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Chapter 40: Each having a Scheme

Early the next morning, the members of the warrior preparation camp arrived at the square. They already knew that Zhang Yuxian had left. Many people had heard Zhang Yuxian’s beast galloping away last night. Of course, that included Yi Yun.

“Yi Yun!” At the square, Lian Chengyu called Yi Yun from afar. His expression was still warm.

“Young master Lian, what’s the matter?” Yi Yun smiled; he knew that Lian Chengyu’s current demeanor was an act for the villagers.

At the square, there were many onlookers. Although Lian Chengyu had long since wanted to get rid of Yi Yun, he did not want to do it in front of the villagers.

Having appreciated Yi Yun, it was possible Zhang Yuxian would return to the Lian tribal clan for Yi Yun after he completed his mission.

Even if Zhang Yuxian didn’t return, he might ask about Yi Yun at the Kingdom’s selection.

If Lian Chengyu had attacked Yi Yun in public, it would make him feel better. However, with so many people watching, word would spread. At any rate, he couldn’t silence the entire tribe.

If the matter was investigated by Zhang Yuxian, Lian Chengyu would be implicated. Hence, he planned on using a slow and steady manner to get rid of Yi Yun.

Noticing that Lian Chengyu did not turn the tables, Yi Yun happily joined in with Lian Chengyu’s Tai Chi practice. Besides, if they had really broke into conflict, Yi Yun’s strength was still insufficient. Also, Yi Yun was still not done absorbing the desolate bones essence.

“Yi Yun, Lord Zhang left behind a note and a box of pills. In the note, he instructed that the pills were for the both of us. The pill for me isn’t a mild drug. A person with low cultivation cannot eat it. As for yours, it’s very suitable for building a beginner’s foundation.”

Lian Chengyu reasoned it well. If Yi Yun didn’t know who he was, he would have fully believed in it.

“Oh, a pill!?” Yi Yun’s eyes lit up. He was extremely excited and antic.i.p.ant. “Lord Zhang left a pill for me?”

“Yes!” Seeing Yi Yun’s silly look, Lian Chengyu sneered in his mind. He’s indeed a r.e.t.a.r.d. He actually believed that there was a pie in the sky.

“Lord Zhang sure was generous. The kindness he gave the two of us must be remembered even if we rise up!”

Lian Chengyu patted and advised Yi Yun. In his eyes flashed killing intent.

With Zhang Yuxian gone, Lian Chengyu could no longer conceal his killing intent towards Yi Yun.

“Young master Lian words are wise. Little me will not forget,” Yi Yun answered with a sincere desire of learning.

“Yi Yun, your talent is far greater than mine. When the desolate bones essence is extracted, I intend to give you some of it. This desolate bones essence not only concerns our future, but it concerns the future of thousands of lives in the Lian tribal clan. I can’t trust anyone else but little brother Yi. I will be more a.s.sured if you lead the brewing.”

“Let’s do it this way. In the day, you will carry on refining the desolate bones. When it is refined, we shall consume it together as brothers. I will then help you, allowing you to reach the second realm of Mortal Blood, Vigour. I will then give you the pill from Lord Zhang, allowing your cultivation to go one step further!”

Lian Chengyu smirked as he said those words. Yi Yun, on the other hand, knew it was a mocking expression.

Without Zhang Yuxian, to Lian Chengyu, Yi Yun was just a child who could be crushed easily in his palms.

Even if Lian Chengyu had really prepared a pill for him, it would most likely be a slow-acting poison. It would paralyze him and cause him to slowly die in pain.

But from Lian Chengyu’s point of view, no poison was better than the Frost Python’s frost toxin. It was without cure. Using the Frost Python’s frost toxin to kill Yi Yun was most fitting!

“I will complete whatever matter Young master Lian a.s.signs me.” Yi Yun patted his chest with a guarantee. He pledged like a hot-blooded youth.

When Zhang Yuxian arrived in the Lian tribal clan, the refining of the desolate bones was not halted. Its location was just moved to the Lian Clan Herb Mountain. After all, having a huge cauldron burning day and night when Zhang Yuxian entered the Lian tribal clan was not appropriate.

Lian Chengyu wanted to use the frost toxin to continue harming Yi Yun. It would slowly cause him to die a miserable death. It would also allay suspicions away from him since dead men tell no tales.

As for Yi Yun, he planned to absorb all the energy of the desolate bones before he fell out with Lian Chengyu. He wanted to break through to the Qi Gatherer realm, increasing the cards in his hand.

As such, both of them connected well as they each had their own schemes. With that, Yi Yun happily went to refine the desolate bones.

Of course, to Lian Chengyu, Yi Yun’s elated behavior resembled an immature kid.

“This r.e.t.a.r.d. I’m sending him to his death and he’s so happy. How could my talent lose to this r.e.t.a.r.d? It’s so humiliating!” Lian Chengyu sneered. He balled his fist so tightly that his knuckles emitted soft explosive sounds.

Yi Yun was pining after the desolate bones, as he had not absorbed its energy for three days.

Without the desolate bones supplementing him with energy, Yi Yun’s cultivation was slower. He would also feel hungry as a result.

“d.a.m.n it kid, where did you die to?”

The dark faced men in charge of refining the bones snapped at Yi Yun.

These men had been staying up on the Lian Clan Herb Mountain, so they were not aware of the events that happened with Zhang Yuxian.

Their impression of Yi Yun was still that of an ill-ridden child. So they were not amiable towards him.

Yi Yun did not pay attention to them. He went to his familiar spot and began chopping wood.

Today, he was prepared to absorb all the energy from the desolate bones. Because Yi Yun knew that there was not much time left. Lian Chengyu’s patience might run out in a few days.

He had to break through into the fifth Mortal Blood level, the Qi Gatherer realm.

Facing the burning cauldron, Yi Yun took in a deep breath. In his vision, he saw endless points of lights.

These points of lights were like a delectable cuisine; Yi Yun was already drooling.

Come on, I’ll eat it clean!

With that in mind, Yi Yun conjured up a purple vortex with his heart in the eye of the storm.

In that split second, Yi Yun felt his body heat up. A heat flow began circulating through the Ren Du Er Mai Yi Yun had just recently opened up.

After that, in Yi Yun’s vision, several purple red light dots appeared from the cauldron’s mouth. An uncountable number of light dots began to emerge from the “Li Fire Water”, and flew towards Yi Yun like a flock of birds!

“This&h.e.l.lip;” Yi Yun was momentarily shocked. The number of light dots were more than he antic.i.p.ated. It had even formed a line!

“Shoo! Shoo! Shoo!”

The light drops rained on Yi Yun’s body, entering his meridians without resistance.

Yi Yun suddenly felt his body tremble. He felt his meridians were about to burst!


An extremely intense pain caused Yi Yun to fall to the ground. And the energies were still entering his body without pause.

If the men refining the desolate bones could see, they would see Yi Yun’s body covered by a halo.


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