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Chapter 371: Seal

In the vast Divine Wilderness, at the Tai Ah Divine City.

In the gray night sky, the Shepherd Boy had just landed in the Divine City like a wisp of green smoke.

“Lord Qing Kui, Grand Magus Xuan Yin requests your presence as soon as possible.”

A Desolate race warrior, dressed in light armor, bowed to him as a form of salutation as the Shepherd Boy landed.

Qing Kui was the Shepherd Boy’s real name. When he traversed the human countries, he had never used his own name, hence the humans only called him Shepherd Boy.

Qing Kui nodded and walked towards the Tai Ah Divine City’s central divine tower.

When he entered the central divine tower, Qing Kui walked straight underground, only stopping when he finally reached the sword and saber tombs.

Now, the sword and saber tombs looked completely different. If the Tai Ah Divine City’s City Lord was here, he would be inexplicably surprised.

The Tai Ah Divine Kingdom had used the sword and saber tombs as the foundation for the Tai Ah Divine City. They had used the Divine City for several years, but every generation’s City Lord never knew that the sword and saber tombs hid such a secret.

Now, the two tombs had been opened.

Below the sword and saber tombs, a huge, black, spatial dimension had appeared. This s.p.a.ce seemed to lead to an infinitely deep abyss. On the surface of the deep abyss, there was a light purple whirlpool which was slowly swirling.

Qing Kui stood before the whirlpool with a serious expression.

“Do you need to rest for a while? Your condition is not very good.”

At this moment, an old woman with a walking stick made of peach treewood appeared behind him.

“Xuan Yin, you have worked hard. You have been taking care of this place during the days I was not here.” The Shepherd Boy said to the old woman. “I do not need to rest. On the way back, I took some medicine. My injuries have basically recovered, and I have once again managed to suppress the Death Heavenly Revolution in my body.”

“Qing Kui&h.e.l.lip;” The old woman shook her head. “This time, you went deep into Tai Ah alone, and you battled the Shen Tu family clan alone. This was too risky. If anything happened to you, it would greatly impact our plans!”

“I am cognizant of that.”

The Shepherd Boy answered simply as he was reluctant about making a fuss of the matter. “Let us begin!”


As Grand Magus Xuan Yin said that, she stood opposite the Shepherd Boy. They hovered in the air and below their feet was the black swirl below the sword and saber tombs.

That night in the Divine Wilderness, across the vast land, a divine purple beam shot up into the sky. This divine purple beam was like a huge divine sword that shot upwards to split apart the nine heavens!

This divine beam lasted for longer than several hours and lit up an area of 50,000 kilometers in radius.

Even those in the remote Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, on the Divine Kingdom’s boundary, could see this divine beam surging into the sky. It connected the heaven and earth like a path to reach the divine realm of the nine heavens.

Only when the Sun rose from the East did the divine beam slowly weaken before disappearing completely&h.e.l.lip;

After the divine beam disappeared, an infinite amount of purple clouds gathered together.

There were more and more purple clouds gathering, in the end, the entire Divine Wilderness was covered.

In the boundary of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, people were shocked speechless upon seeing such a phenomenon.

Endless amounts of purple clouds covered a radius of 50,000 kilometers, obscuring the sky and covering the earth, it was an extremely spectacular sight!

“Purple Clouds’ Birth, it is the Purple Clouds’ Birth again&h.e.l.lip;”

In a border city of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, an old man dressed in a dragon robe was filled with mixed emotions upon seeing this scene.

The dragon robe he wore was made of black gold threads, embroidered into it was nine golden dragons. All the nine golden dragons had 5 claws.

The nine five-clawed golden dragons combined to represent the imperial throne.

He was the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom’s current ruler, the Divine Emperor!

The Tai Ah Divine City had fallen and the beast horde was about to flood into the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom. The Divine Emperor had personally come to fight against the beast horde. He and the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom’s Sages were all situated in the Divine Kingdom’s border city.

However, after the Shepherd Boy led the beast horde and took over the Tai Ah Divine City, he did not carry on moving South. Instead, he stayed in the Tai Ah Divine City for a long time.

It was only until today that a purple beam shot up into the sky. Purple Clouds’ Birth!

The old Divine Emperor thought of the scene that had happened two years ago in the Cloud Wilderness.

The purple clouds that covered the sky blotted out the Cloud Wilderness. Back then, the upper echelons of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom thought that it was the birth of a special treasure. They had sent the Jin Long Wei to search for it. Even their national treasure, the Tai Ah Compa.s.s was used. However, they still returned empty handed.

Once in the Cloud Wilderness and once again in the Divine Wilderness. The two Purple Clouds’ Births were separated by two years, and this naturally had a connection that no one knew of!

The Divine Emperor looked into the distance. His gaze pierced through the endless lands of the Divine Wilderness. It seemed like he could see the ethereal image of the Tai Ah Divine City&h.e.l.lip;

“Purple Clouds’ Birth&h.e.l.lip; it turns out to be related to the Desolate race. Two years ago, when I first saw the Purple Clouds’ Birth, I never expected that it was because of them&h.e.l.lip;”

“It is such a joke that I thought a special treasure had appeared in the Cloud Wilderness, and even deployed troops to search for it. In the end&h.e.l.lip; Hai!”

The old Divine Emperor let out a long sigh and kept shaking his head. He could feel a sense of lifeless in the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom’s fate. Could this Divine Kingdom, which had been pa.s.sed down for such a long time, eventually fall under his hands?

The Purple Clouds’ Birth appeared in the Divine Wilderness. Far away, in the Cloud Wilderness, Yi Yun was alone.

The Divine Wilderness was too far away so he had no idea what was happening there.

He was currently planning his own future.

He wanted to leave the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom.

North of The Tai Ah Divine Kingdom was the Divine Wilderness, to the East was the Cloud Wilderness. To the West was the Yun Long Divine Kingdom and in the South were the 10 Southern countries.

Yi Yun was now in the Cloud Wilderness, east of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom. He wanted to leave the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom as fast as possible. He could only head into the deep depths of the Cloud Wilderness, because if Shen Tu Nantian used some method to find him, he would definitely die.

The Cloud Wilderness may not be as vast when compared to the Divine Wilderness, but there was nearly no one in the deep depths of the Cloud Wilderness.

Yi Yun did not know what he would meet if he kept heading deeper into the Cloud Wilderness.

And if he really crossed the Cloud Wilderness, what scene would he see on the other side?

Would there be other human countries there? If so, would those countries be stronger or weaker than the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom?

This route would definitely be fraught with danger. Yi Yun also had no idea of how vast the Cloud Wilderness was. It might take him a year, however, this was also a training experience for him.

He needed to rapidly increase his own strength. He needed power!

The Shepherd Boy had said that Humans and Desolates have different paths. If he had absolute power, then he could set the rules himself. So what if Humans and Desolates had different paths?

Just as Yi Yun was planning his future, he suddenly saw a purple beam fly up into the sky, far into the distance. The ground then began to gently rumble!

This purple beam shot straight into the clouds. It was blinding and did not dissipate for a long time.

Yi Yun thought for a moment, what was going on?

After hesitating slightly, he began to rapidly move towards the blinding purple beam.

On the way, Yi Yun controlled his breathing as he kept himself on alert of his surroundings.

For there to be such a sudden phenomenon might be a fortuitous opportunity. It could also be an immense danger. Now, he lacked strength, and from how powerful the purple beam seemed, any tiny bit of danger from it could be too much for him. If that was the case, then he had to quickly leave.

After running for a long time, Yi Yun suddenly heard a loud boom. In a distant mountain valley, the ground exploded. Yi Yun then saw a human figure, shooting out from the pile of rocks on the ground.

This figure had dishevelled hair and a dirty face, his clothes were tattered and he looked like a beggar.

Yi Yun quickly hid. As he focused on it, he saw that the figure that had appeared was an old man.

This old man seemed crazy, as if he had been greatly provoked. As he ran, he cursed, “*****, this d.a.m.n place, it is killing me! Really killing me!”

“After being trapped in there for so long, I have finally come out! It really was not ***** easy!”

As the old man cursed, he casually wiped his face. However, his hands were originally blackened, so he only dirtied his face even more. This wipe only made his old face even uglier.

However, even so, after he wiped his face, Yi Yun could still see it clearly&h.e.l.lip;

That familiar face and those wretched facial features&h.e.l.lip;

This old man, wasn’t he Su Jie?

Old man Su!

When Yi Yun was cultivating in the Cloud Wilderness’s Lian tribal clan, he had met Lin Xintong and Old man Su.

Old man Su was miserly and greedy for food. He never seemed decent, but he had given Yi Yun a protective charm. In Fallen Star Gate, Yi Yun had used that protective charm to get out of the jaws of danger, killing the Golden Crow species instead. If not for it, he would probably have died in Fallen Star Gate.

Later on, during the Jin Long Wei’s selection, Yi Yun had met Old man Su once again in the Tao tribal clan. Old man Su had said that he was going to explore some mystic realm, and with Lin Xintong saying she had some family matters to tend to, they bid farewell with each other.

As such,, they had not seen each other since the three of them split up.

Surprisingly, today he actually met Su Jie again in the Cloud Wilderness!

And it could be seen that this old man had gone through a miserable period.

Yi Yun hid behind some rocks. However, after Su Jie ran a few steps, he suddenly felt something and discovered Yi Yun.

Yi Yun decided to just stand up.

When Old man Su saw Yi Yun, he was stunned.

Yi Yun was now much taller than he was 2 years ago. Although his looks had slightly changed, Old man Su could still recognized him in a glance.

Can there be a mistake, it is this kid?

Old man Su had estimated that he had been trapped in that darn mystic realm for two years.

In those two years, he had been locked in a purple seal. He had tried all sorts of methods but failed to break through the seal.

This seal could isolate Heaven Earth Yuan Qi and at the same time, gathered the Power of Desolates.

As such, there were extremely rich Power of Desolates in the seal, but extremely thin Heaven Earth Yuan Qi. For a person like Old man Su, he could choose to not eat a long time ago, and did not need food or drinks to survive, however, he could not go without Heaven Earth Yuan Qi.

Without eating and without any Heaven Earth Yuan Qi to absorb, Old man Su had nearly become a flickering candle in the wind over the years.

He originally thought that he had failed miserably at an easy task, but he never expected that the purple seal would suddenly turned into a purple beam and surged into the sky, that was until it disappeared today.

As such, he finally managed to get out of that mystic realm!

Then, under such circ.u.mstances, he saw Yi Yun.

After being trapped for two years, and managing to finally come out, how could he see Yi Yun? According to Old man Su’s estimation, Yi Yun should have long since have been admitted by the Jin Long Wei, and should have left the Cloud Wilderness after that, right?

“How is it you?”

Su Jie and Yi Yun said that at the same moment. The two of them had never expected that they would meet each other here.


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