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Chapter 393: Guanyin Flower Picking Hand

At the moment Yi Yun began cracking the array, a Yuan Qi voice transmission sounded out in Lin Ziyan’s ear. It came from her master, a female elder of the Lin family.

“Yes, master.”

Lin Ziyan was not feeling pleased with the situation either. Originally, it had almost turned to a situation where no one from the Lin family showed up to crack the array. It would have been something that was greatly fulfilling, but with Yi Yun haphazard actions, the situation was now in a mess.

She glanced over at Yi Yun with resentment. One needed to have a mind as still as water when cracking an array. Now, Lin Ziyan felt that the state of her mind was in some turmoil. She took a few deep breaths to calm her mind.

Song Ziyue’s array was not easy to crack. She needed to give it her all and be serious about it.

Lin Ziyan made her move. Both of her hands formed a lotus shape in front of her chest. Her palms faced each other and with that, a rainbow light stream started twirling around her fingers. These streams of rainbow light condensed together into a rainbow in the air which then circled around Lin Ziyan. It made her suddenly appear like a G.o.ddess who had entered the human realm from heaven.

Lin Ziyan’s fingers moved in unison and began moving faster and faster as it formed a series of shadows. Suddenly, beautiful lights flashed and golden lotuses filled the air as if the Heavens had landed in an auspicious manner. It was as if immortal plants were taking root in mid air, blooming into a colorful lotus.

Lin Ziyan’s sealing technique was so gorgeous that it made people gasp!

Beautiful sealing techniques did not necessarily mean that the technique was brilliant, but it meant a more complex energy control, and even greater energy intensity.

If one sealing technique set contained both complex and powerful aspects, then it could definitely not be a bad one.

Besides, for those at the Desolate Heaven technique tea session, a dazzling technique that was both complex and spectacular was expected.

“It is the Guanyin Flower Picking Hand!”

In the surrounding square, people let out amazed gasps.

The Guanyin Flower Picking Hand came from a Buddhist sect, the Daming Temple. The Daming Temple existed long ago. It was the world’s biggest Buddhist sect and had four Great Monks, 18 Emperor Arhats, a million Buddhist sect disciples and a trillion believers.

However, affairs of the world are ephemeral. The Daming Temple eventually fractured and after it was besieged by a few large family clans, a lot of its heritage was either destroyed, or lost across the world. The Guanyin Flower Picking Hand was one of those.

The legendary bodhisattva, Guanyin, had a thousand hands. What sort of feeling was it when a thousand hands picked flowers?

Hence, this name of Guanyin Flower Picking Hand described people who used such a technique. Their hands moved so rapidly that they appeared as a blur to people, just like a thousand-hand Guanyin.

At the same time, the lighting effect generated from this technique was like a thousand flowers blooming at the same time. It was extremely beautiful.

The Guanyin Flower Picking Hand was extremely difficult to learn. Furthermore, the seals were complex. Just a tiny mistake would cause all the of seals to collapse and disintegrate.

Typically, at Desolate Heaven technique tea sessions, where bedazzling techniques were the norm, it was still very rare to see the Guanyin Flower Picking Hand used by juniors. Now, with the Guanyin Flower Picking Hand’s appearance, it of course made the disciples of the Lin family very excited.

“Senior sister Ziyan is so awesome. She has been out training for many years and has actually managed to master such a technique!”

“It is marvelous. Senior Sister Ziyan should be able to break Song Ziyue’s array. Once the array is cracked, we shall see how Song Ziyue can carry on flaunting himself.”

The disciples of the Lin family found it a relief. Previously when Song Ziyue was being extremely arrogant, they had suppressed their fiery anger in their hearts.

Against Lin Ziyan’s Guanyin Flower Picking Hand, Song Ziyue’s expression turned solemn. Although he was confident in the traps he had set, Lin Ziyan was no normal person. Before Song Ziyue partic.i.p.ated in this tea session, he had gained some understanding of the Lin family’s younger generation. Lin Ziyan was one of the opponents whom he had paid close attention to.

Three years ago, before Lin Ziyan went out on a training expedition, she was already famous. Now, returning after three years, it was very difficult to tell how powerful she was!

“Dear nephew Nantian, what do you think of our Lin family’s disciple’s technique?” Lin Xintong’s grandaunt said proudly beside Shen Tu Nantian. Lin Ziyan was one of her direct descendants, so she had always been proud of Lin Ziyan.

However, when Lin Ziyan was young, she had not been able to reveal much of her talent. Back then, she did not enjoy a lot of resources and was even worse off than Lin Xintong. This made the woman in palatial attire very unfriendly towards a young Lin Xintong.

“Very good! The Lin family has geniuses in every generation. It will only prosper with each day!”

Shen Tu Nantian went with the flow and praised Lin Ziyan.

The woman in palatial gown was pleased as she glanced at Su Jie, “Elder Su, you sure did well by taking in this in-name disciple of yours. He is a rare stock that is almost impossible to get. At the Jade Bamboo peak, he spoke rashly without considering the age hierarchy. Now, at this tea session, in such a solemn scene, his brain went to mush and went on stage rashly. It really causes people to be dumbfounded! Thankfully Ziyan is here today, if not your disciple would have thrown the Lin family’s face.”

The woman in palatial attire mocked with a mean tone. She had never been on good terms with Su Jie. Back at the Jade Bamboo peak, she had already went at odds against Yi Yun and was unhappy about it. Now, with this matter, Yi Yun had embarra.s.sed the Lin family, while Ziyan had made the Lin family proud, so how could she not take the opportunity to flaunt?

As for offending Su Jie, she had already done so at the Jade Bamboo peak, so she did not care much.

Su Jie’s expression sank. His character was originally of the proud sort, but now with the woman enumerating his faults in public, he became extremely p.i.s.sed. However, since logic was against him, he had no right to retort.

“Hehe, the Lin family’s disciples are so active. Elder Su’s disciple should be praised for his courage!” Shen Tu Nantian said with a smile. He did not wish to offend Su Jie. After all, Su Jie was extremely important to Lin Xintong.

As for Yi Yun, Shen Tu Nantian completely ignored him. With his status, and in a situation where he was unable to recognize Yi Yun, he would not pay much attention to such a small fry.

“However&h.e.l.lip; My Shen Tu family clan has even more heroes. Some of them might even exceed Grandaunt’s expectations!”

Shen Tu Nantian turned towards the woman in palatial attire again. His words were full of confidence. He believed that the preparations the Shen Tu family clan had made would greatly surprise the Lin family. He was looking forward to that scene.

“Oh? Exceed my expectations?” The woman’s interest was caught. “That would be interesting. Then let us see if Ziyan will also be able to surprise dear nephew Nantian!”

Against the woman’s self-confidence, Shen Tu Nantian smiled without saying a word. He appeared inscrutable.

At this moment, on the square, as Lin Ziyan’s forming of seals became even faster, layers of finger shadows began forming from her ten fingers. Runes after runes flew out like young swallows and into Song Ziyue’s array.

And in the center of the group where Lin Ziyan was forming a seal was one of the wood-elemental desolate bones in Song Ziyue’s array.

Actually, the Guanyin Flower Picking Hand leaned more towards the wood-elemental Yuan Qi energies. This piece of desolate bone was surrounded by Lin Ziyan’s runic seals. People could clearly see lotuses, immortal gra.s.s bloom above the desolate bone.

This scene made people more and more excited.

Author’s Note: There will be another small chapter after this.


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