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Chapter 387: Enemies Meet

The Tian Hua peak was one of the 18 main peaks in the Lin family’s Jade Spirit Mountains. The Desolate Heaven technique tea session was held in the Tian Hua Garden on the Tian Hua peak.

In contrast to vast expanse of jade bamboo on the Jade Bamboo peak, the garden on Tian Hua’s peak reared all sorts of magical herbs. In addition, energy gathering arrays made it so that the Heaven Earth Yuan Qi in the Tian Hua Garden was extremely thick.

Every morning, there would be a thin mountain fog in the Tian Hua Garden, and due to the rich Heaven Earth Yuan Qi mixing with the fog, just taking a deep breath would make one’s pores open up. It was extremely comfortable.

In the inner regions of the Tian Hua Garden, there was a lake with clear water. On the lake’s surface, there was a green building. In front of the building was a square, and surrounding the square were pavilions made of jade. This was the site where the Desolate Heaven technique tea session was being held at.

“You are Senior brother Yun?”

Lin Qing asked uncertainly as she looked oddly at Yi Yun’s mask when he neared his seat.

The reason she asked was because the seats had been arranged for the tea session. When Yi Yun came to the Tian Hua Garden he was met by a receptionist. To enter, Yi Yun had to show his ident.i.ty token, which had been made for him earlier.

Yi Yun nodded at Lin Qing and used his original voice, “It is me.”

“Why are you wearing a mask?” As she had been forced to clean up Yi Yun’s mess, Lin Qing’s impression of Yi Yun was no longer as good as before. Now, Yi Yun was even wearing a mask, trying to act cool for the Desolate Heaven technique tea session.

Yi Yun’s mask was entirely silverish-white in color. At the placement of the eyes there were two blood-red lines. It looked scary at first glance. In the Desolate Heaven Master circles, there were some people who pretended to be mysterious and liked to wear masks. They purposely gave off an enigmatic feeling, but in fact, their skills were not that great.

At this moment, Yi Yun saw the Shen Tu family clan’s airship land by the side of the lake. Many of the Shen Tu family clan’s Desolate Heaven Masters, and their younger generation, emerged from the airship. Crossing the rainbow bridge over the lake, they walked to the square in the center of it.

These people took turns to be seated. In the world of warriors, there was a hierarchical system. Those who sat closer to the center, where the seats of honor were, they were the important figures from the various large family clans and the top-ranked Desolate Heaven Masters from everywhere. And in the outer regions sat the children from normal family clan members and the disciples of many Desolate Heaven Masters.

Yi Yun naturally sat in the outer regions. As he was about to be seated, Yi Yun’s footsteps stopped as his motions slowed down.

He saw that, by the lake, a man dressed in green was disembarking the Shen Tu family clan’s airship. People cl.u.s.tered around him before he stepped onto the rainbow bridge on the lake.

The man held a folding fan in his hand and wore a headband. His green clothes were extremely simple. but since he was surrounded by many people, it was clear that he was someone important. His every move did not feel like he was showing off, and they were in fact gentle and charming. It made those who saw him feel extremely comfortable.

Shen Tu Nantian!

Yi Yun’s eyes flashed.

Meeting Shen Tu Nantian now was no different from the first time Yi Yun saw him. Back then, Shen Tu Nantian gave one the feeling of a humble scholar.

Only when Jiang Xiaorou’s ident.i.ty was discovered by Shen Tu Nantian did he showcase his ferocious side.

“Young master Nantian, it must have been hard on your to come all the way here.”

On the rainbow bridge, a few custodians of the Lin family were responsible for receiving the important figures of the Shen Tu Nantian for today. Shen Tu Nantian, who could likely become one of the in-laws of the Lin family and the family head of the Shen Tu family clan, was naturally one of them.

“Young master Nantian, this way, please.” The Lin family’s custodian was very attentive. Once Lin Xintong’s terminated meridians were joined up, then as long as Lin Xintong wished it, she would taken over the helm of the Lin family in the future. As for Shen Tu Nantian, who would become Lin Xintong’s fiance, his status would become even more important. Hence, the custodian had to do his best to treat him well.

“Well, thank you.” Shen Tu Nantian said very politely as he smiled warmly.

Shen Tu Nantian slowly walked and behind him were three of the top Desolate Heaven Master apprentices from the Shen Tu family clan. They were all young and had little reputation. However, they followed Shen Tu Nantian all the way to the seats of honor. Although they did not sit in the first row, and sat in the few rows at the back, those seats were still only spots for outer Elders.

The custodian who was in charge of the reception did not feel good seeing them sit there as if a matter of course. The young generation of the Lin family, other than Lin Xintong, were all seated in the outer seats. The only person from the Lin family’s younger generation who could sit in the seats of honor was Lin Xintong herself.

“These three are&h.e.l.lip;?” The custodian asked somewhat awkwardly as he minced his words to indicate that they were not suited to sit there.

Shen Tu Nantian said without heeding, “They are the most outstanding Desolate Heaven Masters of the Tian Yuan world’s younger generation. Shen Tu Feng, Shen Tu Hai are from my Shen Tu family clan, and this is Song Ziyue from the Song family.”

The Song family that Shen Tu Nantian mentioned was a family clan the Shen Tu family clan had an alliance with. Although they were slightly lacking compared to the Shen Tu Nantian in terms of power, they were still one of the top family clans in the Tian Yuan world.

Since it was clear that the Shen Tu family clan was letting Shen Tu Nantian be the host of the Desolate Heaven technique tea session, the custodian in charge of receiving him decided not to speak any further.

“This Shen Tu family clan sure is arrogant.”

On the Lin family’s side, several younger disciples noticed this. The juniors of the Shen Tu family clan, who had the same qualifications of them, were blatantly sitting near the middle of the square. In contrast, they were all sitting on the pavilions surrounding the center of the lake.

This Desolate Heaven technique tea session was originally a compet.i.tion between the Shen Tu family clan and Lin family’s Desolate Heaven Masters, but before it began, the Shen Tu family clan had already suppressed them with their stance. How could the juniors of the Lin family agree to that?

“These bunch of grandsons of the Shen Tu family clan really think as if they are some big shots!”

Beside Yi Yun and Lin Qing, a Lin family junior swore. This person’s name was Lin Yuan. He was a fellow disciple of Lin Qing as he was also a disciple of the middle-aged man whose surname was Sun.

Lin Yuan was slightly older than Yi Yun, so although it seemed like the Lin family was about to have marriage ties with the Shen Tu family clan soon, Lin Yuan still did not like the Shen Tu family clan. He never found the Shen Tu family clan pleasing to the eye.

“Junior sister, wait and see. When the tea session begins, I will show those bunch of grandsons what strength is!”

Lin Yuan patted himself on the chest as he spoke to Lin Qing. He liked this distant cousin that was a few years younger than him. Showcasing himself in front of her and gaining her adulation would definitely be a joyous matter.

Little Lin Qing nodded her head vigorously, as if she trusted this disciple senior of hers greatly.

And beside Lin Qing, a few 14-15 year old children echoed, “Haha, Senior brother Lin will definitely show his awesomeness and impress that bunch of Shen Tu family clan fellows!”

Lin Yuan’s status amongst these children was very high. He could be regarded as the leader of this bunch of children.

The small pavilion that Lin Yuan, Lin Qing and Yi Yun were sitting at was called the Evening Breeze Pavilion. About a fifth of the Lin family’s 13-16 year old Desolate Heaven technique apprentices sat at the Evening Breeze Pavilion.

Practicing the Desolate Heaven technique required a long period of time. For Desolate Heaven technique apprentices, one’s skill was mostly determined by age under the situation where everyone’s talent was similar.

The standard of the Desolate Heaven technique of 13-16 year old children was pretty limited. As Lin Yuan was the oldest amongst the youths in the Evening Breeze Pavilion, he was also the senior brother of the pavilion. As such, the other children who were lacking in the Desolate Heaven technique treated Lin Yuan as their leader. This did not mean that Lin Yuan was really a genius in the Desolate Heaven technique.

Lin Yuan knew how to play his role and quickly gathered the children together to discuss their battle strategy. Lin Yuan knew that the Shen Tu family clan was not easily handled.

At this moment, the Desolate Heaven technique tea session officially began.

Since it was called a tea session, there was of course tea. Pots of good spirit tea was served along with all sorts of pastries.

The materials used to make the tea and pastries were all treasures and their value was obvious.

In the seats of honor, the tea and pastries were even higher in quality. These things could normally only be exchanged for with the Lin family’s family contribution points. This made many children of the Lin family feel unhappy. Such good things were being fed to the dogs.

When Yi Yun saw the teacup in front of him, he noticed that the tea was crystal clear, as if it was molten amber. The tea’s fragrance was refreshing. With the Purple Crystal’s energy vision, he could clearly see densely packed light dots in it. They were all made of pure Yuan Qi.

This was just tea normal juniors drank and was considered the lowest quality tea served in the Desolate Heaven technique tea session.

Even so, this tea cup shocked Yi Yun greatly. If this tea was in the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, it was probably a tribute for the royal palace.

The Tian Yuan world was indeed luxurious. In such an environment, with all the top resources, and lands much bigger than the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, coupled with even better family clan heritages and traditions, all of this gave rise to young elites that were higher than the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom’s by an entire realm or more.

This also made Yi Yun sigh. He went from the poor Cloud Wilderness, where he could not even eat his fill, to the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom. From there, he then went to the Tian Yuan world. He had really witnessed the world’s great contrast in levels.

It was like in his previous life. The richest people in the poor mountainous regions, where vehicles could not even pa.s.s through, would probably not amount to a hundredth of the wealth of a commoner in Shanghai.

As Yi Yun was thinking, he noticed a white figure appear on a bridge above the lake. Yi Yun’s mind stirred. Lin Xintong had arrived!


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