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Chapter 35: Cornerstone Skill of the Army

Late in the morning, Yi Yun came to the school ground. Zhao Tiezhu and the bunch of warrior preparation camp members had arrived early with eagerness. They had moved big stone rollers and millstones over.

These boors relied on these items to train their strength. It was what they were best at, and something they were extremely proud of.

So although Zhang Yuxian had not arrived, these men from the warrior preparation camp had began lifting the stone rollers.

There were many villagers in the vicinity. They could not stop themselves from watching such a lively scene.

“Oh, isn’t this our martial arts whiz! How about it, have a go at it.” Zhao Tiezhu demonstrated as he saw Yi Yun squeeze out from the crowds.


With a thud, Zhao Tiezhu had thrown a 500 lb stone roller in front of Yi Yun.

“Do you dare to have a go at it?” said Zhao Tiezhu with a contemptuous look at Yi Yun.

In front of all these people, Zhao Tiezhu wanted to prove that it was only through sh*t good luck that Yi Yun was considered a martial arts prodigy.

“Brother Zhao, you are being too hard on him. How could he lift a 500 pound stone roller? Come little brother, why don’t you try this small rock weight.”

Another man threw a 200 lb rock weight at Yi Yun. He complemented Zhao Tiezhu in humiliating Yi Yun.

To them, even 50 pounds would be tough for Yi Yun, not to mention 200 pounds. How could he be a martial art prodigy?

Yi Yun looked at them as if they were r.e.t.a.r.ds. He couldn’t be bothered with them.

He had already proved his talent for martial arts. He did not care if they believed. He had achieved his goal of planting the seed in their minds.

Next, he had to cultivate properly. When he showcased his extraordinary strength at the Kingdom’s selection, it would be understandable.

Yi Yun did not plan on being in direct conflict with Lian Chengyu. Lian Chengyu’s cultivation was one level higher than him, and had rich fighting experience. Besides, Lian Chengyu wasn’t just one person, there were others like Yao Yuan and the Patriarch, and numerous people from the upper echelon that supported Lian Chengyu.

If it really came down to it, Yi Yun felt his current strength was too weak. Besides, he had a weakness–Jiang Xiaorou.

“Lord Zhang is here!” Suddenly a man shouted in a low voice. All the members of the warrior preparation camp scattered like chickens and began lifting the stone rollers.

“Hey! Ha! Hey! Ha!”

These people had been lifting stone rollers for years, resulting in a harmonious chant.

The scene was really in full swing.

Accompanied by Lian Chengyu, Zhang Yuxian walked to the center of the square. The men’s faces were flushed with excitement. They tried to display their strength to Zhang Yuxian, hoping to gain some credit.

Amongst all, Zhao Tiezhu was working the hardest. The expression on his face said, “Do you see it?” This was his real strength. He could fool around with a 500 lb stone roller. How could he be incomparable to a small kid. Lord Zhang, take a good look, did you make a mistake just now?

Seeing this scene, Zhang Yuxian frowned. He felt his minimal amount of patience grinding low. The upper echelon of the Kingdom did not know any better and wanted to hold a Kingdom selection in the wilderness. And he had to take on the task. He felt he was teaching a pile of trash.

“You bunch of trash, stand well for me!” Zhang Yuxian suddenly roared. His sound waves exploded forward like a bomb, scaring the members of the warrior preparation camp. They all released their grip

“Peng! Peng! Peng!”

Many of them nearly broke their backs by dropping the stone roller on the ground.

Zhao Tiezhu and the rest were a little dumbfounded. They did not expect the originally majestic but amiable Zhang Yuxian to change totally.

In fact, the Jin Long Wei was an army. As an instructor in a unit, it was common to beat a person to death. Zhang Yuxian was being moderate because he could not be bothered to stoop down to the level of junk. Beating these trash who had brain problems was a sully to his reputation as a Jin Long Wei.

“You bunch of idiots! I will only be teaching you three days of skills during this visit to the Lian tribal clan! I had originally wanted to teach you fist skills or movement skills, but from your actions and ignorance, I doubt I can finish teaching you a skill.

Zhang Yuxian swept the crowd with his sharp gaze. It felt like a knife had sc.r.a.ped past their face, itching their facial skin!

Zhang Yuxian turned his body and walked to a corner of the school field. There stood a tall and thick tree.

This was the “large paG.o.da tree” Zhao Tiezhu had promised to eat when he mocked Yi Yun.

Zhang Yuxian stood in front of the large paG.o.da tree. He looked up and suddenly sent a chop towards the tree.


A crisp sound erupted. This large paG.o.da tree had been cut down with Zhang Yuxian’s hand chop!


The men from the warrior preparation camp gasped at seeing this scene. The surrounding villagers were shocked and couldn’t stop grinning. They had never seen such a terrific display of skills.

Lian Chengyu’s eyebrows jumped. If it was a kick, he would have been able to do the same. But a casual hand chop to bring down a large paG.o.da tree as if he was cutting gra.s.s was a shocking display of power.

Zhang Yuxian dragged the large paG.o.da tree that weighed thousands of pounds as if it was a wooden stick. He threw the big tree before the members of the warrior preparation camp.

As the people looked at the tree, they recalled Zhang Yuxian’s words. Zhang Yuxian had said that he will teach them one skill. Was it this hand chop?

Thinking of this, many of them couldn’t help antic.i.p.ating it. This move was too cool. Even if they couldn’t match Zhang Yuxian, just a tenth of the power would be extremely cool!

“Today the skill I’m teaching you is neither a technique not a combat skill. It’s a mystic technique! It’s a cornerstone skill of the Jin Long Wei, priceless! If you can learn it well, the road of martial arts will be be smoother, and it will greatly increase your body’s strength. It will also increase your survivability!”

Zhang Yuxian’s words aroused the curiosity of the people. Not only did it help in their martial arts, it also increased their strength, and even survivability. It was a cornerstone skill of the Jin Long Wei!

This mystic technique sure sounded great, what was it?

“You!” Zhang Yuxian pointed at Zhao Tiezhu, “step forward!”

Zhao Tiezhu intelligently stepped forward in front of Zhang Yuxian. He was a part nervous and a part excited.

“This mystic technique will be demonstrated by you.” Zhao Tiezhu was delighted hearing those words; a good outcome had fell into his lap.


Zhao Tiezhu laughed in his heart thrice. Zhang Yuxian was going to personally impart the mystic technique to himself, would he not learn it well?

Although Lord Zhang did not say anything, he had appreciated me after all. It was expected, I have one of the greatest strength in the entire warrior preparation camp.

With today’s practice target being that large paG.o.da tree, I would at least be able to cut down a large piece of bark with one chop!

As Zhao Tiezhu was itching to try, Zhang Yuxian split the large paG.o.da tree apart with two chops!

Following that, Zhang Yuxian pointed at the large paG.o.da tree and said to Zhao Tiezhu, “You! Eat this large paG.o.da tree!”

With those words, an excited Zhao Tiezhu nearly tumbled, planting his head into the ground.

What? What the f**k?

Eat this large paG.o.da tree.

Eat the large paG.o.da tree.

Eat the tree.


The words rang in Zhao Tiezhu’s head. He couldn’t believe Zhang Yuxian.

I couldn’t have heard it wrongly!


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