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Chapter 385: Soul Nurturing Relic

After separating from Lin Xintong, Su Jie began his two-month reclusive training period. Regardless of anything, he could not make any mistakes for the Desolate Heaven technique tea session.

As for Yi Yun, he also began his Desolate Heaven technique training. Yi Yun had already received everything from the Mystic Crystal Hand and Small Thousand Seal techniques that Su Jie could teach him. The remaining training only depended on himself.

Yi Yun locked himself in the independent bone refinement room Su Jie had prepared for him. In front of him were all kinds of desolate bone materials. Some of these materials were provided by Su Jie, while the rest were obtained from desolate beasts he killed while he was in the Divine Wilderness.

Originally, all these materials were supposed to be handed over to the Tai Ah Divine City to exchange for glory points, but after the alliance tournament, glory points lost its meaning for Yi Yun. Hence, Yi Yun kept them for himself.

To practice the Desolate Heaven technique was a very boring process. It also expended his mental powers greatly. Yi Yun would often spend a day and a night in the bone refinement room at a time.

The way he practiced the Desolate Heaven technique was to use the Purple Crystal to extract the Power of Desolates, and by controlling the Power of Desolates, he would constantly form seals, destroy them, form seals and destroy them again.

One runic seal would usually be repeated a few hundred times. It was done until it was branded in Yi Yun’s mind, it was something that became muscle memory.

Originally, after Su Jie taught Yi Yun the Mystic Crystal Hand, Yi Yun was able to perfectly form more than 50 seals with the Mystic Crystal Hand. Very soon, Yi Yun managed to perfectly form the remaining 40 runic seals.

However, that was not enough as Yi Yun was using extremely low-grade desolate bones when he was practicing the Mystic Crystal Hand.

Low grade desolate bones contained very little Power of Desolates and they were easy to control. As the grade of the desolate bones increased, it also became harder to use the Mystic Crystal Hand to control the Power of Desolates to form seals.

Even with Yi Yun’s Purple Crystal, he was unable to ignore such a rule.

After all, the Mystic Crystal Hand and Small Thousand Seal were ‘one-size fits all seals’ techniques. The higher the realm one reached in the Desolate Heaven technique, more the inadequate the two seals appeared to be.

“These two techniques are not a long term solution. However, my Desolate Heaven technique is currently limited. I am lacking in cultivation time as well. To complete all these complicated hand seals is not easy. It is even more impossible to master it quickly in two months&h.e.l.lip;”

Yi Yun had already made his plans. The Mystic Crystal Hand and Small Thousand Seal were just used in transition. When a Desolate Heaven Master practiced the Desolate Heaven technique, there was definitely a process of going from simple to difficult. There had to be a transitional process.

As for the next stage, Yi Yun had already chosen a few sealing techniques he had planned on learning. All of these techniques had the feature of being more broad in scope. Yi Yun temporarily did not plan to learn those seals that aimed at a particular type of energy as his time was too precious.

Yi Yun practiced day and night for ten days. He would often practice till his mental strength was depleted. He would meditate for a while before immersing himself in practicing again.

To completely drain his mental strength, and then carry on practicing after a short meditation was also a form of training for his soul.

*Knock! Knock! Knock*!

At this moment, a knock sounded outside the bone refinement room. Yi Yun stopped what he was doing and frowned slightly. Typically, when Desolate Heaven Masters practiced, it was taboo to be disturbed as it was easy to cause a seal that was formed to be undone.

“Who is it?”

Yi Yun walked to the stone door and opened the door with a solemn expression. Yi Yun saw a young lady standing at the door.

Currently, Yi Yun’s hair was messy and his eyes were bloodshot. He looked ferocious and scary, causing the young lady to be stunned.

“Who are you?” Yi Yun’s voice was slightly hoa.r.s.e. The continuous practicing had caused Yi Yun’s mental state to be somewhat suppressed.

“Young master Yun&h.e.l.lip; Yun.” The young lady swallowed a mouthful of saliva. These days, Yi Yun had been using the fake name of Yun Yantian, so she naturally addressed him as Young master Yun.

Actually, in the entire Lin family, other than Lin Xintong and Su Jie, almost no one cared about Yi Yun. For figures like Lin Xintong’s grandaunt, she disliked Yi Yun, but she would not pay much attention to him.

As for the other Desolate Heaven Master apprentices who had seen Yi Yun’s performance back then, they could not be bothered with him as they had the idea that Yi Yun was just a phony who was fishing for fame.

Yi Yun would often be locked in the independent bone refinement room by himself and he would not have any contact with them, so when the young lady in front of him suddenly addressed him as “Young master Yun”, Yi Yun was slightly taken aback.

The young lady took out an interspatial ring timidly, “This&h.e.l.lip; This is given by our family’s Miss. Soul&h.e.l.lip; Soul Nurturing relic, and&h.e.l.lip; and the ring, Miss said that&h.e.l.lip; it’s for Young master Yun to&h.e.l.lip; use.”

The young lady handed the interspatial ring over to Yi Yun in a fl.u.s.ter before turning to run away. She was really afraid when she saw Yi Yun’s bloodshot eyes and ferocious image.

Yi Yun was stunned for a while before recovering. This girl was Lin Xintong’s maid servant. Back in Lin Xintong’s courtyard, he had seen this maid servant, and he had seen at her at random.

So it was sent by Miss Lin.

Yi Yun looked at the interspatial ring in his hand. Probing it with his spiritual energy, he realized the capacity of the interspatial ring was more than ten times the rings he had. It was really a magical item.

It was probably because Lin Xintong felt that Yi Yun was despised by the woman in palatial attire due to his equipment. His equipment allowed the woman to tell at a glance that Yi Yun was not a rich person and that he had come from a small place.

Taking out the item from the ring, it was a crystal clear jade box. When he opened it, a green desolate bone relic rolled out from the jade box.

It was the Soul Nurturing relic. It was not the name of a relic, but the overall name of a type of relics. Consuming such relics could allow one’s mental strength to rapidly recover.

Lin Xintong must have learned from Su Jie that he was practicing the Desolate Heaven technique.

After hesitating for a while, Yi Yun took the green relic and popped it into his mouth.

With the relic in his mouth, Yi Yun gently chewed on it. It was like he was biting on a soft sweet.

Yi Yun swallowed the Soul Nurturing and he felt it turn into a hot stream that entered his soul. Yi Yun felt like he was being cleansed in a pool of spring water. His mind cleared and the headache he was having reduced greatly.

Clearly, this was a very good Soul Nurturing relic.

Indeed, with Lin Xintong’s status in the Lin family, the resources she could use were all top notch.

Yi Yun felt a warm surge in his heart. It was naturally not convenient for him to meet Lin Xintong now. It was not easy for Lin Xintong to still remember that he was practicing the Desolate Heaven technique and send a maid servant to give him a Soul Nurturing relic.

This box of Soul Nurturing relics was a timely gift for Yi Yun. With this, he was able to practice the Desolate Heaven technique more smoothly.

After recovering some mental strength and closing the jade box, Yi Yun began the dry practicing process once again.

When warriors trained in martial arts, they were destined to be lonely. It was also the same when practicing the Desolate Heaven technique!

In front of Yi Yun, there was a long Desolate Heaven technique stone bench. On it was a row of desolate bones. From left to right, these desolate bones were arranged in according to their grade.

The leftmost desolate bones were normal desolate bones. Yi Yun had already perfectly completed the Mystic Crystal Hand and Small Thousand Seal on those desolate bones.

In the middle were desolate bones that were from general ranked desolate beasts, as well as king ranked desolate beasts.

These two types of desolate bones were Yi Yun’s training focus.

And on the right side were the highest grade desolate bones. It was the Golden Crow species’ bones that Yi Yun had obtained in Fallen Star Gate!

After Yi Yun killed the Golden Crow species, he did not waste any of its body’s materials. Yi Yun had nearly finished the Golden Crow blood in the alliance tournament.

Yi Yun still kept the remaining feathers, claws, desolate beast meat and the most precious desolate bones.

Yi Yun quietly turned his gaze on the primordial species’ desolate bones. The dark red desolate bone seemed to be glowing red-hot&h.e.l.lip;

There was still two months left, there&h.e.l.lip; should be enough time.

Author’s note: There is still one more update that I have no idea when I’ll finish. It will probably be after 3am. Making up for chapters is more tiring, everyone go to bed.


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