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Chapter 386: Desolate Heaven Technique Tea Session Begins

Time pa.s.sed by without Yi Yun realizing it as Yi Yun quietly practiced without knowing the time of the day. It was until one day when another person knocked on his door. This time, it was not Lin Xintong’s maid servant, but the female Desolate Heaven Master apprentice he met when he first entered the Lin family’s Desolate Heaven technique hall. She was the disciple of that middle-aged man whose surname was Sun.

“Senior brother Yun, my master ordered me to tell you that the Desolate Heaven technique tea session will begin tomorrow morning.”

“Tomorrow morning?” Yi Yun ruffled his unkempt hair. He gave people the impression of him having just woke up.

Two months have pa.s.sed&h.e.l.lip; How time flies.

The young lady’s gaze looked past Yi Yun’s body all the way to what was behind Yi Yun. Seeing this, she covered her mouth in surprise.

There was no other reason other than Yi Yun’s bone refinement room being too messy. It looked like it had been swept by bandits.

Four to five Desolate Heaven technique disk arrays were messily placed on the stone benches. There were materials scattered on the ground. Most of these materials had their energy extracted. Some were cracked, while others broken. Some had even turned to powder.

If one walked into the bone refinement room, there was not even a spot to place one’s foot. It was not an exaggeration at all.

“Thank you. What is your name?” Yi Yun casually asked.

“Senior brother Yun, my name is Xiaoqi.” The young lady crisply said.

“So, it’s Junior sister Xiaoqi! Has my master come out of reclusive training?”

“He’s out. Elder Su is now in the hall chatting with my master!”

“I got it. Junior sister Xiaoqi, if you are going back, please inform my master to get someone to clean up this bone refinement room. Since the Desolate Heaven technique tea session is tomorrow, I will need to get some rest.”

Saying this, Yi Yun nonchalantly picked up some of the materials that were still useful and stuffed them all into his interspatial ring. Following that, he rubbed his head and walked past the young lady.

After hearing that, the young lady was somewhat dumbstruck. He had asked for her name just to say this?

To get Elder Su to find someone to clean up the bone refinement room?

Xiaoqi felt speechless. This Senior brother Yun, who was just an in-name disciple, had actually ordered Elder Su!

A disciple had ordered his master and said it as if it was something taken for granted. What the heck!?

Elder Su’s position in the Lin family was extraordinary. He was even higher in status than her own master, so who could order him around usually? Furthermore, it was ordering him to do some trivial matter.

Seeing Yi Yun walk further away, Xiaoqi wanted to run over to him and drag him back. However, she was introverted, and although she opened her mouth, she did not say a word. At this moment, Yi Yun had already disappeared around the bend of a corridor.

Xiaoqi stood there in a daze for a while. In the end, she did not have the courage to go to Su Jie and get him to order someone to clean up the bone refinement room. If she did so, her master alone would have scolded her, whatmore, Su Jie.

And in the end, her master would definitely order her to clean up the bone refinement room. After all, many of the things in the bone refinement room could only be cleaned by people with knowledge of the Desolate Heaven technique. A normal person would not do.

Just thinking of this made Xiaoqi feel somewhat p.i.s.sed.

This person had gone too far. He had used such a good independent practice room that she did not even have the chance to use. It had been messed up by him into such a state. Did he even have a civic mind!?

Xiaoqi was angry but she had no other avail. As she looked at the poor state of the bone refinement room, she stamped her feet and finally tip-toed into the room.

“I’ll treat it as if I owe you one!” Xiaoqi gritted her teeth as she said that.

She began cleaning the bone refinement room up. When she approached the Desolate Heaven technique stone bench, the surface was covered in a layer of bone powder. Other places were also messy. She estimated that she would take at least an hour to clean the mess up.

Xiaoqi felt aggrieved. As she cursed Yi Yun, she cleaned up the place. She had ended up cleaning for something that had nothing to do with her.

As she was cleaning the garbage up, Xiaoqi suddenly felt something peculiar. On the corner of the Desolate Heaven technique stone bench, she discovered a very peculiar material residue.

It was a desolate bone that had already turned into dust.

Typical desolate bones would turn grayish-white in color after having their energy extracted and turn to dust. However, this desolate bone still remained dark red in color even after it became powder. It was very peculiar.

And when Xiaoqi touched the red powder, she could vaguely feel its heat. It was not residue heat from heating the powder, but heat from the powder itself. This was because within it was fire-elemental energy or pure Yang energy.

“He did not even extract the material properly. There is still so much Power of Desolates left. Such a waste.”

Xiaoqi mumbled to herself, but she could not recognize what sort of desolate bone it was. After all, its energy had been extracted, and there were too many types of desolate bones. Even a Desolate Heaven Master would not be able to distinguish it easily.

Xiaoqi threw all of the powder into a bag&h.e.l.lip;

Yi Yun returned to a room Su Jie had prepared for him. The moment his head hit the bed, he went into a deep sleep.

He was too tired after two months of intense practice.

Usually when Yi Yun rested, he would just meditate, however, this time meditation was not enough.

Yi Yun quickly entered deep sleep. His perception was completely cut off as his soul went into a deep sleep state. All his mental activity stopped.

Yi Yun slept for about 15 hours, for nearly the entire night and half an afternoon.

Only until the sky lit up did Yi Yun faintly wake up.

After he laid in bed for a moment, he suddenly leaped up. The room was dimly lit, but Yi Yun’s eyes were sparkling. They were like two beams of ghostly lightning.

Looking into his soul, Yi Yun realized that the Heaven’s Eye in his mind had already slowly formed its shape. Now, Yi Yun had completely opened his Heaven’s Eye.

This change was brought forth by Yi Yun’s strengthening of his mental strength.

Intense practicing of the Desolate Heaven technique had expanded Yi Yun’s soul.

Yi Yun took a deep breath and spat out a breath. He saw a visible sword Qi fly out.

Now, Yi Yun felt better than ever before. His brain felt infinitely awake. He was completely aware of everything happening in his surroundings.

It was time to partic.i.p.ate in the Desolate Heaven technique tea session. Yi Yun took a comfortable shower and changed into dry and clean clothes. Wearing the mask Su Jie left him, he walked out of his residence.

He gently pinched his throat to change his voice. This was not much different from his original voice, but under such circ.u.mstances, the Shen Tu family clan was unlikely to imagine that an ant-like Yi Yun who have been crippled of his cultivation would appear in the Lin family. He had even suddenly transformed into a Desolate Heaven Master of the Lin family, and he was Su Jie’s disciple.

The status difference between the two was too great. So, no matter how great the Shen Tu family clan’s imagination was, it was very difficult to connect them together.

From a distance, Yi Yun could see a huge airship land on the Tian Hua peak. There was a symbol Yi Yun was very familiar with engraved on the airship. It was the Shen Tu family clan’s coat of arms!

The Shen Tu family clan had already arrived.


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