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Chapter 378: Mystic Crystal Hand and Small Thousand Seal

When Yi Yun was in the Cloud Wilderness, he had trained together with Lin Xintong, and when he saw Lin Xintong use the Desolate Heaven technique, Yi Yun suddenly had the thought of becoming a Desolate Heaven Master.

Now, this thought was still rooted in Yi Yun’s heart. With the Desolate Heaven technique, not only could it supplement his own cultivation, he could also rely on the Desolate Heaven technique to earn resources.

Yi Yun had the Purple Crystal to control energy, so he enjoyed an exceptional advantage in learning the Desolate Heaven technique.

However in the past two years, as Yi Yun was too weak, he had been busy cultivating. He had only learnt a tiny bit of the Desolate Heaven technique and he had put it mainly on hold.

Now, Yi Yun wasn’t simply thinking of messing up the Desolate Heaven technique tea session. He also wanted to take this opportunity to learn the Desolate Heaven technique properly. This would greatly aid his future cultivation.

“Senior Su Jie, there’s only two months left till the tea session. I want to learn the seal for controlling the Power of Desolates and the forming of relics from you.”

“You want to learn these two in two months? You think you are learning Pai Gow?” Su Jie blinked with an expression of being defeated by Yi Yun. “There are thousands of hand seal techniques, which one do you want to learn?”

Yi Yun said, “I only want to learn two techniques. One that can control the Power of Desolates and another used to form a relic.”

Yi Yun knew himself. Although his perception was good, it was unrealistic for him to learn hundreds of hand seal techniques. Hence, Yi Yun had no alternative but to give up on his first choice, so he chose two!

However, by choosing two techniques, there were several limitations.

As Su Jie had just said, a Desolate Heaven Master of a certain caliber would grasp at least a hundred techniques at the beginning.

Just like a good cook, one could not just have one method of cooking like “stir-fry”.

Different dishes would made in different ways.

There were stir-frying, quick-frying, deep-frying, blanching, smoking, pickling, etc! One had to choose the most suitable cooking method for different ingredients.

It was the same with the Desolate Heaven technique. If a Desolate Heaven Master’s hand seal techniques were too uniform, then he would face numerous restrictions.

For example, some sealing techniques were only suitable for desolate bone relics of the lowest grade. The method was simple, consumed little of one’s mental strength, fast and it had a good success rate. However, against powerful Power of Desolates, this sort of sealing techniques could not control it at all and they were unuseable.

To refine high-grade desolate bone relics, one had to use more advanced techniques. These techniques were complex, slow and they extremely consumed one’s mental strength. Even a good Desolate Master would have to rest after using this technique as it was too draining.

And if this technique was used for refining low-quality desolate bone relics, it would be overkill.

There were other sealing techniques that were suitable for particular elemental energies, for example, some were suitable for fire, and others for ice.

If the elemental property was matched, the sealing technique would result in double the results with half the effort. The success rate would also be higher.

In conclusion, if one wanted to refine high-grade, the sealing technique was more complex and difficult to learn. The more techniques a Desolate Heaven Master had, the more flexible he could be when refining a desolate bone relic. Sometimes, they could combine several techniques to refine a relic. And it was up to the preference of the Desolate Heaven Master as to which technique to use.

If a sealing technique was chosen well, it was already half the battle won.

Since Yi Yun had already made his choice of choosing two techniques, he could only have one each for the Power of Desolates sealing and the forming of relics.

Then, there were a few features the two techniques needed.

First, they had to be widely applicable, and they could not be narrowed to a single elemental energy. They had to be able to be used for all kinds of elemental energies.

Secondly, these two techniques had to be applicable for the refinement of high-grade desolate bone relics. For the current Yi Yun, low-grade desolate bone relics were no longer useful.

Finally, the two techniques could not be too complicated. If they could not be learnt in two months, then they would be useless.

Yi Yun had a good amount of understanding of the Desolate Heaven technique, so before he asked Su Jie if he could learn the Desolate Heaven technique from him, he had already thought of the techniques he wanted to learn.

“Senior Su Jie, the two techniques I want to learn are, the Mystic Crystal Hand sealing technique for the controlling of the Power of Desolates, as well as, the Small Thousand Seal for the forming of relics.”

These two techniques had met Yi Yun’s requirements.

Not only could they be used to refine high-grade desolate bone relics, they were also easy to learn and widely applicable.

Since these two techniques had such features, it meant that they weren’t some extraordinary method.

It was easy to learn the techniques, then correspondingly, the success rate of these two techniques were very low.

And since they were widely applicable, in the Desolate Heaven technique circles, it meant that they were not specialized for anything.

The Desolate Heaven technique focused on specialization. Every elemental energy had a corresponding technique. For the Mystic Crystal Hand and Small Thousand Seal, they were actually common techniques that could be easily found on the street. Any Desolate Heaven Master who had certain accomplishments in the Desolate Heaven technique would never bother to use them.

Even the young Desolate Heaven Master disciples, who had outstanding talent, would not look up to such a one size fits all approach.

Only some Desolate Heaven Masters from small family clans or small sects would haphazardly refine desolate bone relics, which would be a treasure, for the disciples of these small sects. In such a situation, their Desolate Heaven technique did not need to be great, nor did they have much talent. As such, they would choose to learn easy and low-grade techniques.

Despite hearing Yi Yun’s choice which “lacked ambition”, Su Jie found Yi Yun’s choice wise.

Everyone knew that advanced techniques were good, but so what? It was only meaningful if one could learn it. It was pointless if one could not learn it.

It was like everyone knew being a Great Emperor was good, but if anyone said they wanted to become a Great Emperor when they began learning martial arts, they would probably be thought of as crazy.

With Yi Yun’s foundation, the Mystic Crystal Hand and Small Thousand Seal would be relatively difficult for him. Even learning it would be pretty good.

However&h.e.l.lip; even if Yi Yun mastered the Mystic Crystal Hand and Small Thousand Seal, there would be no hope in him joining the Desolate Heaven technique tea session.

In the tea session, everyone would show off their skills by choosing the most complicated and most difficult techniques.

If one used the Mystic Crystal Hand or Small Thousand Seal, that would cause the stomachs of others to rupture from laughing.

“Senior Su Jie, how about it? After all, you have taken me in as your in-name disciple. I’m just learning two techniques from you&h.e.l.lip;”

As Yi Yun spoke, Su Jie rolled his eyes at him, “Only now do you remember that you are my in-name disciple? Forget it. I find you pitiful, so it’s nothing teaching you two sealing techniques. In the future, if you were to leave the Lin family and live on the streets, this would also be a means of livelihood, right?”

Yi Yun turned speechless hearing Su Jie say such words.

Living on the streets? It shouldn’t be that terrible even if he was forced to leave the Lin family, right&h.e.l.lip;?

“Alright, I can teach you, but let me warn you in advance. Forget about the Desolate Heaven technique tea session! At that time, I’ll take you to broaden your horizons. As for showing off your techniques, don’t throw my face. I still care about my old face, and I want to mess around in the Desolate Heaven technique circles in the future.”

“If you were to demonstrate these two techniques that can be found on the streets, the tortoise grandsons of the Shen Tu family clan would all die from laughing. Although you are my in-name disciple, an in-name disciple is still a disciple. Everything you do represents me, do you understand!?”

Su Jie earnestly exhorted to Yi Yun. In fact, he felt that Yi Yun had only come into contact with the Desolate Heaven technique for a short period of time and he did not know how difficult the Desolate Heaven technique was.

Yi Yun would know the difficulty once he taught him the two techniques.

As for the tea session, the Desolate Heaven Masters and geniuses would gather to flaunt their techniques. What they showed would be dazzling and too much for the eye to feast on.

Flaunting of one’s skills was not about what the best technique was but it was about what the hardest technique was!

At that moment, Yi Yun will see the gap between the geniuses and himself. He would probably then realize how childish his ideas originally were.

As long as Yi Yun’s mind was right, then he would not go on stage to get schooled.

He had a feud with Shen Tu Nantian, wouldn’t he be mad to end up a clown in front of Shen Tu Nantian?

“Thank you Senior Su.”

Yi Yun was delighted. There was no doubt in Su Jie’s Desolate Heaven technique level. So with his teachings, it would be double the results with half the effort.

“As for disguising your looks&h.e.l.lip;” Su Jie stroked his chin and said, “It’s too difficult to use disguises to bluff the old monsters from the Shen Tu family clan. However, there is a very simple method and that is to wear a mask.”

“There are many rare materials in this world that can completely cut off perception. Even an Empyreal King will not be able to sense anything. And I happen to have such a mask.”

“As for changing your voice, that’s even easier. Just change the tone of your voice.”

Some old monsters who had unfathomable cultivation levels could easily see through disguises. However, one could change one’s tone to change their voice. No matter how strong one was, they could not guess what the original voice of the person was after he changed his tone, as the two were completely unrelated.

“That’s great.” Yi Yun said happily. Wearing a mask was nothing strange. In a warrior’s world, there were plenty of people with habits that were different to others.

Furthermore, Shen Tu Nantian would definitely not guess that he had come to the Tian Yuan world and partic.i.p.ated in the Desolate Heaven technique tea session.

“Then Senior Su Jie, without further ado, if you have time now, please teach me the Mystic Crystal Hand technique and Small Thousand Seal technique!”

As there was only two months left, time was precious, so Yi Yun naturally had to grab every opportunity.

Su Jie pinched his beard as if irritated, “Alright. I’ll teach you these two techniques. My time is precious!”


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