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Chapter 379: Mastering the Desolate Heaven Technique Quickly

In Su Jie’s residential area there was a large hall meant for practicing the Desolate Heaven technique. This was not Su Jie’s dedicated practice room, but a room for the disciples of the Lin family’s Desolate Heaven Masters to practice their Desolate Heaven technique.

Yi Yun walked into the middle of the hall and saw Desolate Heaven technique stone benches neatly arranged in the hall. They numbered more than a hundred.

On these benches, there were all sorts of materials and Desolate Heaven technique disk arrays. There were people dressed in Desolate Heaven technique robes around who were busy shuttling through the benches.

There was no shortage of elders and there were also cultured-looking, middle-aged men and women there. These people were obviously the backbone of the Lin family’s Desolate Heaven Master force.

Beside these Desolate Heaven Masters, there were also other youths of both genders here. Clearly, they were the disciples.

“Elder Su, you are back!” A middle-aged man, wearing a Desolate Heaven technique robe, greeted Su Jie in a very respectful tone.

“Heaven Master Sun, long time no see.” Su Jie nodded.

The middle-aged man glanced at Yi Yun, “Is this Elder Su’s new apprentice?” Due to Su Jie, the middle-aged man looked at Yi Yun in a friendly manner.

Yi Yun cupped his fists and politely bowed.

“Haha, a fine-looking man with talent! The apprentice of Elder Su must be outstanding. You must be very gifted in the Desolate Heaven technique.”

As the middle-aged man spoke, a 15 year old girl behind him, who was about the same age as Yi Yun, looked curiously at Yi Yun. It was as if she wanted to know what aspect of this youth was so outstanding that he had been fancied by Su Jie.

However, Su Jie waved his hand and said, “What do you mean gifted? I just took him in as an in-name disciple on a whim. I am just informally teaching him.”

Su Jie rushed to clarify his relationship with Yi Yun. This made Yi Yun roll his eyes. This old man sure was afraid of Yi Yun shaming him.

As for the middle-aged man, although he heard that Yi Yun was an in-name disciple, he was still very polite. “Even an in-name disciple of Elder Su should be extraordinary. Haha!”

The Lin family was very respectful to Su Jie. Even more so in the Desolate Heaven Master circles.

Desolate Heaven Masters might not admire the strong, but they would admire those great masters who completely had the Desolate Heaven technique at their fingertips, to the point of prostrating.

Yi Yun did not respond. He naturally knew that the middle-aged man was just being polite. After they separated from the middle-aged man, Yi Yun coughed dryly and said to Su Jie, “Senior Su Jie, my Desolate Heaven technique is quite alright. Although I haven’t learnt the sealing of the Power of Desolates and the forming of relics, should you not first look at the situation as to teach me according to my apt.i.tude?”

Yi Yun could only do energy extraction now. And that was just the beginning stage for a Desolate Heaven technique apprentice.

Of course, Yi Yun’s energy extraction was extremely monstrous. He intended to show Su Jie his real strength, to prevent the old man from thinking that he was inept, or else he would just haphazardly teach him.

However, Su Jie said, “There will be plenty of opportunities for you to show off your strength. In a few days, I will go into reclusive training and begin preparing for the Desolate Heaven technique tea session. Today, I will teach you the two techniques, and tomorrow I will see Xintong.”

Su Jie had been trapped in the mystic realm for two years and had not managed to use the Desolate Heaven technique. For the tea session, there would be all sorts of experts gathered, and some of them were even better than Su Jie.

Su Jie also needed to prepare. By going into reclusive training, he could maintain his best condition before the tea session.

“Alright&h.e.l.lip;” Yi Yun helplessly shrugged his shoulders.

Su Jie was currently putting all his thoughts into the Desolate Heaven technique tea session. In addition to the worry for his disciple, Lin Xintong, he, Grandmaster Su, was clearly not interested in watching a kid mess around at this point in time.

Su Jie brought Yi Yun to stand in front of a bench.

Coincidentally, the middle-aged man, Heaven Master Sun and his female apprentice was standing on the bench right next to them.

This middle-aged man was teaching the little girl the Desolate Heaven technique. There were other Desolate Heaven technique benches nearby, where there were many youths standing around, all learning the Desolate Heaven technique. Occasionally, a Desolate Heaven Master from the Lin family would stop by to give them some pointers.

“The Small Thousand Seal and the Mystic Crystal Hand are relatively lower grade techniques. They are easy to get started with, and neither of them are hard to become proficient in it. However, they are too shallow!”

Su Jie stood in front of the Desolate Heaven technique bench and took out a Desolate Heaven technique disk array. There was a jade-green desolate bone on the disk array.

The desolate bone was about a foot long. It was of good quality, but the Power of Desolates within it was slightly chaotic. It was probably a general-ranked desolate beast’s bone.

Su Jie casually tapped his finger and the desolate bone began to tremble violently. The Power of Desolates within it was instantly extracted by Su Jie.

Yi Yun could, with his naked eye, see that the desolate bone begin to change color. It went from its original jade-green color to grayish-white.

And correspondingly, the energy light blob that appeared on Su Jie’s fingers were clearly the energy essence extracted from the desolate bone. It had all been gathered onto Su Jie’s hand.

This technique of extracting energy made Yi Yun amazed. It was done in a very smooth and simple fashion.

If Yi Yun used the Purple Crystal to do it, he would still not be able to do it as fast as Su Jie.

Although the Purple Crystal’s control of energy was peerless, Yi Yun’s control of the Purple Crystal was still far from perfect.

What the Purple Crystal was powerful at, was that it could work with energy from all sorts of levels, be it normal desolate beasts, primordial herbs, the sword and saber tomb’s origins energy, or even the sealing energy in the Pure Yang Sword Palace. All of them were on equal footing to the Purple Crystal.

It was very easy for Yi Yun to absorb any of these energies by using the Purple Crystal.

However, what was a bit more difficult for Yi Yun was activating the Purple Crystal and the process of controlling the Purple Crystal.

With Yi Yun’s current mental strength, it would not be that easy to control the Purple Crystal. Hence, he was unable to do like Su Jie and easily extract all of the energy from a desolate bone in an instant.

Yi Yun’s advantage was that, be it extracting the energy from normal desolate bones or primordial species desolate bones, it was the same. Probably, to the Purple Crystal, all of these energies were of too low a level, so low that it could not distinguish between them.

This was equivalent to Yi Yun using a sledgehammer to crush a chicken’s egg and a quail’s egg. Using a sledgehammer to crush them both is simple. However, swinging the sledgehammer is what was most difficult.

Su Jie held the green energy blob in his hand as he glanced at Yi Yun before lazily saying, “Kid, watch well. This is the Mystic Crystal Hand. If you cannot learn it even after I do it a few times, then do not blame me for not teaching you.”

As Su Jie said, his fingers began to move. Seals were sent flying as they formed beautiful patterns in the air.

Yi Yun focused as he held his breath.

He opened the Purple Crystal’s energy vision. Through the vision, Yi Yun could clearly see the origin energy’s flow within every seal that came from Su Jie

It was naturally different to use the energy vision compared to using his naked eye to look at Su Jie’s actions.

The naked eye still needed one to gain insight and understanding. However, with the energy vision, he could see the movement of the energy directly.

In fact, the so-called seals were only runic lines condensed from energy. By seeing this energy, one could also see the origin of the laws within the runic lines.

Every Desolate Heaven Master would use their own energy to draw out their own understanding of the energy laws when beginning to refine the desolate bone relic.

The same technique would result in completely different grades of desolate bone relics, based on the pract.i.tioner’s own understanding of energy.

In the Purple Crystal’s energy vision, Yi Yun could see the energy under Su Jie’s control move in a beautiful, complete harmony.

Yi Yun knew that Su Jie was very well-versed in his sealing techniques. He could make the Power of Desolates flow in complete accordance with the natural laws. By doing so, a desolate bone relic would naturally be perfect.

At this moment, Su Jie’s hands turned crystal clear due to the infusing of tremendous amounts of energy. They nearly became transparent, which was how the “Mystic Crystal Hand” got its name.

To exhibit this phenomenon, that was entirely reliant on a person’s mastery of the Mystic Crystal Hand.

Now, Yi Yun saw that Su Jie’s hands were like crystals. There was no doubt that his Mystic Crystal Hand was already perfect.

The Power of Desolates within the desolate bones were quickly controlled by Su Jie as they formed into a runic line seal.

With the Mystic Crystal Hand completed, what followed next was the Small Thousand Seal!

Su Jie changed his technique and in front of him, the Desolate Heaven technique disk array began to spin. The runic line seals, condensed from the Power of Desolates, were all absorbed by the disk array. Under Su Jie’s control, they all began to condense into one.

Hundreds up to a thousand seals were sent out by Su Jie. Finally, the energy seals formed together before emitting a sparkling flash.


In this white glow, a crystal, bead-like desolate bone relic dropped onto the disk array, giving off a crisp sound.

Su Jie turned to look at Yi Yun, “Just now, I lowered the seal speed by ten times. How much of my technique did you see? To what percentage can you mimic it?”

Author’s Note: Seeing some comments in the book reviews made me quite depressed. There will only be one chapter today. As my mood isn’t good, I really can’t write. I will make up for it tomorrow. I want to make it clear. I noticed many readers think that a daughter who gets married away will not have any relations with her original family. Even though I have explained it very clearly in the book, yet they turned a blind eye to it&h.e.l.lip;Ignoring the book’s world, females can also cultivate and become a Great Empress. They can be completely independent and control their own fate. How could they become useless once they got married?

Even in ancient China where females did not cultivate. Nor could they be an official or take the civil service exams. Even when females didn’t have any social standing, they didn’t become useless once the daughters were married away. When instated as Emperor Zhao, the first thing he did was to kill Emperor Zhao’s birth mother, , with the reason being, “Young son, strong mother, no end to troubles for the future”. To prevent the Zhao family from gaining strength, he killed all the women whom he had slept with. Let’s not even say that Emperor Wu of Han was a sc.u.m, it was in fact because of his grandmother Empress Lu who had given him a lesson. When the Lu family was in power, they were authoritarian. Following that, Emperor Wu of Han’s grandmother Dou Ji made the Dou family who was in a dire state to become the most prominent family in the Han dynasty, allowing them to be all powerful across the two sides of Han for a few hundred years. Just the Dou family alone had three Empresses, with four prominent n.o.bles.

And this is not a Great Empress but an Empress. Who was the Great Empress? . Without needing me to say much, when Wu Zetian was in charge during the Tang dynasty, even the Li family in the royal household had to eat humble pie in front of the Wu family. And when Wu Zetian was brought into the palace by as a genius, according to historical records, he had to separate her from her childhood lover. Even so, Wu Zetian did not seek revenge. People have different viewpoints when they are young and when they are older. Why would people think that once Lin Xintong gets married, she would have nothing to do with her family? Some think that the Lin family Elders are being childish or idiotic, thinking that the Shen Tu family clan won’t be able to survive with the Lin family.

Actually to some readers, no matter how it is written in the book, even if I’m not writing a novel and am writing historical facts, some people will find it ridiculous as it does not agree with their views. They feel that the intelligence of the characters in the book are so lacking that they don’t feel like reading. Everyone has their own view of the world. Under these circ.u.mstances, it is very difficult for an author to write. Please understand and be nice with your words.


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