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Chapter 370: Humans and Desolates have different paths

Yi Yun flew behind the Shepherd Boy for an unknown period of time.

While flying, Yi Yun did not find the speed to be fast, nor did the wind, blowing at him, feel forceful. In fact, it could be said to be gentle.

However, the scene of the ground beneath him was quickly changing, as if s.p.a.ce was being distorted.

“Senior Shepherd Boy, where is my sister?” Yi Yun could not help but ask after flying for 2 hours. He was currently most worried about Jiang Xiaorou’s whereabouts.

The Shepherd Boy did not respond until he landed Yi Yun on the top of a mountain. Looking around, it was desolate lands and canyons. There were several hundred meter tall ancient trees around, towering into the sky.

Yi Yun recognized that this was the Cloud Wilderness!

Standing on a mountain peak of the Cloud Wilderness, the strong winds blew coldly. Yi Yun brushed away the hair that had covered his eyes, and cupped his hands, “Senior Shepherd Boy, Yi Yun will remember the debt of you saving me. I will definitely repay you in the future!”

The Shepherd Boy was silent and had his back facing Yi Yun.

Yi Yun hesitated for a while before asking again, “Senior, I want to ask&h.e.l.lip; Where is my sister?”

The Shepherd Boy looked at the endless expanse of land from the mountain peak as he said calmly, “You do not need to remember this grat.i.tude, neither do I need you to repay this grat.i.tude. I saved you because I agreed to the Successor’s request, as for the Successor, she has promised under the conditions. So, you do not owe me anything.”

“Now, I have saved you, and you can leave&h.e.l.lip;”


Yi Yun’s eyebrows ticked. How could he leave just like this? He had not even seen Jiang Xiaorou.

“Senior, I wish to meet my sister.”

Yi Yun said earnestly.

The Shepherd Boy sighed and shook his head, “The Human race and the Desolate race were originally two separate worlds. There is animosity between the two. You do not need to meet the Successor, besides&h.e.l.lip; She is not your sister. The fate between the two of you shall end here&h.e.l.lip;”

Hearing the Shepherd Boy’s words, Yi Yun’s heart tightened. Their fate will end?

He and Jiang Xiaorou had relied on one another along the way, going through thick and thin together. However, now with the Shepherd Boy’s simple words, their fate was ending?

“Senior Shepherd Boy! If it is as you said, that the Human race and the Desolate race are two completely different worlds, and my fate with her has come to an end, then I want to meet my sister once and hear it from her. If she too thinks that our fate has ended, then I will leave immediately and never again interfere with her life!”

Yi Yun said those words in a deep voice. He did not believe that Jiang Xiaorou would feel like their fate had ended. The relationship between Jiang Xiaorou and him could not be compared to the relationship between Jiang Xiaorou and the Desolate race which she had not interacted before.

The Shepherd Boy turned around and looked at Yi Yun. His hair was flying in the wind as his eyes looked deep like the ocean, “You do not need to meet her, neither will she meet you. This was promised by her at the beginning. It is also one of the conditions I had for saving you.”


Hearing this, Yi Yun felt his heart suddenly wrench.

Jiang Xiaorou had gotten the Shepherd Boy to save him under such conditions.

Although he guessed that his sister’s status among the Desolate race was phenomenal, she had no strength. She would be restricted in the many things she wanted to do&h.e.l.lip;

Without any questions, when Jiang Xiaorou pleaded the Shepherd Boy to save him, she must have agreed to several conditions.

“What else has she promised?” Yi Yun asked. The Shepherd Boy’s words made him feel somewhat depressed.

“As for the rest&h.e.l.lip; they deal with her cultivation and the Desolate race&h.e.l.lip; These things, you do not have to know, nor do you need to worry about them. Although the things I made the Successor agree to are things she is not willing to do now, it is all for her own good. It is also for the Desolate race’s future. Humans and Desolates have different paths, so it is best that you forget her!”

“Let me give you another word of advice. Quickly grow up. The peaceful years might not last for long. The next time we meet, we might be enemies.”

When the Shepherd Boy said this, he turned around and was about to leave. Yi Yun shouted from behind him, “Hold on!”

“What else is there?”

The Shepherd Boy’s back faced Yi Yun as he had no intention to turn around again.

“The peaceful years might not last for long&h.e.l.lip; Is your Desolate race going to go to war with the Human race?”

The Shepherd Boy said, “Not necessarily, but&h.e.l.lip; it is possible that we have to.”

“Originally, destroying Tah Ah was the prelude to this battle. The orders from the Lord was to make a way through Tai Ah, Yun Long and the other surrounding countries, so that the Divine Wilderness would annex the territories of those countries, leaving the Divine Wilderness to spread all the way to the Tian Yuan world. The Tian Yuan world is also what you call the Western Regions.”

“However, by accident, we found the Successor and are no longer in a hurry to do so. Besides, the Successor is kind, she does not wish to see Tai Ah turn into a river of blood&h.e.l.lip;”

Open up the Divine Wilderness all the way to the Tian Yuan world?

When Yi Yun heard this, his mind trembled. Yi Yun did not know of the Tian Yuan world. Originally, Tian Yuan was the . With Yuan marking the beginnings or the origins.

It seemed that the Tian Yuan world was the center of this world. As for the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, it was a country that was far from the world’s center. As the Tian Yuan world was to the West of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom would generally call the area the Western Regions.

As for the Divine Wilderness, it was situated to the North of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom. If the Shepherd Boy set off a beast horde and swallowed the entire Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, then all the cities would turn into ruins. The land would become the land of the desolate beasts. Then the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom would really become a part of the Divine Wilderness!

If the Divine Wilderness and the Tian Yuan world were connected, then, with the Divine Wilderness as the base, the Desolate race could set off a beast horde to attack the Tian Yuan world directly.

And the Shen Tu family clan was located in the Tian Yuan world!

Yi Yun knew that the Desolate race had a feud with the Shen Tu family clan. Previously, the Desolate race had set off a beast horde in a bid to destroy the Shen Tu family clan, but they ultimately failed.

However, during that time, the Shepherd Boy had set off a beast horde deep within enemy territory, without backup. He could not rely on the Divine Wilderness.

If a channel to the Divine Wilderness was opened up, then there could be endless hordes of desolate beasts that could come from the Divine Wilderness, straight into the Tian Yuan world. When that happened, the outcome of the war would probably change&h.e.l.lip;

“Can I know the ident.i.ty of my sister? She was originally a high-ranking member of the Desolate race, yet she ended up in the Cloud Wilderness. Then how did Shen Tu Nantian recognize her ident.i.ty with a glance? Why does the Desolate race and the Shen Tu family clan have such an irreconcilable feud?”

Yi Yun always wanted to know the secrets behind this matter and understand Jiang Xiaorou’s childhood.

However, the Shepherd Boy had no intention of explaining. He lightly said, “You do not need to know.”

After he said that, the Shepherd Boy flew away.

His green figure quickly disappeared into the night, leaving Yi Yun standing on the high mountain. He was currently lost in thoughts.

The Shepherd Boy had left. The desolate plains were quiet. Only the sound of the wind could be heard. Yi Yun was for a while, confused.

Although he had escaped danger, he had not managed to meet Jiang Xiaorou. In the future, it would be extremely difficult to meet her again.

If they met again, she was one of the Desolate race, while he was of the Human race, what would happen?

He naturally could not return to the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom. So, where should he go?

The Divine Wilderness&h.e.l.lip; With his strength, it was unlikely that he could cross it. Then&h.e.l.lip; Should he cross the Cloud Wilderness?

For a moment, Yi Yun did not know where he should go.

He was urgently in need of improving his strength.

After separating from Yi Yun, the Shepherd Boy flew extremely fast.

His goal was the Tai Ah Divine City

To save Yi Yun, he had been delayed for too long. He had even been wounded.

While flying, the Shepherd Boy suddenly felt something in his mind. A distant voice rang in his mind. The message was short. It said.

“The seal has diminished. Slow down.”

The Shepherd Boy took a deep breath when he heard that the seal diminished. In his eyes, which had always seemed carefree, a rare glimmer of expectation and hope now appeared.

It was finally beginning. Everything was going according to plan.

And an unexpected surprise was the return of the Successor.

The Successor, who had disappeared for several years, had not died. With this, maybe he could be able to open up a new era for the Desolate race!

Author’s Note: I’m thankful to everyone, seeing all your comments. Many of the comments have made me feel warm. I’m an emotional writer. Although I’ve written for several years, and should have trained to have a good state, however&h.e.l.lip;it is a fact that most authors do not have this ability. Especially when working hard at writing and when the stress from writing becomes more intense. I am thankful to everyone. Thank you to all the warm-hearted and cute readers. You are my support, allowing me to reach this stage. The plot of True Martial World will begin a transition, and a new chapter will begin soon.


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