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Chapter 407: Night Chatting

In the Tian Yuan world, there would be several Great Emperors in every generation. For example, for super family clans like the Shen Tu family clan or the Lin family, the number of Great Emperors they had was not limited to one.

Take the Ten Thousand Empyreal King, who was killed by the Shepherd Boy, he was considered average in strength amongst the Great Emperors.

As for the Shen Tu Patriarch, the power he possessed was frightening. When the Shepherd Boy was at his peak, he had borrowed from a Divine Lion from the Nether World Desolate G.o.d, and in the end he was barely able to heavily injure the Shen Tu Patriarch, failing to kill him.

As for the Shepherd Boy himself, he had been hit by the Shen Tu Patriarch’s Death Heavenly Revolution, with the injuries lingering to date.

However&h.e.l.lip; compared to the ancient Great Empress recorded in the books, the Shen Tu Patriarch was nothing.

A figure like the Shen Tu Patriarch was one of those who stood at the top of the Tian Yuan world for each generation.

However, it was only “one of”.

The Lin family and other super family clans also had people like him.

In the same generation, there would be about a dozen people that matched him, and counting the old monstrous people that secluded themselves, there would be even more.

And this was only for the Human race. The Desolate race also have plenty of figures that could match the Shen Tu Patriarch.

Since there were so many people like that, it was destined that a person like the Shen Tu Patriarch would be unable to leave his name for tens of millions of years, or even hundreds of millions of years in this world.

This was because there was a huge gap between the Shen Tu Patriarch and the ancient Great Empress.

The ancient Great Empress was the only legendary woman who managed to join up her naturally terminated meridians in history. The legends she left behind remained in the endless river of history, and kept on being pa.s.sed down.

Yi Yun actually did not know what the realm above Great Emperor was, as it was too far away for him.

However, he was sure that the mighty figures whose strength exceeded Great Emperors would have a great power disparity. Actually, the “Great Emperor” t.i.tle was just a collective name people in the Tian Yuan world gave to strong warriors who reached a certain realm. It was not a specific name of a realm. It was the same as “Sages” and “Human Lords”.

Hence, if the Ten Thousand Empyreal King was to be compared to the ancient Great Empress, then the difference was probably like looking at a firefly against the bright moon.

Now, according to what Lin Xintong said, the Shen Tu family clan had already restored the ancient recipe left behind by the ancient peerless Great Empress and was able to refine the desolate bone relic recorded in it. For this, how could Yi Yun not be surprised?

The power of peerless Great Empress probably far exceeded the limitations of imagination many of the mighty figures in the Tian Yuan world had&h.e.l.lip;

“The Shen Tu family clan’s Desolate Heaven technique has actually reached that level?”

Yi Yun found it unbelievable. Who had refined the Great Empress’ relic? Could it be the Thousand Hand Granny?

However, when he recalled the old granny, Yi Yun found it unlikely. The old granny was probably in the Empress-like realm, but compared to the Shen Tu Patriarch, she was probably far inferior despite being in the same realm. How could she refine the ancient Great Empress’s recipe?

“I am not sure either&h.e.l.lip;” Lin Xintong shook her head. “Maybe the ancient recipe is not that difficult to refine. The ancient Great Empress may be strong, but it does not mean that the recipe she left behind is difficult. These two things might not be related.”

Yi Yun nodded hearing what Lin Xintong said. It was reasonable.

Lin Xintong added, “Regardless, the Shen Tu family clan will definitely be providing a relic this time. They have already made it public and have invited several of the family clans that have an alliance with them. They definitely cannot fake this matter, or else they will be considered as having gone back on their word. It would not benefit them in any way.”

“Besides, they must be very confident with the relic or else they would be subject to criticism. As such, the alliance between the Shen Tu family clan and Lin family will naturally be void and null.”

“Miss Lin, you are right.” Yi Yun nodded. It did not matter how the Shen Tu family clan managed to refine the Great Empress’ relic. Only by being able to provide it were they able to put forward such a proposal with the Lin family.

From the looks of it, the Shen Tu family clan was extremely confident!

Could it be that their ability to refine the Great Empress relic was because of the mystic realm they explored? Did the Shen Tu family clan manage to find a Desolate Heaven technique method in the mystic realm that allowed them to refine the Great Empress relic?

What sort of mystic realm was it? Yi Yun was highly interested in the mystic realm as a mystic realm of that level would definitely be extraordinary!

However, a mystic realm of that level was probably not something he could explore.

Yi Yun gently shook his head. He needed time. He was still too weak right now.

After staying silent for a moment, Yi Yun suddenly looked at Lin Xintong.

“Miss Lin&h.e.l.lip;”

“Yes?” Lin Xintong looked up. Her face seemed to blur in the flickering candlelight. She was so beautiful that it did not seem real.

“If&h.e.l.lip; I am saying if. If you are unable to find a method to join up your terminated meridians, would you accept the arrangements of your family?”

Upon hearing Yi Yun’s question, Lin Xintong frowned as she looked deeply at Yi Yun.

“Why are you asking such a question? Do you not think that speculating about the future lacks any meaning? For example you&h.e.l.lip; When I first met you in the Cloud Wilderness, I never expect for you to have come so far in two years.”

“You are right&h.e.l.lip;” Yi Yun nodded. “I am asking this because of that two years ago, in the Desolate Human Valley. There you told me that when your body touched mine, you seemed to feel your meridians have a faint energy flow&h.e.l.lip;”

“Because of this, I had an idea that might sound like a joke. I want to join up your naturally terminated meridians!”

“However, I cannot guarantee that my thoughts would be achievable. And now&h.e.l.lip; The Shen Tu family clan seems to have found a method to join up your terminated meridians. I do not know if their method will be effective, but at least, it seems like it is more reliable than the clueless thoughts in my head.”

” I really want to join up your terminated meridians, but&h.e.l.lip; I do not have any reason to let you risk your life because of my own wishes and an unrealistic thought of mind. After all, the chances of healing you is very small.”

“I am thinking&h.e.l.lip; when it is finally decided that there is no way to join up your terminated meridians, and when everyone is at a loss what to do. I believe that the Matriarch, and even Senior Su Jie, would wish for you to marry Shen Tu Nantian. At least, in that way, you will be able to live on&h.e.l.lip;”

Yi Yun slowly said these words. These were the thoughts that had lingered in his mind, and was also the dilemma he felt by staying in the Lin family.

From a emotional point of view, he naturally did not wish to see Shen Tu Nantian heal Lin Xintong of her naturally terminated meridians, and use this coercive method to complete the marriage.

However&h.e.l.lip; from a logical point of view, this was probably the best outcome for Lin Xintong.

Although Lin Xintong’s grandaunt was irksome, she did say something that Yi Yun found very reasonable. That was, if life and innocence was compared, which was more important?

Maybe the word “innocence” was not accurate for Lin Xintong as what she insisted on was her dignity and the right to choose her own life.

“Thank you.”

Lin Xintong said solemnly as she looked at Yi Yun. She had never known, prior to this, that Yi Yun wished to cure her of her naturally terminated meridians. If the Lin family or the Shen Tu family clan knew of Yi Yun’s thoughts, they would probably laugh and ridicule, thinking Yi Yun was speaking idiotic nonsense.

However, Lin Xintong did not think so.

“Regardless, I will fight for my own fate. After all, who can tell the future&h.e.l.lip; What I can guarantee you is that, even if the Lin family agrees to ally with the Shen Tu family clan, I will prevent you from being forced to leave.”

Lin Xintong said seriously. Yi Yun knew that Lin Xintong was referring to the feud he had with Shen Tu Nantian.

“Alright, let us not talk about this anymore. The Matriarch had spent a great deal of effort to prepare this party for you.”

Upon saying this, the corners of Lin Xintong’s mouth curled up, revealing a light smile.

Yi Yun naturally understood the meaning behind her words. The Matriarch had probably informed a few female Elders in the family to matchmake suitable girls for Yi Yun.

With a slight turn of his head, Yi Yun noticed that the tall girl who wanted to practice swords with him was speaking to someone else while frequently looking over at him.

The lascivious bodied girl was probably intending to continue the discussion about swords after Lin Xintong left.

Yi Yun embarra.s.singly knitted his eyebrows. He had little experience in such events, be it in his previous and present life.

The party lasted for six hours and only ended late into the night.

In the end, the girls who had solicited Yi Yun wasn’t that many. This was because Lin Xintong was beside Yi Yun most of the night. At the beginning, both of them chatted about the situation regarding the Lin family and the Shen Tu family clan. It was considered “official business”.

Later on, they began chatting about anything under the sun.

Originally, Lin Xintong thought that Yi Yun’s insight would be lacking and that she could not talk about a lot of things. She had planned to tell Yi Yun about the current situation of the Tian Yuan world and the interesting historical facts.

However, when they really began chatting, Lin Xintong found out that Yi Yun was the one speaking most of the time while she was the one listening.

Yi Yun seemed to have endless amounts of interesting tidbits in his head.

Yi Yun naturally knew very little about this world.

However, in his previous life, where he lived in the explosive information age and had the Internet in his hand through a divine device, the strange things he knew far exceeded what this world had.

He adapted many of the bizarre events and blurred out the temporal background, turning it into an interesting story for this world.

Especially the hilarious jokes on the Internet were endless in scope. It was completely beyond the limits of this world’s warriors where cultivation was at the forefront.

In the beginning, Lin Xintong told Yi Yun some interesting historical facts, but soon, she realized that the interesting facts she knew were boring compared to what Yi Yun mentioned.

Later on, Lin Xintong was very happy to just quietly listen. She would sporadically cover her mouth as she chuckled. Sometimes, she would even widen her bright dark eyes and say stuff like, “That cannot be so right?”, “Where did you you hear all this from?”, “It is so interesting”.

The surrounding Lin family’s juniors were shocked upon seeing Yi Yun chat like that with Lin Xintong. Their impression of Lin Xintong was that she was a quiet and reserved person who did not laugh or talk much.

They felt that the number of times they had seen Lin Xintong laugh over the ten plus years was less than the number of times she laughed that night.


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