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Chapter 399: Dark Desolate Heaven Master

As Shen Tu Nantian spoke, he placed the disk array on the ground. Runic circles began to shine on it as it began to grow in size. It grew to the point where it extended beneath Yi Yun, Shen Tu Feng and Shen Tu Hai’s feet.

“Stand on it.” Shen Tu Nantian said. To refine the ancient recipe’s elixir, the disk array was its foundation.

Yi Yun faltered slightly before he stepped onto the disk array.

He knew that with his new ident.i.ty, he had not yet reached the point where he had to be killed at all costs, even after offending Shen Tu Nantian once again. Under the current situation, Shen Tu Nantian would not do anything to him in front of the upper echelons of the Lin family.

“The three of you shall extract the energy within the desolate bones and provide it for me! The twelve desolate bones will follow the order of the twelve Heavenly branches. Whatever bone I need, you will need to extract the corresponding bone’s Power of Desolates!”

As Shen Tu Nantian spoke, he took a jade jar out of his interspatial ring. Opening the jar, a pungent smell of blood was emitted.

It was the blood of a primordial species!

People could clearly see that this beast’s blood was heavy and thick. It also contained dense amounts of Power of Desolates within it, so there was no doubt that it was the blood of a primordial species.

Shen Tu Nantian planned to use the desolate bones and blood simultaneously to refine the elixir from the ancient recipe.


Shen Tu Nantian shouted out a word. “Zi” was the top of the twelve Heavenly branches.

And the “Zi” label desolate bone was in Shen Tu Hai’s hands!

Shen Tu Hai’s eyes flashed as he also took out a disk array from his interspatial ring. He then began extracting the Power of Desolates from the “Zi” labeled desolate bone.

This was the desolate bone of a king-ranked desolate beast, and since this desolate bone had been processed through an ancient recipe, it was not that easy to extract the Power of Desolates from it.

However, Shen Tu Hai was well prepared as he had been previously exposed the Desolate Heaven techniques of the Heaven Desolate Ancient Sect. Although he did not master it, he still had some understanding of it.

His ten fingers moved as he sent out runic seals. Behind Shen Tu Hai, Heaven Earth Yuan Qi energy began to condense, forming into a black phantom image.

The phantom image had two wings on its back and had teeth sticking out its mouth. It looked like a huge bat and looked extremely ferocious.

“Aspect Totem?”

When people saw the black phantom appear, they were stunned. Typically, people would only conjure their Aspect Totem during battle. As for Shen Tu Hai conjuring his Aspect Totem while using the Desolate Heaven technique, it was rarely seen.

“Shen Tu Hai’s technique is know as the Black Handed Demon. It is an extremely rare method of the Desolate Heaven technique. In the past there were Dark Desolate Heaven Masters who liked to use it. Black Handed Demon indeed requires the manifestation of an Aspect Totem.”

In the Desolate Heaven technique, there were a few existences that were taboo. They were labeled as Dark Desolate Heaven Masters.

This group of people were labeled as heretics by the orthodox Desolate Heaven Masters.

Different from the orthodox Desolate Heaven technique, Dark Desolate Heaven Masters would do anything just to refine a effective desolate bone relic. That also included using human bones as materials for the Desolate Heaven technique.

The reason why the bones of desolate beasts could be refined into desolate bone relics was because of the great amounts of Power of Desolates contained within them. In contrast, strong humans, their bodies contained great amounts of Heaven Earth Yuan Qi.

Hence at times, the effects from the bones of strong desolate beasts and the bones of humans were the same.

Hence, Dark Desolate Heaven Masters had developed a method to use the bones of human experts to refine relics. Tens of millions of years ago, the heritage of the Dark Desolate Heaven Masters had reached an extreme.

They had established several Dark Desolate Heaven technique sects and there were Dark family clans that pa.s.sed on their bloodlines. These Dark family clans were Dark Desolate Heaven Masters for generations.

These family clans were extremely powerful, as they used unscrupulous means to obtain human bones to help refine desolate bone relics. As their bloodlines pa.s.sed down the tyrannical cruelty, they caused chaos to the world.

They stole the corpses from orthodox sects, sacrificed virgin boys and girls, wantonly used girls as s*x slaves, ma.s.sacred mortals, and gave offerings to demon ghosts.

Due to their evil acts, the orthodox Desolate Heaven Masters finally combined forces with the orthodox sects to declare war on the Dark world. Finally the Dark family clans and sects were all destroyed at their peak.

The heritage of the Dark Desolate Heaven technique was as such greatly destroyed. However, the Dark Desolate Heaven Masters did not completely disappear as a result of this, they just went underground.

The “Black Handed Demon” used by Shen Tu Hai was not an exclusive technique used only by Dark Desolate Heaven Masters. Some orthodox Desolate Heaven Masters would also use it, though seldomly.

This method was ancient and complex, so many Desolate Heaven Masters did not even understand it.

It was indeed remarkable that Shen Tu Hai could use this method at his age.

The people from the Lin family, regardless of the younger or older generation, had to admit that Shen Tu Hai was a genius in the Desolate Heaven technique.

Clearly, it was an extremely difficult matter for Shen Tu Hai and company to cooperate with Shen Tu Nantian to refine the ancient recipe.

Realizing this, many of them began to worry for Yi Yun. Although they did not know Yi Yun, Yi Yun was, after all, representing their Lin family and was the only person who could compete with the Shen Tu family clan amongst the younger generation. If Yi Yun was to lose terribly, then they would also be embarra.s.sed.

“Junior brother Yun should still have some hidden methods, right?”

“That should be the case. If he could crack Song Ziyue’s array so easily, I doubt he only has the Mystic Crystal Hand. Let us wait and see&h.e.l.lip;”

As they spoke, their hearts suddenly sank. They saw a black gas start to emit from the desolate bone in Shen Tu Hai’s hands. This black gas was like a venomous snake that shot towards Shen Tu Hai’s eyebrows!

“Oh? That is!?”

People widened their eyes. The black gas revealed a very dangerous aura and was clearly detrimental for Shen Tu Hai!

And at this moment, the bat-like Aspect Totem behind Shen Tu Hai roared and swallowed the black gas!

Shen Tu Hai was currently stressed. After his Aspect Totem swallowed the black gas, he began sending out runic seals onto the desolate bone. Only then did he manage to quell the black gas completely.

Only when the black gas was completely sealed did Shen Tu Hai exhale, revealing a complacent smile.

“Spiritual backlash!” An old Desolate Heaven Master identified the origin of the black gas.

In the domain of the Desolate Heaven technique, some desolate bones were extremely dangerous. If one did not have the ability to refine them, it would result in serious consequences.

People could die due to the Desolate Heaven technique!

“No wonder Shen Tu Hai had to use the Black Handed Demon. This Black Handed Demon has the advantage in dealing with spiritual backlashes.”

An old Desolate Heaven Master from the Lin family said. The reason why the Black Handed Demon was widely used by Dark Desolate Heaven Masters was because the human bones they refined contained resentment, resulting in more frequent spiritual backlashes!

Now, Shen Tu Hai’s king-ranked desolate beast’s bone made a spiritual backlash, likely due to the Heaven Desolate Ancient Sect’s heritage. Some of the processing methods had caused the bone to become like this.

If one suffered a spiritual backlash while refining such a desolate bone, the consequences ranged from damaging one’s soul to becoming a r.e.t.a.r.d!

“This Shen Tu Nantian actually chose such an ancient recipe. Since the “Zi” labeled desolate bone has spiritual backlash within it, then the other labeled desolate bones might also have it too, and they might even be more dangerous. These twelve desolate bones are definitely not simple.”

People looked at the 12 bones in Shen Tu Hai, Shen Tu Feng and Yi Yun’s hands as they eyelids twitched. Especially the younger generation felt fear. They felt lucky that they were not in Yi Yun’s position, facing such a situation.

If it were them, they would really be in a situation of being irrevocably committed. If they shied away from it, it would be too embarra.s.sing. If they gritted their teeth and went through with it, who knows if they would end up a r.e.t.a.r.d as a result.

Many of them began to sympathize with Yi Yun. Although his Desolate Heaven technique was extraordinary, he was too young. He was not like Shen Tu Hai or Shen Tu Feng. The both of them must have been exposed to the Desolate Heaven technique heritage of the Heaven Desolate Ancient Sect prior to this.

At this moment, Shen Tu Hai completed the extraction of the Power of Desolates from the “Zi” labeled desolate bone.

This blob of Power of Desolates finally landed into the disk array at Shen Tu Hai’s feet. As a result, the runes on the disk array lit up.

There were a total of 12 runes on the disk array, corresponding to the 12 desolate bones.

Seeing the corresponding rune light up, Shen Tu Hai clenched his fists and was delighted!

He had succeeded!

With Shen Tu Hai’s ability, it was quite taxing on him to extract a king-ranked desolate beast’s desolate bone. Furthermore, he had to be wary of the spiritual backlash within the desolate bone, so it was very draining on his mental energy.

He wiped the sweat off his forehead and took out a Soul Nurturing pill from his interspatial ring before swallowing it down.

With that, his face flushed abnormally.

Usually, he did not have a 100% success rate at extracting a “Zi” labeled desolate bone. If an accident happened midway, Shen Tu Nantian had to expend some mental energy to help him.

At this Desolate Heaven technique tea session, Shen Tu Hai inevitably felt nervous in front of so many people. He worried that an accident would happen while he was handling it, but thankfully, he succeeded.

He had undoubtedly shined at the Desolate Heaven technique tea session. And he had gained face for the Shen Tu family clan.

“Junior brother Yun, how about it. Can you handle it? If you think you cannot, it is not too late to quit now. Shen Tu Feng and I will become more tired, but we can finish your portion.” Shen Tu Hai said with a mocking smile. He was waiting to see Yi Yun’s expression of being in a dilemma.

Actually, with Shen Tu Nantian’s intentions, if he did not tell Yi Yun that there was a spiritual backlash within the desolate bones and instead tricked Yi Yun, causing him to become a r.e.t.a.r.d, that would naturally be the best outcome.

However at the Desolate Heaven technique tea session, Shen Tu Nantian naturally could not not do so in front of all the upper echelons of the Lin family.

How could the Lin family permit such an insidious trick? After all, the Shen Tu family clan was still at a slight disadvantage in this negotiation with the Lin family. Shen Tu Nantian may hate Yi Yun, but it did not reach the point of him needing to kill Yi Yun at all costs. So he definitely needed to weigh the consequences.

Now, by letting Yi Yun first agree to the cooperative bone refinement, then pointing out the problem of the spiritual backlash after, everything was different.

If Yi Yun was smart, he would bow out in a crestfallen manner, then Shen Tu Nantian’s objective would have been accomplished. It could showcase the Shen Tu family clan’s abilities and at the same time, trample on Yi Yun.


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