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Chapter 400: Heretic energy

“Junior brother Yun, these twelve desolate bones are not simple. Your mental energy is weaker by a bit and you may not be able to handle it. Do you want to carry on?” Shen Tu Nantian smiled at Yi Yun as he asked.

If Yi Yun were to insist even after the dangers were highlighted, it would not be Shen Tu Nantian’s fault if Yi Yun were to have an accident. Then, there was no reason for the Lin family to find fault with him.

It could only be reasoned away with Yi Yun being overconfident and having only himself to blame.

Seeing Shen Tu Nantian’s smile, Yi Yun sneered in his heart.

Shen Tu Nantian did not mention the danger earlier on, and he had only highlighted it only after the bone refinement process had begun. Shen Tu Nantain’s goal was none other than to place him in a dilemma.

Shen Tu Nantain wanted to see Yi Yun carry on refining the bone. He was looking forward to seeing Yi Yun be damaged mentally and become a r.e.t.a.r.d.

Conversely, if Yi Yun were to decline, then his goal would have been accomplished even though he would be slightly disappointed.

Regardless of the outcome, Shen Tu Nantian would’ve taken the advantage.

Yi Yun understood Shen Tu Nantian’s intentions, and naturally, Lin Xintong and Su Jie could understand it clearly.

“Kid, don’t be rash!”

“Yi Yun, don’t fall for his trick!”

Lin Xintong and Su Jie’s Yuan Qi voice transmissionS simultaneously rang in Yi Yun’s ears.

The corner of Yi Yun’s lip curved slightly under the mask. Since Shen Tu Nantian was scheming against him, why could he not scheme against Shen Tu Nantian?

Yi Yun was a vengeful person. Previously, he had suffered a lot, so how could he accept the matter without obtaining a little interest?

“Don’t worry, I know my limits. If I really cannot cope with it, I will not force it.”

Yi Yun replied to Su Jie and Lin Xintong with a Yuan Qi transmission, ignoring their continuous disagreement with his decision. He said to Shen Tu Nantian, “I have no problem. Since the bone refinement has begun, how can I quit now!?”

When Yi Yun said this, all the Desolate Heaven Masters present were slightly taken aback. This kid really has guts!

Especially the juniors of the Lin family, they were worried for Yi Yun. These twelve desolate bones appeared evil in any form. Yi Yun was really a daredevil considering he accepted the challenge without knowing any of the heritage of the Heaven Desolate Ancient Sect.

Besides Yi Yun was young, he was younger than Shen Tu Hai and Shen Tu Feng by three years. In this situation, if it was anyone else, they wouldn’t really accept the challenge, risking their lives for it.

“An accident can’t happen, right&h.e.l.lip; ?”

The members of the Lin family were worried. Now, Yi Yun was in the limelight. He had gained enough face for himself and the Lin family.

However, if he were to receive permanent damage to his soul during the bone refinement process, it would not be gaining face. He would be mocked by others as not knowing his own strengths, foolhardy and dumb.

“Junior brother Yun’s courage is to be encouraged. He really is an elite son of Heaven of this generation in the Tian Yuan world. His style is magnificent and unmatched in his generation.” Shen Tu Nantian was not stingy with his praise. He was pleasantly surprised that Yi Yun would accept the challenge as he had expected Yi Yun to reject it.

“He is after all a child. He’s too young.” Shen Tu Nantian thought.

In his eyes, Yi Yun was fifteen-years-old, this was an age where people were arrogant, thinking they were the center of the universe.

Especially with Yi Yun showcasing his talent previously, if it were any other fifteen-year-old youth, they would inevitably feel inflated and losing their sense of self.

This was the outcome Shen Tu Nantian wished to see most.

Shen Tu Nantian’s lips moved slightly as he transmitted his voice to Shen Tu Feng and Shen Tu Hai.

The two brothers smiled, “Senior brother, don’t worry. Leave it to us!”

“Then, let us continue.” Shen Tu Nantian laughed, “Chou!”

Shen Tu Nantian shouted the second desolate bone’s label out.

The “Chou” labeled desolate bone was in Shen Tu Feng’s hands.

Shen Tu Feng took a disk array out of his interspatial ring. The “Chou” labeled desolate bone was not very difficult, so he was confident in completing it.


Just after Shen Tu Feng began extracting the energy, Shen Tu Nantian shouted the “Yin” labeled desolate bone out immediately. And this desolate bone was in Yi Yun’s hands!

Yi Yun was calm as he picked the corresponding desolate bone and his own disk array out.

He noticed that a mocking and antic.i.p.atory smile had appeared on Shen Tu Nantian’s lips. Shen Tu Nantian was looking forward to him having his soul suffer a spiritual backlash from the desolate bone.

At this moment, a lot of people were staring at Yi Yun. In comparison, Shen Tu Feng, who understood the Heaven Desolate Ancient Sect’s mystic techniques, did not receive much attention.

Yi Yun was not in a hurry as he controlled his mental energy to suspend the “Yin” labeled desolate bone mid-air.

At the same time, Yi Yun opened the Purple Crystal’s energy vision.

With the energy vision, he saw through all illusions.

In an instant, Yi Yun could see the “Yin” labeled desolate bone’s entire energy structure.

“There is indeed heretic energy&h.e.l.lip;”

Yi Yun could clearly distinguish the nature and essence of the energies in the desolate bone.

In this world, some energy was pure and powerful, and they were very beneficial for the cultivation of warriors. Examples are primordial species desolate bones or the energy in a pure Yang spirit.

However, the nature of some energies were to destroy. Even if they were tamed, they did not have any benefit for a warrior. For example, back when the Shepherd Boy and the Ten Thousand Empyreal King fought, the dark energy from the Ten Thousand Empyreal King’s Ten Thousand Ghost Bell was similarly extremely powerful, but other than killing people, it had no other use. No one could absorb that energy to utilize it.

Now, in the desolate bone, it contained an energy that was similar. Other than harming others, it had no other purpose.

This was probably left behind by using the Heaven Desolate Ancient Sect’s ancient mystic techniques to process the “Yin” labeled desolate bone.

These things would cause a backlash to a Desolate Heaven Master if they made the slightest of mistakes while extracting the energy.

Of course, to Yi Yun, this was not a threat at all.

Yi Yun raised his hands and began to form seals.

People focused their attention as they stared at Yi Yun’s ten fingers. The outcome of the bone refinement was all resting on this moment.


Lin Xintong alerted Su Jie. Su Jie waved his hand gently, and focused while speaking, “My mental energies are locked onto the kid. If there are any tiny abnormalities, I will immediately make a move and cut his mental energy link with the desolate bone. However&h.e.l.lip; the spiritual backlash is instantaneous. Even if I can make a move in time, his soul will still suffer some damage, but he will definitely not become a r.e.t.a.r.d.”

Su Jie could only do this. At the Desolate Heaven technique tea session, Yi Yun had agreed to this matter in front of so many people; so he, as Yi Yun’s master, could not strongly object to it. He could only save Yi Yun only when something happened.


Lin Xintong nodded. She could only count on Su Jie now.

“Heh! He is a bit too undeveloped after all&h.e.l.lip; ” Shen Tu Nantian noticed that when Yi Yun extracted the energy from the desolate bone, he did not divert much energy to protect his soul. That was a grave mistake.

For example, when Shen Tu Hai used the Desolate Heaven technique, he would first conjure his Aspect Totem to defend against the backlash from the desolate bone’s energy. And even with all the preparations, he had been greatly drained and he had nearly hurt himself.

And now, Yi Yun was only courting death by being so carefree.

“I really overestimated you. Looks like even if you do not become a r.e.t.a.r.d this time, you would still suffer greatly. You will probably not recover without half a year’s recovery time.”

Shen Tu Nantian naturally noticed that other than Su Jie, the upper echelons of the Lin family, including the Lin family’s Matriarch, were all watching Yi Yun’s every move, ready to make a move at any moment.

Clearly, the Lin family would not watch a talent become a r.e.t.a.r.d because of a Desolate Heaven technique tea session without doing something.

Such a scene made Shen Tu Nantian know that it was impossible to completely destroy Yi Yun. However, just making Yi Yun suffer a major setback and delaying his cultivation would be sufficient.

At this moment, Yi Yun tapped his fingers on the desolate bone and as if playing a piano, runic seals came flying out.

These runic seals revealed a very simplistic aura. When everyone saw this scene, they were dumbfounded.

Mystic Crystal Hand?

Why was it the Mystic Crystal Hand again?

The Lin family’s Desolate Heaven Masters, especially the younger generation, were all stunned with their mouths agape.


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