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Chapter 41: Wounded

Yi Yun had mustered up his strength to absorb the energy from the desolate bones today, but he did not expect that the energy would be so overwhelmingly violent.

He had originally estimated that he would need at least five to six days to finish absorbing the desolate bones’ energy.

But currently, Yi Yun had absorbed more energy in those few seconds than the c.u.mulative amount he had absorbed a few days ago!

Could this be a result from opening up the meridians?

Yi Yun felt the warmth within his body’s meridians. He suddenly came to an understanding.

This was the first time he was absorbing the desolate bones after breaking through into the fourth level of Mortal Blood, the Meridians realm!

Previously, Yi Yun’s meridians were blocked, so he could only absorb the desolate bones’ energy using his flesh. As there was a limit to his flesh’s capacity, Yi Yun would normally be satiated quickly.

But with his meridians opened up, it was different. The meridians are the body’s channels to transfer Yuan Qi, so their capacity were much higher than flesh.

Meridians were like an energy highway. Yi Yun having reached the Meridians realm was equivalent to having opened up an energy highway within his body.

Originally, the desolate bones’ energy would seep into Yi Yun’s body, but now, the energy would enter his body directly using the meridian highway. It was completely incomparable.

Yi Yun had no formal education with regards to martial arts, so he did not know the difference. Due to this, he had hurt himself, and the injury was quite serious. Yi Yun had only opened up his meridians a few days ago, so he was not able to withstand the energy surge.

He had basically absorbed all the desolate bones essence from the Frost Python in an instance!

“There’s such a thing&h.e.l.lip;absorbing too much energy will result in this. That’s some bad luck.” Yi Yun felt extremely unlucky. He felt his meridians all around his body about to break. It was as if he needed hospitalization from indigestion after eating at an all-you-can-eat seafood buffet.

In fact, if the energy was beyond a certain amount, it could break a person’s meridians.

It was not something new in the martial arts world. Commoners could die from being unable to digest aged herbs. Some warriors explode to their deaths when they aren’t able to digest the desolate bones relic they consumed.

This way of dying was really pathetic. Yi Yun felt it was the same as dying from overeating.

Yi Yun felt his body burn up. He felt something in his throat before a mouthful of blood surged upwards.

“Hey, little monkey, why are you lying on the ground? Are you playing dead so you don’t have to work?” A black-faced man grumpily scolded. This man had a son, “Da Tou”. He had even used “Da Tou” against Yi Yun a few days ago.

“d.a.m.n it, did you hear me,” Da Tou’s father flared up seeing Yi Yun still lying on the ground. He threw down his axe, ready to kick Yi Yun a few times. But he noticed Yi Yun’s face pale, and his body was trembling. His nostrils and ears were bleeding fresh blood.

Seeing that, Da Tou’s father was dumbfounded!

Something happened!

Although Da Tou’s father wasn’t a good man; he had a sharp tongue and loved to h.o.a.rd the belongings of others; however, he would fl.u.s.ter when encountering a dying person.

“Hurry, report to the superiors. Tell them someone is dying.” Da Tou’s father told his companions.

This wasn’t Da Tou’s father cursing Yi Yun, but having seen Yi Yun bleeding from seven orifices, how could he not die?

In the Lian tribal clan, there was practically no medical procedures. Due to the lack of resources, the tribe had weak immunities, so even a common cold would cost death, what more bleeding from the seven orifices.

To Da Tou’s father, Yi Yun was sure to die!

“I say little monkey, please don’t die here. If you want to die, please go somewhere else&h.e.l.lip;” Da Tou’s father was about to grab Yi Yun, but when he touched Yi Yun’s hand, he felt a burning sensation. Da Tou’s dad cried in pain. He fell over, and crashed into a pile of firewood. He had almost hit his head on the red hot cauldron. If he did, his life would be practically over.

Even so, Da Tou’s father burned a handful of his hair. It scared him ashen. It was as if something had entered his body when he touched Yi Yun.

“What the?” Da Tou’s father was shocked. This matter was too strange. It was as if he had been bitten by a snake. The hand used to touch Yi Yun was still shaking.

“What’s wrong? What’s wrong?” Many men rushed over.

Da Tou’s father had hardly recovered from his shock, but said, “I’m not sure if this kid is possessed. Quick! Inform Young master Lian.”

A man rushed to report after Da Tou’s father finished his sentence.

Da Tou’s father began thinking, and said to Yi Yun in fear, “I say little monkey&h.e.l.lip;Ah no, I say little brother. What’s wrong with you? You must hang on. I’ve already called people over. The tribe’s doctor will be here soon.”

“Da Tou”‘s father may say so, but he knew that the only doctor in the tribe would hardly come forward to save Yi Yun.

That doctor was exclusive to the upper echelon of the tribe. If not, with a thousand people in the tribe, he would never be able to handle it if everyone consulted him when they were sick. Even if he could, there was insufficient medicine. The Lian tribal clan’s medicine was extremely precious.

So when a poor person fell sick, they had to rely on themselves. If they couldn’t hang on, then they would just die. After all, life was cheap.

“I say little brother, I was greedy before. I stole your porridge. Please don’t blame me.” Da Tou’s father did not know that Yi Yun had been appreciated by Zhang Yuxian, but seeing Yi Yun on his deathbed, he decided to reconcile with Yi Yun “before his death”. He was worried Yi Yun would turn into a ghost and haunt him for revenge.

The people in the vast wilderness were superst.i.tious. It was probably because they needed a crutch in life since life was tough. They believed the evil would go to h.e.l.l, and the good would go to Heaven. The poor had the opportunity to reincarnate to a good family.

Yi Yun heard all of this and was at a loss whether to cry or to laugh. I’m not dead yet, and I’m already being cursed.

However, this was a painful lesson. If he absorbed too much desolate bones essence, he could really die.

To be in this state today was some ill luck. The phrase too great a pleasure will bring about sadness was the exact way to describe his current state.

As Yi Yun was suffering from his damaged meridians and bleeding from his seven orifices, Lian Chengyu had already received the news from Zhao Tiezhu.

“Young master Lian, hehe. That Yi Yun is not going to make it. I heard he was possessed. His nostrils and mouth are pouring blood!”

Zhao Tiezhu was very happy hearing Yi Yun in trouble. This kid who got appreciated by Lord Lian is doomed for sure.

“Oh?” Lian Chengyu was originally training, but after hearing Zhao Tiezhu’s words, his movements slowed down, but an elated look flashed in his eyes.

What possession. Lian Chengyu felt it was just the stupid commoners’ perception. Lian Chengyu was sure that Yi Yun’s situation was a result of the desolate bones’s frost energy and the Blood Thinning Pill.

This kid’s time to die is here!


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