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Chapter 390: Five Elemental Bone Array

What? No interest?

Lin Yuan nearly thought he had heard wrongly.

The purpose of the Desolate Heaven technique tea session was to showcase the skills of each family clan in the Desolate Heaven technique, and it was a stage for the young heroes to perform on.

If one excelled in one’s performance, not only would it bring fame, one would also gain the attention of the upper echelons of the family clan. Then, one would be able to enjoy even more resources and have a prosperous future.

It was an opportunity many wished that they could experience, where they could display their skills. Yet, when Lin Yuan purposely prepared such an opportunity for Yi Yun, his reply was that he was not interested?

“Brother Yuan, ignore the kid. Since he does not dare to go, why not let me?”

A child of the Lin family laughed as he volunteered himself.

Lin Yuan nodded as he guessed that Yi Yun was lacking confidence and thought that he would shame himself if he went up. This really made Lin Yuan speechless. Back when Yi Yun was learning the Mystic Crystal Hand, he had acted with great pretense, but now, when push came to shove, he shrunk back. Such a person was someone everyone looked down upon.

“Alright then, you are up!”

Lin Yuan nodded towards the Lin family child who had volunteered himself. As such, four people jumped into the square from the Evening Breeze Pavilion.

The other pavilions also put together 28 people. As such, the Lin family also sent up 32 people.

With 32 against 32, the big chaotic battle kicked off.

The duels in the Desolate Heaven technique caused the scene to look extremely beautiful. Just two people competing in the Desolate Heaven technique would create a sight as beautiful as fireworks due to the flying runic seals exploding in the air.

Now, with 64 people bedazzling the square, various colors illuminated the sky, making it more beautiful than the morning glow of the sun’s rise in the East.

A lot of people in the surrounding seats, who were seeing a group Desolate Heaven technique battle for the first time, began sending out repeated praises.

At this moment, behind Shen Tu Nantian, a youth’s lips began suffusing a teasing smile.

This youth was one of the three that followed Shen Tu Nantian to the seats of honor. His name was Song Ziyue, born from the Song family who had an alliance with the Shen Tu family clan. To be able to enter the seats of honor with Shen Tu Nantian clearly meant that his ability in the Desolate Heaven technique was good.

A while later, an outcome in the battle between the 64 people slowly emerged on the square.

In this large battle, runic seals exploded even more violently. The impact on one’s mental strength was thus even greater. Those who were weaker would immediately be eliminated.

One disciple after another succ.u.mbed with pale faces, leaving fewer and fewer people left standing in the square.

Slowly the runic seals flying in the air became spa.r.s.e, the light beams also slowly faded. The final result of this battle was a bit unexpected. In the end, there were two Lin family disciples still standing in the middle of the square. Although they did not have many runic seals left in their hands, they still won.

The young generation of the Lin family felt their spirits rise seeing such an outcome.

The Lin family won by a narrow margin!

“Well done!”


Even though the Shen Tu family clan’s heritage in the Desolate Heaven technique was said to be stronger, the Lin family had now taken two battles out of three, this made winning this match even more valuable.

While seeing the youths from the Lin family cheer below the stage from the seats of honor, Song Ziyue calmly said, “Young master Nantian, it is almost time. Now with us losing two rounds, we have shown our pleasantries. Let me end this pointless razzle dazzle.”

The Shen Tu family clan had come prepared for this Desolate Heaven technique tea session. Not only were there people from the Shen Tu family clan, allies of the Shen Tu family clan had come as well. It could be said that there were also all sorts of heroes present. Besides, to refine the peerless Great Empress’ ancient recipe, the Shen Tu family clan still had many hidden techniques. If they showcased these hidden techniques, then it would shock everyone. Under these circ.u.mstances, the Shen Tu family clan would no doubt shine in the Desolate Heaven technique tea session. And there was a 80-90% chance that they would get the matter of marriage settled by using this tea session.

Since the outcome was destined, Shen Tu Nantian did not mind letting the Lin family enjoy winning a bit, letting them think that their family clan’s Desolate Heaven technique was comparable to the Shen Tu family clan’s.

The benefit of doing so was that on the surface, the Shen Tu family clan had hunkered down and had purposely left the Lin family with some face.

Shen Tu Nantian stroke his chin and finally nodded slowly. “Yes.”

Song Ziyue smiled and leaped onto the square like a floating cloud.

He was dressed in purple and stood straight in the middle of the square, “I am Song Ziyue, 16 years old this year. I am a child of the Song family, I am also the closed door disciple of the Shen Tu family clan’s Thousand Hand Granny!”

As Song Ziyue spoke, people subconsciously looked towards the seats of honor. At the seats of honor, there was a silver-haired old woman holding a dragon headed cane. She was the elder sister of the Shen Tu family clan’s current family head. She was the leader in matters regarding the Shen Tu family clan’s Desolate Heaven technique and was known as the Thousand Hand Granny.

For this Desolate Heaven technique tea session, the Thousand Hand Granny had taken on a low profile. This was to allow Shen Tu Nantian to perform. However, even though this granny did not speak much, the Lin family’s Desolate Heaven Masters, including Su Jie, were all wary of this old granny.

“This fellow is the Thousand Hand Granny’s closed door disciple?”

When people heard this, they were taken aback. The Song family had always been friendly with the Shen Tu family clan. They were considered the younger brother of the Shen Tu family clan. When children of the Song family proved their talent in the Desolate Heaven technique, they would be taken in as disciples by Desolate Heaven Masters from the Shen Tu family clan.

And this Song Ziyue had gained the favor of the Thousand Hand Granny.

The so-called, “closed door disciple” meant that he was the last disciple of the Thousand Hand Granny. After taking in Song Ziyue, the Thousand Hand Granny would never again take in another disciple. Hence, Song Ziyue was the youngest disciple of the Thousand Hand Granny.

In the tradition of martial arts, there was a special significance to closed door disciples. In fact, it was no different than being the top personal disciple.

“Everyone!” Song Ziyue cupped his fists in the middle of the square as he made the gesture to the surrounding audience, “The Lin family’s standard in the Desolate Heaven technique is indeed not bad, but compared to the Shen Tu family clan&h.e.l.lip;”

Song Ziyue smiled and did not go on. However, his meaning was already very clear. Many people from the Lin family frowned upon hearing this as they did not find the words pleasant.

Who did he think he is? He’s just a 16 year old kid, how could he have the right to give a review of the Lin family’s Desolate Heaven technique?

Song Ziyue carried on, “The Shen Tu family clan has always been famous for their Desolate Heaven technique. And for this generation, it has attained an even higher peak. It just may be that some outsiders do not know so&h.e.l.lip; Actually everyone knows that this Desolate Heaven technique tea session was held to showcase the Shen Tu family clan’s abilities. I, Song Ziyue am a very direct person. Since it is to showcase one’s ability, then I only have one sentence to say, I will beat down others until they are convinced!”

“Actually, this marriage proposal from the Shen Tu family clan is a great opportunity for the Lin family. Once it becomes a reality, the Lin family will gain a peerless Great Empress and will gain unmatchable benefits, however&h.e.l.lip; it is unexpected that the matter has not proceeded smoothly. It has been dragged for two years, and till now, it seems like the Shen Tu family clan is pleading the Lin family. We have lowered our stance, yet the Lin family still looks at us with animosity. Even our Desolate Heaven technique is being questioned.”

“Since you have your doubts, I shall still use that same sentence, beat down others until they are convinced! I shall stand here, so feel free to challenge me!”

After Song Ziyue finished saying these words, the words resounded throughout the square. People raged upon hearing it. This kid had not even grown out his hair, yet he is already this arrogant?

One had to know that one’s mental strength was greatly expended in Desolate Heaven technique battles, so one could not battle against people one after another!

In a martial arts showdown, some people could win 4-5 matches due to their endurance, but in a Desolate Heaven technique showdown, just fighting two matches was already very difficult.

What gave Song Ziyue the right to say this?

“He is just someone from the Song family and his master is the Shen Tu family clan’s Thousand Hand Granny. He is just a junior. How dare he speak those words with his status? Can he represent the Shen Tu family clan?”

Someone from the Lin family said with disdain, but someone beside him said, “Actually, he can. It is precisely because he is not from the Shen Tu family clan that he does not need to mince his words as he is both an outsider and a junior. What he is saying now is what the Shen Tu family clan is thinking. The upper echelons of the Shen Tu family clan are just using his mouth to say it&h.e.l.lip;”

Many of them knew that the Shen Tu family clan was not satisfied with the current situation. The Shen Tu family clan wished that the Lin family would make their decision shortly.

“This kid is too arrogant!”

In the Evening Breeze Pavilion, Lin Yuan was the first person who could not take this sitting down. Song Ziyue was sixteen years old, the same as as him, so he could go up to do battle!

As if feeling Lin Yuan’s gaze, Song Ziyue turned around and looked towards him with a smile. Song Ziyue’s expression was calm and amiable, but his lips moved slightly as a voice transmission rang in Lin Yuan’s ears.

“Come on up, trash.”


Hearing this, Lin Yuan felt anger consume his heart. Song Ziyue seemed to be perfectly alright on the surface, but the words he transmitted were insulting.

Lin Yuan’s face sank as he jumped up onto the square.

“The Lin family’s Sun Wanhai’s personal disciple, Lin Yuan. 16 years old, let me see what abilities you have!”

The Lin family’s disciples found Song Ziyue too domineering. Was he really thinking of challenging all of them alone?

There was no way for a tag team battle in a Desolate Heaven technique showdown, so where did Song Ziyue’s confidence come from?

Song Ziyue gently smiled as he wiped his interspatial ring and took out a square disk array and a bunch of desolate beast bones.

These bones were divided into five different colors, golden, green, blue, red and dark yellow.

The five bone types exuded thick Power of Desolates.

“Metal, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth. The powers of the five elements!”

Everyone present were experts so they could clearly feel that the Power of Desolates within these five types of desolate bones were the powers of the five elements.

Song Ziyue reached out his hands as the desolate bones flew in all directions, landing around Song Ziyue, with the disk array in the center. The desolate bones were arranged in a specific order, as if they were now a whole.

“This is my Five Elemental Bone Array. All of them are made by me. If you can extract more than 30% of the Power of Desolates from this bone array, then I will lose!”

The first step of the three steps of the Desolate Heaven technique was the extraction of the Power of Desolates from desolate bones.

Song Ziyue had used these desolate bones to form an array, but these desolate bones were still Desolate Heaven technique materials. Extracting energy from it was equivalent to cracking the array!


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