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Chapter 375: Evil Yi Yun

“About the alliance&h.e.l.lip;” The steward began to think through his words, “Now, the family is indeed facing such a choice, and there is quite a number of upper echelon elders who are leaning towards it&h.e.l.lip;”

When the steward said this, Yi Yun’s heart sank. They were really going into an alliance!

He had just come to the Tian Yuan world, and his strength was still relatively tiny in this world. Did he have to travel the world by himself? If he did, he might even have to face the possibility of the Shen Tu family clan’s deathly pursuits!

“They are leaning towards it? What are those old fools thinking? The Shen Tu family clan is not any good. Is allying with them not the equivalent of asking a tiger for its skin?”

Su Jie immediately cursed.

The steward smiled bitterly, “Elder Su, let me say my piece. Actually, this matter is related to you&h.e.l.lip;”

“Oh? Related to me?” Su Jie was shocked.

“To be precise, it has to do with your disciple, Miss Xintong&h.e.l.lip;”

Lin Xintong?

Yi Yun’s heart thumped, was this related to Lin Xintong previously being summoned home?

And following that, the steward’s next words verified Yi Yun’s guesses.

“Elder Su, you naturally know the matter of Miss Xintong’s meridians&h.e.l.lip;”

The steward glanced at Yi Yun, intending to mince his words. He did not want to discuss Lin Xintong’s problem in front of Yi Yun. However, Su Jie only waved his hand, indicating that he need not worry about Yi Yun, “Just say it directly.”

“Oh&h.e.l.lip; Having natural Yin Meridians means that one will die within 500 years of age. It is effectively the end of one’s martial arts path, and it is an incurable disease.”

“This meridian state is a curse from Heaven, however&h.e.l.lip; Once someone is able to defy heaven and join up the natural Yin Meridians, then an incredible metamorphosis will occur. In ancient times, there was a peerless Great Empress who managed to reverse the situation of her natural Yin Meridians, and her cultivation level skyrocketed, becoming the number one person of her generation. Her strength was unfathomable&h.e.l.lip; It was rumored that the Great Empress was much stronger than our Lin family’s grand elder and the Shen Tu’s Ancestor of our time&h.e.l.lip;”

“And about two years ago, the Shen Tu family clan found an ancient Desolate Heaven technique in a mystic realm, and it is suspected of being related to the peerless Great Empress&h.e.l.lip;”

“The Shen Tu family clan believes that this ancient Desolate Heaven technique is able to join up Miss Xintong’s terminated meridians. Thus the upper echelons of the family summoned her back.”

“However, the family’s upper echelons are still doubtful of this technique. Although it is really an ancient Desolate Heaven technique recipe, it cannot be confirmed that it was left behind by that peerless Great Empress. And&h.e.l.lip; even if the recipe really can cure the natural Yin Meridians the family’s upper echelons do not believe that the Shen Tu family clan has the ability to guarantee that they will be able to refine this desolate bone relic&h.e.l.lip;”

When the steward said this, Su Jie was stunned.

Over the past few years, he had brought Lin Xintong around to many places, but he had failed to find a way to join up her natural Yin Meridians.

Now, the Shen Tu family clan had declared that they found a Desolate Heaven technique recipe related to the ancient Great Empress, how could this not surprise Su Jie?

Previously, Lin Xintong may have been a direct child of the Lin family and a genius not seen in a thousand years, she was greatly loved by the Matriarch. However, because of her naturally terminated meridians, her status in the Lin family was not high.

For the Lin family, with their great heritage, everything went in accordance with the rules. And these rules could only be described as being cold and heartless.

The children of large family clans were always in a state of compet.i.tion. As Lin Xintong was greatly loved by the Matriarch, it was bound to cause a lot of jealousy. Furthermore with Lin Xintong being destined to a short life, she was essentially a cripple. Hence, she did not live a happy life within the family clan, which was why she went out on training expeditions with Su Jie.

However&h.e.l.lip; if Lin Xintong’s terminated meridians were to be joined up, then her status would be completely different. Once the natural Yin Meridians metamorphosed, Lin Xintong’s future would be limitless. This would definitely be a great event for the Lin family’s history!

“What are the conditions?”

Su Jie asked in a deep voice. He already had a bad premonition about this. Since the Shen Tu family clan had such a Desolate Heaven technique recipe, they would not join up Lin Xintong’s terminated meridians for nothing. There had to be conditions attached to it.

And there was probably only one condition that would gain the Shen Tu family clan’s trust&h.e.l.lip;

“The condition is to marry Miss Xintong into the Shen Tu family clan. With that, the Shen Tu family clan will reap great benefits. As Miss Xintong’s body is special, intercourse with a man will be a great opportunity. Especially after Miss Xintong’s terminated meridians are joined up, the man that gain’s Miss Xintong’s primordial Yin will greatly increase his strength by one realm. He may even instantly gain the insight into the laws Miss Xintong knows&h.e.l.lip;”

“As such, the Shen Tu family clan will have one more peerless expert at the level of the Shen Tu Patriarch. Under normal circ.u.mstances, that person’s future would be even stronger than that of the Shen Tu Patriarch&h.e.l.lip;”

“Furthermore, with Miss Xintong marrying into the Shen Tu family clan, she would become one of the Shen Tu family clan. So, the Shen Tu family clan will then immediately have two peerless experts.”

I see&h.e.l.lip;

Yi Yun understood. The ploy the Shen Tu family clan had was brilliant.

Now the Shen Tu family clan was vulnerable, once it formed an alliance with the Lin family, it would able to ride out this period of vulnerability.

And following that, they would have one more child who was at least at the level of the Shen Tu Patriarch, as well as another peerless Great Empress. With that, the Shen Tu family clan would probably become the number one family in the Tian Yuan world!

“Who is Miss Lin’s marriage partner?”

Yi Yun suddenly asked.

Seeing Yi Yun ask him, the steward frowned. He naturally did not feel happy about it. As a main peak’s steward, his status was naturally quite high.

He was speaking with Su Jie, yet a young in-name disciple suddenly interjected. Did he not know his manners?

Furthermore, he had called Miss Xintong Miss Lin, was she someone he could address freely like this?

As Su Jie was around, he did not immediately reprimand Yi Yun, but he used an unpleasant tone when he harshly replied, “Of course it’s the Shen Tu family clan’s number one hero, Shen Tu Nantian. Only he is worthy of Miss Xintong.”

It was indeed that rascal, Shen Tu Nantian!

Yi Yun took in a deep breath. Indeed, enemies often cross each other’s paths. Although he knew that he would definitely clash with Shen Tu Nantian when coming to the Tian Yuan world, he never expected for it to be this fast. He had just arrived in the Tian Yuan world and had not even warmed the ground with his steps, but already he ended up being connected with Shen Tu Nantian again.

“Marrying Lin Xintong, gaining the purest primordial Yin of her pure Yin body, breaking through one huge realm and gaining Lin Xintong’s insights into the laws. At the same time, he will gain a peerless Great Empress as a wife, becoming the person in power of the number one family clan in the Tian Yuan world&h.e.l.lip;”

“All of these good things befalling you. If that were to happen, will I not just die from anger?”

Yi Yun’s face turned gloomy. He was never a generous man.

He and Jiang Xiaorou had nearly been killed by Shen Tu Nantian. He had then separated from Jiang Xiaorou because of Shen Tu Nantian. With this great feud between them, how could Yi Yun watch on helplessly as Shen Tu Nantian gain all of these benefits and make a meteoric rise?

“It really is that son of a b.i.t.c.h!” Su Jie began swearing. “That kid Shen Tu Nantian is a wolf in sheep’s clothes. He is not a good person, how can Xintong marry him? What is the decision of the Lin family, have they already agreed?”

Su Jie’s face was gloomy as he did not have any good impressions of Shen Tu Nantian.

The steward said, “It has not been decided&h.e.l.lip; but several elders of the upper echelon are leaning towards agreeing to it. As for the elders who are not agreeing to it, they need to see proof of the Shen Tu family clan’s Desolate Heaven techniques. They have to first prove that they have the ability to heal Miss Xintong of her naturally terminated meridians.”

The steward’s answer was within Su Jie’s expectations.

A large family clan has to follow some unreasonable family rules to exist in the Tian Yuan world. And the first family rule was that everything had to place the family’s interest at its forefront!

If the family clan could produce a peerless Great Empress, then the Lin family would give up anything to pursue the matter. And the final decision of the Lin family’s elders was the highest command which no one could defy!

If the Shen Tu family clan could really prove that they could heal Lin Xintong of her naturally terminated meridians, then the Lin family would definitely agree to the marriage. It was pointless for anyone to object to it.

Not even ten Su Jies would be enough, let alone one.

Thinking of this, Su Jie sighed. He too was helpless.

He inadvertently glanced back at Yi Yun. He saw that Yi Yun’s face was gloomy, but his eyes were sparkling as if he was thinking of something.

“This poor child&h.e.l.lip; He is probably thinking of how to escape&h.e.l.lip;”

Su Jie empathized with Yi Yun. Yi Yun was really unlucky. He was doing well in the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom and would have enjoyed immense riches in the future, but the sudden beast horde placed the country on the brink of destruction. It was not easy to have the Shen Tu family clan come to their rescue, but when they did, he was locked on by Shen Tu Nantian and barely escaped from the claws of death.

Now, he had come to the Lin family and could have stayed in the Lin family to cultivate safely. He could have relied on the Lin family and not been afraid of Shen Tu Nantian, after all, the two families were in conflict.

However, he had been placed in a situation where the Lin family was considering allying themselves with the Shen Tu family clan!

The two family clans had been in conflict for so many years, yet they seemed to have turned into allies over the past two years. When one was unlucky, one could even have one’s teeth stuffed from drinking cold water.

His enemy was about to gain endless amounts of benefits with a large scale opportunity, breaking through in his cultivation and gaining a beauty, he might even one day become the master of the entire Tian Yuan world.

As for Yi Yun, he would become a fugitive again, and would have to endure being endlessly hunted. This was probably one of the worst tragedies of life!

Su Jie sighed. He really found Yi Yun to be pitiful. The current Yi Yun was too weak and had no opportunities to grow.

Under such circ.u.mstances, even if Yi Yun had tenacity and perseverance, Su Jie did not believe that Yi Yun would have the ability to change anything.

Even Su Jie himself could not change anything. The decision of the upper echelons of the Lin family was final. This was a matter that directly influenced the future of the Lin family.

Su Jie shook his head and no longer looked at Yi Yun. As for Yi Yun, his eyes were moving as a sinister thought appeared in his mind.

He did not wish to run again. He had had enough of living the life of a fugitive.

For now, not every Lin family elder had agreed, so he still had time.

“Shen Tu Nantian&h.e.l.lip; If I do not cause trouble for you, then I might as well cripple my own cultivation and become a monk!”

With this thought in mind, several ideas popped up in Yi Yun’s head. Even an extremely evil thought suddenly popped up in Yi Yun’s mind.

What if I made Shen Tu Nantian a cuckold?


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