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Chapter 39: A person’s most painful experience in life

Yi Yun repeatedly performed the twelve movements of the Elephant Swallowing Technique. For an unknown reason, it was extremely energy depleting. In Yi Yun’s semi-conscious state, he repeated the moves five times before he felt exhausted!

Yi Yun opened his eyes and felt his abdomen burning, it was as if a fire had lit up!

His body’s energy surged to his stomach. Large amounts of blood and energy was being supplied!

A normal person would have their blood flow to their stomachs after a meal. This was to aid the digestive process.

Yi Yun was in a similar situation, just magnified a hundred times.

Yi Yun felt that if he wished, his entire body’s blood could be condensed within his stomach. Even metal nails and gla.s.s could be digested!

The bloated feeling from eating the Guanyin clay had totally disappeared. Under the strong peristalsis within his stomach, the coagulated Guanyin clay had already been separated.

Yi Yun lifted his head to realize that everyone was looking at him. Zhang Yuxian had a smile on his face. As for the people from the warrior preparation camp, they could only be described as astonished, jealous and hostile.

At this time, Lian Chengyu walked over to Yi Yun with a smile.

“Yi Yun, I must give in.” Yi Yun looked surprised as Lian Chengyu said that. Lian Chengyu also patted Yi Yun’s shoulder saying nicely, “Yi Yun, to be honest, I was suspecting if you had pa.s.sed the preliminaries due to luck. But you have just proven yourself. I apologize to you. I can’t believe that you have such great talent!”

Lian Chengyu was not stingy with his praise, “In the past, using you to pick herbs was a waste of talent. From now on, you can enter the warrior preparation camp. The Lian tribal clan will focus on grooming you!”

“It’s too bad that the Kingdom’s selection is in a few dozen days. You have to blame me for not noticing your talent, wasting your time. With only this amount of time left to practice martial arts, it’s unlikely you can pa.s.s the Kingdom’s selection&h.e.l.lip;”

“But it’s alright. If this stupid brother of yours becomes a Kingdom warrior, I will definitely help you. I will ensure that you will be able to walk out of this vast wilderness. At that time, you will be able to support our Lian tribal clan, and be glorious. We can even ma.s.s migrate into the cities!”

Lian Chengyu said it earnestly. His eyes did not exhibit the slightest amount of deceit.

If Yi Yun did not know Lian Chengyu well, he would have been fooled!

It is impossible to judge a man’s heart from his face. If a person good at hiding his true intentions wanted, it was impossible to tell from his facial expression what he was truly thinking.

Lian Chengyu was exactly doing so.

Yi Yun understood that he was doing it as an act in front of Zhang Yuxian.

The moment Zhang Yuxian left, Lian Chengyu would reveal his true self.

How could Lian Chengyu tolerate his growth?

Yi Yun sillily smiled, saying to Lian Chengyu, “Thank you Young master Lian, I will not disappoint the Young master.”

Seeing Yi Yun fooled, Lian Chengyu broke into a smile. He did not expect that under the skin of this twelve year old child was an adult with richer experience than Lian Chengyu.

Lian Chengyu carried on with some words of encouragement before turning towards Zhang Yuxian saying, “Lord Zhang, I’m a dumb student. My perceptivity is not as good as little brother Yi Yun. I still haven’t mastered the Elephant Swallowing Technique, could Lord Zhang please demonstrate it again for us students?”

Since he had decided to settle scores later, Lian Chengyu showed humility on the surface. But for Zhao Tiezhu and company having heard those words, they began choking.

“Young master Lian&h.e.l.lip;”

Zhao Tiezhu was worried. How could Lian Chengyu think so highly of Yi Yun, how could he say those words&h.e.l.lip;

“Shut up. All of you are good for nothings. All the tribe’s rations and meat were provided to you, but you can’t even learn this Elephant Swallowing Technique today. It’s so humiliating. If you don’t practice it well, do you really want to burst dying from eating Guanyin clay?”

The moment Lian Chengyu said “burst dying”, Zhao Tiezhu and company suddenly changed their expressions. Right, this isn’t a joke. If they don’t learn it well, they would have to pay the consequences!

Seeing Lian Chengyu appropriate handling of matters, and his good choice of words, Zhang Yuxian nodded. Lian Chengyu had both talent and good leadership potential. He was a talented individual.

Zhang Yuxian said, “For this Elephant Swallowing Technique, eating wood and Guanyin clay is just the beginning stage. If you meet the criteria, you can even try eating materials with devastating energies. Extremely valuable food will make your practice even better.”

These words were only for Lian Chengyu and Yi Yun. From Zhang Yuxian point of view, only Lian Chengyu and Yi Yun had the ability to leave the vast wilderness and become a true warrior.

He turned towards Zhao Tiezhu and company, saying, “As for you, although you won’t have the opportunity to eat all those valuable foods, but if you were to master the Elephant Swallowing Technique, you will be able to eat gra.s.s-roots and tree bark safely during a famine. It will be a great boon to your survival. Even learning a tiny bit will be extremely valuable for you.”

“I will do it again. The speed will be much slower. Look carefully. To be able to identify the charm of the Elephant Swallowing Technique will all depend on yourself!”

With that, Zhang Yuxian began moving again.

He really slowed down, but he was still unable to get through to Zhao Tiezhu and company.

The result for that night was wailings from the toilets of the Lian tribal clan.

Some people say that the most painful thing in life is the failure to find a bathroom when experiencing diarrhea. They would eventually have to sh*t in their pants.

But for Zhao Tiezhu and company, what would this be called?

Only those who experienced what Zhao Tiezhu was feeling will know that even s.h.i.tting in their pants was extreme bliss.

That night, the only doctor in the Lian tribal clan boiled a huge pot of laxatives. Every member of the warrior preparation camp drank it, but they still could not succeed in excreting it out.

As a last resort, they had to follow Zhang Yuxian’s words. They used their fingers to dig. When they realized their fingers were not long enough, they used bamboo sticks.

As for bamboo sticks being inserted into their r.e.c.t.u.m&h.e.l.lip;

That feeling was&h.e.l.lip;”heavenly”.

In fact, using a bamboo stick to dig was not easy. It was an extremely difficult task for an individual, because they could not see.

As a last resort, they had to “help one another”. They had to reveal their a.s.s, letting a brother help&h.e.l.lip;

That scene was too perfect that Yi Yun didn’t want to think about it.

To be able to bust a.s.s for a comrade was nothing. But to help a comrade dig out s.h.i.t, that would be true love.

Just listening to the shrill cries, one could imagine the carnage happening. The bamboo sticks might have dug through something&h.e.l.lip;

On the second day, Zhao Tiezhu and company’s faces walked soft-footedly with an ashen expression.

They had not been able to sleep the whole night for they were constantly running to the toilet. Even after they drank the laxative, all that came out was yellow liquid, as for the bamboo sticks&h.e.l.lip;

Even known tortures were nothing in comparison.

However, thankfully they did not eat too much Guanyin clay. As a result of the laxatives and the digging, no one died.

For the second day of training, Zhao Tiezhu and company no longer dared to eat the Guanyin clay. As such, Zhang Yuxian only taught Yi Yun and Lian Chengyu.

Eventually, Zhang Yuxian did not even stay the full three days at the Lian tribal clan.

On the second night, a jade scroll that accompanied Zhang Yuxian trembled, producing a sound.

This jade scroll was a messaging device the Jin Long Wei used.

Seeing the jade scroll tremble, Zhang Yuxian’s expression changed. He left a note, mounted his huge beast and disappeared off into the night&h.e.l.lip;


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