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Chapter 366: Returning it to you

Yang Dingkun stared widely at Yi Yun with fear as he grabbed his calf that no longer had a foot.


His voice trembled. He could not even complete a sentence.

To Yuan foundation realm warriors, if their foot was cut off, the foot could be joined back with good medicine. It could completely recover in a few months.

However, if the foot was smashed into meat pulp, then there was no way of recovering it. Only top-grade medicines could regrow a lost limb. However, with Yang Dingkun’s status and wealth, it was practically impossible for him to obtain such medicine.

Hence, Yang Dingkun’s foot was equivalent to being completely disabled!

A warrior whose foot was disabled was worse than a warrior missing a hand. The despair Yang Dingkun now felt was obvious!

Yi Yun held the brick stained with meat pulp and blood while looking at Yang Dingkun. He said calmly, “You do not need to feel despair. Today, you will die here. Having one foot less or not does not matter.”

Yi Yun’s voice may sound calm, but it was filled with murderous intent.

Yang Yuefeng, who was beside Yang Dingkun, still held a dagger in his hand. A drop of cold sweat cr down his forehead.

“How&h.e.l.lip; How is this possible? Your cultivation was clearly crippled!”

Previously, when Yang Dingkun and Yang Yuefeng entered the chamber, they had clearly seen Yi Yun covered in ice crystals, as if he was poisoned by frost toxins.

However, in a blink of an eye, all the ice crystals disappeared and Yi Yun’s Yuan Qi had exploded!

“Crippled cultivation?” Yi Yun sneered, “Whatever you do to me, and whatever you wanted to do to me but have not done, I will return all of them to the both of you identically! Regardless whether it is you, or the Shen Tu family clan!”

When Yi Yun said this, his body emitted an unlimited amount of murderous intent. A phantom image of a corpse mountain and blood sea appeared behind him.

This was the Saber Truth’s 32 Words – Killing At Its Core!

While Yi Yun’s understanding of the Saber Truth’s 32 Words grew deeper by the day, the phantom image of the corpse mountain and blood sea would appear automatically whenever he was filled with killing intent.

When they saw the phantom image behind Yi Yun, Yang Dingkun and Yang Yuefeng’s faces paled in fright. Cold sweat dripped down their foreheads. “Your&h.e.l.lip; Your cultivation hasn’t been crippled? How can that be!?”

The two of them acted like their souls had left their bodies.

A few months ago, when Yi Yun was at the peak of the Purple Blood realm, he had won the alliance tournament by defeating Bai after beating Feng Lin!

Back then, Feng Lin and Bai may have suppressed their cultivation levels, but they were still people that Yang Dingkun and Yang Yuefeng had no methods to deal with!

And at this moment, Yi Yun had already broken through to the Yuan foundation realm. His cultivation level was similar to theirs. With Yi Yun’s extraordinary battle prowess, they lacked the courage to resist against Yi Yun.

“He still has chains on his body!”

Yang Yuefeng saw that some of the chains on Yi Yun’s body were broken, but there were still some that were connected.

These chains were engraved with runes and they were extremely strong. It was not easy to break them.

Yang Yuefeng slowly retreated. He used the corner of his eyes to look at the chamber’s door. He felt hatred towards Yang Dingkun who had closed the metallic door after entering the chamber.

He calculated in his mind that the time it takes to open the metallic door was the time it took to snap one’s fingers. As Yi Yun was restrained by chains, he could only attack from a distance, and might not be able to harm him.

And behind him, there was also Yang Dingkun.

At this time, the idea of brotherly love was just a joke. Why would Yang Yuefeng care if Yang Dingkun lived?

Yi Yun touched his interspatial ring and sneered, “Are you thinking of escaping!?”

Yang Yuefeng’s face sank. He knew that the moment he moved, Yi Yun would attack him!

For a Yuan foundation realm warrior, there was no need to make bodily contact. The power from Saber Qi or Sword Qi cutting through the air was also powerful!

Yang Yuefeng watched Yi Yun’s movements carefully. He said coldly, “Do you think you can keep me here? You are being bound by chains and the power of the moves you use will be limited. Besides, you only have the time to strike once, so what can you do to me?”

“If you want to break the chains, you need to waste a lot of energy. The chains you have broken must have wasted a lot of your energy, right!?”

As Yang Yuefeng spoke, he slowly retreated.

He could not turn around and flee as that would open his body to attack. Then, Yi Yun could mortally wound him easily with one strike.

Yi Yun chuckled, as he flipped his palm. He took a old broken sword out from his interspatial ring.

This broken sword was covered in rust. It looked like a relic that had been unearthed.


Yang Yuefeng was surprised. He did not know why Yi Yun pulled out such a useless sword.

As he was still wondering why, something that made his eyes pop out had happened. He saw Yi Yun casually wave his hand, slashing at the chain.

Following that, with a clear snap, the runes on the chains suddenly shimmered for a while. After they had finished shimmering, the broken sword had completely cut through the chain!


Yang Dingkun stared widely. His face was gloomy as his soul began to separate from his body.

How could this be possible? That was a chain made by a master blacksmith in the Chu royal residence. How could it break so easily?

The broken sword that looked like it was almost going to rot away had cut through the chains as if it was cutting gra.s.s!

“What you said previously was well-said.” Yi Yun casually threw the useless chains away and said coldly, “You said that one must not be too smug as a person. Or else, you will fall from Heaven into h.e.l.l. That is indeed true&h.e.l.lip;”

As Yi Yun spoke, he began walking towards Yang Dingkun and Yang Yuefeng.

At this moment, the chamber’s door was still closed. With Yi Yun’s strength, Yang Yuefeng had no hope of opening the door with Yi Yun attacking.

“We will go all out and fight you!”

Yang Dingkun was holding onto his calf as he spoke in a threatening manner but he lacked courage deep down. With only one foot, there was no way he could escape from Yi Yun’s sword.

And at this moment, he suddenly felt a push on his back. His cousin, Yang Yuefeng had pushed him, who had only one leg, towards Yi Yun!

“Brother, help me block him for a while!”

As Yang Yuefeng said that, he frantically rushed out of the chamber.


Yang Dingkun was greatly shocked. He had only one leg left, so how could he withstand the full force of Yang Yuefeng’s push? His body flew towards Yi Yun.

Yi Yun sneered as he took a step forward.


Yang Dingkun screamed in despair. He stabbed his sword at Yi Yun!

However, at the same time, Yi Yun had kept the broken sword. For a despicable person like Yang Dingkun, how could he be worthy of being killed by the companion sword of the Pure Yang Sword Palace’s owner?

It was a complete insult to the sword. This sword could only taste the blood of G.o.ds and demons like the bronze giant!

With the broken sword put away, Yi Yun entered the battle unarmed. He directed a punch towards Yang Dingkun’s face!


Yang Dingkun screamed as he was punched in the face by Yi Yun. His facial bones sank in, and an eyeball popped out of its sockets. Yi Yun had completely smashed his facial features into a mess!

Yi Yun turned his fist into the shape of a claw. Taking advantage of the momentum, he grabbed Yang Dingkun’s face as he rushed forward, slamming the back of Yang Dingkun’s head onto the metallic chamber walls.


With a loud sound, the back of Yang Dingkun’s head cracked open and blood splattered out!

Yang Dingkun was left with one eye. There was no eyeball left, leaving an empty socket. His face was also gone. The back of his head was bleeding.

The difference in strength between him and Yi Yun was too great!

At this moment, Yi Yun turned his head and saw the scene of Yang Yuefeng closing the door!

Once the chamber’s door was closed, then it could only be opened from outside. And this door was constructed of the same metal as the chains. The two foot thick metallic door was many times stronger than the chains. It was not that easy to tear the door down even with the Pure Yang Sword Palace’s owner’s broken sword.

“Farewell Yi Yun! Although I do not know how you recovered your cultivation, that does not matter. Young master Nantian will finish you off!”

Yang Yuefeng used his Yuan Qi transmission to pa.s.s the message into Yi Yun’s ears in a split second.

He believed that Yi Yun could not break down the door. Even if he could do so, he definitely needed some time. And this time was sufficient for him to escape.


The door closed. The sound of the metal locking was music to his ears.

Yang Yuefeng let out a long sigh. He could not stay here for long. He had to leave at once, and report everything that had happened to Shen Tu Nantian.

Shen Tu Nantian could transmit his voice into the chamber as he had the array disk in hand, but Yang Yuefeng had no way of sending the message out.

However&h.e.l.lip; when Yang Yuefeng turned around, his blood froze!

He saw that three feet away from him, Yi Yun was standing there like a ghost. His gaze was that of looking at a dead man.

How could he&h.e.l.lip; be this quick?

Yang Yuefeng felt his world fall apart. He originally thought that he had seen a chance at living, but in the blink of an eye, he had entered h.e.l.l once again!

When Yi Yun was in the Purple Blood realm, his Minute Subtlety had given him speed that exceeded several Yuan foundation realm elites.

Furthermore, with Yi Yun already breaking through to the Yuan foundation realm, his speed at travelling short distances could be described like teleportation!

“It is the end.” Yi Yun said calmly, as if he was the judge of fate.

“Ah Ah Ah Ah!” Yang Yuefeng shouted wildly. He retaliated by stabbing at Yi Yun with a dagger.

Yi Yun’s Yuan Qi surged out, and he reached out his hand. With the advantage of power, he grabbed Yang Yuefeng’s wrist!

Yuan Qi circulated as Yi Yun’s energy increased.


With the sound of a bone snapping, Yang Yuefeng’s hand was twisted and broken by Yi Yun!

Yang Yuefeng’s hand was twisted at an odd angle giving him heartfelt pain. He gritted his teeth as he sent a punch towards Yi Yun’s Dantian!

However, Yi Yun’s other hand shot out like lightning, catching Yang Yuefeng’s other hand.

With a repeat of events, another “Ka-cha” was heard!

The pain caused Yang Yuefeng’s face to distort. Both his hands had been twisted and broken by Yi Yun!

The dagger in his hand dropped before Yi Yun caught it.

“You&h.e.l.lip; you will die a horrible death.”

Yang Yuefeng felt newborn despair as he stared venomously at Yi Yun and maliciously cursed him.

However, Yi Yun only sneered. With a flick of his hand, the dagger pierced one of Yang Yuefeng’s wide-staring eyes.


His eyeball burst. Yi Yun had pierced the dagger deep into Yang Yuefeng’s eye socket

A powerful force completely surged through Yang Yuefeng’s brain. Yang Yuefeng’s body twitched as blood and brain juices flowed out from his eye socket.

Yi Yun did not feel a thing from such a b.l.o.o.d.y scene.

He was not a bloodthirsty man, but when his heart was filled with hatred, seeing such a b.l.o.o.d.y scene, it gave him a thrill that was difficult to be described with words.

“I had previously said: whatever you wanted to do to me, I would return to you identically!”


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