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Chapter 388: Razzle Dazzle

Lin Xintong’s appearance naturally became the focus of attention. Shen Tu Nantian stood up with a slight smile on his face, “Miss Lin, it has been a while since we met.”

In such a situation, even though Lin Xintong did not have a good impression of Shen Tu Nantian, she still nodded her head politely.

Entering the seats of honor, Lin Xintong sat down at her seat and remained silent.

Shen Tu Nantian did not pester Lin Xintong. Other than the initial polite greeting, he did not cling on further.

Even some children of the Lin family, who did not like Shen Tu Nantian, could not resent Shen Tu Nantian’s behavior and att.i.tude.

Although the Shen Tu family clan was the one who had proposed the idea of marriage, Shen Tu Nantian did not give off the impression that he was begging the Lin family. His mannerisms were neither too humble nor too haughty, they were just perfect. Shen Tu Nantian did not overly pursue Lin Xintong, but neither did he snub her too much. Such a man was easily liked by girls. There were even some young girls of the Lin family who felt their heart flutter upon seeing Shen Tu Nantian.

A young hero with good looks, personality and strength was indeed the ideal partner to spend the remainder of their lives with. Although it was not possible to be the first wife, being a concubine was not that bad either.

The tea session proceeded in an orderly fashion as the bigwigs chatted and drank tea in the seats of honor. They chatted about the understandings of the Desolate Heaven technique, exchanging points of view, the session seemed amiable.

Su Jie did not speak much, while Lin Xintong only remained silent. Only Shen Tu Nantian attended to both sides like a fish in water.

Now, Shen Tu Nantian had several supporters in the Lin family. For example, Lin Xintong’s grandaunt and 6th granduncle had the most engaging chat with Shen Tu Nantian.

The grandaunt, who was wearing her palatial gown, kept addressing him as “dear nephew Nantian” in a very affectionate manner.

“Dear nephew Nantian sure is exceptional. Not only is your strength outstanding, I have even heard that dear nephew Nantian’s accomplishment in the Desolate Heaven technique is also great. Why not go on stage to perform a bit to broaden my horizons?”

Lin Xintong’s grandaunt’s face smiled like a flower.

“Grandaunt, you overly praised me. I only dabbled in the Desolate Heaven technique slightly.” After the woman in palatial gown introduced herself, Shen Tu Nantian took it for granted to begin addressing her, using the same salutation as Lin Xintong, to appear closer. “The path of martial arts is fraught with thorns. Although my qualifications are slightly better than others, it is still a struggle. Practicing martial arts takes up too much of my time, so I do not have the energy to practice the Desolate Heaven technique. I only took some unorthodox shortcuts. Now, I can only do bone refining techniques like blood pills and relic formation.”

Shen Tu Nantian spoke modestly. In fact, many favored children of heaven who focused on martial arts, such as Lin Xintong and company would dabble in elixir refinement techniques, Desolate Heaven technique and array techniques. This could broaden their horizons and would be of a great help to their future martial arts path. It was the same for Shen Tu Nantian.

At this moment, Yi Yun who was in the Evening Breeze Pavilion stared at Shen Tu Nantian from afar. His gaze turned gloomy.

Bone refining techniques such as blood pills and relic formation&h.e.l.lip;?

Other than the desolate bones of desolate beasts being valuable, the blood of many desolate beasts were also of great value, and could be refined into blood pills.

However, for Shen Tu Nantian, the best material for refining blood pills was not the blood of desolate beasts, but the blood of the Desolate race!

How could Yi Yun forget that, a few months back in the Chu royal residence, Shen Tu Nantian had caught Jiang Xiaorou. The first thing he wanted upon her capture was for King Chu to provide him a elixir refining room so that he could refine Jiang Xiaorou’s blood into blood pills!

Being questioned by so many people, Shen Tu Nantian used the techniques of blood pills and relic formations to flaunt his Desolate Heaven technique. After hearing this, killing intent surged up from Yi Yun’s heart.

“Haha, the Desolate Heaven technique is so broad. Just being a master of one aspect is sufficient!”

An Elder from the Lin family echoed. Even the Elders, who were not supportive of the marriage between the Lin family and the Shen Tu family clan, were quite enthusiastic towards Shen Tu Nantian. After all, no one could guarantee what the future would be. Offending this future in-law was definitely not a wise option.

Compared to the remote corners of the tea session, the upper echelons of the Lin family, in the seats of honor, constantly chatted with Shen Tu Nantian. With that, Shen Tu Nantian naturally became the focus of everyone’s attention. Without a doubt, he could be said to be the main lead of this tea session.

On the Shen Tu family clan’s side, some of the older generation from the upper echelons intended to give the stage to Shen Tu Nantian for him to flaunt his skills.

If the Elders of the Lin family acknowledged Shen Tu Nantian, then this marriage would most naturally be a success.

After one hour pa.s.sed in the tea session, Shen Tu Nantian stood up and said, “Everyone. This Desolate Heaven technique tea session is firstly, for everyone to exchange their Desolate Heaven technique knowledge and improve on it together. Secondly, it is to prove to the Lin family that my Shen Tu family clan has pa.s.sable Desolate Heaven technique standards. Since everyone have mostly eaten their fill by now, why not let some children from my Shen Tu family clan go on stage to perform some skills to add some fun!”

As Shen Tu Nantian said this, he signaled with his eyes, and a Shen Tu Nantian child sitting into the outer regions jumped up to the middle of the square. He looked about 16 years of age and was wearing the uniform of the Shen Tu family clan. He seemed to be in high spirits.

“All seniors and heroes, I am Shen Tu Jun and I am seventeen years old this year. I am the direct disciple of the Shen Tu family clan’s Desolate Heaven Master Shen Tu Yanfei. Today, with all the experts gathered her for the tea session, let me venture forth to show some tricks, hoping to induce others to come forward with valuable contributions. Please excuse my shortcomings!”

As Shen Tu Jun spoke, with a snap, a desolate bone appeared in his hand like magic.

Everyone present were experts in the Desolate Heaven technique. From a distance, people could see that the desolate bone was just a normal desolate beast’s bone.

To many 17 year old Desolate Heaven Master apprentices, controlling a normal desolate bone was a drop in their status. However, just controlling it to show something spectacular was still a feast for the eyes.


Shen Tu Jun shouted clearly and a Desolate Heaven technique disk array appeared from his interspatial ring. Following that, Shen Tu Jun began forming seals with his hands. One runic seal after the other was sent out by him, dancing in the air.

Immediately, the desolate bone’s energy was rapidly extracted by Shen Tu Jun.

Shen Tu Jun was showcasing his speed. He could extract energy from normal desolate bones very quickly. It only took about 30 seconds before the desolate bone in his hand was completely drained off its energy!

This desolate bone turned grayish-white and was casually tossed away by Shen Tu Jun.


With a snap, the desolate bone, which had lost all its essence, shattered like a ceramic tile falling onto the ground.

And at this moment, Shen Tu Jun carried on making more seals. After a short while, the Power of Desolates, that was dancing in the air, started to form into runes.

These runes were completely controlled by Shen Tu Jun, like a flock of birds flying in the sky.


Shen Tu June waved his hand and all of the runes began flying together, like a hundred birds following the wind.


Shen Tu Jun waved his hand again as the runes immediately split apart. It was like directing his own fists.

A bunch of runes began to move in a uniform manner, like a school of fish. It was a very beautiful sight.



In the surrounding pavilion, the Desolate Heaven Master apprentices from the Shen Tu family clan, and the family clans that were in an alliance with the Shen Tu family clan, began applauding and cheer on Shen Tu Jun.

Shen Tu Jun’s method was clearly not the technique used for refining desolate bone relics. It was purely a way of showcasing his ability to control energy and his seal-forming techniques. It was purely form. Of course, to really refine a desolate bone relic, no one would control the runes with such flashy but ineffective moves.

In the seats of honor, the Shen Tu family clan and Lin family’s upper echelons nodded their heads slightly as they were watching the performance.

However, Desolate Heaven Master like Su Jie and the middle-aged man, Sun, did not have such thoughts. This was a battle between the heritage between the two family clans. Furthermore, the Desolate Heaven Masters from both sides were always competing against each other, so none of them wanted to be inferior.

A Desolate Heaven Master Elder from the Lin family looked towards a pavilion on the outer circle and nodded. Following that a youth dressed in purple jumped onto the square.

He cupped his fists and said, “I am Lin Yue, the Lin family’s Desolate Heaven Master Lin Fenglang’s direct disciple. I am also seventeen years old. Seeing Brother Shen Tu’s performance alone, it looks somewhat insubstantial, so as my fingers are itching, I decided to join you and hopefully bring a smile to everyone!”

As Lin Yue spoke, he took out a desolate bone he had prepared earlier. Using his fastest speed, he extracted the Power of Desolates from the desolate bone. Following that, he formed seals with both his hands and transformed the Power of Desolates into runic seals as a group of runes began to fly.


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