Shen Tu family clan, to be such an unbecoming junior, for a little b.a.s.t.a.r.d that doesn’t know what weight he has to jump out and make a fuss, I would have killed you with a slap!”

The Thousand Hand Granny said with a sullen face. Her words not only scolded Yi Yun, she had also secretly highlighted how the Lin family’s family rules were too lax. Only then could a little b.a.s.t.a.r.d who showed no respect for his elders jump around at such an occasion. She could not specifically scold the upper echelons of the Lin family, but could only use this subtle manner to release her anger.

Upon hearing the Thousand Hand Granny’s words, the Lin family’s Matriarch’s face also sank slightly.

“Thousand Hand Granny, what is the meaning of this?” In such a situation, the Matriarch had to speak.

“Matriarch Lin.” The Thousand Hand Granny no longer sounded polite with her tone, “Don’t blame that this old granny’s words sound ugly, this marriage alliance was indeed proposed by my Shen Tu family clan; however, wouldn’t this benefit the Lin family more? Even when Lin Xintong marries into our Shen Tu family clan, she is still a part of the Lin family. In the future, she will be your Lin family’s peerless Great Empress. Nantian will only benefit slightly from this. And because of this, my Shen Tu family clan has to pay the great price of refining that Great Empress relic!”

“Although my Shen Tu family clan had suffered in the beast horde a decade ago, we are not reliant on your Lin family’s protection. Even if my Shen Tu family clan might not be able to expand in the next few decades, we are still able to secure our family’s heritage!”

Against the Thousand Hand Granny’s hot and cold pressure, Matriarch Lin remained silent.

The Thousand Hand Granny would also not completely offend Matriarch Lin, so she turned to Yi Yun once again, “Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, if not for Matriarch Lin, I would have killed you already!”

As the Thousand Hand Granny spoke, an aura came pressing down on Yi Yun. This was not the pressure from that of her cultivation level, it was just the aura of superiority she had obtained naturally from a long period of holding a high position.

Yi Yun pinched his nose. As a petty person, he naturally disliked people pointing at him and scolding him. With a hand, he casually straightened his cuffs and whispered, “I thought that&h.e.l.lip; a person would be more stable in their bearing as they became older&h.e.l.lip;”

As Yi Yun said these words, everyone became stunned!

This included Su Jie and Matriarch Lin. They also did not know how to react.

What was he saying? Although he did not curse, his tone and insinuations were no doubt more aggravating than cursing!

Besides, what Yi Yun had said wasn’t false. Although Yi Yun was indeed disrespectful of his elders to speak at a situation like this, it was indeed unbecoming of the Thousand Hand Granny’s status to jump up and curse at Yi Yun because of his words!

The Thousand Hand Granny’s eyes turned red immediately. It was as if all her blood had surged to her face. The color of blood slowly swallowed one wrinkle at a time. She looked at Yi Yun with alarm and anger. Her expression was that of an old cat whose tail had been suddenly ripped off by someone.

“Little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you are courting death!”

The Thousand Hand Granny wanted to make a move and kill Yi Yun, but at this moment, Su Jie and Lin Xintong stood up at the same time. With a flash, Su Jie had appeared in front of Yi Yun.

As for the Lin family’s Matriarch, she had locked on to Yi Yun. If the Thousand Hand Granny were to make a move, Matriarch Lin had the means to pull Yi Yun back.

“Yantian, what are you doing!?”

As Su Jie protected Yi Yun, he spoke as if he was on the brink of collapse. He really felt speechless. What was Yi Yun thinking to actually start reprimanding the Thousand Hand Granny in front of so many people?

“Not doing anything, it’s just that&h.e.l.lip;I think the Great Empress relic taken out by the Shen Tu family clan is problematic!”

Yi Yun’s words were resolute and seemed very confident.

Instantly, the entire scene quietened down. Be it the Lin family’s elders or the upper echelons of the Shen Tu family clan, all of them were dumbstruck.

However, the elders of the Shen Tu family clan only froze for a blink of an eye, following that, they all began looking angrily at Yi Yun.

“What nonsense is this junior spouting!?”

“How dare he slander the great cost and efforts our Shen Tu family clan had put in to refine the Great Empress relic. If the Lin family does not explain itself, I will definitely not take this going down!”

The Shen Tu family clan Elders already found Yi Yun unbearable. At this moment, the Thousand Hand Granny’s face was sullen. Her ferocious and muddy eyes contained murderous intent that seem like it was going to shoot through Yi Yun!

She said staccato words, “I want the Lin family to hand this little b.a.s.t.a.r.d over to me for disposal! If not, you can forget about eating this Great Empress relic!”

The Thousand Hand Granny’s rage had reached an extreme. She began to use the Great Empress relic to threaten the Lin family. If they did not hand Yi Yun over, the Great Empress relic would no longer be given to Lin Xintong!

The expressions of many of the Lin family Elders turned upon hearing this.

The fate of Lin Xintong’s naturally terminated meridians and their Lin family being able to produce a peerless Great Empress that could rule the Tian Yuan world relied on this Great Empress relic.

Although Yi Yun’s value to the Lin family was not small, compared to Lin Xintong, he was almost negligible.

They did not know why Yi Yun was going crazy. At this moment, although many of the Lin family Elders wanted to protect Yi Yun, they could not support his manner of courting death. Why of all people did you have to antagonize that old hag?

The Thousand Hand Granny had always been ruthless. Especially when she grew older, she became even more ruthless. Whoever offended her would live a life worse than death once they fell into her hands!

“There’s a problem? What problem is there?”

Yi Yun’s words p.r.i.c.ked the Matriarch’s sensitive nerves. She had reluctantly consented to the marriage only because of Lin Xintong’s lifespan. If the Great Empress relic was problematic, it would definitely be something that would let the Matriarch rage!

“What problem can there be, Matriarch? Don’t listen to this kid’s nonsense!” At this moment, Lin Xintong’s grandaunt stood up. She had been p.i.s.sed with Yi Yun for a long time.

“The Shen Tu family clan has incurred a great price just to refine the Great Empress relic. Would they have poisoned it and waste this treasured medicine and end up offending the Lin family, just to kill Xintong? What a joke! What good would there be for them?”

“Besides, Matriarch, you have personally inspected the Great Empress relic. With your eyes, could you be inferior to that kid? The way I see it, just hand the kid over to the Shen Tu family clan since he isn’t one of our Lin family!”

Lin Xintong’s grandaunt sneered as she looked towards Yi Yun. Don’t blame others when you court death yourself!

The words Lin Xintong’s grandaunt said was indeed a view all the Lin family Elders held. Based on what did Yi Yun dare say that the Great Empress relic was problematic?

However, the Matriarch did not dismiss Yi Yun immediately. Due to Yi Yun’s performance at the Desolate Heaven technique tea session, she felt that Yi Yun wasn’t a person who did not have any sense of decorum. The Matriarch’s eyes flashed, “Little friend Yun, tell me. Why do you think that the Great Empress relic is problematic?”

After she asked this, she used her Yuan Qi to transmit privately to Yi Yun, “Little friend Yun, you must weigh your words. If you can’t give a proper response, I may be able to protect your life, but I will endure too much pressure and criticism.”


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