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Chapter 384: A mere acquaintance should not sow discord between two close people

Yi Yun’s comment was very sudden. Instantly, everyone in the yard looked towards Yi Yun.

At this moment, Yi Yun was standing behind Su Jie’s seat. He completely looked like a young medicine boy. From the moment Yi Yun appeared, no one had noticed him, other than Lin Xintong’s grandaunt from before. She had only spoken to him because Yi Yun knew Lin Xintong.

If Lin Xintong had not greeted Yi Yun, she would have treated him like thin air.

“What are you? Do you know your manners!? Do you even have the right to speak here?”

This was a matter of the Lin family. Even Su Jie did not have much right to speak as he was an outsider. From the beginning to now, Su Jie had been mostly been listening.

And with Su Jie’s status, if he really wanted to make a comment, the Lin family would listen. However, how could a follower of Su Jie, who looked like a sidekick youth, have the right to interject while the upper echelons of the Lin family were talking?

Not even the Lin family, even in a big mortal household, if a servant were to suddenly interrupt his master while he was speaking, he would only end up being smacked in the mouth!

Due to Su Jie, the grandaunt could not do anything to Yi Yun. After all, she had been lowering her status to persuade Lin Xintong today, and she was feeling a burning rage. If Yi Yun was a member of the Lin family, she would have dragged him away to be punished according to the family rules.

Before Su Jie spoke, Yi Yun directly said, “I’m Yun Yantian, Elder Su’s in-name disciple.”

Yi Yun casually gave himself a name. He used his original name, Yun as his surname. ‘Yan’ was a h.o.m.ophone, and actually meant concealment. Yun Yantian then meant clouds (Yun) concealing (Yan) the sky (Tian). It also secretly expressed Yi Yun’s martial arts goal.

At the same time, Shen Tu Nantian’s name also had a ‘Tian’, so clouds (Yun) concealing (Yan) the sky (Tian) also meant Yi Yun was concealing Shen Tu Nantian. This was an evil pun Yi Yun used when giving himself the name.

“In-name disciple?” When the woman in palatial gown heard this, her face turned gloomy. An in-name disciple’s status was low, yet he dared to speak to her here?

She was nearly about to go into a rage when Lin Xintong stood up and said, “Grandaunt, he is my friend.”

The woman wanted to say something but it got stuck in her throat momentarily, “Friend?”

This word made her feel uncomfortable. What kind of status did the Lin family have? Lin Xintong was also the greatest figure of the Lin family’s younger generation. She could become a peerless Great Empress in the future, yet she made friends with such a person?

If it was her granddaughter, she would have reprimanded her. However, against Lin Xintong, she did not dare do so. She could only tone down her expression and said patiently, “Xintong, it is your prerogative to make friends, but you must see what sort of person someone is. You have a dignified background and you will have limitless achievements in the future. If you want to make friends, they have to be people like Shen Tu Nantian, who come from a large family clan. They are youths who will amount to great things in the future. As for some cats and dogs, or riff-raff, it is best you don’t mix around with them, or you would lose your dignity and be ridiculed by others. What do you say, Xintong?”

The woman tried to make her speech sound kind, but even so, her words were filled with superiority. They included referring Yi Yun to cats and dogs or riff-raff, and this angered Lin Xintong.

Lin Xintong’s eyebrows frowned as she spoke coldly, “Grandaunt, he is my friend. As for you, you can only be considered my elder. You have lived a long time, and have seen numerous people and encountered numerous matters. You should understand the meaning of how a mere acquaintance should not sow discord between two close people.”

The words Lin Xintong did not include any swear words, but it immediately turned the woman’s face white!

A mere acquaintance should not sow discord between two close people!

The woman in the palatial gown was Lin Xintong’s grandaunt, but as for Yi Yun, what sort of person was he to Lin Xintong?

He was just a friend, and a friend of an unknown closeness at that.

However, Lin Xintong had actually said “Mere acquaintance should not sow discord between two close people!”

This meant that in Lin Xintong’s heart, she as the grandaunt was the mere acquaintance. She was dispensable. As for this riff-raff, Yi Yun, he held a greater spot in Lin Xintong’s heart than the grandaunt, her!

Previously, Lin Xintong also said that the woman “can only be” considered Lin Xintong’s elder.

This also meant that other than the relation of being of the same clan and the elder-junior relationship that could not be wiped off, she as a grandaunt was nothing in Lin Xintong’s heart.

With her status as someone who was more distant, she was being presumptuous and being offensive by criticizing the kid who was closer to Lin Xintong.

“You&h.e.l.lip; ” The woman’s voice trembled slightly. To have those sharp words aimed at her in front of so many people, including the Matriarch and the juniors the Matriarch brought, she had lost all face!

However, she could not refute a word. When Lin Xintong was young and suffered all sorts of abuse from her family, she as a grandaunt had never played a positive role. On the contrary, she had taken on a conniving att.i.tude.

It was only two years ago when Lin Xintong could become a peerless Great Empress and become a transcendent figure of the Shen Tu family clan and Lin family in the far future, did she try to deepen the ties with Lin Xintong. However, what was the point?

To Lin Xintong, being courteous to her grandaunt was purely out of the respect for one’s elders. If it involved her friends or her master, things would completely be different.

“Xintong, how can you be so brazen with your words!?” The Matriarch rebuked, helping the woman in palatial attire to ease the situation.

The grandaunt had lost face as she glanced angrily at Yi Yun, “Matriarch, this kid is young and of lowly status. He doesn’t know anything, yet, here he is jumping onto a Shen Tu family clan and Lin family matter that only Great Emperors can decide. He really doesn’t know his place!”

The Shen Tu family clan and Lin family’s great matter was decided by the upper echelons, so for a junior to join in the discussion, it naturally gave others the feeling that he did not know the rules and that he was immature and ridiculous.

Yi Yun said calmly, “I was only listing a possibility. The Shen Tu family clan may not be able to cure Miss Lin.”

“What a joke. When a large family clan does things, do you think it’s children playing House? If they do not even have the slightest confidence, wouldn’t they end up being the laughing stock of the world?”

“Besides, our Lin family will verify it ourselves to guarantee complete success. Do you think that the Elders of our Lin family cannot come up with thoughts that you thought of? That their insights are inferior to yours?”

“Do you know the Desolate Heaven technique? Do you know the ancient recipe? You are just Su Jie’s in-name disciple!”

“Indeed, lads are ignorant, and their words are hilarious!”

The woman retorted in a sarcastic tone like a cannon. Yi Yun took that in silently, making it seem like he had been dumbfounded by the woman’s words.

This finally allowed her to feel a sense of relief. However, Yi Yun’s status was after all lowly. To partake in such an exchange still made her feel like she had lowered her status and it was not worth it.

To her, this feeling was like being bitten by a bug. So what if she had trampled the bug? She had still been bitten by the bug.

“Matriarch.” The woman was afraid the Matriarch would hesitate on this matter, so she turned to the Matriarch and said, “The Shen Tu family clan’s Desolate Heaven technique has extraordinary heritage that has no reason to be doubted. It is indeed a level higher than our Lin family. If the Lin family allies with the Shen Tu family clan, then when Lin Xintong takes on a commanding role, our Lin family’s Desolate Heaven technique heritage would also probably upgrade a level.”

“The Desolate Heaven technique tea session organized by the Shen Tu family clan will be in two months time. At that time, the Shen Tu family clan should be able to prove their ability to cure Xintong’s terminated meridians!”

As the woman in palatial attire said, she glanced at Su Jie with a mocking look. “Elder Su, you must have already prepared for the Desolate Heaven technique tea session, right?”

The woman knew that Su Jie would definitely suffer a defeat at the tea session. Although his Desolate Heaven technique standard was extremely high, he would not be able to resist against the gurus of the Shen Tu family clan. No matter how strong Su Jie was, he would probably lose.

The woman was not on good terms with Su Jie, so seeing Su Jie suffer naturally made her delighted. Also, if the Shen Tu family clan proved their strength, then it would support her position. As no matter how she saw it, this marriage would only benefit the Lin family.

“You do not need to worry about my preparations. Why? You seem to look forward to the Lin family being trampled on?”

Since he did not have a good impression of her and had been targeted by her mean words, Su Jie naturally would not take it sitting down. He immediately attacked back verbally.

“Elder Su, you don’t need to imply that I’m helping others secretly. Of course I wish the Lin family to be in the limelight, but I would not blindly dream. Does it mean you will win just because I wish you will win?”

Seeing the woman about to quarrel with Su Jie, the Matriarch’s face sank and reprimanded the woman, “Quiet! Have some decency!”

Su Jie was the Lin family’s in-house guest, so he naturally had to be treated respectfully or he could easily just leave. The Matriarch would naturally reprimand the woman in palatial attire if she argued with Su Jie.

The woman stayed silent. She had said those words on a whim.

The Matriarch leaned on her dragon-head cane and stood up, “Elder Su, the original intention of the tea session is for the Shen Tu family clan to showcase their Desolate Heaven technique standard. However, they have prepared well in advance, and we did not have much time to prepare as well as our comparatively lower heritage, we might be suppressed.”

“Having said so, our Lin family should not lose too badly. I hope I can rely on Elder Su for this matter! You must uphold the Lin family’s reputation.”

The Matriarch’s voice was sincere as Su Jie nodded, “I will do my best. May the Matriarch be at ease!”

“Alright.” The Matriarch nodded and turned towards Lin Xintong, “Xintong, I will not force you. You should walk down your own path. You still have a long life ahead.”

“I have lived so long and have seen too many people and things. Having experienced so much, I only want to tell you that you are still young. Whatever you are thinking of now, and what you are insisting on now might be childish and ridiculous when you really grow up a few thousand years in the future.”

“What you hold deeply might not be what you want&h.e.l.lip; You might rather die now, but eventually, you might accept it despite the humiliation. Maybe one day, you might even celebrate that you had given in&h.e.l.lip; ”

After the Matriarch finished speaking, she used her cane and under the companionship of the group of girls, left.


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