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Chapter 356: Dark Red

Yi Yun noticed that the look Shen Tu Nantian gave Jiang Xiaorou, contained a trace of greed in it!

The feeling was similar to that of a venomous snake looking at a palatable prey.

Yi Yun tightly held onto Jiang Xiaorou’s hand. His palms were sweating as he was extremely nervous. An extremely sense of foreboding started to rise in his heart.

Yi Yun really had no idea of what to do if Shen Tu Nantian wanted to do anything to Jiang Xiaorou.

Yi Yun was always calm, but now, his mind was completely blank.

“What&h.e.l.lip; has happened?”

At this moment, two elders walked into the crowd.

The person leading the way was dressed in a four-clawed, golden dragon robe. His hair was white and his eyes sparkled. He was King Chu!

Beside King Chu was an elder, dressed in gray clothes. This elder was also present when Yi Yun previously met Shen Tu Nantian in the main Hall. He rarely spoke and seemed to be a personal guard of King Chu.

“Your Highness, there is a problem with the ident.i.ty of Yi Yun’s elder sister.”

A Chu royal residence guard quickly explained the situation to King Chu with a Yuan Qi voice transmission.

King Chu was, for a short while, stunned as he too never expected for this to happen.

“Young master Nantian, what is this girl?”

Now, Jiang Xiaorou’s ident.i.ty was uncertain. The only person who knew was Shen Tu Nantian himself.

“She is a member of the Desolate race.” Shen Tu Nantian determined Jiang Xiaorou’s ident.i.ty with a simple line without offering any further explanation.

Yi Yun’s heart sank. Desolate race!

Even though her blood was red, she was still of the Desolate race?

Previously, Shen Tu Nantian said that if Jiang Xiaorou was of the Desolate race and had been accidentally adopted, having no idea about the Shepherd Boy’s invasion, then he would not pursue her. However, clearly&h.e.l.lip; the matter was no longer that simple!

“Young master Nantian, may I know what you want to do with my sister? She may be of the Desolate race, but she is just a Desolate race commoner.” Yi Yun suppressed his emotions while asking Shen Tu Nantian in a respectful tone, hoping that he would let Jiang Xiaorou off.

“Desolate race commoner?” Shen Tu Nantian glanced at Yi Yun and chuckled, “How do you know if she is a commoner? She is not a commoner, and her ident.i.ty is very special!”

“I will take your sister away. Although I could fabricate a lie and leave you with beautiful fantasies, I will not do that. I want you to know that the Human race and the Desolate race are bitter enemies, there will never be a peaceful coexistence.”

“To us, the Desolate race are just desolate beasts that can speak. Originally, if this girl was a Desolate race commoner without anything special, it would be no problem for you keeping her as a pet or as a s*x slave. I would have allowed that, but she is not. There is a great history contained within her background, and once she is sent back to the Desolate race, it will bring an endless amount of calamities onto humans. It might even be far more serious than the beast horde set off by the Shepherd Boy!”

When Shen Tu Nantian said this, everyone became stunned. Was it possible for this girl to cause something far more serious than the beast horde set off by the Shepherd Boy?

“Therefore&h.e.l.lip; I must kill her. As for her blood, I will use it to refine elixirs! The truth is cruel, but since you asked, I told you the truth.”

After Shen Tu Nantian said this, he wiped off his smile. His voice was ice-cold and full of murderous intent.

Jiang Xiaorou, who was behind Yi Yun, felt as if she had been struck by lightning!

Refine! Elixirs!

She would be refined into an elixir?

Yi Yun’s blood was surging as his eyes turned bloodshot.

Shen Tu Nantian actually wanted to use Jiang Xiaorou for refining elixirs?

At this moment, Yi Yun felt as if his soul left his body. He stood before Shen Tu Nantian, as if he had been completely isolated from the surrounding world. All he could see was Shen Tu Nantian.

What do I do? What am I supposed to do!?

Thousands of ideas flashed past Yi Yun’s mind, but none of them could resolve the current situation!

At this moment, Shen Tu Nantian turned towards King Chu, “King Chu, you are just in time. Does your residence have an alchemy lab? Please lend me the best one you have.”

“Al&h.e.l.lip; Alchemy lab?” King Chu gave him a bitter smile as he glanced at Yi Yun with the corner of his eyes.

At the moment, King Chu was having a huge dilemma. How did the matter develop to this point?

Although he did not care for Yi Yun, there were several people in the upper echelons of the Divine Kingdom who found Yi Yun very promising. They were hoping that Yi Yun would be able to change the fate of the Tai Ah Divine Kingdom.

However, if he were to help Shen Tu Nantian now, and refine Yi Yun’s sister, then Yi Yun might go into a rage and do something silly. Then, all the troubles stirred up would most likely be blamed on him.

King Chu found it difficult to give him an immediate answer.

“Grandpa, since Young master Nantian wants an alchemy lab, let us just give him one. Do we not have a Herbal Royal Lab in our residence? That is an alchemy lab with Earth Fire. In the entire Tai Ah Divine Kingdom, only the imperial city’s Dragon Elixir Lab can compete with our Herbal Royal Lab.”

Yang Dingkun, who stood beside King Chu, said in a gloating fashion. His heart was so happy that it felt like it was blooming with flowers. The Herbal Royal Lab’s grade had been exaggerated by him as he was afraid that Shen Tu Nantian might not like it.

If it was Yi Yun’s sister, refining her in the Chu royal residence’s Herbal Royal Lab would be extremely interesting.

When he thought of this, Yang Dingkun looked at Yi Yun. He saw Yi Yun touching his interspatial ring with one hand. Green veins were protruding on his forehead, clearly he was extremely angry.

Seeing the action of Yi Yun touching the interspatial ring, Yang Dingkun became overjoyed.

Great! This is too great! If Yi Yun got agitated to make a move, then it would be a joyous occasion. Then he could even kill by proxy, by letting Shen Tu Nantian destroy Yi Yun.

In Shen Tu Nantian’s eyes, how great of a figure could someone like Yi Yun be?

With this thought in mind, Yang Dingkun sent Yi Yun a sarcastic Yuan Qi transmission, “Yi Yun, Keke, your expression sure looks fearsome, but what can you do? Now, you can only watch on helplessly as your sister is being refined into elixirs. Young master Nantian previously said that the stronger the Desolate race, the more power the blood contains. The elixir that is refined would then also be higher in grade. Your sister must have a pretty good bloodline for her to gain the favor of Young master Nantian. If only I could get a few of those elixirs.”

Yang Dingkun said it all in a an eccentric manner as Yi Yun’s gaze turned muddy. He had now given Yang Dingkun the death penalty in his heart.

Actually, up till now, Yi Yun had never really killed a person.

For example, although Lian Chengyu’s death was caused by Yi Yun, he had only been maimed by Yi Yun. Lian Chengyu only died due to his own despair and serious injuries.

However at this moment, Yi Yun really wanted to kill Yang Dingkun!

Yang Dingkun’s heart sank upon seeing Yi Yun’s cold eyes. He inexplicably felt his back go cold.

Yi Yun did not lose his reason due to his rage and did not blindly attack. This made Yang Dingkun unhappy, but Yi Yun’s murderous gaze made him feel fear.

“What is there to be afraid of!?” Yang Dingkun said to himself. He had decided to arrange the alchemy lab, and by sucking up to Shen Tu Nantian, allowing Shen Tu Nantian to feel happy.

When that happened, he would end up with a meteoric rise.

So what about Yi Yun, so what if he was great? He may be special in the Tai Ah Divine City, but compared to Young master Nantian, he was nothing but a fart!


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